Setting: Original Fantasy

Warning: Hentai-grade levels of non-con

Chapter 01

That's… I don't know what to say.

So, I just sat back in the rocky ground on the edge of a softly running river, casting my gaze forward yet not focusing on any specific point on the forest that spread ahead and around me. The song of nature hummed crisply in my ears; birds chirping, tree branches rustling in the wind, water pouring across rocks. It helped, somewhat.

As impossible as this situation is, I am familiar with it. How could I not be? Having written about it myself time and time again. The famous and infamous Isekai; a story about a character being transported to another world. That's what just happened to me.

The particular way I ended up here avoided quite a lot of the usual conventions, there was no truck, or meeting with a god. I just went to sleep and woke up here.

… In this kind of story, it is common for the main character to receive something to distinguish themselves from who they used to be, such is the nature of a template that panders to people who are dissatisfied with their lives, this is usually a cheat, an unique ability, or sometimes a full-blow reincarnation to really make them into a completely different person… It… appears that this is also true for me, but the nature of this point of distinction…

Once again, I leaned forwards, glancing at the clear river waters that acted almost like a mirror.

A pig's head glanced back at me. It gazed at me with its inexpressive, pig-like features. Snorted when I drew a breath. Blinked back when I blinked at it.

There is no denying it. Somehow, I have become an orc.

A pig-headed orc, a type more common in Japanese hentai.

A great sigh escaped my enormous snout. It produced just the kind of noise you'd expect for something this shape and size.

My head wasn't the only thing that has changed, it would be a silly image if it was the case. I can't measure myself, but when comparing to the nearby tree I'd said I now tower above any adult. My limbs have different proportions, with my arms longer and my legs stubbier than what they were before, but there were all bulging with a thick tapestry of rock-hard muscles. The same was true for my chest, which was wide and bulky to the point that it made my huge pig head look a bit small for it. My belly was the most familiar thing about my new form, a healthy beer belly that had accompanied me for the better part of my life and now has come with me to another world, though it certainly wasn't the belly I was used with, as the slightest touch showed that it was almost as hard as my new muscles, yet somehow flexible enough to not impair my movements.

Following the hentai orc trend, my genital has not changed to the thin spiral of a pig's, but instead remained human… Well, human-like. It had swelled and bloated to keep up with my new frame, putting it in an almost worrisome large size even when limp and flaccid, and I could only imagine what kind of monstrous size it could reach when fully erect. It was also covered with a pattern of genital warts that would have me worried if I hadn't seen enough hentai to know these were natural nubs that would stimulate a woman's vaginal walls in a way a normal penis could never reproduce. It says something that I would have no difficulties seeing my member even with this belly.

What else? Well, I had normal feet, thankfully, and there was the occasional patch of hair on several parts of my body, for the most part, it was pretty sparse, saved for the noticeable exception of my crouch, where a rather Florestal bush grew and that did absolutely nothing to hide my penis' size. Oh- and I had a pigtail, just checked.

So yeah, pig-headed orc.

… Honestly, I don't know what to do now. No one has given me any direction or claimed responsibility for my new state. The situation where I woke up didn't require any immediate attention, and I… I lost pretty much everything I had, huh?

Weirdly enough, I don't have any strong feelings about that. I wasn't in shock or anything, I just felt… neutral about it, like I was considering my feelings about the weather, in fact, I feel like that about this whole new body too, which was weird, I'm pretty sure I should be freaking out now.

I sighed once again. Great, more shenanigans.

And now there was someone circling me from behind, using the forest as cover. I have no idea how the heck do I know that, but it seemed obvious to me. I could even track the figure as it went from right to left, moving from tree branch from tree branch with minimal shakes, using the foliage as cover. I almost forgot this was happening behind me with how clearly I could tell.

An almost inaudible 'twang' followed by a sharp whistle in the wind saw me raising my hand and casually plucking an arrow from midair before it could reach a fatal spot on my neck. The vegetation shook strongly over the area the figure had taken the shot, and its presence became a lot harder to detect as it move to reposition.


I rose to my feet - causing some satisfying popping on my spine for finally moving after staying seated for too long - and looked at the general direction the figure was going. It doesn't appear to be retreating, only changing position, probably to try again.

Twirling the arrow from my fingers to my palm, I paused for a moment to feel out the presence, then I curled my arm and fling the arrow back like the arrow back to its owner like an oversized dart.

The projectile pierced through the greenery, then there was a shrill squawk, followed by a dull 'thud!' Around the forest floor.


Very nice in fact, downright amazing even, how the fuck did I do that!?

