When Zoisite Returns

AN: This directly follows A Stone's Thoughts and Phone Calls. I don't think those two are necessary to read before this. This is posted on my AO3 profile and is under the series The Planetary Knights with A Stone's Thoughts and Phone Calls. As for this fic, it has been in progress for a long time. This chapter is only first 11 pages of 282 (currently) page work. The current plan is to update this work once a month.

Chapter 1: Their Bond

Since the day Zoisite's soul left his stone, Ami kept it close. It was never more than an arm length away from her. During school, she had the stone in a pocket and would allow her fingertips to brush against the stone. It became a good luck charm. An item that cleared her mind and chased away the distractions. Even though it had been days since he left his stone, Ami's thoughts still dwelled on him.

Ever since his soul left, the girls pestered her, asking what was troubling her. She always refused their demands. As she tires of their pestering, she leaves them and wanders off. Most days she would return home. But today Usagi had found her. "Have you tried looking for Zoisite?" Usagi asked.

"No, Usagi. If I did, I don't think I would find him," said Ami.

"Have you tried your bond with him?" Usagi asked.

"My bond...with him?" Ami's head titled just slightly.

"Yes, your bond. Me and Mamoru have one."

"How can I try it when I don't how to?" Ami's brow furrowed.

"Just close your eyes and focus on your thoughts of him." Usagi smiled. "The rest will take care of itself."

Ami did as what Usagi told her, but with one addition. Her hand burrowed into her pocket and wrapped her fingers around Zoisite's stone. Then her thoughts fully focused on him. Memories of their shared past began flowing through her head. And then she found a memory of her reaching out to him through their bond. Snatching and holding on that memory, she focused on it and used it to guide her. Then she found something that warmed and relaxed her body. It was their bond.


Her eyes snapped open to Usagi's voice, but she still felt the bond. "I found it, but..."

"Go on. You can tell me."

"It won't help me find him. It is so weak like it was...on that day."

"So you didn't know his brainwashed self had showed up back then?" Usagi asked.

"I only knew he was there upon seeing him."

"At least, you now know that he's probably alright. If you want to let the other Shitennou know about Zoisite, I'm sure Mamoru will let you see them."

"Usagi, could you check to see if Mamoru is at his apartment?"

"Sure, but why?"

"I wonder. Are the other Shitennou able to feel their bonds?" Ami shook her head. "I recall Zoisite knew more about our bond than me."

"Are you thinking it could help you?" Usagi pulled out her cell phone.

"Yes." Ami glanced away from Usagi. "And there something weird I am feeling through our bond."

"Something weird?" Usagi began to pull up Mamoru's number on her cell phone.

"I have to talk to the other Shitennou to be sure," said Ami before Usagi called Mamoru.

The past few days were horrible for Zakari. He was constantly chanting his name and reminding himself of who he was currently. His memories of his first life returned with a punch. They came with images of blood flowing across a battle. That witch who caused his troubles loomed large in them. But the battles dominated his mind far more than the witch did.

However, once those images of battle had decided to slink back to deep part of his mind, images of the present days came to his head to cause trouble yet again. He had never felt this terrible since that one day. To explain, it was that one day he had escaped from that woman who gave him the chills and tried to capture him. It was a day that was seared into his memories.

"Do you need help find your new school?"

Zakari shook his head toward his grandpa. "I should be fine." He slipped on his shoes."I appreciate that you and grandma are letting me stay with you."

"It's is no problem," his grandpa said. "When you dad and mom asked, it was automatic answer, Izou."

"It is weird to hear people call me by that name," said Zakari. "It's been so much easier to go by Zakari when I am in the US." Zakari glanced away. "Although I wish mom and dad hadn't spelled it that way."

"Spelled it that way?" His grandpa tilted his head.

"I wish they hadn't given me an English name." Zakari rolled his eyes. "When they signed me up for school in DC, the spelling they used is the romanji for how the name is written in Japanese."

"And that's bad how?"

"It is a misspelling of the name. Or is it a non-standard spelling."

"I'm not sure I am getting it. But I kept you long enough."

"I'll explain it some other time," said Zakari. "Talk to you later."

"See you later."

