"You try to tell him your sorry... but nobody heard. In the end you couldn't be saved. The windows show a large magnificent golden hallway with shiny gold tiled floors, glass planed windows bigger than giants, equally large golden pillars, stretching one after another throughout the hall. His dirty blue sweatshirt unzipped to show an unclean white shirt with his black shorts and crusty pink slippers. The regret that flashes through his eyes when they meet the glint of metal in your hand. He speaks words but you can't hear them. He acts uncaring but you can't fathom why. You sure don't feel uncaring. As the glint of metal rushes towards him and you feel surprise when he doesn't take it like the others did, and hear him say "What? You really thought I would stand there and take it." No, you don't feel uncaring in the slightest. Instead, you feel, deep in your heart, the words, "I'm sorry.

"I'm sorry for my Mom. The mom who baked my favorite pie when I was hungry, read me a story before bed and the mom who took me in only minutes after knowing her. The mom who I forced to finally face the cold harsh reality she had been denying herself when I left her in the darkness, as a memory to fade into dust.

"I'm sorry for the Hero. The true Hero who stood up for what was right, went out of her way to be kind to everyone she met, and the Hero who told me to stay determined, no matter the challenge I faced. The Hero that I pushed past her limit and showed that determination on its own could only carry someone so far."

"I'm sorry for the Idol. The person who everyone looked up to and wanted to be, who inspired me to always be true to my heart, and the Idol who taught me to take things as they come and relish every moment that I live. The Idol that I showed just how foolish he was for staying too long in the present and not looking at all into the future."

"I'm sorry for your brother, the Dreamer. The Dreamer who believed the best in everyone, who jumped at the chance to show me his work, and the Dreamer who, from the bottom of his heart, just wanted to be my friend. The Dreamer who was blinded by the light of his pure heart and couldn't see how the darkness was encroaching upon him until it was too late."

"I'm sorry for being a monster. The monster who took away your happy ending, the one who turned your brightest star in a fading light, the one turned your bravery into dread. The one who, at one point, loved and cared for all of you, just like you did for me.

"And most of all, I'm sorry for you, The Judge... my dearest friend. The one who sat with me and listened to the song that the birds were singing, who lay in the grass and watched the flowers blooming, who let me see what a nice day it was outside. The Judge who made a promise he couldn't keep, who warned me that if I continued that I would have a bad time, the one he me that on days like these, kids like me, should be burning in hell."

A glint of light, a face full of shock and a blue sweatshirt stained a deep red.

He tried to tell you he's sorry...