After a few seconds of silent dumbfoundedness, I shook my head and pushed that to the same file I did the whole 'I am now an orc' thing. It was surely related to my new orcness anyway.

Pushing my way through the trees to where the figure had fallen, I found no one there, just a splash of crimson blood painting the twigs and dead leaves of the forest's floor.

Tsk, spent too long musing over things back there.

Now, what's my next move? Narrative conventions – if this world is run by them – say that that was an elf. Because really; a hentai orc isekai being attacked by arrows in a forest? What else could be but elves? The question is, should I pursue?

Sure, the elf had tried to kill me, but I hurt them in return, possibly even fatally, so in my mind I say we're even. I don't even know what I would do if I caught up. Should I let them go? Maybe it's better to focus on myself and the whole 'I'm an orc' thing for now.

A sweet metallic scent reached my snout, leaving tingling sensations from there to down my lungs. Without realizing it, I dipped the tip of my finger into the blood and brought it close to my nose for another wonderful sniff.

The creature who shed this blood was beautiful, and I find myself desperately wanting to meet her.

Well, that's a concrete objective at least.


Discovery number five about being an orc: I sweat quite a lot.

It's not like I was tired, in fact, I was feeling rather peachy even after two hours trailing through the forest's uneven grounds, and it wasn't particularly hot either, I'd go so far as to say the air was almost chilly.

But I produced sweat like I was a factory specifically designed for the task. Drenched head to toe to the point of dripping, yet maintaining a steady breath and moving at a comfortable pace; a strange sight to say the least- err, stranger than usual I mean.

About my possible/most likely elf attacker, she had stopped leaving trails of blood for a while now, but… well, how could I say it.

The world just had this scent about it. The trees, the fallen foliage, the occasional flower, or mushroom, or insect, all contributed to give the forest a layered, mixed smell that had not left my nose ever since I noticed it for the first time. The blood and the smells associated with it had cut right through this mixture and noticeably stood out amidst the multiple scents that had millennia to synergize with one another, like a drop of oil in crystalline water. The distinction was so sharp to me that I think that if I close my eyes and focus, I could create a perfect trail of the path the elf took, like a skill straight out of a video game.

In my humble option, this ability would be a better fit for someone with a hound's nose rather than a pig's, but who am I to complain when I was the one benefiting from it.

The trail ended in a cave, the entrance to which was surprisingly hidden by the surrounding vegetation. I gazed at it, trying to check ahead using my new orcy senses… Before shrugging my huge shoulders and going in.

There wasn't any drama or fanfare about it. I just got into the cave, walked forward until the light of the entrance was well behind me, and then I found her.

Sitting on a small camp illumined by a little bonfire, just finishing applying a proper bandage to the wound in her right thigh, was the elf girl.

An elf girl!

Well, not exactly.

She was elven in the manner that her ears poked out from her short, silvery hair and stretch out for almost ten centimeters to the sides, but rather than the ranger-like uniform commonly associated with elves, she was dressed more like a thief. Her svelte body was hugged by a skintight tube top and a leather booty short, with a short cape wrapped around her shoulders and an abundance of belts circling her hips. Though what really clued me into her nature was her skin, which was a nice, chocolate brown color.

A dark elf.

A dark elf girl!

Her ears literally perked up when she noticed my deceitfully quiet steps, and her head finally turned to look at me.

I was then struck by how beautiful she looked. A symmetrically perfect, elegantly featured, yet youthful-looking face, housing a pair of small, pouty lips, a cute little button nose, and huge lime green eyes that glowed strikingly against the flickering light of the fire peered at me in growing shock. She gave off an impression of a high school model who had every agent salivating at her future prospects, the kind that's worshipped by her school while being secretly hated by the entire female population for not needing makeup to look stunning, the kind every adult male lie to themselves and everybody around them about not being attracted too.

I guess it's only natural when dealing with genuine elves but damn, it was an unearthly level of beauty.

"Sen tel' hel?!"

This amazingly beautiful face twisted in an almost comical gawk of surprise as she practically shrieked the oddly musical words I had absolutely no point of reference to.


A second later the dark elf girl was throwing herself backward in a roll, a move that I noticed got her to retrieve her bow and quiver that were placed nearby. An arrow was flying at me before she even settled into a new position.

I batted the arrow away with one hand, and in the same motion I backhanded the second one. Then I— Hm, oh, she was fast.

Like, she barely got a comfortable position and her firing arm literally burred out of view. Her bow let out a series of near-constant thangs and I'm amazed it wasn't snapped by the vibrations alone. Arrows came flying like the volley of a machine gun, and they didn't come in a single, lined up stream too; she somehow managed to aim each of them to a different target along my body.

