A Hot Summer Day

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Hinata was trying to enjoy a stiflingly hot summer day. She was watering her flower garden that she started and had been tending for the past 3 years. It occupied most of the large backyard of the home she shared with her husband. Naruto had built and designed the space for her to bring part of the Hyūga compound to their home. She had told him about the garden her late-mother had stated, and Hinata kept up – now Hanabi tries to maintain it.

While the summers in Konoha were typically hot, recently, the days were unprecedented and felt near the Suna desert level. Which constituted her wearing a black string bikini top that could beardly contain her ample breasts. She wore a pair of bikini shorts that were black with a broad purple stripe down each leg. It hugged her butt and femininity tightly and would leave little to the imagination – especially if they were wet. It was something that she would not wear around others. But she knew a certain blonde kept sneaking peaks.

"He thinks he's sneaky. But I can see him just stare." She smiled, and it made her feel so special and sexy to know he looked at her like that.

Hinata would accidentally splash herself with the hose as she watered the thirsty flowers and plants. It felt refreshing, and her skin would react with goosebumps, and her nipples would tighten further.

Naruto was trying to work on his family Katas across the large yard. Still, his wife was killing his concentration as his mind was very much south of the border. Hinata's bikini was a stark contrast to her milky skin. Despite being outside tending the garden, she didn't tan or burn – just stayed his gorgeous Hinata.

He was trying to be surreptitious and physically move, but he was only focused on her. She would move the spray of water up and down while talking to the flowers. Occasionally, she would bend over at the waist to inspect a flower or pull a weed. Still, he was certain she was doing things intentionally to antagonize him. Her full ass would wiggle or shake while she worked. He would watch her boobs bounce and move – hoping that one would fall out of the top. If that happened, it would probably be the last straw – not that he wasn't far from just ravaging her in the garden.

"Oh, DARN-It!" Hinata yelled in her soft voice.

The blonde looked over towards the commotion, having looked away to try and calm down a bit. He found his lovely wife had apparently dropped the hose. The sprayer handle hit the ground, the spout pointing right at her. Water was staying constant due to the weight of the nozzle.

Hinata was on her knees with her hands in front of her face. The water was spraying out in a wide misting pattern and soaking her thoroughly. That was the preverbal straw. He took off to help her, make sure she was alright, and then have his way with her.

"Stop, please!" Hinata pleaded with the inanimate nozzle as she tried to stop the spray.

As quickly as it happened, it was over. Lowering her hands, she was met by a pair of azure blue eyes that melted her every time.

"You alright, My Love?" Her husband asked out of genuine concern.

"Yes, I was looking at a flower, and the hose slipped. And well, this all happened." She looked at flicked her wet hair out of the way. "I must look a trifling mess." She said, laughing at herself.

Naruto didn't respond much but just stared at her, his eyes were darker, and Hinata knew that look. It was strictly reserved for her and her alone. It excited her, and she was not so secretly hoping that he would come over and play with her.

"You look so hot," he said as he held her hand as they stood. He stood taller than her by over a head, but that didn't mean he would underestimate petite stature. She was fierce in combat and was one of the deadliest women in the world. But at that moment, she was his wife, lover, and most intimate friend.

He grabbed hold of her shoulders – surprising her – and kissed her deeply. His grip tightened as he pressed his tonged into her mouth. He heard her gasp and moan into him; that was all he needed. His erection was threatening to immerge from the top of his workout shorts. Out of pure desire, he pushed her towards the back of a small shed. He pressed her against the wooden structure, and with his left hand, he pulled her top open while kissing her.

Breaking the kiss, he leaned down and took her right nipple into his mouth, nibbling and sucking. Her arms hugged his head, burying her face in his messy blonde hair letting out a resounding cry of her own desire. Naruto moved back and forth between each of her breasts. His right hand slid down her back and pushed under her bikini bottom and creased her butt. Touching her once "forbidden" place but reaching for what he knew would be very wet pussy.

She wanted him and would let him do anything. The feeling of his hardness against her was in the right spot, and she started moving slightly. Her excited clit could feel him, and there were only a few layers of thin wet material separating them. She could feel an orgasm building already and had no intention of not seeing the first of many through. She hugged him tighter, and he worked his finger into her and nibbled her nipples. Hinata got into a rhythm of rubbing Naruto's hard cock and within moments was crying out to the heavens and smoothing his face in between her boobs.

Naruto felt her body flush hot with her release. The explosion of wetness on his left hand was further confirmation that he had accomplished his goal. Not that he had any doubt of his ability to get his wife off. He moved his soaked left index finger and pressed it into her butt; she relaxed and let him enter her. He kissed her and fingered her butt for a few moments while she panted.

"I'm nowhere near done with you." With those words, she shivered with excitement as he pulled away slightly and pushed his shorts down. The lite material dropped and pooled at his feet; his hardness was on full display for her.

Without hesitation, the blunette wrapped her hands around him and took the tip into her mouth. She loved when he would fuck her face – it was a crude term, but it didn't matter. She enjoyed him being rough and dominant.

The young man couldn't help but press himself into her mouth; her slight gasp was music to him. He respected her and would stop if she asked, or he got too carried away. But Hinata could take him in all the way and be very adventurous in the bedroom. Pressing his palms flat against the building, he started to pump into her mouth.

"I'm going to nail your head to the wall." He pressed fully until his sack was against her lower lip.

Hinata sighed and looked up at him.

He moved shallowly for a little bit but then pulled out most of the way. Wet gasps and a little choking filled the air. He pressed again, never breaking sight with her lavender eyes. She was so beautiful no matter what, but something primal enjoyed her being submissive to him. Taking hold of each side of her head, he started pumping into her mouth quickly. Pausing momentarily to hold her deep and then full out. She would gasp and lick up and down his shaft.

"You want to fuck me, Naruto-kun?"

He smirked and positioned himself between her breasts. "Yup," was his only answer as he moved her hands against her breasts to hold them over his cock. He started moving, and the tip popped in and out of her mouth.

He could feel himself starting to build up and knew he would recover quickly. "Keep going," he hissed out. The moment arrived quickly as she vigorously became more aggressive.

Hinata let go of her boobs and plunged her right hand down her bottoms, and started rubbing her clit. At the same time, she held his cock and bobbed up and down. Naruto's fingers were threaded in her wet hair, but he let her control the pace. She felt his body tighten and knew he was close. She wanted to make sure when he released, she would at the same time.

A few moments later, he grabbed the back of her head and pushed her all the down. His essence spilled out into her mouth and throat as he moaned deeply. She let out a loud moan as she released for the second time in a few minutes.

Naruto felt himself soften slightly in Hinata's mouth as she moved to his tick and sucked hard. He helped her stand up and kissed her. The taste of himself was on her lips, but he didn't care, "I love you so much."

"I love you."

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