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"We shall be landing in a few hours, Garfield, so I think that should be enough for today's lesson." Azmuth told the boy, as he made a large projected screen shimmer into disappearance behind him. The boy sighed in relief as he got up from his seat and stretched his legs. Azmuth had been insistent that he learn the basics about some of the aliens he could turn into, and though Garfield didn't mind learning more about what was shaping up to be his new life, patiently and quietly sitting there while listening to the Galvan easily grew cumbersome. "Finally! This ship is great and all, don't get me wrong, but I miss Earth so much right now, it's crazy." Garfield didn't want to admit it either, but part of the reason he wanted to be back on earth was also that seeing the world as he knew it would help him along in finally believing the insane happenings of the last two weeks, all of which started with Galtry.

The Galvan cleared his throat, once again taking hold of the boy's attention. "I would like to take a few minutes to discuss who we shall be meeting. His name is J'onn J'onnz, and though he resides on Earth, he is not a human. He is actually one of the few remaining Martians alive." Azmuth looked over to notice the boy's jaw had fallen slack, just as he had expected. "In fact, his Martian DNA is in the Omnitrix at this very moment, even if you can't access it just yet." The additional information was enough to send the boy to the floor.

"I can transform into a Martian? I didn't even know they were real!" The boy exclaimed, once again eyeing his watch with awe. He hadn't been allowed to use the Omnitrix since the duo had begun their journey to Earth, as Azmuth feared the signals from any transformation might be detected by Albedo or someone even worse. They were sitting ducks out in the endless expanse of space.

"Furthermore, J'onn could prove especially helpful to your specific condition. He himself has a very similar capability for shape-shifting, though it is nowhere near as refined as yours, and neither is it as expansive as the Omnitrix. I believe there isn't anyone better suited to training you. He is a guardian of sorts in any case, so his skills are above what you would expect of an ordinary Martian."

Garfield grew very excited at hearing about this J'onnz guy, but another part of him felt a slight question arise at the explanation of the Martian's abilities. "But, if this guy is there and can metamorph as well, why did you pick me over him?" A small part of him did feel jealous at the thought of someone else possessing the Omnitrix, but a much larger part of him was honestly perplexed.

Azmuth stroked his beard, as if it would assist him in forming the right words. After a brief moment, he finally responded to the boy. "It is a situation similar to the Plumbers. He is too much of a hero, who would never cross certain morals for the greater good. He is a great man, no doubt regarding that, and he is more heroic than most, but he would never do what it truly takes to end an enemy. And I can respect his decision to do so, but that does mean that he cannot be trusted with the Omnitrix." The Galvan glanced to his heir, only to notice his expression had drooped significantly. "The difference between the two of you would best be described as you being much more aware of your action, or inactions, and their consequences. As I told you earlier, Vilgax holds power over quite a few armies and planets, and he is one of the people I would least like to see wearing my creation. However, even if J'onn could end Vilgax with a snap of his fingers, he wouldn't. And that decision may result in Vilgax killing hundreds, if not thousands more. Not only are you aware of what you need to do to protect the Omnitrix, Garfield, but you also have the willpower to do it and know that it was justified. That is why I chose you, and not J'onn." He turned to the green-skinned boy with a slight smile. "And if I had to do it again, I would."

A small sense of pride quickly replaced any fears the boy might have had, as he nervously scratched the back of his head. But before the two could talk further, the spaceship jerked to a halt. The two were able to maintain there balance, but it was a near thing.

"Uh, any idea what's going on?" Azmuth did not reply. Instead, he rushed to the ship's control board, and immediately began a preliminary scan into the immediate surroundings of the ship. Garfield felt very nervous as the ship grew eerily silent. A tiny bit of him, though, seemed to be rearing to go at the aspect of trouble.

Finally, Azmuth found the cause of their prompt stop. A flying creature had halted the spaceship, and now floated in front of the ship. Behind him was a large spaceship, themed like a bat, in which sat three more creatures. A signal was transmitted to the Galvan ship, and the face of a person appeared on the control board. He seemed to be glaring right at them, with a black cowl covering his upper face. "State your identity and your reasons for entering Earth on a spaceship." The man commanded, keeping up his glare. The withering look had no effect whatsoever on the Galvan, and he just stared back at the human. "I am Azmuth The First Thinker, and I am here on urgent personal business with someone on this planet." Inwardly, Azmuth cursed the fact that his workship lacked cloaking technologies of the same level as his travel-oriented spaceship.

