Hope and Landon are sleeping peacefully when there is a knock on the door.

However, unlike before she set up for the pageant, Hope jerks awake at the knock on the door then turns to look at her alarm clock which reads five a.m.

Hope grunts in annoyance at being woken up at this time, although she will admit it's better than three a.m.

So she goes to answer the door, only to find Dorian outside of it.

"Oh, hi Mr. Williams." Hope greets him sleepily in her lounge clothes as she didn't change clothes sometime after she fell asleep.

"I hate waking you up at this time but the headmaster wants to see in his office." Dorian explains causing Hope to be shocked yet she nods it off and Dorian walks away.

Hope slides on some flats then sleepily knocks on the headmaster's office door.

"Enter." Alaric says plainly then takes a bite of an apple as Hope walks in looking confused.

"Um, Mr. Williams said that you wanted to see me." Hope points out as he motions for her to sit, which she does.

"I got word from one of the werewolves that you beat Jed senseless." Alaric gets straight to the point and Hope gapes at him in shock before quickly recovering from it.

"Care to explain why?" Alaric wonders then takes another bite of his apple.

Hope, wanting to tell the headmaster the truth but realizing Lizzie might kill her, hesitates before responding.

"I was just walking around the school, as I was unable to sleep because of my species being a little on the restless side, so when I came across Jed, I was just infuriated and I beat him senseless as a way to help vent my anger." Hope lies, giving a reasonable enough explanation that causes Alaric to sigh and nod understandingly at this.

"I thought you said you had your emotions under control." Alaric brings up a past conversation and Hope nods.

"I do most days. I just don't know what got into me tonight. I'll do better, I swear." Hope claims still nodding even though a part of her knows where this might be headed.

"I pray that you when you come back. In violation of the rule where we don't harm fellow students, you've been suspended for a week." Alaric states and Hope nods in agreement to this punishment as she knew it was going to happen then she gets up to leave when Ric stops her.

"I'd like you off campus in two hours." Alaric calls out causing Hope to face him and just nods once more before leaving to collect her things.

So, Hope goes back to her room to pack her things, hating the fact that she just lied the headmaster, who she considers a friend.

She's about to write a note to Landon when he wakes from hearing her move around.

"Hey, you're up… very early I see." Landon sleepily mentions after hesitating so he can look at the alarm clock, which now reads 5:30 a.m.

"Yeah, the headmaster wanted to see me. I just got suspended for a week." Hope reveals, which causes Landon to sit up in the bed and look at her, shocked.

"Why? How?" Landon asks curiously yet it's obvious by his face that he thinks it's unfair.

"Um, remember when I told you I almost got caught by the chefs in the kitchen?" Hope wonders and Landon nods in agreement.

"Yeah, that was a lie. I encountered Jed and I beat him up because my wolf temper got the best of me." Hope admits that she lied to him and gives him the same lie she gave Ric.

Landon gets out of bed to hug her which she reciprocates happily yet also sleepily.

"Well, it's only a week. I'll see you soon and when we do, maybe I should enforce the rule of 'we don't lie to each other'." Landon suggests causing Hope to chuckle.

"Okay. I should probably go tell Lizzie and Josie. So they don't wonder where I am." Hope nods as she smiles at Landon, who seems to agree, then she leaves.

So, she heads to Lizzie and Josie's dorm room, entering after knocking, seeing that Lizzie is the only one there and also seeing that she's trying to find a scarf in her closet.

"Hey, Lizzie. I know I gave my word I wouldn't say anything but I need to tell Josie." Hope gets to the point causing Lizzie to turn and look at her in shock.

"Why? You literally just mentioned that you gave your word." Lizzie brings up, clearly confused by Hope wanting to back out of her word and Hope nods awkwardly in agreement.

"I know, but Jed went to some other wolf on campus, who told the headmaster part of the story and I just got suspended for 'beating up' Jed." Hope puts air quotes around beating up as she explains to Lizzie what recently happened.

"Why do you have to tell Josie?" Lizzie questions curiously with a frown, upset that Hope saving her had gotten the girl suspended.

"Because she's going to want to know where I am. And I can't lie to her." Hope admits shyly as she looked down when she said the second part of her reason and Lizzie nods in agreement, knowing that both statements are true.

"Okay, you can tell her." Lizzie relents and Hope is about to walk out when Lizzie adds something.

"Oh, Hope. I'm sorry that you got suspended." Lizzie says softly, seemingly genuine causing Hope to look back at her and give her a warm smile before leaving the dorm room.

