"Mmm, c'mon Pookie ...one more!"

No, it's not the moans of pleasure from making love, but the godly abundance of chicken wings they had bought for the party. Joanne handed the diva her twenty-fifth chicken wing before licking barbeque sauce off Joanne's cheek and collapsing on the island.

"Mmmmmm ...thank you Pookie.."

Maureen was too full and too drunk to kiss her wife so they both looked at each other, and they started laughing hysterically. Joanne had a few too many glasses of wine that day.

It's soccer season in the Jefferson-Johnson household and the boho's thought it would be good to celebrate this event in their West Village apartment. Not just for the game, but an excuse to be together, and to get intoxicated.

"GOOOAAALLL!" The announcer yelled.

Angel was out of drag wearing a soccer jersey, running around the apartment yelling before stopping at the end of the hall, where he could hear a set of moans from the master bedroom. Collins was laughing,

"Mau, I think Roger and Mimi are going at it in your bedroom.."

Angel snickered, "That ain't them honey…"

Suddenly, the guest bedroom door was ripped open, "Yeah Maureen, that wasn't us!"

Collins turned his head to see Roger covering himself with silk sheets, he shook his head.

"WELL WHO THE FUCK IS IT THEN!" They all looked at Joanne, who was struggling to get herself up from the island to investigate but ended up falling to the ground.

"I'll take care of it Pookie, you just-" Maureen was going to pick her up, but, "You just stay put."

Joanne pouted, but at least she got a good view of Maureen's ass.

"Well we're all here...wait-"

Maureen ran to the master bedroom and ripped the door open. Angel and Maureen were amazed...and very disgusted. Collins ran to the door,

"Get some clothes on you horny albino!" he laughed,

Mark's satisfied body was strewn in the pearl white sheets, where certain body parts were exposed more than others.

"I just cleaned those sheets….." Joanne just stood there, disappointed.

Just if things couldn't get weirder,

"God Mark, you may look nerdy from the surface, but in bed-"

Benny was wearing nothing but a towel skirt while being stared at by the bohos.