"You cannot be allowed to enter here on that basis alone. I will require more information regarding the person you wish to meet." The cowl-wearing man stated calmly, though Azmuth was only half-listening at that point. He had become much more interested in the man floating outside of the ship, the one who wore that ridiculous red cape, and had brought them to a stop. 'A Kryptonian...I had believed they were all extinct by now. His kind is perhaps one of the only few species that I was unable to enter into the Codon Stream. Perhaps this is my chance, but I will need a few moments.'

He quickly tapped his screen, and selected the Kryptonian's heat signature. 'Amazing! His heat signature indicates that he has even spent time under a blue sun! Now, for a quick scan.' He tapped the device, and smiled as a nano sized chip exited the ship's exterior and began to scan the Kryptonian. "My business is with a man called John Jones, if it really matters that much to you. Now, it would be appreciated if you let me through."

Azmuth barely noticed it, but the masked man's eyes widened almost imperceptibly. "What business would you have with John Jones, Azmuth?"

The Galvan grit his teeth. He did not want to divulge his true reason for coming here to anyone if it wasn't necessary, but he also felt that if he lied, the man would know. And he may pride himself upon his inventions, but he knew he was no match for a Kryptonian this close to a yellow sun, and neither was Garfield.

"I do not feel perfectly comfortable telling you. It is something of a very private nature. I understand your doubt, but I would like you to realise that I only hope to speak to John. He is an old friend of mine. Had he been here, he could have told you himself."

The man turned silent for a few seconds, and Azmuth maintained a straight look on his face as his nano drones returned to the ship, and uploaded the Kryptonian DNA to the Codon Stream. As that happened, the Kryptonian and the speaker exchanged a quick look and nodded. The speaker seemed to be working on his own control system for a few minutes, before turning back to Azmuth. "We will accept taking you to The Watch Tower, where you will have to wait until we may verify that you are who you say you are."

Azmuth wanted to dismiss this man and his demands entirely, but he felt that would be unnecessary, especially when this cowled man was giving him the benefit of the doubt. "Those terms are agreeable."

The Earth-dwellers then turned their vehicle and began to descend toward the large station that was suspended in space, just at the edge of the Earth's gravitational field. The Kryptonian, however, remained with the Galvan ship, as if waiting for them to follow. Azmuth drove behind the Earthlings, though he did glance over towards Garfield to ensure the boy was okay. "Do not worry, we should soon be with John, once this matter has been resolved." Azmuth told his apprentice. He could tell that the impromptu reception was not done with evil intent, though he was surprised that Earth of all planets had created some form of space security. This particular universe's Earth fell under the protection of the Lanterns, if Azmuth recalled correctly, and not one of the earthlings he had just seen wore any power rings.

'If they aren't Lanterns, I wager they are some sort of Earth-based protective service.' He continued to contemplate how such an organisation might function, while his heir walked up to stand beside him. "So, any idea how that guy is flying in outer space? I may not know much about different alien species, but I do know for sure that isn't normal human behaviour." The boy asked, before jabbing a finger toward the red caped man still flying behind them at a steady speed.

Azmuth chuckled. "He is no human, Garfield. He is a Kryptonian, a race that has gone extinct, for the most part. Their home planet was destroyed, unfortunately, and I do believe that less than a handful of them remain alive, scattered across the universe. And the reason for his flight is his unique genetic structure. All Kryptonians are able to absorb solar energy from most suns, and are able to store that energy in their bodies. He is using that very energy to survive and fly in space at the moment. Their genetics are truly amazing." Garfield was amazed by the explanation, as he watched the Kryptonian. Being superpowered by the literal sun seemed unbelievable. "Can I use the Omnitrix to turn into a Kryptonian, Azmuth?" He asked his teacher eagerly.

Azmuth turned to face him. "The Kryptonians' DNA was actually one of the very few strands that Albedo and I were unable to collect, however, during their little interrogation of us, I was able to scan his DNA for the Codon Stream. The Kryptonian DNA now rests within the Omnitrix, but it is still locked for your use." He added sternly. "A Kryptonian's powers are not to be underestimated, and I would recommend that you train more before you try to transform into one."

The boy deflated slightly, but he wasn't too affected by the decision. His mind was still partially focused on the prospect of the training he would be receiving to become the champion of the watch. Azmuth had taken it upon himself to give Garfield a brief history lesson on the Martians, just so that the boy would not embarrass himself in front of J'onn once they actually met. Mind the fact that the 'brief' lesson had somehow stretched to six straight hours. In the end, Garfield had become even more nervous regarding meeting the Martian. The man had found most of his species exterminated by a virus, before he himself was brought to Earth and then kept there, having lost almost everything from his old home. Azmuth did not give him more details regarding J'onn's personal life, though he did forewarn that the Martian could be a little cold to new acquaintances.