It's just before seven and Hope finally runs into Josie, who is in the library reading a book.

"Hey, I've been looking for you. Can we talk?" Hope whispers to Josie, who looks up at her, having caught her attention when Hope claimed she was looking for her.

"About what?" Josie whispers back, looking curious of Hope's motives.

"About your sister, Lizzie. And the fact that I just got suspended." Hope replies plainly, still whispering, this reply shocking Josie.

Once Hope and Josie moved to a non-public part of the library, Hope informed Josie of everything that happened nearly twelve hours ago causing Josie to look furious from the information that Hope just spilled.

"I have to go. I'm meant to be off campus in fifteen minutes." Hope exclaims as she looks at her watch then leaves Josie in the library, who is still in shock and still furious.

Josie heads back to her dorm room where Lizzie is now putting on foundation, trying to cover the bruises that are on her neck.

"Hey, Hope informed me what happened last night." Josie states, looking at her twin sympathetically causing Lizzie to just turn her head to the side before looking back in the mirror, continuing to put on foundation.

"I made her promise not to but she made a good point. I can't lie to you either but you have to promise that you won't tell dad." Lizzie pleads with Josie, emphasising 'have' making Josie hesitate before nodding.

"I promise that I won't tell dad." Josie promises agreeing to keep it a secret which has Lizzie turn to face her and smile at this promise.

"Um, Lizzie, I think you're using the wrong foundation. Your neck looks orange." Josie claims causing Lizzie to frown and look back in the mirror, only to realize that Josie's right, her neck is orange.

"Damn it." Lizzie murmurs as Josie chuckles a bit before helping her twin remove the foundation and put on a different one.

A week later, Hope is due back at the school and Lizzie's been wearing scarves for the past week, to cover the bruises on her neck as her jackets cover the ones on her arms.

Josie is walking down a hallway when she is suddenly drawn to the sound of Jed's voice so she follows it all the way to the gym where he is talking to the other werewolves.

Josie makes her presence known by dropping her bag near the bleachers, which catches Jed's attention, as he looks at her and decides to walk over.

"I feel like this should become a werewolf only place." Jed reveals his thoughts, looking at Josie with distaste but she just rolls her eyes as she grabs the talisman Hope gave her on her birthday.

"We need to talk." Josie demands, catching Jed's attention.

"Do we now?" Jed wonders in a sarcastic tone and Josie nods firmly in agreement.

"You know, you should be more careful when attacking somebody. Especially since your attack could leave marks that won't go away." Josie calls out after him since he started to walk away from her, this causing him to turn to face her again, looking confused.

"I don't know what you mean." Jed claims but Josie scoffs at his ignorance.

"Yes you do. Lizzie after the Miss Mystic Pageant last week. You didn't just attack her, you nearly assaulted her and Hope is the one who gets suspended." Josie reveals to the other wolves in the room, shocking them, but this has Jed's face go cold.

"Maybe Hope shouldn't of attacked me. She wouldn't of gotten suspended if she did." Jed remarks snarkily yet his face is still serious.

"You attacked Lizzie last week and before that, you nearly killed Rafael." Josie reminds him of when he and his fellow packmates got the advantage on Rafael.

"Those were the rules. Submit or die doing so." Jed exclaims plainly with a smirk as though it's normal but this infuriates Josie, who keeps her cool.

"Those were your rules, Jed. Not the headmaster's rules." Josie points out and the smirk leaves Jed's face.

"Oh, I think you're just jealous that Hope got suspended. It's probably because she actually has somewhere to return to. Unlike you." Jed starts which cause Josie to look away evasively, giving Jed more ammo.

"You know, if your mother, the headmistress, were here frequently working and living in town, you'd have a home to go to, were you ever to be suspended. But you can't because your father's the headmaster and he would never suspend or expel you. Which explains why you never got in trouble for when you gave me a pain infliction spell." Jed is infuriating Josie more and more by the second, yet she continues to keep her chill.

"I was protecting Rafael from your wrath, just like Hope was with Lizzie." Josie retorts but Jed just rolls her eyes.

"It's just a shame Landon didn't receive any help when you beat the crap out of him and left him for dead." Josie adds with a bitter tone causing Jed to just roll his eyes at this.

"You should know how easy it was." Jed just states randomly and cryptically, catching Josie's attention.

"What was?" Josie looks very curious yet also scared of what Jed has to say.

"The Miss Mystic Pageant. Honestly though, congratulate Lizzie for me, will you? She totally deserved it." Jed emphasised totally which makes Josie more curious as well as concerned.

