I do not own Miraculous or it's characters. This is a fan work.

Synopsis - After using The Black Cat Miraculous, Marinette has started to feel like there is something missing in her life, a strange sense of melancholy for the designer. When Cat Noir comes to visit, she realizes what it is. Season 3 Spoilers, Post-Reflekadoll.


Plagg floated impatiently in the closet of the school where his chosen attended. He yawned as he thought about the cozy bookbag he spent Adrien's school days napping. Oh, and the camembert, the ooey-gooey Camembert! The very thought of his midmorning snack waiting for him made the Kwami of Destruction drool slightly.

"Eww, gross Plagg."

A sweet female voice scolds him and his hairs prickle a bit. "Oh come now, Sugarcube! Camembert is worth a little drool."

"Don't call me Sugarcube!" Plagg's other half huffs and he chuckles, loving ruffling Tiki's shell.

"So, what's so important I have to cut my nap short today?" Plagg asks though he is pretty sure he knows what this is about.

"It's almost time." Tiki says and Plagg nods, his suspicion confirmed.

"Your right, the reveal will happen soon." Plagg crosses his arms as he considers this. "Well, it's well overdue in my opinion. It's been a pain to watch this crazy dance for so long."

"I know. It's not been easy to not just tell my holder everything." Tiki pats Plagg on the head. "But i still worry about Hawkmoth and his powers. If it was any other villain, this would be a good thing but with him… it's a potential threat to our holders."

"Well, too late to worry about that now." Plaggs says sagely. "Why don't we just trust them and go eat some cheese?"

"You are an incurable glutton, Plaff." Tiki huffs but soon the two Kwami are snuggled together. Soon, they would be together all the time once more, as they longed to be. Creation and Destruction, Yin and Yang, no matter how you labeled them, two halves long to be whole.

Plagg gives in and purrs at Tiki's touch, his thoughts turning to the two Holders whom would soon start feeling their attraction to their opposite stronger than ever.

Reviews and critiques are appreciated. This may be a one shot depending on motivation and if this is well received. I like to think having used each other's powers will have some effect on our heroes and I intend to explore this!