The two ships soon slowed down, with the smaller one which belonged to the Earthlings entering a hatch into the building.

"Uh, how do they plan on having us come in there? Our ship is not gonna make it through that tiny hatch." The boy commented. Azmuth himself did consider the problem briefly, before a large, field began to expand from within the structure. It had a light golden sheen to it, and as it grew larger, it engulfed the ship, forming a protective bubble around it. That solved one problem.

The two of them were now in a small room, with the man who had identified himself as being 'Batman', sitting opposite of them. To be fair, Azmuth was actually standing upon the table rather than sitting. He was looking over the man, noting how his clothes seemed to be combat-oriented. He wore padded gloves and his suit was made of very strong materials. They weren't indestructible, but they were the sort that could take a good beating. His cape was also made of a similar material from what the Galvan could tell.

Garfield was still feeling mixed about being back where it all started. He was back on his home planet, but then again, there was the other side of the story. 'This is where you slaughtered your uncle and cut him up from head to waist.' A dark, morbid voice within his head would constantly remind him of that fact, causing him to feel a wave of sickness. He wasn't as overwhelmed by guilt as he was merely by the memory of the event. In his fit of rage and fear, along with the shock of waking up on a different planet, he had been able to somehow push all of his experiences with Galtry into the back of his mind. Returning to Earth flung the floodgates open. He also wondered why he had never heard of this organisation that had intercepted the two of them before they could enter Earth. Though he did reason that his time with his uncle had prevented him from keeping up with the modern world considerably.

Batman himself was putting his detective skills to full work as he glanced from the tiny alien to the green-skinned boy. They had introduced themselves as simply 'Azmuth' and 'Garfield' respectively. They had not given any more details regarding who they were or where they came from, only that they needed to see J'onn. A plethora of possibilities had gone through the Dark Knight's mind, including the one where he thought that this Garfield might be a relative of J'onn's. The two had a very similar green complexion. Though no matter what, he had no way of confirming anything before J'onn arrived.

There was a soft knock on the door. Batman rose and went to open it, before leaving the room. He returned in an instant, this time with the Kryptonian, and a Martian whom Azmuth had never been gladder to see. He wore a black latex suit of sorts, which was bare except for the two red bands that wrapped around his torso diagonally, forming a cross over the front. He also had a dark blue cape draped over his shoulders, the hem of which was grazing the floor.

"John, finally. I am sorry for arriving without notification, but I am here with some very important information."

The Martian smiled slightly at the Galvan, but it was enough to shock the observant caped crusader. He knew J'onn to be a very reserved and stoic person. A smile was unexpected.

"Greetings Azmuth. Allow me to welcome you to Earth. We can discuss your information later." He then turned to Garfield. "Would I be correct in assuming it has something to do with young Garfield here?" Azmuth nodded.

The Martian looked over the boy, and his eyes widened as he recognized the Plumbers symbol on the dial of his watch. 'If the Plumbers are involved, then this may be more serious than I think.' The man then gestured to the two other Justice League members. "My colleagues and I would like to know for how long you shall be here, but other than that, you may enter Earth." Batman was about to object, only for J'onn to raise his hand. "I am willing to vouch for the two of them, Batman, and you may hold me accountable in the case that anything goes wrong." Batman and Superman both felt stunned this time, but that surprise was overcome by their trust for their colleague.

"To be honest I am not sure whether we shall be leaving Earth on anything more than a temporary basis. We might have to visit other planets during times of emergency, but the two of us will probably be staying here, permanently. We will have to find some accommodations, but I am not too worried about that."

Batman thanked his well-cultivated patience for helping him remain calm, because he was slowly but surely growing ever so frustrated by the little creature in front of him. This Azmuth had yet to provide any details regarding his purpose on Earth, and he was also being vague in any response he gave to the three League members. The Dark Knight also had yet to ask anything about the little boy that was with the 'Galvan', as J'onn had told him they were called, and that did not sit right with him. He promised to learn more about this before he let the two go anywhere.

J'onn could feel the annoyance and frustration exuding from Bruce, and he also understood him. The human did not know Azmuth as the Martian did, and Bruce had always been more than a little...distrusting of foreign elements. He knew that as a fact from firsthand experience. He knew that both Bruce and Azmuth could be very stubborn at times, but he knew that Azmuth would have to meet the league hallway on this matter.