Shit, I can't parry them all. I took notice of that as both my hands began to work doing exactly that. This realization had barely come, but I was already shifting my body in ways that I just knew would make the arrows I couldn't stop hit non-vital areas.

I braced myself for the sharp sting when the first one managed to slip past my guard, only to feel its pointy tip hit and completely slide away from the skin of my right shoulder.


It happened again near my armpit, and then again on the side of my belly. All the arrows that managed to pass my flinging hands hit my body at an angle and just… slid away.

The freaking sweat! I realized. It's making the attacks slide away like some kind of sweat armor; it's a defense mechanism!

That's so cool!

A little weird, but cool.

Needless to say, my quick hands and extraordinarily slick skin made the dark elf girl's barrage totally ineffectual. Soon enough, she snapped her hand to her quiver only to have her fingers clamp over empty air. She then let out a little frustrated growl and was about to move, when her eyes snapped upwards, seemingly noticing how close I had gotten for the very first time. Because I certainly didn't stay put while she railed me with arrows.

Her sylphlike body shuddered under the weight of my beady, animal gaze. Her expression turned into the best example of the 'deer in headlights look' I've ever seen. Then, her eyes dropped to the floppy, hairy monster that had coincidentally ended up close to her face due to her crouching position, and she let out a nervous little gulp.

I tilted my head as the dark elf suddenly slumped, her butt hitting the ground, her shoulders dropping so much her quiver slid to her arm, her head lowering in a picture of defeat with her ears hanging low. Her whole form trembling pathetically.


I think she trying... Let's see.

I leaned downwards, my knee buckling, arms and hands slowly circling her form as if going for a grab—

And sure enough, as soon as she got a better range, the dark elf girl uncoiled like a striking snake. Her lime green eyes flashed victoriously as the dagger that had practically materialized to her hand shot to my throat.

But, of course, I was prepared for that. So, I took hold of the hand gripping the dagger, and uncoiled myself. Rising to my full height and stretching my long arm further still, readily taking the dark elf girl off the ground.

"Ayah!" She cried out, her tone blazing with indignation. "Sen var poirb domar var verk, Hahlorkh!? put tel' dimir!"

The language she spoke was quite curious. Again, I'd had no point of references, but sounded almost like a song to me; like a music sheet came to life.

Though I suspect it would sound better if the speaker wasn't going off in an obvious profanity spree while trying to kick or claw at me with her available limbs.

I shifted my attention to the leather shorts that were essentially glued to her pelvis, and the multiple belts clicking against her hips as she kicked and bucked. One didn't have to be a genius to know this is where she put most of her hidden weaponry and other tricks, so, while she was distracted cursing a melodic diss track at me, I reached out and ripped out all her belts in a single pull.

"Gah!" She gapped noisily, her movements pausing for a single moment as she took in my audacity. Then she starts going off again; louder, faster, and way, way angrier.

It was these angry movements that drew my attention back to her body. That tight little body of hers, clad in clothes that clung to her like a glove.

Her slender musculature gleamed in the flickering lights of the bonfire. Her perky, apple-sized breasts jiggled in that tube top, the impression of a pair of little, pointy nips clear for all to see. Her wide, well-shaped hips roll back and forwards with each kick, briefly highlighting a toned ass and a delicious-looking cameltoe.

There was a rise in her pitch as the alarm in her voice suddenly grew several octaves. The attempts of breaking off my grip changed from simply lashing out to a more focused effort.


One long down told me what exactly had put her on edge. Whatever word I could use to describe my new cock while fully erect paled in comparison to the real thing. It was a towering meat rod of pure masculine brutality, the kind of dick that could kill someone if used the wrong way, the kind of dick that would completely ruin a pussy for every other dick, the kind of dick that would change a woman's inside and turn her into a moaning little cocksleeve for its own personal use… And currently, it was about to be used to destroy a dark elf girl's delicious little hole.

… Hold on.

Where did that come from?

Did I just consider... but she doesn't want to... that's rape, right?

Rape is wrong, everybody knows that— N-no, why… shit.

I knew rape was wrong, but now I didn't... It was like having academic knowledge about a subject you don't really care about. I knew it was wrong but now I couldn't gather enough feeling to feel it, you know? For a former human that was— was supposed to be horrifying.

… This was the first thing that I came to disapprove of my new orcness. Apparently, I was now ok with rape, kinda, a little bit, it's hard to explain.

