A hand reached out from the covers of the bed trying to reach the alarm clock. It has trouble shutting it off because his head was under the blanket preventing him from seeing. The man tried so hard reaching the alarm clock it slid from his hand falling backwards hitting the ground. The man came out from the blankets and could see the alarm clock was on the floor. That didn't bother him. He continued his morning routine.

At The Kitchen~

The man walked into the kitchen all dressed up and ready to go. He sees his female friend waiting for him with breakfast on the table.

"Breakfast ready?",he asked putting his hand down after he scratched himself on the head. "Yep,Andy I've been up all night making breakfast.",said his female friend.

Andy got excited in the moment. Andy sat down because he could see his favorite breakfast which was pancakes with syrup on top.

"Oh Ann , you know how much I like you making my favorite breakfast?.", said Andy with a smirk.

He started eating the pancakes Ann made for him. This made Ann laugh and was a silence at the table for a moment Ann decides to start a conversation,

"So ready to start work?",asked Ann.

Andy's smirk suddenly fades away,

"I don't really want to talk about work. I mean Jeremy's awful. We had to do destroy the environment,kill every living thing to expand Pawnee. Its awful,I hate my hate my job Ann.",said Andy.

Ann took a deep breath "Andy, I know work life sucks. You got to get used to it.",said Ann.

"I mean with my job it's about bopping a nurse, I help people get better. I do X-rays. I test blood. I mean my job is hard, too ,but we got to work on getting the money, you know.",said Ann.

Andy had a moment of silence.

"Your right Ann, thanks for the advice! I gotta go to work now bye.",said Andy as he stood up to leave the house to his job.