Hope is still standing with her back turned to the Necromancer, contemplating her options, even though she's horrified and still doesn't know what to do, so she turns around, not seeing a loophole of any kind.

"A deal's a deal but you need to give me time to choose which one." Hope negotiates as she magically undoes the chains binding him then, much to her defeat, she hands him the knife once he is on his feet.

"I'll give you some time to choose before I hold up my end, and then I can finally find the peace I deserve." Necromancer agrees to Hope's negotiation and Hope runs up to the hallway to tell her parents of the new plan.

"No. That's not the deal you agreed to." Hayley reminds Hope but she shakes her head.

"Yes it is. I can't manipulate his power simply because I heard him wrong." Hope realizes and Klaus scoffs.

"Well, you certainly didn't get that from my side of the family." Klaus mutters under his breath and Hayley gives him a neutral look, which seems to make him backtrack.

"I meant that as a good thing." Klaus adds causing Hope to smile to herself as Hayley good-naturedly rolls her eyes.

"Look, you can back out on the deal." Hayley claims yet Hope shakes her head again.

"No, I can't. I already gave him the knife. In exchange, I asked for time to choose." Hope reveals, shocking her parents, as well as everyone else in the hall.

"It's obvious that you don't want to choose, so why make the situation any more difficult?" Klaus wonders aloud, before thinking to himself.

"Klaus…" Hayley starts to protest about Hope's free will but Klaus cuts her off, having already come to a decision.

"You'll tell him you chose your mother." Klaus states plainly, leaving Hayley and Hope in shock.

"No." Both Hope and Hayley protest to this.

"Look, on every other occasion I would choose myself, but you need your mother more than me." Hope shakes her head and scoffs in disbelief.

"No, I need both of you." Hope admits, but it's obvious this decision is affecting Klaus emotionally so he walks Hope to the other end of the hallway to discuss it further, leaving Hayley with Alaric and the rest of them.

"No, I'm not allowing this." Hope shakes her head as tears form in her eyes causing Klaus to wipe them away before they fall when he feels something.

"Dad?" Hope looks concerned but Klaus just smiles at her.

"I lived a thousand years loving, yet also defying, nature. I'm not supposed to be here but I loved very much that I had this. Now I can find peace knowing that you won't be alone." Klaus explains, glancing back at Hayley with a very significant look.

"This isn't supposed to happen. You are not supposed to leave me again." Hope exclaims, starting to cry as he starts to disappear, but he looks at her sympathetically as he strokes her cheek.

"You're a witch, so you know I can't remain here but at least your mother can and you can know that I won't truly be gone." Klaus soothes her but she's already hysterical, having let herself fully cry.

"Please, don't leave me daddy." Hope pleads as she slides down the wall, crying hard.

"I don't have a choice sweetheart. You should find comfort, however, that I'll be with you, always and forever." Klaus crouched down to Hope's level as she sits on the floor, petting her hair while she cries, devastated by this event.

"I love you." Hope sighs out in a whisper as Klaus disappears but she can still hear the echo of his voice.

"I love you, my littlest wolf." Klaus whispers out yet when he said 'wolf', it trailed off, meaning that he's no longer there, much to her despair.

This was way too much for Hope, as she lets herself hysterically cry sitting on floor, opposite of where everyone else is and Hayley feels herself come back to life.

After she catches her breath, momentarily relishing in the fact she's alive, she runs over to comfort her daughter, whose crying is so intense that everyone else, who are standing around awkwardly and unsure what to do, hear thunder then the sound of rain, implying that Hope is so upset she's changing the weather.

Hayley sits next to Hope so she can comfort her, while everyone else is shocked that Hope can change the weather.

After Hayley comforts her making her momentarily calm, Hope stands up, looking very hateful, then glares at Lizzie and Penelope, as though she's expecting some sort of 'I told you so', or an insult of sorts from them but when they say nothing she just runs off to her dorm, so she can cry more about losing her father, again.

Hope remains in her dorm room, not leaving and rarely letting her mother in, for the next two weeks, the only thing worrying everyone is if she's been eating.

So Josie, being the most worried outside of her mother, decides to speak with Hope.

She knocks on the door but there's no answer, so she knocks again.

"Hope?" Josie asks softly as she knocks on the door again.

Much to her surprise, Hope opens the door, yet she looks miserable, and depressed.

"I'm still alive." Hope says in a dull, montoned voice that makes Josie more worried.

"Have you been eating?" Josie wonders in a soft tone, trying not to aggravate Hope.

Hope just motions for her to walk inside as she steps away from the door, so Josie walks in, only to be horrified by the sight that snack wrappers, ice cream tubs, and empty bottles of sierra mist scattered across the floor.

