Alaric is on the phone talking to Caroline, informing her of how upset their kids will be when they discover she isn't returning.

"No, I understand what you're doing is very important work but how am I going to tell the girls that their mother isn't going to be here for their sixteenth birthday?" Alaric asks confused and nods as Caroline's side of the call is incomprehensible.

The door behind him opens, revealing someone's behind him, looking dazed and confused by the office.

"Alaric?" Alaric turns around to see Hayley Marshall staring at him with a stupefied look, which he shares with her.

"I'm gonna have to call you back." Alaric re-finds his voice and ends the call with Caroline before grabbing a crossbow.

"You're really going to try and kill me with that?" Hayley asks scoffing in disbelief.

"Dorian!" Alaric shouts and a moment later Dorian is in the room, standing next Hayley with his hands in the air.

"Woah. Wait, who is this?" Dorian asks once he notices the girl standing next to him.

"I know who she's supposed to be; Hope's mother." Alaric states causing Dorian to stare at Hayley in shock.

Once Dorian recovers, he closes the door then looks at Ric as though he's insane.

"I'm going to need Emma." Alaric claims, completely ignoring the fact that Dorian is gaping at him as though his hair's on fire.

(Emma's Office)

Emma is in a session with Hope, who is babbling happily about a possible relationship forming between herself and Landon.

"I mean no one wants a phone thing, but Landon does have a really nice voice and…. I'm boring you with my babbling. Oh god, who am I right now?" Hope asks disturbed by her open behavior as Emma smiles at her.

"A normal teenager. Also, you're not boring me Hope, I just don't think you need a counselor anymore, you need a friend." Emma advises causing Hope to look down, contemplative before looking back up at Emma.

"Well, maybe, I mean, if you wouldn't be opposed, you could be my friend." Hope stammers out awkwardly and Emma smiles at her sympathetically just as Emma's phone goes off, interrupting the moment.

Emma seems touched that Hope would want her as a friend but counseling sessions are the only time they get to see each other and Emma is a very busy girl, working with the headmaster as well as Mr. Williams.

"This session is over, right? I'm sure the headmaster is requesting your presence for something important." Hope correctly assumes causing Emma to frown.

"Yeah, it's very…" Emma starts to explain but Hope cuts her off.

"No, I get it. Go, help Dr. Saltzman, I'll see you next session. I forgot I was going to help set up for Lizzie and Josie's birthday party, anyway." Hope looks saddened by the fact Emma's busy but she pretends it's nothing.

"I'm sorry." Emma apologizes, putting her phone on the table along with her coffee mug.

A few moments after Emma leaves, Hope realizes that Emma forgot her phone so she grabs it and walks out in order to return it.

Emma is in Alaric's office looking at Hayley skeptically after placing a boundary spell on the room, so Hayley can't leave.

"Can one of you please get me different clothes?" Hayley asks, her clothes are dirty and singed, since she burned alive, yet they seem like if she makes a wrong move, then her clothes will turn to ash.

"Um, I can get something of Caroline's." Alaric suggests and Hayley just nods in agreement to this, since she doesn't really care.

Ric is about to ask Hayley something, when there's a knock on the office door.

"Emma?" it's Hope's voice and Dorian covers Hayley's mouth, to keep her from replying, like she wanted to.

"Emma, you left your phone in your office. I came to return it." Hope hears nothing so she just sighs in annoyance, assuming this wasn't where they were going to be.

"Ok, whatever. It appears that no one's here, so if you come back, just know that I'm leaving your phone at the foot of the door." Hope claims, her voice having been raised, as she's either hiding something or knows that they are there.

They see Hope crouch down, put the phone on the floor, and when she seems to sense that no one's actually there, they hear her sigh then see her boots walk away.

Once she's gone, Dorian removes his hand from Hayley's mouth while Emma opens the door to grab her phone and Hayley gapes at all of them, mainly Dorian, in horror.

"Why did you do that? I could've spoken to her." Hayley sounds very annoyed with them.

