"Did you make sure no one else follow you?" Mercury asked.

"I did," said Sailor Moon. "Katashi and the guys had shown up to distract them."

"Of their free will? Or was that on the word of their prince?" Sailor Mercury glanced to towards the desk that Greg and Zoisite was looking under.

"I swear it was of their free will, Mercury," said Sailor Moon. "Besides I told them I didn't want to be a third wheel."

"Sometimes I wonder how blind we were back then," said Mercury. "Are you getting anywhere?"

"Give it a few more minutes," said Zoisite. "We found it. Now its a matter of getting it open."

Mercury turned her head to look to Sailor Moon but found the reincarnated moon princess had disappeared from the bed they were sitting on. Sighing, she leaned back, not too worried, and closed her eyes. Every since they arrived on the moon, they had been in her rooms from her first life. Greg had indicated that the first item left for her was here in a secret compartment of her desk. That had been 20 minutes ago.

/Nymph, are you okay?/ Zoisite's voice asked through their bond.

/Don't worry about me,/ she said through their bond.

/It will not be much longer,/ said Zoisite. /Hopefully, Moon returns before we finish./

/She's not far and should hear us if called,/ said Mercury as she closed her bond slightly to Zoisite.

/I'll leave you to your thoughts,/ said Zoisite before he withdrew from their bond.

Mercury took the silence as her moment to think about exactly what her first life's father had left her. He was never a man to give meaningless trinkets in the past. But what did he leave her that was so small? It could be a touchstone, but why hide it? As another weight sat down on the bed, she opened her eyes to Sailor Moon staring at her. "What were you doing?" She asked.

"Looking," said Sailor Moon before she held up a bronze knight chess piece. "Do you remember this?"

"Where did you find it?" Mercury asked. Her hands reached out and wrapped around the chess piece. "This was missing in the final days."

"It was sitting behind one of the chairs in the other room," said Moon. "I only saw something gleaming."

"I would have saw it," said Mercury. "He must have moved it."

"Well, if the two of you are done talking," said Zoiste, "we have what he left for you, my ice princess."

Mercury and Moon turned to look towards Zosiste. "And what is it?" Mercury asked.

"Take a look," said Zoisite. He walked up to Mercury before placing a white cloth wrapped around something in her lap.

"I do not know what it is, my lady," said Greg. "He never told me what it was."

Mercury nodded that she heard before turning her eyes to the white cloth package. Carefully, she tugged at the cloth until it allowed its contents to tumble into her lap. Moving the cloth out of the way, she saw a stone. It wasn't like most touchstones, but it was a touchstone. "Never had I seen a touchstone like this," she said.

"But you're sure it is a touchstone?" Zoisite asked.

"Yes," said Mercury. Her hand reached out to the touchstone and wrapped around it.

"My cousin," a voice boomed from a corner of the room, "are you here?"

Mercury, Greg, Zoisite, and Moon turned towards the corner and saw a translucent King Mercurius. "I'm here, cousin," said a woman that was just as translucent as Mercurius.

"The swords you and the other guardians ordered have been confirmed that they will arrive at the same time," said the translucent Mercurius.

"Mercurius, thank you," said the translucent woman.

"I feel obligated to do it since I could not help the guardians and their Planetary Knights," said Mercurius.

"I have a feeling you will be a great king some day, Mercurius," said the woman as she moved towards Mercurius, her bluish hair swishing as she did so. "We all understand why you can't since you have been blessed by the gods with your sailor crystal." She placed her hands on top of his shoulders and smiled. "You have to understand how this made you the most logical choice to be the next crown prince."

"You're always too generous," said Mercurius before both translucent figures began to fade. "I received a prophecy today, but I will not be able to tell you any of it. No matter how tough it gets, greatness will be ahead for you and your successor. I know that now."

Mercury lifted her fingers from the stone. "I had heard he could create those type of touchstones," she said as everyone looked at her. "But I didn't know he had did it."

"I take it," said Zoisite as he looked at the stone, "that what we saw is something this stone could do. Are creating these touchstones harder than the other ones?"

