Someday, we'll grow old. It happens to everyone and it will happen to us. Our youthful optimism will give way to world-weary cynicism. We'll no longer be able to dart through hallway doors like we used to. Drink milkshakes like we used to. See the world like we used to. Is that what happened to every grown-up? Does all teenage rebellion give way to resentment towards the young? Maybe we'll be the ones who have to hide behind masks because we don't want the world to see the decrepit shells of our former selves. Maybe we won't even talk to each other? We spend every day crammed inside a van. Surely by now, we've spent enough time together to last a lifetime. Who's to say there'll even be a future worth living in? Not even Fred can trap an a-bomb! We act so sure of ourselves when the cops arrive but we don't really know anything! With every mystery we march into, there's a possibility that it might be real. That we were wrong. That the world really is a scary unknowable place and no amount of sleuthing can solve it. Maybe Shaggy & Scooby have the right idea. That it's better to run and hide than face the truth. As you can probably tell, I think about this a lot. I often watch my friends and wonder what will become of us. 50 years later, will we still be meddling kids? I truly don't know but I sure as hell hope so. I hope we never lose our drive to expose the corrupt. I hope we never live in fear of what we don't understand. And most importantly, I hope we always love each other, and remain a family closer than blood. And when we do grow so old that we reach the answer to life's greatest mystery, we'll know that whatever the answer, we solved it together.