A big, black shape paced within the confines of his dimly lit prison. Two men sat on the other side of the bars, watching the bear pace. He was eyeing them, letting out a growl every now and then. He paused as a third man stepped out of the shadows. The two men noticed the change and turned around to look at the newcomer.

"There you are, Drago," said Dagur, "where have you been?"

"Did you find the witch?" asked Hans as he played with his gloves.

"No, better," said Drago as he placed a bag on the bench.

"What's that?" asked Dagur, holding his torch closer to get a better look.

"Nightmare sand," said Drago. "Pitch Black said we will need it to fight Jack Frost."

Hans blinked. "The Boogieman? Told you that? Hasn't Jack Frost beaten him every time they fought? Including just recently at the force field?"

Drago chuckled. "That's right, and that's why he needs our help. He'll keep an eye out for the witch while we create chaos in Cedar Grove. But we must act quickly, the witch's spell is going to wear off soon, and if anyone looks for our files, well, they're going to find them."

Hans and Dagur rolled their eyes. "Ugh," said Hans, "why in the world was having a file on every person in Cedar Grove a part of the stupid curse?"

Dagur. "I don't know, you're going to have to ask Mavis that. We're only hidden because the witch has the power to keep us hidden."

"And it won't stay that way for long since she hasn't been here for a while. Come on, we've got some planning to do." Hans and Dagur nodded before leaving the makeshift dungeon. Drago lingered for a moment before approaching the bars. Mordu growled. "Don't worry my friend, the time will come when you'll get your chance. I promise it will be soon, and you'll get to go first."