Ronnie Anne had grown into quite a lovely woman. At 40 years old, she was living her dream life. But unknown to her, all that was about to come to a sudden end.

The day started out like any other. Ronnie Anne awoke at 6 am. Lincoln wasn't beside her. She found him sound asleep on the couch. The sight of him made her heart soar. She gently nudged him awake. "Morning, Lincoln. It's time for work." she said.

Lincoln stirred. "Morning, lovely Ronnie." he said.

Ronnie Anne smiled "I'm leaving now. I'll be back before 7." she said, pressing her lips to his. Little did either of them know that they'd never lay eyes on each other again.

Ronnie Anne boarded the commuter train to Chicago, where she worked. Everything went downhill from there. No one noticed that the air brake hoses between the locomotive and the rest of the train weren't properly connected. The train was soon on its way. Around halfway between Royal Woods and Chicago, Ronnie Anne noticed the train was going a lot faster than normal. "Can't we slow down a bit?" she asked a conductor.

The conductor radioed the engineer. "Oh, it appears the airbrakes weren't attached properly. And there's a sharp curve coming up. No guarantees, but I'll try to slow down." he told her.

For the first time in her life, Ronnie Anne was truly scared. "I don't want to die like this." she thought.

The train was still going far too fast when it hit the curve. It toppled over and broke apart. Ronnie Anne tumbled out. "At least I'm still alive." she thought, just before the car toppled over onto her.

Around 7:30 pm, Lincoln was getting worried. "Ronnie should have been back by now." he thought.

Lincoln turned on the evening news. "In other news, a commuter train from Royal Woods to Chicago suffered a fatal derailment this morning as a result of excessive speed. Among the fatalities is one Ronalda Anne Santiago-Loud." the newscaster said.

Lincoln's heart stopped. "No! No! This can't be true!" he thought.