"So, who wants to explain to her what we're dealing with while I get her some of Caroline's clothes?" Alaric wonders aloud.

"Also, what's your shoe size?" Alaric questions before leaving.

"Size 7." Hayley states plainly, so Alaric leaves and Emma and Dorian explain to Hayley everything about what they're dealing with, including the mystical knife, former relic, leaving Hayley in severe shock.

"We didn't let you talk to Hope because we can't be too careful. You are most likely the next monster, or part of a bigger plot that a different one has." Emma finishes and Hayley nods in understanding, just as Alaric returns with clothes for her.

"You have a bathroom?" Alaric just points to it after handing Hayley the clothes and she walks cautiously to the bathroom, which generously has a shower.

"She took all the information well. For some reason, I don't think she's the next monster. I can't explain it, I just feel like she isn't." Dorian admits, confused by his feelings on the current situation.

Meanwhile, Hope walks into Lizzie and Josie's dorm room after knocking on the door.

"Hey Hope." Josie greets Hope, who smiles at her, but Lizzie looks bitter.

"It's our birthday and I made a wish to not see you today. Apparently, I have to make a new wish." Lizzie states, very grumpy as she sits on the floor, meditating and Hope just rolls her eyes before turning her attention back to Josie.

"Your father's acting strange, to the point where he has Emma performing a boundary spell on his office." Hope gets straight to the point and Josie stares in shock, this statement seemingly catching Lizzie's attention as she turns around.

"That's weird. Do you know why?" Josie asks confused yet curious about her father now, but Hope shakes her head.

"No, that's why I'm here. I was wondering if you could ask him for me." Hope wonders aloud causing Josie to nod in agreement.

"Sure. I promise to tell you about what he's hiding." Josie promises and Hope smiles but Lizzie rolls her eyes and scoffs at this.

"Oh please, you're his prodigal daughter. Why would he tell us something that he won't tell you?" Hope's had enough of Lizzie's bitchy attitude towards her.

"Because you're his kids! I am not his main priority, you are. You two are his kids and he is not my father! He never will be because I'm not his daughter, I'm someone else's that I will never see again! So cut the bitchy crap Lizzie because I'm just done with it and I'm done with you!" Hope shouts at her, having completely lost her patience, keeping Lizzie and Josie silent.

"You know what, just forget I came here. It shouldn't be too hard." Hope glares at Lizzie then storms out of the dorm room, leaving Lizzie feeling ashamed of how she's treated her, and Josie feeling awkward.

"The least we can do is figure out why dad has boundary spell on his office. I mean we already have to scold him for keeping our mom's return a secret." Josie reassures Lizzie, who nods in agreement and they walk to their father's office.

"Dad!" they both shout, loudly knocking on the door.

Alaric grabs Hayley, keeping his hand over her mouth, while Dorian and Emma look at the door then back at Ric, curiously.

"Dad, why is your door locked?" Josie's voice comes through the door.

"Yeah, and why didn't you tell us mom wasn't coming back for our birthday?" Lizzie's voice comes through the door as well and although Alaric really wants to know how they learned that, he's grateful he didn't have to tell them himself.

"Uh, I was going to. You guys should leave in order to get ready because I'm wrapping your birthday presents." Alaric lies and it's obvious that they know this.

"No you aren't." Josie calls him out before her and Lizzie siphon the spell in order to bust the door in.

Alaric lets go of Hayley and Lizzie scrunches her face in disgust.

"Who the hell is this slut?" Lizzie points to Hayley, who looks offended, and Josie side-eyes Lizzie for her behavior.

Then Josie looks at Hayley, and after a moment, she seems to recognize the girl.

"Oh my god. Lizzie, it's her." Josie says vaguely causing Lizzie to look at her confused.

"Who?" Lizzie wonders, voicing her confusion, but Josie keeps staring at Hayley.

"Lizzie, it's Hope's mom." Josie reveals then Lizzie looks at her for a long moment before recognizing her as well.

"Oh my god." Lizzie sighs out in shock then looks at Josie, who seems to have the same idea and they are about to shout for Hope yet Emma quickly casts a simple muting spell, so they hear nothing.

