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Cold green eyes mustered the man sitting in front of her. He was young. Only a few years older than her with a rather disshelved appearance. All in all she found him to be rather cute. Moving to Japan had already proven to be a great idea.

Adachi Tohru was slowly but surly getting annoyed. Ever since entering the train headed to Jasu Inaba that dumb broad had been staring holes into him. He had to admit that she was kind of cute with her petit but curvy frame. Big eyes feamed by long lashes and long black hair in a simple pigtail. it was obvious that she was of European descendescent.

He would have thought she had a crush on him if not for those cold judging eyes. Like all other women she seemed to be judging him.

Getting of the train he noted the chick following him. Turning slyghtly he could see her fiddling with her phone. Shrugging it of he made his way home. on the way he wondered if his new neighbour had moved in by now. About three weeks prior to this date his next door neighbour had moved out. Three days later somebody had already bought the flat. But even now the flat remained empty with no new neighbour to be seen or heard of.

Upon reaching the complex he lived in Adachi noticed that he was still being followed. This time she seemed to be frantically looking for something in that tiny bag of hers. He was becoming suspicious now.

She couldn't believe her luck. The cute guy from the train was taking the same way. As her new home came into view she made to reach for her keys only to dwspair. She hust had to use a bag with an undetectable extension charm. Finding her keys without a summoning charm would be impossible.

Having reached the door to his flat Adachi made to confront his stalker only to have her pass him by. She was heading to the next door flat. Great his stalker turned out to be his new neighbour.

Having noticed his stare she turned to him. With a charming smile she introduced hherself.

"I'm Potter Hayden pleasure to meet you!"

"Adachi Tohru."