During the time I spent musing about my new mentality, the dark elf girl had decided that she did not want to stay close to the orc with a monstrously huge erection who was considering the merits of raping her. So, she pulled herself upwards and bit into my fingers. It didn't hurt or caused any harm but the feeling was so sudden that it made me reflexively release her.

She fell to the ground and instantly leaped - well, more like hopped, her leg was still injured after all – backward. Rushing further into the cave and immediately dived into the shadows in an attempt to get away from me.

Ah, that's actually... a pretty bad idea. I pulled the air in with two long, snorty breaths to confirm, and yep, according to my scent, and my new presence detecting thingy...

The loud, shrill scream of the dark elf girl suddenly echoed at the distance. Followed close behind by a booming, guttural roar that filled the entire cave.

I sighed, bending down to the ground and picking up a good-sized rock.

The dark elf girl hopped back into the camp light; an expression of pure panic plastered over her pretty face. Her eye widened when she saw me as if she just remembered I was there. She tried to stop, but her legs faltered, and her momentum made her slide forwards on her knees instead.

I reached out to her panicking, rapidly approaching form, and pushed her to the side as gently as I could. Of course, the transferring of kinetic energy still meant she bodily hit the wall, but at least it got her out of the way.

A gigantic brown bear easily three times my height and width lunged into the light in clear pursuit. I was already swinging before it even appeared, the rock obliterating against the side of the beast's face in the next instant.

With an animalistic yelp, the bear tumbled to the side and crashed violently against the wall. Its speeds, momentum, and weight worked against it as it bounced into a painful roll, coming to flop painfully in a heap of limbs.

Giving no time for it to recover I stepped to it, gripped its head with both hands, and, putting my back behind the act, neatly snapped its neck.

And that was that I guess. Another cool thing done with barely any thought. I'm on a roll today.


The dark elf girl decided to use my apparent distraction to try to eliminate me once again. Pretty ballsy thing to do to someone you just saw taking out a bear the size of a small bus. Anyway, I snapped my arm upwards and grabbed her dagger-wielding hand with barely a glance in her direction. It essentially put her back in the same position she had just gotten off, something that she realized it too, giving the long groan.

And there is the rape debate again, I pondered as I watch her nubile cling to my arm while she loudly chewed on my fingers. It didn't work this time, as I was expecting the feeling, but it did put her bubbly little ass close to my face as her toned legs crossed around my biceps. It was a… dangerously tempting vision.

I want this girl, I want to push my cock so deep inside her I'd fuck her soul, I want to bounce her over my length till her turn into a moaning, mewing fuckdoll, I want to make her surrender to me, and I didn't give a flying fuck whether she wanted that or not.


Part of me did, a little part that kept screaming out even as its voice became duller and duller, and everything around it turned fat, muscular, and pig-like.

A little bit of me was still human. And that felt oddly nice.

So, even though I want it bad, I will not rape her.

That's my decision.

The dark elf girl, at that point, had given up her attempts and was dangling sulking in my grip, glaring at a point on the ground like a pouty child.

She did not expect me to release her, given the cute little noise and near tripping that followed. I pushed back the urge to pet her on the head, and just grabbed her hand and placed her dagger in her palm, giving her back what was hers.

She looked at her dagger, then at me, then at her dagger again, and back at me, one look at the corpse of the bear, and then back at her dagger, and me again. I gave her a nod on her last one.

The dark elf girl then perplexedly looked at the wider cosmos and began asking it questions about life, the universe, and everything else.

I nodded to her again and turned back as she started to sputter. Looking at the dead bear instead, at least it won't tempt me to fuck it with its youthful curves and tight outfit.

I wonder if I can attempt to make some pants out of it— No, no, I can make some pants, heck, I can make pants and a greatcoat out of it. I know how to skin it! How to prep its meat and preserve its remains. Heck yeah! More random orcy stuff, this time knowledge-based rather than instinct-based believe it or not.

My orcness is trying to redeem itself after the rape talk I see…


Danger, danger, dangerous!

I could hear it in the walls, reaching in, crawling, spreading, making the rock grumble lightly at its passage, and release some dust. I suddenly stopped thinking, my hand lashed out and grabbed the stunned dark elf girl by the scruff of her neck, pressing her body against me. Then I bolted.

Ignoring the dark elf girl's cute little protest and her panicked strikes, I just ran forwards. Even as the whole cave shook around me, and long, wiggling things started to burst out from the walls and ceiling like worms sprouting from soft mud. I focused only on one thing, the growing point of afternoon light at the distance.