"What I heard is that they are," said Mercury. "Greg, wasn't the rumor said he had created one of these and spent a week in bed?"

"You're correct," said Greg as he stood by the desk and looked up to the ceiling. "He said there would be one more hidden in your rooms, but you would know where it is."

Mercury closed her eyes and began to shift through her few clear memories of her past. With a focused mind, she ignored those memories that were not about her rooms on the moon. Then she stumbled upon a memory that she began to examine extensively. Feeling Zoisite in their bond, she gently nudged his distracting presence before going back to the memory. Vaguely, she heard someone mentioning her, but she ignored it in favor of going over the memory. Her memory was of going through her sitting room of her rooms and then finding a stone underneath one of the chairs.

Opening her eyes, she ignored everyone as she slid off the bed and hurried off to the sitting room. Down on her knees, she glanced underneath of each of the chairs until her eyes latched on a stone. "Is that what I think it is?" Zoisite asked as he sat down next to her.

She nodded before she reached out and wrapped her around the stone. "Why are you giving me the Sword of Memories?" They heard the voice of Mercurius.

"Consider it my token for you arranging of our swords to arrive at the same time," said the same women from earlier. "Besides, I think it will be far more of use to you than me."

"I will treasure this sword," said Mercurius before they heard a loud siren noise.

"Looks like I am needed, Mercurius," said the woman again before the room became silent.

"I never knew the Sword of Memories was from her," said Mercury as she open her hand and looked at the stone.

"Can you figure out when that happened?" Zoisite asked.

"It's not much," said Mercury as she pulled out her computer. "But there is a chance that I could find something."

"That siren," said Sailor Moon from the doorway, "was used only once during our last. Wasn't it Mercury?"

"It was." Mercury looked towards Sailor Moon before glancing back at her computer. As she read through the information being displayed, her eyes grew wide. "No way…." She looked back towards the others. "He was only on the moon during one time when it was used. It's the day the previous guardians fell."

"Are you sure?" Sailor Moon asked before receiving a nod from Mercury.

"What about the swords he mentioned in both of the memories?" Zoisite asked. "Can you find out about them?"

Mercury turned back to her computer and tapped on the keys for a few more minutes. "I'm not sure if I can figure out exactly what swords he was talking about."

"There are two more locations," said Greg causing Mercury to look at him. "Maybe they might be more touch stones like the two we found here."

"Then show them to us," said Mercury as she rose to her feet.

Greg nodded and began to walk out of her rooms. Mercury was the first to follow after him with Zoisite and Sailor Moon following behind her. In a quick five minutes, they were in Gunnar's rooms. Gazing around, Mercury spotted a stone on the couch in the sitting room. Slowly, she touched it and two translucent figures appeared on the couch. One was Mercurius with a cloth rubbing something while a box of three stones sat in his lap. The other was Gunnar drawing something in his sketchbook. "So you decided to bother me, King Mercurius, since your lovely daughter is off to fetch the princess," said Gunnar without looking up from sketchbook.

"Mina didn't even listen to me so," Mercurius paused and pulled away the cloth to reveal a blue stone, "I thought I would get these stones finished and give them to you."

"And why are you giving them to me?" Gunnar asked as he looked up to Mercurius.

"You have that secret spot that you can hide them until they are needed," said Mercurius as he placed the blue stone in the box. "This blue one is the tanzanite variety of zoisite." He glanced towards Gunnar. "These stones are ones that I have been working with for years because they will be used to ensure a second complete betrayal does not happen."

"I will accept, just as I accept your request on Mercury all those years ago," said Gunnar.

"Thank you, my old friend," said Mercurius. "You didn't regret my last request, did you?"

"No, my dear friend," said Gunnar with a smile. "You gave me a chance to have the experience of being a father without the hassles."

"Without the hassles, eh? I don't think any of what you experience is free of hassles," said Mercurius as he grinned. "Just think you will be ready to have your own daughter whenever you decide that it is time to finally whisk Eir off her feet."

"Did your daughter give that idea to you, King of Mercury?" The transparent Gunnar crossed his arms.

Mercurius let out a hearty laugh before he offered up the box of stones to Gunnar. "My daughter is right about you," said Mercurius. "Please take these and store them in that spot."