Zakari exited his grandparents' house. Today was the third day since he had returned to Japan. He had returned to Japan for his final two years of high school. Except for a few years in elementary school, he had always went to school in Washington, DC. His dad was an English translator for the Japanese embassy, and so his parents had lived in the US most of the time. The whole situation had allowed him to become bilingual in both Japanese and English. It was why he was given a Japanese name and an English name.

As he walked down the sidewalk, Zakari began to ponder if he wanted to go by Izou while in school. The last time he want to a Japanese school was when he was in elementary school. Then he went by Izou, and his chestnut blond hair was dyed black. Only a blue haired girl realize his hair was dyed back then. Zakari grinned as he stopped in front of the gates of his new high school. That girl was something. He just wished the postcard with her address hadn't been ruined by the rain. Maybe he will go and find her later.

Zakari walked into the school and then to the office. He completed the paperwork needed to allow for him to start classes. In about fifteen minutes, the paperwork was complete. Zakari handed it back in and confirmed his grandparents had received his uniform. Then he left the school. His eyes glanced to his watch. The minute hand was approaching the bottom of the hour. Dinner would be ready, and he didn't want to be disrespectful his grandparents. He started to pick up the pace to his grandparents.

As he walked, a dread slowly filled all of his being. Somehow he knew he wouldn't make it to his grandparents'. He was on edge. His eyes glanced around and spotted a pair of red eyes. And those red eyes were locked on him.

The owner of those eyes was a woman with dark hair. She was just past the next intersection and struck fear into Zakari. He darted into an alleyway and started to find a new path to his grandparents' house. Zakari didn't want to cross path with that woman again. Then footsteps approached him. He darted down another alley. Then walls blocked all of his escape routes, a dead end. "You've been so very hard to find," said the woman. "The others were so easy to find."

Zakari spun around and saw the woman he was trying to avoid. Now closer to her, Zakari could feel bad vibes coming from her narrowed eyes and earnings. Zakari bend his knees. "You're not going to have me," said Zakari. His eyes glanced around for an escape route.

"You will not be leaving me that easily," said the woman. Then her appearance changed. She morphed into a woman with a purple dress, gaudy jewelry, and a horn on each of her shoulder.

The transformation didn't daunt Zakari; it only motivated him more. He pushed forward with his legs to dash through the gap between her and the wall. The woman tried to reach out and grab him. but Zakari was able to go through the gap. He kept dashing ahead, but her footsteps echoed behind him. Her footsteps kept getting louder and louder. Zakari tried running harder to out pace her. As he was almost to the end of the alley, her arms wrapped around him and pulled him.

In her arms, Zakari continued to fight, but she wouldn't let go. He was tiring himself out, but no other plan came to his mind. "It looks like I will have to do what I had to do to the others," said the woman. Her cold hand sneaked under his shirt and touch his skin. Then Zakari felt the worst feeling ever. A searing pain started and spread from where that woman had touched him. A scream escape Zakari before he blacked out.

The next time he came to was in a hospital. He felt so woozy that moving was out of the question. His grandparents were looking at him with concerned eyes and asked if he felt like talking. To their question, he answered yes, and his grandpa fetched a cop. As he laid in that bed, he described to the cop what had happened. However, he couldn't shake off that feeling that something was missing and that woman had stolen it. Zakari just didn't know what.

Ami never thought she would be visiting Mamoru's apartment again so soon. However, she had a feeling about the Shitennou knew something more about her bond with Zoisite. At least, the three remaining Shitennou would. This time she wasn't coming alone. Usagi had decided to come with her. Once they arrived, Mamoru let them in and lead them to a built in cabinet with a shelf that had a huge box. "Shitennou arise," he said after opening the box. "You have a visitor."

The three stones in the box glowed brightly before three semi-transparent men appeared nearby. "And who is this visitor, my prince?" The man with the long white hair asked.

"Kunizite, your visitor is Ami," said Mamoru.

Kunizite glanced away from Mamoru and settled his eyes upon Ami. "Lady Mercury, it is my pleasure that you came to visit me. Have you and Zoisite met yet?" Kunizite asked.

"He is the reason I came," said Ami.

"We'll let the four of you talk alone," said Mamoru before he wrapped his arm around Usagi and led her away to another part of his apartment.

"Now, that our prince has left us alone. What is it that you want to talk about?" Kunizite asked.

"I have been feeling something strange through my bond with Zoisite," said Ami.