Lizzie and Josie realize they can't hear themselves or each other and look at each other, frowning in confusion.

Then Lizzie starts dancing like a monkey, which has Josie laughing even though no one can hear it.

So Josie starts pretending to sing like she's Snow White singing to animals, while Lizzie giggles in amusement.

"Why is this so amusing?" Dorian whispers to Emma, who just simply shrugs.

"Girls." Alaric gets their attention as they turn back to him with serious faces.

"Emma is going to remove the spell, but you have to promise that you won't tell Hope. Can you do that?" Alaric asks, causing Lizzie and Josie to look at each other then look away evasively before reluctantly nodding, so Emma removes the spell.

Lizzie and Josie sigh in relief that they have their voices back before Josie speaks up.

"I know we just promised you that we wouldn't tell Hope, but I promised to tell her what you were hiding, and I think she needs to know about this." Josie reveals her belief, and promise to Hope, while pointing to Hayley with a frown.

"We don't entirely know the extent of her abilities or her knowledge. I just really don't think we should introduce her to this emotional turmoil." Alaric explains and Josie nods understandingly.

"Well c'mon Lizzie, let's go get ready for our party." Josie advises then drags Lizzie out by the wrist.

In Lizzie and Josie's dorm room, Lizzie hops in the shower, as Josie took one earlier, and then Hope walks in, surprising Josie, who turns around.

"Oh, I thought Lizzie was here." Hope claims, starting to back out.

"She is. She's just in the shower." Josie states but Hope looks awkward.

"I'll just come back later." Hope turns to leave yet Josie stops her.

"If you don't mind me asking, Why do you want to talk to her?" Josie asks kind of awkward.

"I just… nevermind. It doesn't even matter. Did you talk to your dad?" Hope questions changing the subject, and Josie nods, agreeing that she did.

"Well, is he hiding something?" Hope wonders and Josie turns around to continue working on her hair, quietly gulping nervously before answering.

"He's just working on a late birthday present for you. He apparently started it on your birthday and he's close to finishing it. So, you might retrieve it tomorrow." Josie lies as she curls her hair and although Hope seems skeptical, she also seems to believe it as she starts to turn around to leave but Josie stops her again.

"Hey, Do you know how to braid?" Josie asks awkwardly with a nervous laugh, as she turns around causing Hope to turn to face her yet again, looking a little skeptical before smiling kindly at Josie and nods at her.

So, Hope decides to stay and after Josie gets ready in her cute pink dress, she starts to braid Josie's hair.

"I can't wait to see the gift that your dad started on my birthday." Hope admits and Josie nods with a nervous smile.

"Neither can I. He only told me that he was making it, but it's gonna be a real surprise, I'm sure of it." Josie lies once again but Hope doesn't seem to notice.

"So, why did you want to talk to Lizzie when you walked in here?" Josie questions, clearly curious so Hope sighs and decides to tell her.

"It's just, uh, I lost my patience with her and I wanted to, I don't know, apologize. I'm not really good at apologies, so maybe you can tell her for me. Or something?" Hope suggests awkwardly, this answer shocking Josie.

"Well, your hair's done and Lizzie just got out of the shower. So, I will see you at the party." Hope claims then leaves before Josie can say anything.

"Who were you talking to?" Lizzie wonders, walking out of the bathroom in a robe.

"Uh, Hope. I think she wanted to apologize for losing her patience with you." Josie exclaims causing Lizzie to frown for a moment before going back in the bathroom to get ready.

"So, do you have a date to our party?" Lizzie asks as Josie does her hair.

"Uh, I might of, possibly asked, uh, Penelope to be my date." Josie stammers out nervously and Lizzie turns to face her twin.

"You asked your psycho ex to be your date?" Lizzie scoffs in disbelief and Josie looks down, embarrassed.

"She's not psycho. She's evil, remember? Also, I didn't know who else to ask." Josie admits, still embarrassed, after she reminds Lizzie of the nickname they chose for her ex.