"If you're implying that you rigged the voting, you couldn't. It was made impossible for anyone to do so." Josie continues to act confident during this face-off with Jed, who is just all-in-all amused by it.

"Oh, I'm well aware of that. The voting couldn't be rigged. The voters on the other hand." Jed emphasises voting and voters, which gives Josie an idea of what he did but before she can ask about it he continues.

"Just because Rafael's the alpha doesn't mean that the wolves don't still listen to me. I mean, do you know how easy it was for your sister to win when all I did was tell the wolves that she was deservant of it?" Jed wonders in a playfully, taunting tone.

"You should probably know a couple things, uh, Rafael voted for you, along with Penelope. Lizzie voted for you and so did Kaleb. MG was going to but he voted for Lizzie as did little Pedro, who was having a very difficult time choosing between you and your sister. But with a little convincing from mua, he ultimately chose Lizzie. Also, Hope voted for you as well." Jed reveals the voting causing Josie to momentarily blush at his last revelation before getting serious again.

Josie is shocked that Jed manipulated a child just so her sister can win when she realizes that she doesn't even know why.

"You made yourself Lizzie's escort. Why did you want Lizzie to win?" Josie remembers when Lizzie told her that Jed made himself Lizzie's escort for unknown reasons.

"Because she wanted to win. Also because I saw it as an opportunity. Having a title of any kind comes with a lot of baggage, I mean just look at Hope. Lizzie needed to know that the title of Miss Mystic Falls doesn't just mean having a lot to do but a lot to look out for. Because if she doesn't, she might end up actually assaulted." Jed explains his reasoning and although he makes a point, Josie is disgusted by his tactics of 'helping'.

"I'm done talking to you. But I can't let you leave, now that you know my secrets." Jed starts threateningly approaching Josie, who reflexively backs away before speaking.

"You going to do to me what you nearly did to Lizzie? Hmm, to prevent me from talking?" Josie interrogates, even though it's obvious she already believes he is but he just smiles at her.

"See, I was thinking about doing that but I then realized that even if I did, you'd still be able to talk. So, I was thinking of… removing you altogether." Jed exclaims with a twisted smile after hesitating to find the words he wanted to use and before Josie can process, or even understand what his words mean, he backhands her across the face causing her to fly into the bottom row of the bleachers.

"Ughh." Josie grunts in pain and before she can stand up to fight back, Jed drags her off of the bleachers, gripping her ankles roughly, then flings her into a wall.

For the next forty-five minutes, Jed treated Josie like ragdoll, flinging her carelessly around the gym while the other werewolves watch on as though it's nothing new.

Josie has just landed on her side, beaten, bloody, and bruised, having blurry vision as she blurily sees Jed approaching her with a knife he took from his pocket.

Fortunately, before Jed can make the killing blow to Josie, who's in near death condition, MG, who heard the commotion, swoops in and flings Jed into a wall on the opposite side of the gym then checks a now unconscious Josie for broken bones, revealing only one, before picking her up then walking out, taking her to Emma after he grabbed her bag.

An hour later, Josie wakes up, she's still in critical condition and has a broken leg, but this doesn't stop her from trying to leave bed, reaching for the crutches that are leaning against the table.

MG walks in, seeing what Josie's doing, so he goes to stop her.

"Hey, you nearly died today. You need rest." MG informs her as he places her further back on the bed but she resists and weakly attempts to shove him off of her.

"I'm fine. I need to see the headmaster. Where is my bag?" Josie demands needing to see her father before looking around for her bag, that MG picks up off the ground, revealing that it was at the foot of the bed.

"I need to see my father, now." Josie exclaims after taking the bag from him so MG sighs and hands her the crutches which she takes so she can use them to help her stand up.

With MG's help, Josie makes it to her father's office, which MG knocks on the door of.

"Come in." Alarinc invites them in then looks up only to be appalled by the sight of Josie on crutches.

"What happened?" Alaric asks, very worried but Josie just weakly smiles at him.

"I know it might not matter as the time is up, but I just cleared Hope's name." Josie claims, confusing both Alaric and MG.

Josie reaches into her bag, pulling something out, and places it on her father's desk, revealing the object to be a tape recorder.

Alaric looks at it skeptically, not really sure what to do with it, but Josie just hits the play button and Alaric hears the entire conversation that Josie had with Jed in the gym, shocking both MG and Alaric.

"I got a confession so I wouldn't break my promise to Lizzie." Josie states, looking happy as she weakly smiles, once the tape ended, this statement revealing that she had simply goaded Jed into being honest with her just so she can have him tell the headmaster without actually doing so.