"Can you describe it?" The brown haired general, Nephrite, asked.

Ami closed her eyes and felt her bond with Zoisite. "I think I am feeling how he is feeling. He's feeling terrible," she said as she opened her eyes. "Our bond is weak."

"It would be wise for you to reach more through your bond," said Nephrite.

"Nephrite, what good would that do Lady Mercury?" Kunizite asked. He looked towards the brown haired general.

"She should feel more of what is going on. Zoisite won't know it is her at this time," said Nephrite. "Lady Mercury, will you do it?"

Ami nodded and closed her eyes again. Focusing on her bond with her soul mate, she pushed deeper into the bond. Once she reached deeper into the bond, it caused her stomach to be unsettled as the waves of Zoisite's wooziness overtook her. But this didn't stop her staying this deep in her bond with Zoisite. She was only pulled out of her focus when she felt someone wrapping her in a blanket. "Ami, you had us all worried," said Usagi.

"I..." As she began to talk, Ami closed her mouth to contain what was coming up from her stomach.

"Here use this," said Mamoru as he placed a deep container in front of her.

She allowed what was filling her mouth to spill out of it into the container. After what felt like an entirety, it was done. "Finished?" Mamoru asked.

She merely nodded before Mamoru took away the container. Then Usagi guided her to the couch and made her sit. "Lady Mercury, if I knew you would have felt him so strongly, I would have suggested doing that with the prince," said Nephrite.

"Nephrite, why do it with Mamoru?" Usagi asked as she wrapped another blanket around Ami.

"The Golden Crystal might have been able to sooth whatever that is ailing Zoisite. Lady Mercury, did you figure out what the strange feeling was?" Nephrite asked.

"Yes," said Ami as she leaned her head against the couch. "Usagi?"

"What is it, Ami?" Usagi responded.

"Can you help me walk to the bathroom or the kitchen sink? I need to wash my mouth out," she said.

"Okay," said Usagi as she wrapped an arm behind Ami.

As Usagi helped her up, she didn't feel all that good. Her whole vision blurred. Then she felt arms wrapped around and placed her back on the couch. "I don't think its advisable for your to be leaving that couch any time soon." Mamoru pulled his arms from around her. "If you need anything, please let us know. Usagi or I can bring it to you."

"Mamo, she wanted to wash her mouth out," said Usagi.

"Then I will go fetch what she will need," said Mamoru. "Keep an eye on her, Usagi."

"Okay, Mamo," said Usagi before Mamoru left the room.

"I sure wish we knew where Zoisite was," said Nephrite. "He would probably be explain this more than any of us. I don't remember any of our bonds with our soul mates ever causing us to get sick."

"Do you remember how to shield your bond, Nephrite?" Usagi asked as she rearranged the blankets around Ami.

"Oh! That's right. Thank you, princess, for making me remember." Nephrite bowed.

"What do you mean by shielding bonds?" Kunizite asked.

"When I'm sick or Mamo is, I have to shield some of my bond to make sure neither us feel the feeling of being sick," said Usagi as Mamoru returned with a container holding two bottles of water.

"Usagi, I heard you talking about shielding bonds. Why?" Mamoru asked as he began to help Ami wash out her mouth.

"Nephrite mentioned never getting sick from their bonds with their soul mates," said Usagi as she watched Ami.

"That might have helped if I remembered to do it," said Ami as she leaned back against the couch. "Mamoru, you can take it away. Just leave the other water bottle here."

"So, do you think that is why you were affected so badly was because you didn't shield your bond?" Mamoru asked as he rose with the container and the empty water bottle in hand.

Ami nodded as she pulled out her mini-computer. "I don't think he was throwing up when I touched his mind that closely, but he was feeling woozy," said Ami as she began to type things into the mini-computer.

"Ami, why did you pull out the mini-computer?" Usagi asked as Mamoru left them.

"I was hoping to see if I can figure out why I ended up feeling worst than what he was feeling. But it seems to not be giving answers," said Ami before closing her eyes to fend off another round of wooziness.

"Maybe you should use it to check yourself out first," said Usagi as she wrapped an arm around Ami.

"I should," Ami said as she kept her eyes closed but allowed her fingers to dart across the keyboard her mini-computer. In a few minutes, the computer beeped. She opened her eyes to look at it before closing it and hiding it away again. "Can you ask Mamoru if I can stay here for the night?"

