Chapter 8 : Extra – Empress

Ever since I became the Empress, I received the Emperor's affection~

This harem has three thousand beauties ya, but the Emperor only favors me alone~ So I advised the Emperor ya, must 'rain~ nectar~ evenly~ spread~', but he just won't listen! Spoiled me! Spoiled me! He just spoiled me alone!

The clothing for Marquis ChangAn was finished not very long ago and now they have to rush for the preparation of the Empress's dress. I was feeling a bit sorry for the Supervisor in charged of clothing, so I went to persuade the Emperor softly, "How about we postpone it?"

Duan Ming Zhang gave an 'Oh?', and went to give away dried persimmons to the servants, right in front of my face. Each person get one catty, and those who have gotten it was very grateful to the point of shedding tears. They praised the Emperor for his grace and said that the persimmons were delicious, will be sure to quickly finish it. I cry without tears, from now on won't dare to offend the mighty sky (the Emperor). So, just by that I cautiously put on the wedding garment that the clothing department had rushed day and night to finish it, and married into the Palace. Then I moved into Kunning Palace – and immediately moved out.

Why move out?

The Astrology department said that my birthdate characters were not compatible with the position of Kunning Palace. I almost believed it, if not for the look full of confidence and self-righteousness on Duan Ming Zhang's face that gave away the truth.

"Kunning Palace is too far, it's inconvenient for Emperor to visit the Empress."

Later on, a rumor went flying about outside the Palace wall saying, the male Empress that the Emperor personally selected doesn't have the fate to live the Empress's life. Even for Kunning Palace he was unable to stay in it, sooner or later most probably will be sent to the cold palace to live the rest of his life there. Squatting in Hai Qing Pavilion, I continued to cry without tears – I would like to live in the cold palace! At least I can stay a little bit farther from a certain horny, xxx-obssessed muddle-headed Emperor ah!

Looking at the mirror, I stared at it then stared some more. No matter how I looked at it, I can only see at most, the person in the mirror is just a normal human form, right? Against Duan Ming Zhang's dragon-like regal appearance and phoenix beauty, I cannot even compare to a strand of his hair. So, I pondered on this matter until my head breaks open but I still don't understand. That I am such a 'plain dish' but Duan Ming Zhang 'ate it' every day, every night, ate it over and over for three months, why haven't he get tired of it?!

Anyway, since I entered the Palace, I alone have been receiving the Emperor's grace. LePing told me that ever since I have been decreed as the Empress…. no, ever since I started living in the Palace as the Marquis, he has not turned any concubine's name plate at all.

Not even once!

In other words, previously the royal affection's rain nectar was shared by the three thousand beauties in the harem, which now the nectar all fell on me alone! Not to mention before the time the Emperor named an Empress, he has endured a whole half a year of abstinence. So, after the wedding…. he visited me every night, xx non-stop from night to day. Although Duan Ming Zhang said it himself, that I'm especially comfortable to hold … but can I say something?

Aren't farmers using the same watering system? One shot will just flooded (me) to death! There are good food and drinks everyday, just lacking good sleep. Dejectedly, I rested on the table and yawned. Calculating the time, the Emperor should be arriving soon.

"My Huai Zhen really tired out, refused to even getting up to receive my arrival?"

See see see, if you're afraid of something, it will come.

Listlessly, I replied, "Your Majesty, your grace is awe-inspiring, energetic and fierce. This servant's normal body is unable to withstand, can't be helped not to get tired."

He smiled and came to hug me, "Really that tired?"

"But last night, Huai Zhen cried and begged me to go faster, to go harder, once was not enough, need many many times…. was that not you?"

Every point he said, my face get a shade redder. After he finished his words, I was so ashamed I wanted to die, he still can say it with a face of seriousness.

"Forgotten? Tonight I will make sure you remember it properly…."

I immediately shook my head desperately.

"Your Majesty, please forgive this servant for being unable to serve tonight!"

"Oh? Why?"

With confidence, I said, "This servant felt that the 'kidney is weak'!"
[Note : Weak kidney is an euphemism for impotence]

"….. Huai Zhen don't have to worry, the Imperial doctor who came daily to take morning pulse said that your health is very good."

He pinched my face, then came over to kiss the place he pinched.

"Fine, I'll spare you tonight."

As if the Mongolian are getting pardoned, I quickly praised him, "Your Majesty treats me so well!"

He smiled, and his good-looking eyes turned up. The ripples in his eyes was gentle and soft, just like a small boat on a lake, gently swaying under the moonlight ah….

Seeing him looking very happy, I mustered my courage after a moment of thought and said, "Your Majesty, this servant has a matter…."

"En, Huai Zhen can say it."

"That, the harem has a lot of people, an assortment of concubines and palace maids…. in the future, can it be, that that, the rain nectar …. evenly spread ah?"

Silence, a long silence. Face without expression, Duan Ming Zhang stared at me, and I also gathered some courage to stare at him back….
After a while, I just deflated, like a leather ball with broken surface.

"Was it because someone said something?"

Immediately I shook my head like a rattle – No no, really there wasn't any!

"Huai Zhen, I think you need to be punished."

"… ?"

"En, then I just punish you to continue serving tonight."


… The only comfort I can get was Duan Ming Zhang didn't pull me to get up from bed together with him the next morning. But the fact was I actually cannot get up from bed. Lying down on the pillow, I rubbed my sore waist, the pain keep humming/throbbing.

Duan Ming Zhang was probably very angry last night, because his movements were merciless. He also fiercely said, "Wait and see, Huai Zhen. You want me to spread evenly? I'll show you sooner or later!"

In my heart I said no need to show it to me, I don't want to see it at all. ….. Anyway, according to what he said, sooner or later he will favor someone else one day. By that time, I might even became an empty shell of an Empress who have family background but not favoured. Maybe just the first and fifteenth day of the every month, he will come to spread his nectar…

It really hurts ah, it felt sore and painful, really wanting my dear life. I rubbed my eyes hard, wiping the wet things on the undergarment that Duan Ming Zhang have taken off. Good thing doesn't last forever, just a few months of works – finally Duan Ming Zhang has proven to me about practicing what he preached on 'spreading his nectar evenly'.

I was stunned.

He..he..he, he actually sent the harem of concubines…to be dismissed!