Arthur came home September 1st, knowing that the house would practically be empty with all of the boys now at Hogwarts. He opened the door seeing young Ginny simply sitting at the table, she appeared to be drawing something on a piece of paper. He smelled meatloaf cooking in the kitchen. He looked at the family clock to see that Percy, the twins and Ron were all at school, that made him smile.

"Hello lovely ladies!" he called out. Ginny looked up from her drawing and waved at her father.

"Arthur! So sorry you couldn't be there today!" Molly called as she ran to greet her husband and then give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Well, tragically there's been a lot going on, no surprise there I suppose. We had a rough encounter with a poor Muggle chap who unknowingly bought a flying carpet, the blasted thing nearly killed him before we got there. We had to do a series of Confundus Charms and make up a story for the neighbors that we were simply inspecting for dry rot, I don't know if they fully believed us," said Arthur as he and Molly sat down at the table with Ginny.

"So, did the boys get on the train safely?" he asked after they had a chance to settle down.

"Naturally, and you will never believe who we met at the station today," said Molly, a bright smile on her face.

"Well judging by the smile on your face, you clearly didn't meet up with the Malfoy's," answered Arthur.

"We got to meet Harry Potter!" exclaimed Ginny. Arthur was absolutely dumbstruck.

"THE Harry Potter?! He's returned to the Wizarding World?" he inquired.

"Why yes, he was awfully polite. Fred and George were the first to realize it was him, looks like he and Ron will be having classes together!" said Molly happily.

"Well, it sure is going to be an exciting time for a lot of people, with Harry Potter now at that old school. I do hope I can meet him sometime soon, after spending time with Muggles, I bet he can tell me a lot about them," said Arthur excitedly.

"Honestly Arthur, you're almost as bad as Ginny, he's not some chimp at the zoo!" said Molly exasperatedly.

The very next day, they received an owl from the school, telling them that Ron had been sorted into Gryffindor, they were all very pleased to hear that. A few days after that, another school owl came by. At first, they believed it was a note saying that Fred and George had ended up in some type of trouble again. But no, it was from Ron telling them that he had made friends with Harry Potter who had also been sorted into Gryffindor! It was news that would change their lives forever!