I felt funny in this crowded hotel banquet. Being in a room full of important people still made me feel uneasy. I looked around and saw all these young wives here to celebrate their husbands and they just look so innocently perfect. My body can't make it anymore clear that I am heavily pregnant with my fourth child. The dress I'm wearing is fairly old and I should've realized it was a tad bit too low cut for my condition. Whenever I look down to check myself, I can't help but smile. That's where my handkerchief is. My something blue that I had at my wedding and the look of happy satisfaction on my husband's face when he found it in my cleavage is one of my favorite memories from that day. It readily became a running gag him and I have ever really known to this day.

"And now here to accept the award for Most Successful Small Restaurant Owner, is Jack Tripper!"

A ripple of applause sounded all around the room and I beamed. Moments like these are the things he's dreamed about since I've known him. We not only had the Bistro, but now we also had Woodsy's Bar and Grill. I was pregnant with our second child and that was his birthday present to me. He told me he was naming a restaurant after me and I was beyond flattered until I found out it was Woodsy.


"Yeah, remember when you bought the blonde wig years ago?"

"Yeah, so?"

"I successfully talked you out of it when I called you that."

"I was over it by that point and God, you're an asshole!"

I laugh remembering that I actually cried. My feelings were actually hurt. Oh, the pregnancy hormones!

I look at my husband walk to the stage and am in awe of how sexy he is after all these years. Maybe my pregnancy hormones are getting the best of me again but I begin to cry at the sight of him. The fact that this gorgeous man is my husband and the father of my children make me clutch my chest because my heart might beat out of it.

"You know," he begins his speech as I gulp. "I really do have to thank you all. Your support of me through all the work that I do to serve you is a blessing."

More applause erupts and I'm covering my mouth with my hands to steady my breathing.

"I wouldn't be here today without the support of one person, though…"

Oh God, this is going to be about me. Please don't, Jack. Don't you know your pregnant wife is already an emotional wreck?

"You see, I was pretty much homeless when I first started out in cooking school. I crashed a house party and that place ended up being my home. This girl told the biggest lie ever told just so she would know I had a place to stay. I lived with her and a couple of other girls through the years. I'm not going to explain any of that to any of you. I lived with two girls; it was what it was. That girl who lied was always there. I studied, she was there; I graduated, she was there; I struggled to get the Bistro on it's feet and staying there; she was there."

"She's still here," he continued. I'm sure all the air in my lungs has escaped by now. "She is my wife and she is pregnant with our fourth child and I want her to come up with me. Come here, Janet."

The applause seemed deafening to me. I don't even know how I managed to get up on stage with him. I just looked at him the whole way and I remembered how I felt on our wedding day when I walked to him at the altar. He hugged me tight as I went to him and the applause never stopped.

"Got your handkerchief?" He whispered in my ear.

"Close to my heart," I whispered back.

"Where I always want it to be."