"Azmuth, I have vouched for you because I know you and your intentions well. But I do ask of you to show my colleagues some trust as well. They are two of the finest men I know, and I trust them both with my life. Whatever you have to discuss with me, you may discuss with them as well, even if only as a show of good spirit?"

Batman and Superman both felt a slight swell of pride at the acknowledgment by the normally stoic and silent Martian, as they turned their eyes to look at the Galvan, waiting for his response.

Garfield felt his heart begin to pound with worry as his mind raced through a number of possibilities. Many of them included the revelation of the fact that the boy had murdered a person from this very planet. His very own uncle. These people might not see it the same way as Azmuth. 'Heck yeah they won't. They will see the monster as the monstrous creature he is.' The voice continued to echo in his head, aggravating him constantly.

Galvan himself was also facing a similar dilemma. He wondered whether they would still be allowed to reside in Earth if the true nature of the Omnitrix was revealed to this 'Justice League', especially since that perpetually glaring man seemed very paranoid. After some contemplation, he finally decided upon coming out with the truth.

"Well, this entire story begins with the device upon young Garfield's wrist," The Galvan began, gesticulating toward said device. "It is an invention of mine. A particularly powerful and dangerous one." He noticed the Batman stiffen slightly at the new information. J'onn also must have noticed it, because he cut in before the human could act. "And why exactly is that watch so powerful, Azmuth?"

"It is an Omnitrix, and it has the ability to turn its wearer into any species in the entire universe. It is a genetic process, and isn't just a disguise. The Omnitrix could turn Garfield into any creature alive, even into a Martian," J'onn was barely able to keep his jaw from falling slack. "Or even a Kryptonian." The Galvan finished, giving Superman a pointed look.

The Kryptonian felt a surge of emotions. He was fascinated by the abilities of the Omnitrix, and he was sure that Bruce was already thinking of ways in which the device could pose a danger, but the final comment caused him to feel...strange. He had grown more or less resigned to the fact that his home planet was destroyed, and he was the last Kryptonian left alive, other than perhaps a couple who had been scattered across the entire universe. But to just learn that there was a person in front of him who could turn into a Kryptonian seemed absurd. It was just confusing, and he only had one immediate response. "Prove it."

Both J'onn and Bruce were alarmed by how stern and straightforward Superman was being, but they did agree with his thought process. They wanted to see if this Omnitrix was truly as dangerous as the Galvan made it out to be. While J'onn did not doubt Azmuth's abilities after having met him previously, this still seemed a bit overwhelming to learn of.

The Galvan remained silent for a few seconds, until he decided that cooperating would be the best option here. After all, these guys couldn't fault him if he told them the truth. "I can prove it, but I think a bit of a larger room might be needed."

Batman nodded, thoroughly interested now. "That can be arranged." He pressed a button near his ear, and whispered something into it which the Galvan could not quite make out. The human then opened the door, and turned back to the Galvan and Garfield. "We have a training room which is unoccupied. That will work."

The Galvan nodded, and hopped down the table. "Come on Garfield. It seems you have a chance to use the Omnitrix much earlier than I had anticipated. I will also need to remove the Master Control Lock temporarily." As Azmuth began to walk to the door confidently, Garfield followed, feeling a little meek. He had no idea how the Galvan did not feel intimidated by the three, imposing League members. He grinned awkwardly as he quickly began to chase after his mentor and Batman, noticing Super and Martian Manhunter close behind them.

As they walked, Garfield took note of the insides of the Watch Tower. It had a very high ceiling, and the corridor was lined with doors at set intervals. They were either empty or sound-proofed very well, for even with his heightened hearing that he had gained a week prior, he could not hear a sound from within. There were glass panels built into the ceiling which allowed light in through them, though there were also electric lights on the walls. 'Maybe for emergency situations, I guess?'

They then turned to face a door which was larger than the ones they had seen up until that point. Batman faced a small interface next to the doorway, and entered a series of information into the screen. He then lowered his face and looked into the screen, turning away once the heavy metallic doors receded into the walls. "This is the training room."

As the small group then entered the room, Garfield came to realise that Batman had a strange definition of the word 'room', because they had just entered a gymnasium large enough to house...well, multiple houses. It was easily a few thousand square feet, with different parts of the gym designed for different purposes. One corner had various weights equipment, whereas the opposite corner was set up with some training dummies. There was also a running track available, and a large area of empty space was in the centre. Garfield followed Batman to the centre, where the entire group stopped and faced him and Azmuth.