"Tell me, while Hope was here, did you think of asking her?" Lizzie wonders in a softer tone than she usually has when she speaks about Hope.

"I thought about it, but I had already asked Penelope earlier." Josie reveals but Lizzie looks skeptical.

"How did you ask your ex? We were together the entire day." Lizzie exclaims, confused.

"I texted her about it while you were meditating. Which was before Hope entered the room." Josie replies shyly, looking at the ground, still embarrassed.

"So, did you tell Hope about her new mombie dearest?" Lizzie questions in a soft tone but with some sass, as she turns back to the mirror so Josie can continue working on her hair.

"I promised dad that I wouldn't. So, I had to lie to her about it and now she thinks our dad is working on some epic gift that he supposedly started on her birthday." Josie states in a breath and it's obvious to Lizzie that she hated lying to Hope.

"Well, let's not be late for our own party." Lizzie advises and Josie nods, having finished doing Lizzie's hair.

The two then leave and Lizzie enters the party, that's in full swing, first, Rafael meeting up with her then Josie enters the party with Penelope meeting her halfway, looking honored that she was asked to be Josie's date.

Hope, in her maroon dress, walks up to Lizzie, who's at the punch bowl.

"Hey Lizzie." Hope greets her and for once, Lizzie smiles at her presence.

"Hey Hope. That's a good color on you." Lizzie compliments her dress causing Hope to smile nervously.

"Thanks. So, I wanted to apologize for losing my patience." Hope looks awkward while saying this but Lizzie is just surprised that she admitted it to her face.

"Um, what is Josie hiding?" Hope asks causing Lizzie to look evasive for a second before looking confused.

"Josie? Hiding something? Doubtful." Lizzie plays dumb, but Hope is persistent.

"I came to your guys' dorm and… You're sisters, she wouldn't lie to you, or you would be part of the secret she's keeping." Hope realizes after hesitating and Lizzie starts to walk away, but Hope walks after her, grabbing her arm.

"Lizzie please. Josie lied right to my face, so if you know something, please tell me." Hope pleads with a desperate facial expression and Lizzie gulps, looking around for Josie, before deciding to tell Hope what's going on.

Hope leaves the party, walking down to Alaric's office, determined to see if Lizzie was being honest about what she told her.

Fortunately, Hope runs into Alaric, who came out of the library.

"Hi Dr. Saltzman." Hope quickly walks up to him, shocking Ric with her appearance.

"Are you going to your kids' party? Because it's that way." Hope points behind her, in the direction she came from and Alaric smiles as he nods.

"Yeah, I know. I just have to get ready. I'm shocked that you are going." Alaric reveals what he's shocked about causing Hope to laugh nervously.

"Well, it's Josie's birthday. I couldn't miss it." Hope admits with a cute head tilt.

"Um, so I'll see you at the party." Alaric claims and Hope nods.

"Oh, absolutely." Hope agrees and once Alaric goes to his office, Hope walks in the library, to see what he was researching.

Hope looks at the books he left on the table, most of them about the dead, some about zombies, and others about necromancy.

She looks at them curiously, when she realizes that someone else is in the library and she hides behind the desk.

"So should we go to the party?" Emma suggests but a second person shakes their head.

"No, let's keep figuring out what's going on." Dorian responds and Hope can hear Alaric walk pass the library door.

"Actually, on second thought, let's take a break. Our minds can use some fun." Dorian closes a book he had just opened then him and Emma leave causing Hope to stand up from behind the desk, in order to look at the books more.

Once she hears Dorian and Emma laughing as they walk pass the door, Hope pokes her head out just in time to see them turn the corner.

She smirks at them leaving for the party, then purposely walks to Alaric's office door and manages to unlock the door without breaking Emma's spell.

Hope breaks into the headmaster's office, to see a familiar looking girl in it.

"Hello." Hope says and the person looks up then turns around, shocking Hope.

"Mom?" Hope looks confused and overwhelmed but these emotions don't stop her from hugging her mother.

