Of Automatas and Robo-Waifus.

Setting: Nier Automata.

It hurts.

That's the first thing I noticed.

A sharp, constant pain that keeps stabbing my brain like a knife.

Trying to hold my forehead proved to be a mistake, but at least I saw the dry blood on my hand and concluded that I must have a head injury.

The second thing I noticed was the air.

It was heavy. Not in a sense that it was mixed with something that changed its composition, or that it was filled tension and uneasy. No, the air was heavy like it has a weight to it, a mass that evolved every inch of my body and made it tingle unpleasantly, but thankfully, did nothing to impair my breath.

The last thing I noticed, this time after manage to stand up from where I was laying, was the City.

The broken, unknown City, with vegetation climbing to it old buildings, mighty skyscrapers looking ready to fall, a giant forest in the far distance, and what look like a factory close by. And of course, the strange inhuman sounds that were carried by the wind to the roof I was standing.

Cue the panic attack.

…All right, it was less like a panic attack, and more like a flash of panic and increase in respiration.

I was in apocalyptic future or another world, that much seems obvious given the fact I went to sleep in my bed last night like normal and certainly-

Did I sleep in my bed last night?

…I couldn't remember. And further thoughts showed me that's not the only thing missing.


My identity, my family, my friends.

I had those. I'm completely sure of that

But I can't remember anything about them.

A stronger flash of panic appears, but I quickly suppress it.

I am out in the open in an unknown and possible hostile place, with no way to defend myself or contact whatever home I have. This is not the time for panic.

I have to get more information about my surroundings, find or make a shelter, find some way to get food and water in case I need it, and try to find some kind of help. The panic about my situation can come later.

For now, I had to-

A robot!

It's a fucking robot!

It was lying beside the door for the building, clearly deactivated; it had an adult size body, cylindrical barrel-like torso, thin limbs ending fingerless feet's and three-fingered hands, and a big round head with two circular "eyes".

It was the coolest thing I ever saw.

I immediately jump to its side.

The joint had a remarkable range of motion, it wasn't a ball-point, but the limbs were built in a way not to impede the movements, the only part that it was different was the head, mostly because the lack of neck, which pretty much discards the possibility of complex head movements. But I think it made of for this with a superiors field of vision, judging by the position of the eyes and their seemly complex design.

The motives for its deactivation wasn't apparent; I couldn't find any sight of external damage, so it was most likely something internal, maybe a lack of maintenance, or an EMP bomb.

If only I had…

There! Lying beside the robot, it was… a sword, and I use this term loosely; it was a scrap of metal shaped like a sword. Its 'blade' was a block of metal that was sharpened on the side, the 'guard' was made from metal blocks pinned together, and the grip was just an extension coming from the guard.

It wasn't a sword, at most, it was extra metal to melt and forge a sword. But it doesn't matter; right now it was everything I needed.

I picked up the sword (Gods! The balance was so off that it wasn't even funny.) and jammed the tip beside where the head meets its body. It took me a few tries, but eventually, the head comes flying off.

I hesitate for just a second to decide which one I wanted to see first; the disembodied head that no doubt housed something important, or the body with houses a lot of different things.

The answer was obvious.

I am pretty sure I let out a girly screak when I saw the insides of the body. And what a sight to behold! A viscous black liquid covered everything; I could see a more solid part from what I assumed the liquid melted off, the motor systems still looked intact, the mechanical wires the serves was nerves were tangled everywhere, something that looks like a reactor was deactivated, a rusty skeletal structure supported the biotechnical musculature, some hard-to-identified part lay on the abdominal area- wait its that a pseudo digestive system!? IT CAN EAT STUFF!?

It was all I could see from the opening of its neck. I manage to see that the parts were accommodated like an organically body, but for anything beyond that, I would have to open up this guy more.

It was fucking marvelous, to think the first robot that I see would be constructed in such way, it was so awesome, so cool!

And so, so sloppy.

I couldn't help but feel this way, even when facing the epiphany of coolness. The wonder that I felt was quickly substituted by that indignation for the way it was built. I mean, sure, you could win a high school science fair with that, and many of the features inside were cute. But if you wanted to make a real robot, you would need to do a much better work than that; you would need…

How that hell did I know how to make a robot?

I don't remember learning about robotic… granted I don't remember much of anything, but still when I think about the creation of robotics lifeform, the knowledge about the mechanics comes easily and quickly, It doesn't even feel like I remember it, it feels something obvious that I already know.

Am I a scientist?

It made sense I guess all thing knowledge about robotics must come from somewhere. It must be related to my memories! Maybe if I can mix a concoction to stimulates my brain enough-



…How much more do I know?

Logic. Mathematics. Statistics. Computer science. Robotics. Information theory. Game theory. Systems theory. Decision theory. Theoretical linguistics. Extra-Dimensional Tech. Exotic Energies. Arcanotech. Alchemy. Genetics. Biological Configuration. Higher Celestial Science. Psion Studies. Space Science. Diabolous tech. Eldritch Tongues…

That's impossible.

The human brain isn't capable of holding that much information, and some of the things know should have turned my mind into paste.


Something did this to me.

…It doesn't matter.

At least not right now, not in the open where something can happen to me at any moment. My priorities didn't change. In fact, this knowledge just made things easier. I don't need to find food and water anymore, I just need some parts, and I can make some devices to create food and water.

I could begin by using part of the robot, its inside is relatively well preserved, I could wipe out a sturdy armor for protection, or maybe use the reactor to make something out of the sword.

Or maybe…

I turn to look and the colossal factory at the distance.

I could get some better parts.