"Ok, MG take Josie to see Emma. It appears that I need to have a strict conversation with Jed." Alaric advises MG to have Josie see help then he walks out of his office in order to talk to Jed.

MG takes Jose back to the hospital wing, where Emma tends to her until sends her off to her dorm room to wait till she gives her an herbal remedy she needs to take every two hours.

Lizzie has just heard the news from Alaric about Josie's condition and is infuriated with her twin.

Josie is lying on her bed, still weak, when Lizzie walks in so she can check on her.

"Hey Lizzie." Josie greets her but Lizzie looks upset and infuriated by her condition.

"Dad told me what you did. Why couldn't you just leave it alone, Josie?" Lizzie wonders causing Josie to sigh, knowing where this is going.

"Jed was getting away with a lot. He rigged most of the school's decisions in voting, including Pedro. He nearly killed Rafael when Raf first got here, along with Landon. All that on top of the fact that he got Hope suspended and nearly assaulted you. I couldn't let him get away with it any longer." Josie defends her actions and although Lizzie is touched, she still feels the need to berate her sister for it.

"I understand that, Josie, I do. But what you clearly don't understand is that you almost died because of it!" Lizzie practically shouts at her, annoyed.

"Well, I'm alive." Josie retorts in a loud tone that isn't shouting and Lizzie scoffs.

"Yeah, thank god MG was there!" Lizzie yells back causing Josie to silent, realizing that if MG didn't show up, she would actually be dead.

"I would like to go and thank MG for saving your life but who knows, that might give you wiggle room to do something else that's stupid and nearly gets you killed." Lizzie crosses her arms glaring at Josie, still not a fan of her sister's behavior which mildly annoys Josie, as she sighs in exasperation and exhaustion.

The tense moment between them is interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Come in." Lizzie says, still not taking her eyes off of Josie, and Hope walks in.

"Hey, Emma told me what happened. She asked me to give you these." Hope holds up a cup that Josie groans at, knowing what they are.

"Great. You can stay here and watch her. I have to go thank MG." Lizzie claims, giving Hope the roll of babysitter, then leaves closing the door behind her.

"Please don't give me a lecture. Lizzie already berated me for my actions." Josie admits once she sees Hope's stern and mildly angry facial expression.

"Fine, I won't. Mainly because you're most likely going to get berated by your father once he finds Jed and you're feeling better." Hope sits on the bed, still holding the cup, that she puts near Josie's mouth.

"Ughh, that's really disgusting." Josie exclaims after taking a small sip of it and Hope places it on the nightstand.

"Yeah, medicine never tastes good. But Emma assures me that a sip of those every two hours will help to put you on the mend." Hope informs Josie after agreeing with Josie's words causing the brunette to weakly smile at her.

"Do you think Jed's going to get expelled?" Josie wonders, clearly curious as she yawns.

"Most likely. You know, you could've waited till you had more dirt on him then what you went to the headmaster with." Hope points out and Josie nods in agreement.

"I know, but how many people do you think would've became victims of his wrath at that point?" Josie looks at Hope expectantly, believing she has the answer.

"I guess you're right. Either way, he would still be getting expelled, so it doesn't really matter in the long run." Hope just agrees with Josie's point then sees her slowly dozing off.

"Is it cool if I rest my eyes for just a minute?" Josie looks at her through hooded eyes, smiling at her, before slightly shifting and closes her eyes.

Hope gives a small smile at this then gets off the bed in order to leave but stops, turns to look at her, walks back over to cover her with the blanket that's on her bed, tucking her in and then leaves a note by the cup of herbs before making her way back to the door.

However, before she leaves, she looks back over at Josie, who is sound asleep, and smiles at her then finally leaves the dorm just before Lizzie came back.

Lizzie clearly wants to rant more to her sister about her actions when she walks in but then sees her sleeping peacefully so she just walks over to the side of the bed, sees the note that Hope left, smiling at it, before gently nudging her sister awake.

"Hmm?" Josie partially lifts her head up to look at her twin curiously even though she's still half-asleep and Lizzie has a smile on her face.

"Good news. Dad just expelled Jed, he's no longer a problem anymore." Lizzie whispers to Josie, who smiles happily at the news.

"Yay." Josie sighs out sleepily then rests her head back on her pillow and goes back to sleep, with Lizzie watching over her.

Lizzie goes over to her own bed and starts reading a magazine then looks up to see her sister sound asleep again, which causes her to smile, happy that Josie is alive from the day's events.