"Now, if you would demonstrate please, Azmuth." The request came from the Kryptonian, and Azmuth immediately moved toward the changeling. Garfield got the hint and he lowered his wrist to the Galvan. The Galvan pressed down upon multiple buttons, until the watch called out in Garfield's voice. "Provide overdrive authorization to activate Master Control."

"Authorizing activation of Master Control." The watch hummed for a moment. "Voice recognised, Azmuth The First Thinker, Code 001. Master Control activated."

The dial spun around a few times, before falling back into the watch. Garfield watched the entire thing, awed by how cool the process was. "So can I transform now?"

Azmuth nodded. "Yes. Now, with this mode activated, you only need to think about the form you want to shift into. Why don't you try for a Kryptonian?"

Garfield nodded, as he also swallowed back some spit. He suddenly felt the gaze of the rest of the group fall on him, and he felt a sudden burst of nerves fill him up. 'Okay Gar, its a simple process. You've transformed before. Just think of being a Kryptonian, just like Superman over there.' He glanced over to the red-caped alien, who was watching him with a very keen eye, almost expectingly. 'Turn into a Kryptonian, a Kryptonian, a Kryptonian.'

He felt the familiar force of the Omnitrix trigger a transformation, which quickly spread from his arm to the rest of his body. He felt his DNA shifting, in a somewhat similar way to his own transformations, though the last one of those he had gone through had been back in Galtry's house. 'Ignore that. That's all over. Just transform right now.' He focused on his genetics shifting within him. And he then felt a sudden surge of power flow through him. He assumed it was his body absorbing the solar energy that was filtering into the gym through the glass ceiling. He felt his insides warm up, as strength seemed to flow into his very veins. He felt all of senses magnify, as he could suddenly hear the rest of the group breathing. He looked around the room, only to notice that his vision was also leagues better. He looked over his hands, and he felt his heart drop into his stomach. "Why are my hands white? They never turn white, even when I transform into different animals."

The Galvan chose to respond to that query. "All of your animal transformations are affected by the Sakutia you suffered from as a child. The Omnitrix healed all of your DNA damage, but the green pigmentation of their skins remains as an after-effect of the disease. Your alien transformations, however, are free from that effect. As such, you are not green."

Garfield looked over his hands appreciatively. 'I-I am normal again. I'm not a freak.'

As Kal-El watched the boy changed, he couldn't help but gasp. Within less than a second, the boy had transformed. He stood a few inches taller, though he was still as scrawny as he had previously been. However, the most notable change was that the boy's skin had turned a peachy colour, similar to Superman's, and his hair was now a blond - almost golden - colour. The hair was a bit of curveball for the Kryptonian, given that neither he nor Zod had such hair he had assumed dark hair was the usual for his species, but the boy's sharp blue eyes were perfectly the same as him. The boy seemed so similar to him. 'Another Kryptonian...and this one isn't trying to kill me.' He could practically feel the solar energy gathering within the boy, strengthening him as it gathered in him.

He approached the boy, and looked over him. Although he was practically convinced that he was looking at a fellow Kryptonian, he had a sliver of doubt still left within him. He turned to look at Bruce, who was maintaining an emotionless facade himself. "Do you have any Kryptonite on your person?"

Batman moved forward, while pulling a small container out of his utility belt. "Of course I do." He then moved between the two Kryptonians and glanced over to Azmuth one final time for confirmation. He didn't want to have to put Superman out of commission for a few hours merely to expose a lie. And if this was a lie, he hoped Azmuth came out with the truth right now.

The Galvan nodded. "Remain calm, Garfield. Kryptonite is an element which prevents Kryptonians from absorbing any solar energy. If exposed to it for too long, it may even cause radiation poisoning, which can be fatal to Kryptonians." Garfield steeled his nerves, preparing himself for whatever unknown feeling that was about to overcome him.

Bruce pulled open the container, and the effect upon the two aliens was immediate. Garfield keeled over, before dropping to one knee, groaning in pain. Superman was able to bear the exposure for a longer, but he also felt himself grown weak, until he staggered down to the floor. Batman quickly closed the container, and pocketed it away. The exposure hadn't lasted a long time, but he didn't see Superman returning to being normal from that in less than the next half an hour. He turned to the boy, only to notice that he was still turning over from discomfort. He felt a little touch of guilt, before the boy morphed back into his green skinned form.