"You don't have to ask. You're welcome to stay the night," said Mamoru as he walked into the room. "Are you still feeling crummy?"

"Yes," said Ami.

"Mamoru, could you try to help her?" Usagi asked looking at Mamoru with pleading eyes and a pout on her face.

"I don't know, Usagi. Only physical injuries are ones that I have healed," said Mamoru.

"My prince, I think you could at lessen what she is feeling, but in order for you to do that, you have heal Zoisite," said Nephrite.

"Could you explain more, Nephrite?" Mamoru asked.

"I think I know what he means," said Ami. "I am still feeling whatever is ailing Zoisite, and it is stronger than before. It is coming through our bond."

"That is exactly why you need to heal Zoisite," said Nephrite. "What is ailing him has more to deal with our souls being split from our reincarnations than him dealing with his memories. And since he can't be found easily, we have to deal with his issue through the soul bond."

"Does this mean we have to go through this process for every one of you?" Usagi asked.

"Yes," said Nephrite. "However, I do think it would be wise for the princess to help as well."

"Why would it be wise for me to help Mamo?" Usagi asked.

"What remains of the dark spell probably would be destroyed by the Silver Crystal. Our souls have been deeply injured and the injuries to the soul are the same as the injuries of the body," said Nephrite

"Nephrite, I believe you should explain how I should go about healing injuries to the soul since you seem to know more than what I do," said Mamoru before he looked towards Ami. "Ami, do you need anything right now? I doubt me or Usagi could get you anything until later."

"Usagi, could you get me the phone? Mom probably needs to know where I will be at tonight and maybe see if she would be okay with you dropping by and getting me a change of clothes for tomorrow," said Ami.

"Sure, I can do that," said Usagi before leaving to get the phone.

"Ami, do you need me to help you drink some water? I don't want you to become dehydrated," said Mamoru.

"After I call my mom," said Ami before Usagi gave her phone.

"Mamoru, do you mind if I also stay over?" Usagi looked at Mamoru after giving Ami the phone.

"Sure, plus I don't think I could help Ami with everything," said Mamoru as Ami dialed a phone number.

"Hi, Mom. I'm glad I caught you at home," said Ami over the phone. "Ah, I came down with something while I was visiting Mamoru's with Usagi." She paused and listen to her mom asked questions about her health. "I'm fine, but earlier was when the worst hit. Usagi's also staying over so that it won't be just me." Ami paused and listened some more.

I'll try to be home tomorrow, but I don't trust myself to walk any distance at the moment." More pausing and listening. "Thank you for understanding, Mom. Oh, I am going to send Usagi over to get me a change of clothes for tomorrow." She paused again. "Thank you Mom for doing that. I'll let her know. Have a goodnight at your shift." She hanged up the phone and gave it back to Usagi. "Mom will be gone before you get there, but she is leaving my overnight bag on my bed with everything that I need."

"Do you have your key so I can let myself in?" Usagi asked.

"Take it," said Ami after pulling out her key from her pocket.

"I need to call my parents first before I leave," said Usagi before looking at Mamoru. "You need to remember to take care of her and not talk to the Shitennou."

"I doubt he would forget, Usagi. Mamoru, could you please give me that water bottle," said Ami.

As Zakari laid in bed in his college dorm room, he realized what had been missing since his encounter with that woman. It was the part of him that contained the memories of his first life. Nothing else was missing. He wanted to get out of he bed, but he felt woozy. "I am Zakari," he said, "but I am also the reincarnation of Zoisite, one of Prince Endymion's Shitennou." He licked his dried lips. "And that woman...who I met that day was Beryl, and she had split my soul that day." He paused as he sort through more of his memories. "Two sets of memories does prove it."

Satisfied with what he proclaimed, he opened his eyes for the first time in awhile. The wooziness was finally disappearing. Maybe, he mused, an attempt at being a productive member of society should be attempted. But those memories of his first life and his time in a stone wanted his attention. Slowly, Zakari rose from his bed and walked over towards his desk.

Once he sat down at his desk, he pulled out a fresh notebook and open it. Zakari took his write down all of his thoughts. When he looked at the clock, a full five minutes had pasted. A full page was covered in his handwriting. He looked back down and began to read through what he wrote. As his eyes skim through the page, he saw a common thread in all his thoughts. It was about a blue haired girl. She had been the last one he had talked to while he was still a stone.