"What? How?" Hope clearly has so many questions that Hayley can't answer.

"Alaric, no, Emma said something about a mystical knife relic that lures supernatural beings." Hayley explains with a confused tone and Hope nods.

"Well, maybe you wouldn't be opposed to answering some questions." Hope suggests as she holds up a glass orb.

"And that is…" Hayley starts, clearly confused, and Hope decides to explain it to her.

"It's basically a supernatural lie detector." Hope states, smiling at the realization that she just quoted Landon.

"But Lizzie calls a supernatural thermometer orb." Hope adds, yet sounds confused as why she would.

"Lizzie's one of Alaric's kids, right?" Hayley looks to Hope for confirmation, and Hope nods in agreement.

"Yeah, he has twins. Lizzie and Josie, Lizzie's blonde, Josie's brunette." Hope explains then comes to a realization.

"Oh, okay. So this turns blue when you tell the truth. What's your birthday?" Hope asks.

"June 6th, 1991." Hayley responds and the orb glows blue.

"Ok, tell a lie. What's your favorite sport?" Hope questions.

"Um, Golf." Hayley sounds skeptical but the orb glows red, meaning it was a lie.

Hope sees this as an opportunity to ask about her mom's relationship with her father.

"So, how did you and dad meet?" Hope asks and Hayley laughs, remembering the meeting.

"Uh, I had a friend here, in Mystic Falls, the first hybrid he turned. I helped him break the sire bond then I came to visit after I came across another hybrid of your father's. So, I stayed with that friend for a few days, then your father approached me and made an assumption after I told him I was a friend of Tyler's." Hayley explains as she smiles at the memory and the orb glows blue.

"Did you like him at first sight?" Hope wonders, very curious.

"No, my relationship with your father started off as antagonistic and it became kind of an on/off, more frenemy, relationship when you were born." Hayley admits and the orb glows blue again.

"Did you love him?" Hope questions and Hayley hesitates, not sure how to answer that question.

"Um, eventually, at some point I found myself falling in love with him, no matter how hard I didn't want to. So yeah, I- I loved him." Hayley replies and the orb glows blue once more, making Hope smile.

Meanwhile at the party, Josie's looking around for Hope, who said she'd be there.

So Josie walks over to Lizzie, who slow dances with Rafael happily.

"Hey, sorry to interrupt. Can I talk to my sister for a moment?" Josie interrupts the dance and Rafael nods.

"I'll get us punch." Rafael says then walks away, leaving them to talk.

"Where's Hope? She said she was going to be here." Josie reveals, curious about where she could be.

"I haven't seen her since I walked in. She must of left, you know parties aren't really her thing." Lizzie reminds Josie, who sighs then looks at her twin skeptically.

"I entered the party like two minutes after you did, and I didn't see her. How did you?" Josie wonders causing Lizzie to look away from her twin evasively, which makes Josie more curious but before Josie can ask her about it, their dad walks up.

"Have you girls seen Hope? She promised that I'd absolutely see her here." Alaric claims and Josie crosses her arms, looking at Lizzie.

"I was just asking Lizzie about that. Where's Hope, Lizzie?" Josie demands and Lizzie continues to look evasive.

"She came up to me at the punch bowl like an hour ago, wanting to know what you were hiding, as she knew you lied to her face." Lizzie starts to explain, pointing to Josie, who looks down, ashamed.

"Ok, where is she?" Alaric asks as Lizzie looks at the ground, embarrassed and ashamed.

"I broke my promise to you. I told her what was going on and she left." Lizzie reveals causing both Alaric and Josie to look annoyed.

"Why?" Josie questions, shaking her head with her arms still crossed.

"She begged me to tell her. She just looked so sad and I thought she could use some good news, regardless of how it became news in the first place." Lizzie explains with an apologetic tone.

Rafael walks up with punch for him and Lizzie.

"Is this a bad time?" Rafael wonders, looking from the three Saltzmans, confused.

"Uh no. Thanks, Rafael." Lizzie takes the cup from him as Josie walks back to her date and Alaric walks back to his office.