The transparent Gunnar nodded and took the box before he and Mercurius disappeared. "Did you and your father always torment him?" Greg asked, his eyes pointed towards Mercury.

"I knew he and Eir were in love, and I probably have alluded to that when my father was around," said Mercury. She wrapped the stone in a cloth. "I will leave this stone on the nightstand in his bedroom."

"Greg, since you never was around Gunnar and Eir in the past, you probably wouldn't know," said Moon, "that those two were defiantly in love."

"Was there another stone around here?" Mercury asked.

"He was vague about whether there would be more in this location," said Greg. "Of course, I attribute his vagueness to his brother being with him when he told me."

"His brother? King Mercurius had a brother?" Zoisite furrowed his eyebrows as the three others looked at him, some with amused expressions.

"He did and he was Belenus Alvis,"said Moon.

"What is with him having two names?" Zoisite asked as a bemused expression appeared on his face.

"Those of the royal house of Mercury and some of the nobles have two given names," said Greg before glancing to Mercury. "But someone doesn't remember they even have a second name."

"You should know why I don't, Greg," said Mercury. "Besides I'm sure he told you why."

"Never directly," said Greg. "He seemed to allude to not remembering. So did you purge your memories of that day?"

"And accidentally purge other memories, yes." Mercury glared at the young man.

"Ah, so that's why," said Greg before Mercury walked past him.

Never pausing to listen to Zoisite admonishing Greg for his intensive comments, Mercury entered Gunnar's bedroom and placed the stone on the nightstand. Then she tossed herself on to the bed and closed her eyes. The slight itch from the hives on her back was disappearing. Sore was her battered mind that was forced to acknowledge the purging done.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and sat up. The first thing she spotted upon sitting up was a painting slightly pulled away from the wall. Getting to her feet, she walked over to the painting. It was not pulled away from the wall, but mounted to a door. She pulled it away and noticed another stone. /Zoi, there is another stone in here,/ said Mercury through their bond.

As she stared at the stone, the others came in, and Zoisite tapped her on the shoulder. "Are you going to touch it?" Zoisite whispered into her ear.

She nodded before grabbing the stone and jumping. As she moved out of the way, two transparent figures appeared. One was Mercurius, his light brown hair with blue ends. The other, trailing behind Mercurius, was dressed in black. His hair was darker with dark brown and dark navy roots. "Belenus Alvis, my brother," said Mercurius as he walked toward the wall with the painting, "do you understand what you are to do after you leave here?"

"Yes, brother Mercurius," said Belenus Alvis. "However, you have yet to tell me why we are here?"

"Gunnar was keeping something for me," said Mercurius as he pulled out a box of four stones. "These stones will make sure that witch's evil in her next life never touches the unawakened power of the Shitennou, Belenus." Mercurius turned and tucked the box under his arm. "It's the greatest power and it must be protected."

"Rius, they're the next planetary knights," said Belenus Alvis as voice dropped to barely above a whisper.

"Yes, they are," said Mercurius as both transparent figures began to fade. "I'll hopefully see you again sometime after your frozen sleep."

"That's a promise," said Belenus Alvis as both figures disappeared. "This is your last chance to make your wager of which child on mine will create the line that your reincarnation will be born into."

"Well, looks like Belenus was involved towards the end," said Greg as he crossed his arms.

"Seems like, but not surprising," said Mercury before she looked towards Greg. "That stone was created by Belenus."

"Belenus can make those kind of touchstones?" Greg's eyebrows furrowed. "I never knew that."

"What are you talking about? Mercury? Greg?" Sailor Moon asked.

"Oh, I should explain," said Mercury before she looked to others.

"Yes, you should, Nymph," said Zoisite as her cheeks colored.

"There is a reason why Belenus Alvis was considered the likely king," said Mercury as she glanced at the stone still in her hand. "It is only when my father's crystal appeared to him that Belenus was no longer consider the likely king. That's what I understand."

"And the touch stones?" Greg asked.