"I guess my mind wants to find the blue haired girl," he said.

Closing his eyes, he dug into his memories trying to search for something to find that blue haired girl. Of his modern memories of her, he was telling her to find him with her heart, but why with her heart? As he moved on to his other memories of her, there was a memory with joy-tinged sadness. It was from the end of their first life. She was dying when she struck him with a killing blow. He didn't know why it was tinged with joy. All he knew was that there was a lot happening in those final minutes. There was too much in that memory to unpack all at once.

Closing his eyes, Zakaria felt a lingering, familiar warmth. It reminded him of Endymion's healing magic and of her. He grinned. She, the blue haired girl, had helped him.

When she began to pull slowly after from her bond with Zoisite, she found herself feeling thrilled with their accomplishment. Nephrite was right from what would happen if there was a little of that dark spell left to what Mamoru had to do. Ami was even happier that what they did for Zoisite had lessen the wooziness that she had been experiencing. "So how do you feel, Ami?" Nephrite asked when she opened her eyes.

"Better," said Ami. "But you were right."

"I'm glad that I could help you, Ami," said Nephrite. "And I hope your remember that for when I'm back to my own reincarnation."

"I will try to," said Ami.

"Do you feel like you could handle some food?" Mamoru asked from her right.

"I can try, and I really should eat something," said Ami as Mamoru got up.

"After you eat, I can help you get dress in your pajamas," said Usagi.

"The offer is appreciated, but I don't think you can help much," said Ami as Mamoru handed her a piece of toast.

"She can probably help more than you think," said Mamoru as he sat back down. "She has shared me her energy a few times when I just needed to have enough energy to get myself taken care of before bed."

"Plus, Ami, we can have Mamoru carry you to the bathroom and back to the couch," said Usagi.

"Since you have it that well planed...I guess you can do it," said Ami before glanced at the other three generals. "Jadeite."

"Hmm...?" Responded Jadeite who hadn't spoken all night to her.

"Will you be happy to see Zoisite again?" Ami asked before taking a bite of her toast.

"I guess," said Jadeite. "He's so lucky to have you."

"He's been in this brooding mood since Zoisite said good-bye to him," said Mamoru. "Is the toast doing good for your stomach, Ami?"

"Yes," said Ami between another bite of toast. "I don't think I will need anything else until tomorrow morning."

"Then once you are finished we should get you ready for bed," said Mamoru as she continued to eat her toast.

As soon as she was finished with her toast, Mamoru picked her up without her asking and carried her to the bathroom with Usagi following with her overnight bag. Once Mamoru gently sat her down on the bathroom floor, he scurried out of there before Usagi closed the door. "So are you going to start looking for Zoisite?" Usagi asked as she began to help her out of her shirt.

"Once I start feeling better," said Ami as she thought of something. "Usagi, have you ever broached that topic with your parents?"

"What topic?" Usagi asked as she continued to help Ami.

"Being reincarnations and a sailor senshi."

"Close, but never. Why do you ask?" Usagi helped Ami into her pajama shirt.

"My mom and I have beat around the bush and have implied things. I think she might know."

"You think she might know?" Usagi frowned.

"Or at least vaguely know. I think I can get out of my pants on my own. Just be there to soften my fall."

"If you have to tell her about something, you can be vague about it," said Usagi as she wrapped her arm around Ami as the girl stood up.

"Could I tell her at least I am a reincarnation? I know she knows something is up since I carry around his stone," said Ami as slipped off her pants.

"And not mention anything about the sailor senshi stuff? That is fine with me, but try to be vague when you do start telling her about it," said Usagi before she gave Ami her pajama bottoms.

"That was what I was thinking. I would prefer to know how she react first before I dive into the more deeper stuff." Ami slipped on her pajama bottoms.

"Sounds reasonable to me." Usagi walked over to the door and unlocked it.

Ami took a step forward but began to fall forward. Her arms stretched out towards Usagi. Then Usagi grabbed hold of Ami's arms. "Looks like I still need help." Ami leaned against Usagi.

"Uh huh." Usagi wrapped her arms around Ami. "Let's go back to couch. Then you can rest for the rest of the night."