Each of my steps cracked the earth under them and send me almost leaping forwards, a tunnel of air formed, somewhat dulling the rumbling crescendo of the surrounding area. Just as the rocks began to fall in vigor, I took my fifth step and burst out into the light. The cave noisily collapsed behind us, expelling a long cloud of dust at our backs.

When all there was left were the sound of raining pebbles and a few lingering clouds of dust, I finally relaxed the tension that had built up from the sudden rush of action.

"Muphhh! Muwphhhhh! Mywhhh!" The muffled voice of the dark elf girl rang out as I looked down and noticed I was forcing her face against my pectorals. Ops. "GAH!"

She wobbled a bit in place after I released her until her injured leg finally buckled under her and brought her to her knees. She wasn't focused on that though, too busy pulling large breaths of air into her aching lungs. Then, out of nowhere, she choked, her tongue shooting out of her mouth in a loud "Blech!" and she proceeded to have a long, whining freak out while trying to wipe away the layer of sweat I left behind on the front side of her body.

Seeing that she was mostly ok, I left her to her keening screeches and turned away to try to figure out what in the fuck had happened.

It wasn't hard, in fact, it took only one look. Two giant trees had seemly bent over and inserted themselves into the earthly walls besides what used to be the cave's entrance. I immediately made the connection that those dark, writhing things popping out of the walls were actually the tree branches rapidly growing and burrowing into the rocks, destabilizing the whole structure.


"Ah Buit! Ah, Buit! Ha's er sen til lomei! Sen bu!"

I snapped my head back at the sudden alarm in the dark elf girl's tone and the ground exploded under my feet. I waved under the abrupt vertigo as my footing disappeared and long things appeared in my vision. Just as I realized what they were, I felt the now identifiable roots, branches and vines wrapped themselves around my limbs and body. The cry nearby indicated that the dark elf girl had found herself in a similar position, in fact, our new bondage slapped our body together before pulling us to our knees.

Well, pulling me to my knees, the dark elf girl just kinda got tied up and pressed against my belly once again.

"H-HYAHHHHH! Mahta! Mahta! Sen ba tui mitir! Bara poirn mo sen kai bann!"

Let me tell you, seeing the dark elf girl loudly protest and wiggle around while she had her cheek pressed against my sweaty chest was quite the sight, her expression was almost at Aqua-tier level of fed-up. It would be quite cute if we weren't in this situation.

The dark elf girl's whining quickly transformed into the familiar diss track I've decided to associate with cursing when the second figure appeared.

The figure— hot damn!

Boing, boing boing. I could almost hear it in my head as each step brought a mighty bounce to the abundant amount of tit-flesh that had abruptly served before my feasting eyes. It took me half a minute to get out of my daze and register the rest of the new arrival.

Nearly transparent white robes that looked more like a babydoll and proper everyday wear, and showed just the amount of creamy-white skin you're imagining. Curves that could make a man's eyes dance across a whole frame. A long cascade of golden locks shone brightly under the afternoon sun. Gem-like, emerald-green eyes looking down on us from over a pointy nose. A gorgeous, aristocratic face locked in an expression of content and disgust. And to top it all off, a pair of long, elven ears flapping in superiority.

An elf girl!

A genuine elf girl this time around!

And damn she got a nice rack.

While I was distracted by the elf girl bouncing double Ds, she and the dark elf had clearly got into an argument. They threw loud, musical insults at one another, and, in the case of the elf girl, made dismissively gestured towards her bound opponent. I admit I wasn't giving that the attention that I should because the jiggles those gestures produced kept derailing my train of thought.

Just as I was starting to get used to them, the elf girl turned her attention towards me. The expression had never left her face, but it had been getting a rather smug edge during her verbal confrontation with the dark elf girl. Now the disgust was back at full force as she looked down at me a stammered.

"Sen ga timir!" She cried out, scandalized, a dainty hand raising to theatrically cover her curled nose. "Borkal tui vo Hahlorkh!"

Yeah, yeah, it's a grotesque erection, what did you expect? You're the one dangling barely covered breasts in people's faces.

My overly horny brain was just making out that she was the one who bind us and most likely the one who brought down the cave over our heads… when her naked foot came crashing down on my genitals.

"Sen barki tue."She said darkly, pushing even more of her weight over her foot.

… Now, it didn't hurt, or at least not as much as I remember these kinds of things should hurt. I'll even go as far as to say that it caused quite a bit of pleasure along with the pain. Unfortunately for the elf girl, that pleasure was completely drowned out by the tsunami of pure, unadulterated Rage her action provoked.

Because how DARE her!?

She stepped on me.

She stepped on me!