"In a way, I have been eating as you can see." Hope motions around the room before picking up a non-empty bottle of sierra mist and drinking it, as though it's her form of a drinking problem that she started.

"Mi casa, es su casa." Hope sounds drunk but she isn't and she flops onto her bed then sits up to drink the rest of the bottle she has in her hands while Josie looks concerned.

"Have you eaten any actual food?" Josie questions, still concerned by the setup of Hope's dorm room but Hope just shakes her head then grabs another bottle from a case that resides on her nightstand along with a handful of granola bars.

"Hope, this is…" Josie starts but Hope cuts her off.

"What? Spiraling, concerning, unhealthy, disturbing…" Hope names several words she thinks Josie's going to say but Josie just frowns.

"I was going to say upsetting." Josie admits and for a moment Hope realizes that it might be but she shrugs it off to continue eating the granola bars in her lap.

"You need to eat something other than snacks." Josie claims but Hope rolls her eyes at this.

"Why?" Hope wonders curiously before taking a swig of her beverage.

"Look, I understand that you're mourning and you need to grieve, but you haven't left your dorm in two weeks. So, I guess that means you don't know that Penelope gave your mom a daylight bracelet." Josie reveals, shocking Hope as well as confusing her.

"What?" Hope asks softly with a frown.

"Yeah, Penelope made her one three days ago. Then her, your mom, Dr. Saltzman, Emma, Mr. Williams, and Lizzie all went to New Orleans to find that urn your dad had." Josie explains, leaving Hope shocked and hurt.

"When did they leave?" Hope wonders, still shocked, confused, and hurt.

"Yesterday." Josie responds and Hope looks like she's on the verge of crying so Josie sits on the bed in order to comfort her.

"Everyone knows that you're upset, and you should know that you are the reason it's been very gloomy out lately, but they didn't want to overwhelm you by bringing you back to your home." Josie reassures Hope, which eases her nerves slightly.

Then Hope gets an idea and a dark look creeps across her face as she stares at Josie, who seems scared of the look Hope's now giving her.

"I have an idea. How would you like to be my accomplice for it?" Hope questions and although Josie looks skeptical, she sighs in defeat before asking something.

"Does agreeing to this mean that you'll eat properly and leave your room?" Josie asks with a defeated yet curious tone and Hope just throws some granola bar wrappers in her face while she smiles victoriously.

So after Josie supervises to ensure that Hope eats properly, they find themselves off campus and outside the large, former Mikaelson mansion.

Josie looks nervous that they're off campus and decides to inform Hope of her fears.

"I don't think we should be here." Josie says voicing her nervousness.

"I ate properly and left bed to ensure that you'd agree to this. Don't back out on me." Hope pleads, so, against her better judgement, Josie stays to be Hope's accomplice.

"So, what is this place?" Josie asks curiously once they walk inside, looking around in awe.

"It's my dad's old house from before he moved back to New Orleans." Hope explains quickly as she holds a metal container in her arms.

"What are you holding in your hands?" Josie questions, just realizing that Hope was holding something.

"My dad's ashes." Hope states plainly as she finds her way to the kitchen, leaving a now concerned Josie to follow behind her.

"What are you looking for?" Josie wonders as Hope searches the fridge.

"When I read my dad's memoirs, I read that he not only had this house, but he kept the blood of his siblings and himself in a fridge. It apparently isn't this one." Hope slams the fridge door shut in frustration then thinks for a long moment.

"Wait, he said he kept those vials in a mini fridge, that he gave your mother." Hope realizes as she looks at Josie, who seems shocked by this.

"Does your mom have a mini fridge?" Hope asks and Josie nods.

"Yep. It's in her office, a place no one's supposed to go when she isn't there. Which is more often than me and Lizzie would like." Josie adds sadly but, even she gave a clear warning, this makes Hope more determined.

"Let's go break into your mom's office." Hope declares, horrifying Josie, who literally just said they weren't allowed in the office while she is absent.

So, Hope and Josie are back on school campus and breaking into Caroline's office, much to Josie's dismay.

Once they walk in, the mini fridge is against the wall, by her desk so she can just spin her chair and get a drink or something.

Hope walks over and searches the mini fridge but to no avail.

"Hmm, maybe your dad lied. Oh well, why don't we just check somewhere else?" Josie suggests, clearly worried about being discovered, but Hope rolls her eyes, unswayed by Josie's words.

"Memoirs are stories of people's lives, I doubt my dad lied about this." Hope reveals then scans the fridge over, curiously.

"He said he hid them in the fridge but he never said whether or not they could be seen." Hope thinks aloud then turns the fridge around, looking at the back of it suspiciously.

She notices some bolts that stand out as looking twistable instead of the other ones, that are clearly screwed in.