"Ugh, what was that? That hurt so much..." He groaned, as he pushed himself up from the ground. Batman helped his colleague up as well, noticing that he was regaining some of his colour. "How is Garfield now unaffected by the Kryptonite? He was under Kryptonite mere seconds ago, and even Superman is still recovering." Bruce asked, turning to the Galvan.

"That's because he is no longer in his Kryptonian form. The effects do not transfer over between forms. Injuries may, but an effect that is specific to a certain species is eliminated." Batman nodded, before allowing Clark to stand on his own two feet.

The Martian Manhunter was in deep thought as he considered what he had just seen. 'Azmuth truly has outdone himself this time. This invention could be a true innovation in any form of law enforcement, from the Plumbers to the Lanterns Corps. I am sure that Bruce himself is also considering the possible uses of such a weapon. I can only imagine what could happen if he was able to shift from being a Kryptonian to an Atlantean to a Martian.' The man forced himself to suppress a shudder at the thought. 'I can only imagine the destructive power that watch could be capable of in the wrong hands. I do wonder whether young Garfield would turn into a green or white Martian, however.'

He then spoke up. "That does prove the authenticity of the device, Azmuth. But that does not explain why you are on Earth." The Martian asked, drawing the attention of Bruce and the semi-conscious Superman.

Azmuth turned to J'onn. "That was actually where you enter the picture, J'onn. I wanted you to help me train young Garfield, because I have no doubt that the Omnitrix will draw people who wish to use it for evil causes. As the wielder of the Omnitrix, Garfield will have to protect it from anyone who tries to take the Omnitrix. I may be a great inventor, but I am in no way a fighter. And the first person who came to my mind when I considered who could help teach Garfield how to protect himself and the Omnitrix was you. And with that, I am here."

The three League members grew worried with every word of the Galvan's. Batman stepped forward first. "What sort of threats are we thinking here? And why should such a dangerous weapon be allowed on the planet? It could pose a threat if Garfield ever...falls off board." Batman ended soberly. He did not want to point any fingers, and he was not very willing to blame a young boy who himself was native to Earth. But he would rather stay vigilant and secure, than naive and endangered. And he would maintain that policy, especially when the fate of the entire planet was to be affected.

Azmuth turned to the man. "I am still unaware of what the threats may be. But I feel confident that if J'onn were to help train young Garfield, he could become strong enough to help in the protection of the watch, instead of being a target. And the boy is still an Earthling, and this is his home planet. He should not be taken away from his home."

Batman was not convinced. J'onn was about to step in, only for Clark to beat him to it. "I agree with Azmuth. It would be best to keep Garfield on his home planet. He can be trained by J'onn, and he can grow up here to be one of Earth's strengths rather than a threat or weakness."

Bruce wanted to complain, until he considered who he was talking to. He was not afraid of the Kryptonian, and he would always tell him what he truly thought, with no beating around the bush. But at the moment, he was thinking of how Superman was Clark Kent, the alien who had grown up in Smallville, and had gone on to become one of Earth's finest guardians. And that caused the Dark Knight to reconsider his response.

"If J'onn is willing to train Garfield, then I also have no qualms about him staying here on Earth. I believe the possible benefit here outweighs the possible cost."

Garfield felt a feeling of joy fill him, as the fear that he might not be allowed back on Earth fled from his heart. Azmuth was also pleased that their presence did not cause any considerable conflict for J'onn or Garfield.

The Martian Manhuter stepped forward. "We can discuss the details of training elsewhere, Azmuth. Come, I am sure the two of you are also weary from your travels across space." He said, as he began to walk out of the gym, followed by the green skinned human and the Gavan. Just after they had exited, Superman and Batman also left. While Superman decided to go to the Watch Tower mess hall to get himself a little pick-me-up, Batman headed straight to his office within the Watch Tower. Once he entered, he headed straight to the supercomputer.

'I am willing to trust the two, but I am not willing to trust them blindly. Not just yet.' With those thoughts he proceeded to create two new incognito profiles on the supercomputer.

Logan, Garfield Mark

Wielder Of The Omnitrix

Ability To Transform Into Different Species (Terrestrial & Extra Terrestrial)

Seen Transformations:


Known Weaknesses:

Weaknesses of the Transformed Species Until Change In Transformation

Threat Rank: B

Galvan, Azmuth

The First Thinker

Inventor of The Omnitrix

Extreme Intelligence

Known Weaknesses:


Threat Rank: A

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