Without taking out her clothes, getting to her knees and beg for it first!? Without licking my feet in supplication for the privilege!? She just did it!? Like she was above me and not a pretty attachment for the warm cunt my dick was destined to destroy!?


She popped open her cocksucking mouth to begin some thot rant, but she didn't expect me to roar at her so hard she stumbled back. And if she didn't expect that, she definitely didn't expect me to stand up.

Earth surged and broke apart, wood crumbled and splintered, vines stretched and snapped as I rose to my full towering heights and took my burly, muscular arm even higher. The elf girl took one more step back as a terrified expression crossed her face. And before she could even react, a hand bigger than a sledgehammer came crashing down on her soft cheek in an echoey pimp slap that put her soul in her place and set her whorish, thot body rolling across the grass.

The dark elf girl let out a surprised squawk as she fell from her binds and to the ground, I took no notice of this, just looked ahead of me, breathing deeply from the outburst of violence while feeling the rage melting away just as quickly as it has come.

It was the first time, I struck a woman.

Sorry mama, but it felt really good.

Absentmindedly, I heard the jingling, bell-like song of the dark elf girl starting to laugh her ass off.

It was something, at least.

I had just finished getting my temper and my erection under control when the dark elf girl appeared, literally jumping and waving her arms, into the edge of my vision.

"Pakh kan venin, Hahlorkh!" She chirped joyfully, a big, toothy grin plastered on her face. Then her grin acquired an evil, mischievous edge and she pointed. "Sen Fuk Her!"

I keep staring at her, trying to not let the pointy impression of her nipples on the drenched tube top cause another erection.

"Sen keh Lui, Hahlorkh!" She insisted, pointing between me and to the side, to where the twitching, unconscious body of the elf thot was lying. "Sen Fuk Her!"

Well, this is useless, I concluded, so I turned away from her – deliberately ignoring the frustrated noise she let out – and walked towards the collapsed entrance of the cave.

My heart ached at the sight. So much wasted meat, so many wasted resources. The coat I would have made from the bear would have looked so cool, the top side of its skull would be on my hood and everything, it would have made for an absolute badass sight to behold, but now it was flat and useless… or is it? If I could dig out some here and there, could be a chance.

My hand neatly shot up and grabbed a rock that had been thrown towards my head. I looked back to see what the dark elf girl wanted.

She was… crouching beside the lighter-skinned counterpart, having spread the unconscious elf thot's legs far apart and pulled up the pelvic curtain of her slutty robes—

It was like the whole world compressed into a single point.

An utterly beautiful pair of puffy, creaming outer lips, nearly completely hiding the pale pink slit in the middle so tightly close together they were, with a charming, hooded button above it and a tiny, well-trimmed triage of hair crowing it all like a golden jewel.

An elf pussy. It was like my very instincts were whispering into my ears. Virginal, ripe for the taking.

The dark elf girl waved a hand over the most succulent part of the female anatomy in a theatrical gesture. Her eyebrows wiggling. "Fuk Her, eh?"

She had to throw herself back with a panicked yelp, as I descended upon the elf thot, my hands clamping down on her thighs, keeping them apart, taking in the wondrous view from up close and personal, snorting all the intoxicating smells. The swollen head of my raging erection touched the softness of her core, and it was like the sweetest of lover's kisses, a burst of pre-cum soaked the otherwise dry entrance, chemically stimulating the fast production of lubrication.

"Adriann…" The elf thot amorously sighed out in her sleep. A comically large bubble on her cheek telling the world just much of a thot she was.

Her word gave me just enough pause for a tiny voice to cry out 'rape!' inside me. Before it was silenced by the heavenly tightness spreading over my rod.

Everything else stopped mattering entirely, the long squeal underneath me, the renewed laugher on my side. All fell away in favor of the sensations, and I instinctively pushed myself further in an attempt to get more and more, until I was hilted in completely, and the whole world just started making sense.

It was like being pulled in by a beautiful piece of art or melded inside by a transcendental melody. You just can't help but drink in the wonder of the moment as you find new meaning in your life or figure out something magical about yourself. This… This warmth, this tightness, the clamping massage of a woman's deepest folds… this is where I belong.

I could cry right now, but instead, I had a better idea. I pulled away all my length, feeling the pressure let out just long enough for me to miss it, and then I slammed in back again.


Ah yes, this wondrous thing around my dick was attached to a woman.

But at least she wasn't unpleasant to look at. So, her actions were a nice complement to the experience. In this case, she had arched her back so much she nearly left the ground, and her tits fell to her chin. Her face was lost in an undefined, silly expression as she wailed in each gasping breath she took. Similar reactions also happened to her hips, but with my strength, it was easy to keep her in place.