So Hope twists the screws that stood out, removing a small panel, and revealing the vials of blood in a mini tray.

"And there's our prize." Hope says as she smiles victoriously while removing the vials from the back of the fridge.

She hands the tray to Josie so she can put the fridge back together, and where she put it, then they both leave for the former Mikaelson mansion.

"Not that I don't think this house is ridiculously cool, because I do, but why are we back here?" Josie wonders as they walk in the house again.

"Well according to my dad's memoirs, this place holds a lot of very good memories, of sorts." Hope awkwardly clears her throat while she says good, meaning whatever they are she won't share because they're weird.

"It's the perfect place for what I'm going to do." Hope recovers from the awkwardness.

"I know there's salt in either the pantry or a cupboard. Can you go get it?" Hope requests and Josie nods before walking off to get the salt while Hope focuses on getting candles.

When Josie returns, it doesn't take long for her to realize what Hope is doing, but she decides not to stop her.

"So, are you sure this will work?" Josie looks concerned yet sounds supportive as she has her arms crossed, standing defensely, while Hope makes a star with the salt.

"It has to. The blood of the people who love him most, in the place he wanted to be a home for his family." Hope pours each vial of blood in the urn before cutting her hand and putting her blood in it before pulling out another vial.

"Whose blood it that?" Josie wonders, looking curious.

"My mom's blood." Hope says plainly with a small smile on her face then pours the vial in as well.

Once all the vials of blood she had, as well as her own, were poured in the urn she places it in the middle of the triangle, that has candles on each point, then she pulls out a shoebox, catching Josie's attention.

However before Josie can ask what's in the box, Hope opens it to reveal a hummingbird, but Josie still looks curious until Hope kills the bird with an apologetic look before cutting it open and letting its blood drop on the salt.

"You ready?" Hope asks, holding out her hands, and Josie realizes she wanted her help in this sacrificial resurrection spell.

Reluctantly, Josie holds Hope's hands, her own hands glowing red as she siphons from Hope, then they both start chanting.

The chanting gets louder as wind starts to whisp around them, blowing their hair in and out of their faces.

They continue to chant as the flames of the lit candles blare up and the wind picks up, more powerful than when it started.

The candles blow out and the wind dies down causing the girls to finish chanting then look around at the triangle.

A clothed person is hunched over on one knee, hands in front of them, then they look up, revealing that the spell worked, and Hope smiles triumphantly at her father and Josie.

While Josie is happy that Hope is, Klaus looks at her, sympathetic, yet annoyed that she can't let him be dead.

Klaus gets to his feet and Hope runs into arms, embracing him in a hug he reciprocates while Josie smiles onward.

"You should know that this isn't letting me go." Klaus claims after the hug breaks and Hope nods.

"I know. I'm just not ready to. If it isn't obvious, I have an extreme vested interest in keeping you alive." Hope smiles at him.

"I should thank you as well. Seeing as how you helped." Klaus calls out to Josie, who smiles happily at him.

"No thank you is necessary. I'm just glad Hope's happy." Josie admits smiling at the reunited father/daughter pair, who smile back at her.

"So, where's your mother?" Klaus wonders curiously.

"She went to New Orleans to find that urn. Lizzie promised to text me if they found it." Josie responds before Hope could.

"Well…" Klaus gets cut off by Josie's phone going off so looks at it.

It's a text from Lizzie that reads:

'We looked everywhere. Can't find the urn, heading back to you. Be there in a couple hours. Mwah, Luv ya.'

"Lizzie just texted me. She says they couldn't find the urn, so they're heading back, and will be here in a few hours." Josie explains as she re-reads the text Lizzie sent her before pocketing her phone.

"Well, should we stay here or head back to the school?" Hope asks, thinking.

"We head back. But while you attend school, me and your mother will remain here, in this house." Klaus assures Hope, who nods in agreement, seeing this as a reasonable thing to do.

So the three of them headed back to the school in order to wait and when the people who left return, Hayley is in shock to see Klaus in Hope's freshly cleaned dorm room.

"I have to get to class." Hope exclaims then scurries out to her class, in order to remove herself from the possibility of getting in trouble.

Klaus explains what Hope did while she was gone, leaving Hayley shocked, but what shocked her more was that while Hope continued going to boarding school, they will remain in his old mansion, which Hayley ultimately agrees to, as she doesn't want to leave her daughter again and neither does Klaus.

Since they're both alive, and Hope isn't around, Hayley finds herself abruptly kissing Klaus, an action that shocks him, yet something that he reciprocates.

After it breaks, they go in for more before they decide to leave campus and head to the house they'll be staying at so they won't get any interruptions, or have it be awkward if Hope comes back to her dorm.