"This is a stick up!" the thug barked at the terrified family.

"Please, you'll get your money, just don't hurt us" the man begged. The thieves eyes lit up when he saw the size of the bulge in the man's wallet. The mugging was over in less than a minute, but the thug wasn't done yet.

"Hey, nice boy." a malicious smile formed on his face as the cocked the revolver in his hand.

"NO!" the father jumped in front of his son trying to protect him from the thug.

The gun went off, the women in a panic frenzy tried to take the gun away from the thug only to be pistol whipped, knocking her unconscious. The thug ran away with the sound of police sirens getting closer.

"The bullet went straight through the muscles in your waist Mr. Wayne... Right into your son's head." It was torture, his son was dead despite everything he had done. A wise man once said "no parent should have to bury their child." And Thomas couldn't help but agree with him.


I had been two months since Bruce's funeral and the Wayne household felt empty. Martha was spending so much time at Bruce's grave, this was the third time this week Thomas had to go out and bring her in from the cold.

"Honey, I know your pain, but Bruce wouldn't want you to freeze to death."

Martha, his dear wife, looked up at him. "I guess you're right, I wish we did know what he wanted."

A screeching sound caused both of them to look back at the grave. A bat was on it just looking at them.

Many would have called it crazy, but in the couple's mind it was fate giving them a new purpose.


Lucious looked on with anxious eyes as his work was inspected. Finally Thomas turned to him.

"Even twenty years from now they'll be saying that this is impossible." Lucious breathed a sigh of relief, Thomas liked it.

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