I let out a loud snort as I slammed into her again, producing another squealy scream and another series of bodily reactions, from shaking to gushing out fluids. Two thrusts were enough to utterly break her composure and turn her into a silly puddle, but I wonder much of a mess I can make her into.

The worrisomely large bulge on her abdomen recessed as I pulled back, only to come back again like a punch to her insides as I pushed back in.

This time, I didn't pause to admire the sounds and reactions. I just sunk away into the delicious sensations of her warm cunt and began to fuck her properly.

A screamer, this one certainly was. And today I made her into an opera singer, with my loud wet rutting and animalesque grunts as her loyal band.

When it became clear that the sensations around my cock wouldn't diminish, but in fact, would only become better, I divided my focus between fucking and tending to the rest of her body. My hands turned her slutty little robes into tetters, my finger sunk into her fat milkers, teasing her delightful little inverted nipples until their tips popped out from their prison, my tongue lapped all over her sweaty form, tasting her delicious flesh while I drove myself into her again and again and again and again, till I was pinning her quivering body under my full weight and pistoning through her orgasms while she screamed herself hoarse right by my ear.

I just lost myself in the experience.

And I only came by when I hit a threshold. Not a physical one, I basted through all of those long ago, but a… deeper one, one that I felt deep in my core more than anything, it was distinct enough to cut through all the waves of sensations and brought back my focus.

At that point, the still amazingly tight tunnel I was spearing through was an absolute sloppy mess of joint fluids that sloshed around as I continued to tenderize the elf thot's poor abused womb. Her constantly trembling body was in a similar, deplorable case, but her face was the more interesting sight; baked with multiple types of fluid and mucus, locked into a twisted expression of primal pleasure, with tongue lolling about, hazy eyes incapable of focusing on any point, there was nothing left of the arrogant elf thot that had insulted me so deeply, in her place there was a slutty little sow that had been thoroughly bred.

And every part of me just knew that if I kept going now, that sow would be a permanent feature. Any fucking after this point would leave the elf thot's mind irreparably damaged.

Deciding that this was punishment enough, and took my cock completely out of her pussy for the first time in… hours? A thick, heavy glob of my seed immediately came pouring out, expelled by the overwhelming pressure that had built up inside her for being filled well past her limits, and if the small bulge on her abdomen was any indication, a lot more would follow.

Leaving the elf girl moaning and shaking as if she was still being fucked some phantom afterimage of myself, I rose to my feet, tilted my head towards the sky, and just let the cool night wash over me. The abundant amount of light provided by two silvery moons gave the forest an almost ethereal air.

Contentment, just pure, simple contentment, and the tingly, natural feeling of a connection forming between me and my new woman.

Aaah, this is life…

… Somewhere along my zen-like musings, my sharp ears picked up another set of moans underneath the elf thot's whorish ones. My eyes turned to the direction of the quiet little delights.

The dark elf girl was leaning against the roots of one of the giant trees that had collapsed the cave. Her boots were gone, along with her cave, and, more importantly, the lower side of her outfit. She had her injured leg off the ground while she spread them apart, leaving access to both of her hands as they worked vigorously against her dripping sex. She was yet to notice me, too busy dancing at the edge of orgasm to do so.

I didn't even need to consider before I was walking towards her, there wasn't another option.

"A-Ah!" The vision of me and my pig-like, towering glory slowly approaching had her quickly blinking back to awareness… but she didn't move to her spot. Soon, I was looming over her diminutive form, trapping her between me and the tree bark.

Her slightly cloudy, lime green eyes searched my expression, before they dipped down to my enormous, fluid-covered cock, the tip of it was pointedly pressed against the warm skin of her belly.

"… W-well, fuck, I'll be feeling that in the morning."

I didn't question my sudden ability to translate her song-like tongue, it mattered very little.

What matters is her permission, her desire. She wantedto be impaled by my cock and be taken into the land of euphoric ecstasy, she wanted to give herself to me and become my little cocksleeve, she wanted this, she wanted this. I let out a gurgling noise of animalesque joy and grabbed her by the ribs.

"Okay, Okay, O-kay!" Her voice raised in pitch as I took her from the ground. "Fuck, fuck, I guess it's toy-time for me, fuck!"

Her pussy was a different type of beauty than the elf thot's. Small, puffy, completely naked, with a nice chocolate brown skin that matched the rest of her, and a dark chocolate color for her dripping snatch. I would raise her further up to check the authenticity of all that chocolate analogy by myself, but my penis had spent too long out of a pussy, this needed to be fixed.

