Lucius Malfoy came home after work, expecting his meal ready and hot. Narcissia, his wife was at the table waiting patiently as Dobby, their house elf brought in their food.

"Good evening Narcissia, have you heard from the school? I presume Draco has in fact been sorted into Slytherin?" he greeted his wife.

"Yes, I got news from the school. Draco is in Slytherin, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised," she replied as she began to cut into the meat. Lucius sat himself down as his plate of food was gently placed in front of him. Dobby began to scurry away from the table for fear that he might be whacked.

"There is something else that might be worth noting," Narcissia mentioned in the middle of their meal.

"Oh, do tell," replied Lucius.

"There's a report that the famous Harry Potter is now at school," she said, albeit quickly. Lucius dropped his utensils.

"The famous Harry Potter? What house did he get sorted into pray tell?" asked Lucius with a sneer.

"Well from what people are saying, he was sorted into Gryffindor," replied Narcissia, trying not to look directly into her husband's eyes, for she knew that house name was practically taboo in their household.

"Of course, I still remember the day his parents were sorted into that house, I had just been made prefect, and Snape was sorted into our house. No matter, we will not let that bother us. Dobby! Fetch me new utensils!" Lucius barked. Dobby came as quickly as he could with clean utensils.