(The scene opens to when R2-Pea2 and Archie-p0 meet.)

Archie-p0: "Artoo-pea-too! What a wonderful name. I am Archie-p0."

(R2 beeps.)

Archie-p0: "I beg your pardon, what do you mean, 'naked'?"

(R2 looks down. Archie-p0 gasps and tried to cover his body with

whatever is in the room.)

Narrator: "Coming soon...go back to where it all began..."

(Clips of Ne'zzakin in training, clips of Jer-Jer, Padmé, Obi-Wan and Arvi-Gon, and clips of Ne'zzakin turning to the Dark Side are shown.)

Narrator: "In the beginning of the most epic space adventure love story of all time..."

(Clip of Ne'zzakin and Padmé kissing. Archie-p0 sighs.)

Archie-p0: "Human affection is absolutely wonderful, isn't it, R2?"

(R2-Pea2 beeps, Arch smacks him.)

Archie-p0: "(angry) How dare you! IT IS NOT "SISSY STUFF"!"

Veggietales Star Wars: The Prequel


"The Saga Begins..."