Her whole body tensed when the tip of my cock began to pressure her entrance.

"Hah-OuH! S-slow!" She gasped out when I finally managed to pop the head inside – so much grip! Oh my god! – and she seemed tensely relieved that I hadn't speared through her in a single go.

I wouldn't, she did try to kill me, but her attempts were more cute than anything, but more importantly, she hadn't acted like a bitch and tried to reach above her station, so she deserved to have her suggestion heard. "Ah-Alright, Ahright, nothing feels torn up, that's g-good." She experimentally swayed her hips a little, which brought forth all kinds of wonderful little feelings for me… and for her, giving the sounds she bit her lip to muffler "Mumm, fuck that's…" She blinked down to look at our union and saw the way she stretched around my girth. "… Should not be feeling this good."

I grunted again and lessened the hold I had over her weight, letting gravity do its job. She instantly tensed, letting out a gasping "Oh Matrons!" but otherwise took her impaling like the good little dark elf girl she was.

She had asked me to go slow, but with a dick of that size going slow or not doesn't make much difference. Plus, she'd severely underestimated the effect my genital nubs would have on her. Going slow meant she could clearly feel every single one of my protrusions dragging over the already stretched walls of her cunt, expertly finding erotic spots she didn't know she had and teasing them to oblivion.

The results had her asking for a reprise every couple of centimeters, at first to let out snarky commentaries about the state of affairs, then to just loudly pant in effort, then to simply have time to ride the wave of her orgasms. Through all of this, I resisted the urge to pull her down completely because I was enjoying watching her reactions too much.

After an eternity, she hit her apparently limit; my tip had met and pushed against her cervix, her folds were gripping two-thirds of my length, and the rest was being dripped on by a constant rain. Somehow, she still had enough presence of mind to speak.

"O-O-guh-kay, s-see, I, ah! I can handle i-it-ch." She tinglingly gasped out. Her face tensed and sweaty, her mouth panting out long huffs of air, her muscles trembling in place. "T-take that you bitch."

I let out an appreciative groan and sat down. The effects of the motion transferred over to her and nearly made her froth. With a sturdier foundation under me, I dragged my hands along her slender curves and tightly gripped her wonderfully toned and surprisingly large rear. Then, I suddenly pulled her upwards.

"Ah! Oh! MMmmm!"

The sounds she let out as I pulled her from the path she had trailed were different than the elf thot's. Rather than reacting to pleasure and stimulation with loud screams of passion, this one produced muffled, dripping little noises, every hitch and sigh felt intimate, a treasure of their own, utterly adorable.

"Wh-uh!?" She mumbled as the new position forced her to drab herself against my chest, the tight ring of her entrance spasming against my tip. "Oh, oh shit…"

Yes, you had your fun, time for mine.

Without waiting for her to prepare, I pushed her down in one go, descending further than before but not yet sheathing myself completely. The dark elf girl arched herself like a bow and opened her mouth in a long, silent scream. Her nether region gushing mightily in response to my sudden invasion.

Mmmmm, this… this is life.

"Oooh… Oh… oh… F-f-fuckkk~" Her voice somehow came gasping out again. "You're… resizing… my fucking insides!"

I couldn't help but chuckle at that, true, from the outside it did look like I was leaving quite a lot of damage on her the inside, but I knew instinctively she would be fine.

With a steady motion, I kept trying to fit myself completely into this delicious little dark elf cocksleeve. Even though my speed hadn't changed in the slightest, the dark elf girl's reactions grew more and more intense, and the spasms of her little pussy milked me more and more strongly. Honestly, I think I can just minimally bump her up and down and eventually reach orgasm just with the sheer milking of her internal walls and the bucking of her hips alone.

But then, eventually, success! I pressed her completely against my hairy base, not that she was in the right mind to appreciate it, given that at this point her head was bobbing back again forth with her eyes rolling about and her mouth gaping like a fish. She's been dancing on the edge of consciousness and unconsciousness for a while now.

With my length finally fully inside, I let go, pouring my burning seed inside her.

"AAHmuhhhhh!" That, it seems, provoked another sound as her body sought to hug the nearest object and ended up climbing on to me while she unraveled, those misty, lime green eyes fixed on my form as she trembled in an endless spiral of pleasure.

Finally, she sunk into unconsciousness, everything excerpts her clinging walls going limp against me.

And I was left feeling absolutely fulfilled, having fuck and claimed two beautiful elven girls.

… A tiny little part of me still screamed that I'd raped someone, but it quickly faded into nothingness.

Sorry human me, I guess I'm a full orc now.

And this was a great day for being an orc.