This teaser is in response to a prompt challenge from the Facebook Group Muse. This will eventually be a multi chapter story. Enjoy!

Title:Runic Rituals

Writer: dyslexic penquin

Rating: (now) G (eventually) M

Pairing: (eventually) Hermione Granger/Viktor Krum

Universe: Harry Poter

Prompt Word: Voyage


Summary: Hermione returns home after earning her mastery in Runes and Ritual Magic


Surveying the room, Hermione checked to ensure she hadn't forgotten anything. The last five years had been a grueling marathon of study to achieve a double mastery in both runes and ritual magic, but to be able to keep a dying magical art alive, it had been worth it.

She missed her friends, brief visits for the holidays, and long letters just weren't the same. On the other hand, residing in another country helped her stay focused on her studies. Ginny couldn't pop in when she and Harry fought. Ron couldn't arrive and demand her attention and to be fed at all hours of the night. And Harry didn't make her up at three am with an existential crisis every few days.

But all things, good and bad, must come to an end. With her final test complete, she could now begin her own research. As a reward for her hard work, on her mastery and during the preceding war, she booked passage on a cruise ship. It took her twenty minutes to explain to the muggle travel agent that she wanted a one way ticket. She had no need to return to Sweden. "I'm from England. I'm going home. I just want to have a little fun on the way. Make it more of a voyage, less of boring trip," She even agreed to pay the full round trip price, just to keep things easier.

Waving her hand, she wandlessly shrunk her belongings and stored the boxes in her muggle suitcase. She tucked her boarding pass and passport into her beaded bag. Occasionally, she considered getting a new bag, but this one had seen her through so much. It was like an old friend now.

Sigurd Holgersson, previously the last runic master waited outside her apartment building. Nevena Mihov, the ritual mistress, waiting in the car. Master Sigurd smiled when he saw their former apprentice. He chuckled remembering the screaming match the two had engaged in upon discovering both had offered the famous Hermione Granger apprenticeships. Hermione had been the one that suggested a double master, since the two disciplines interconnected. He looked forward to see what innovations she breathed into ritual magic.

Having grown bored waiting in the car, Nevena honked the horn. Laughing at the fiery redhead, Hermione skipped down the stairs. "In a hurry to get rid of me?"

"Of course, then I go back to Bulgaria. No more forsaken reindeer trying to eat my hair." Hermione chuckled as she climbed into the car. "Laugh. Tried to eat you, too."

"I can agree that I will not miss the reindeer. I shall miss both of you. Maybe not your bickering about everything, but I'll miss you."

The last thing the two masters had agreed on was that at 150 years of age, it would be harder for Sigurd to move than for Hermione and Nevena to come to him. Neither woman had enjoyed the bitter cold during the winters or the eating habits of Boris, Sigurd's familiar.

At the pier, Hermione collected her case from the boot, then hugged both masters. "Thank you for everything. I hope to make you both proud. Sigurd laughed, "The girl is the first runic mistress in 140 years and she worries we would not be proud."

Nevena snorted, "Do not be forgetting, is 25 years old with dual mastery. How can we not be proud all ready." Hermione smiled, her eyes tearing up. "None of that. You cry, I cry. And I am not to be crying today. Stay warm, eat more, and do something crazy." She hugged her formal pupil. "And write. I want to hear about everything."

Sigurd smiled and hugged Hermione, "Write me, you can leave out the your friend's need to discuss why we exist in the middle of the night. I am too old to care anymore. Be sure you make time for fun, and love. Do not become like me, old and alone. Otherwise crazy redheaded women will invited themselves to live with you so they can steal your apprentice."

"Hah, you mean you stole mine." The three laughed and embraced one last time before Hermione hurried up the gangplank.

A steward escorted her to the proper cabin. She looked about the room, eyeing it in approval. The small balcony had been worth the extra cost. She admired the view of the ocean as the ship pulled away from the docks. It felt good to be on her way home to stay.

She pulled out the last few Daily Prophets. Some of the reporters speculated on whether or not the marriage laws enacted throughout the rest of the wizarding world had had a positive impact. England enjoyed a population boom post war due to the influx of wizards and witches able to immigrate before the laws went into effect. These numbers include numerous famous wizards, most notably to Hermione, one Viktor Krum.

She and Viktor kept in touch after the Triwizard Tournament. The only noticeable time gap being during the most intense part of the war. During that time Hermione had been hunting horcruxes with Harry. Voldemort's ministry named her public enemy number two, right after Harry. While on the run she had no way to send him letters, and he refused to compromise her safety in anyway. They saw each other a handful of times over the last six years.

She had been the first person he told about his intentions to transfer to an English team. He avoided declaring any of the reasons for the move to be related to the upcoming laws. He mentioned competitive leagues, bigger markets, lucrative offers, nothing about being able to claim citizenship in a country not demanding he get married to a stranger. She had understood. She even agreed.

Putting the newspaper down, she walked out onto the balcony. As the sunset over the ocean, she watched the past fade into the background, while the future waited just beyond the horizon.