Lindsey and Leslie were hanging out. "I have a confession." Lindsey said.

Leslie furrowed her brow. "What is it, dear cousin of mine?" she asked.

Lindsey sighed. "I've been in love with you for years. I've just been too afraid to speak up until now." she said.

Leslie smiled and blushed. "I have a confession too. I've felt the same way about you for years." she said.

Lindsey smiled and blushed. The two girls started leaning in, then Lindsey pulled away. "I want to make sure there's no interruptions this time. I've waited far too long for this." she said.

Leslie heard faint giggling from behind a tree. "Mom, Uncle Lincoln, I know you're there. Come out now." she said.

Luan and Lincoln stepped out. "Ok kids, you caught us." Luan said, before they left.

Leslie turned back to Lindsey. "Where were we? Oh yes." she said, leaning in.

Lindsey also started leaning in, until the two girls were locked in a very passionate kiss. "That was amazing." Leslie said when they pulled apart.

Lindsey smiled. "So I guess we're official now?" she asked.

Leslie nodded. "We are." she said.

Meanwhile, Lana was online. "I'm busy getting a special permit from the US government. I want a pet elephant, and the only way to get one is to apply for a permit." she said.

Lincoln and Sid were on a romantic date. They were currently watching the brand new Harvester movie. Or rather, Lincoln was watching while Sid cowered in his arms. "Too scary for me." she said when the movie ended.

Lincoln knelt on one knee. "Will you marry me, Sid Chang?" he asked.

Sid smiled and blushed. "Yes I will marry you, Lincoln Loud." she said, before kissing him passionately for 30 minutes.