•~Our little boi America~•

I saw my siblings come and hug me and we just sat there and talked till they had to go Then a nurse came in "Sir there is some people who would like to see you..." the nurse said "ok! And just call me America please" I said "ok! Am you can call me flower!"she said as she said then I saw Russia walk in...yay...with his family he was very tall but his father was scary tall...I saw Ukraine and berlaus and smiled and waved and the smiled and waved back "Hey America!" Urakine said as she stood next to the bed I saw in "Hi Urakine" i said happily "is Canda here?" She asked in a curious tone but it was just me and berlaus and Urakine in the room "Why? Is it because you like him?~" I said in a teasing tone and she turned into a tomato and whispered in my ear "I do promise you won't tell anyone?.." she said embarrassed "promise" I said then me, Urakine and berlaus were joking around intill I heard heavy boots walking towards the room with two people with a Russian accent speaking in Russian... as soon as they walked in Urakine and berlaus stopped talking then Soviet Union smiled at me I smiled back we have gotten along and we are friends now and I'm happy about that! "How's it going America?" Soviet Union asked "good! besides me almost probably dieing..." I said then Russia came over and gave me a violet and smiled at him then he said something I thought I would never thought he would say

"I'm sorry...Can we start over?..." he said

My "eyes" but they couldn't see it because of the thing on my eyes... "Sure..."I said

•~Lily ex has stopped working..~•

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