"I believe only a select few knew he had that exact same ability, but to a lesser extent. The more you handle touchstones, the more you can tell who make it," said Mercury as she raised her eyes from the stone. "He was assigned to find the person who killed mother, but when the trail went cold, he became a spy to prevent future attacks." She glanced towards Zoisite. "However, I think your stone and the other Shitennou's stones are much more important than what we know."

"I was wondering if you were getting that impression as well," said Zoisite as he looked up to the ceiling. "Maybe the last location will have a touch stone that illuminates it more."

"The last location that Mercurius told me about came with special instructions," said Greg as both Ami and Zoisite looked at him. "He said 'only her and him can go' when he told me that he hid the last thing to find next to the crystal tower." Greg turned to Moon. "Since he said only them, I will take you back."

"Thank you, Greg," said Moon before turning towards Mercury and Zoisite. "Don't forget to tell us about what you find."

"I will," said Mercury before Greg teleported him and Moon away.

While Zoisite was scouring the room around the crystal tower, Mercury was standing in front of the tower. Closing her eyes, she took stock of everything that that the touchstones had shown her. However, there was something bothering her. She just didn't know what. But a mental nudged from Zoisite prevented her from pondering it.

"Did you find something?" She asked as she turned towards Zoisite standing by a small alcove.

"It's another stone," he said as he pulled away from the alcove. "I figured you would want to touch it."

She nodded and trotted towards the alcove. Approaching it, the stone was like the first three. She stopped in front of it before her hand reached out. Then her hand touched the stone and two transparent figures appeared behind them. "Mercurius," started Belenus Alivis, "what are we doing here?"

"These stones must be blessed like the Swords of Redemption," said Mercurius as he walked towards the tower and pulled out a stone from the box.

"A blessing to protect them," said Belenus Alivis. "Those stone are to protect those un-awaken knights."

"Yes, Belenus," said Mercurius as he raised the stone to the crystal tower. "Those knights are just as special as the previous knights."

"As in they have that type of crystal?" Belenus Alvis asked before Mercurius mumbled something as he touched the stone to the tower.

"Yes, they do," said Mercurius has he replaced the stone he was holding the box and picked up another stone. He repeated the same motions with the first stone to the second stone and then picked up a third stone before repeating the same motions. Returning the third stone, his hand hovered over the forth stone.

"Mercurius, that blue stone, you seem to be showing more care towards it than the other," said Belenus Alvis.

Mercurius looked up to Belenus Alvis. "That stone is a variety of zoisite called tarnazite. Don't you agree that is the perfect stone for the second Planetary Knight of Mercury?"

"What do you know about that second knight of Mercury?" Belenus Alvis asked, his eyes wide.

"You're smart, Belenus Alvis," said Mercurius as he picked up the forth stone and held it. "I knew they were soulmates before they met." He pulled out two chain necklaces. Each had a ring on them. "Queen Serenity knew they were together. These happen to be out in open sight."

"And why did you grabbed them?"

"Because of this." Mercurius placed the two rings on top of the stone before the stone glowed the rings and chains disappearing from sight. "Those rings will return to them when they renew the blessing."

The two transparent figures disappeared, leaving Zoisite and Mercury staring where the two figures were. "What crystals were they talking about?" Zoisite asked.

"I think I might know," said Mercury as Zoisite turned to her. "But those memories are from too long ago." Her voice grew quite. "And affected by the purging."

"So do you remember enough?" Zoisite asked.

Mercury shook her head back and forth. "Sadly not." Her hand slid into the sub-dimensional pocket and she pulled out the blue stone. "But I do know what blessing we need to do with your stone."

"But we couldn't hear any of the blessing," said Zoisite.

"I didn't need to hear it to know it," said Mercury as she walked to the crystal tower.

"But how do you know it?" Zoisite asked as he rushed towards Mercury.

"What he did was exactly the same that I saw him do one other time," said Mercury as she stopped in front of the crystal tower. "And that time, I did hear the words."

"But I thought you did remember anything about your father visiting the moon."

"Only after I came to lived on the moon full time." Mercury allowed her eyes to grow unfocused. "Whenever he visited the moon, I would come. That was how I was the first to meet the princess." Her eyes slid shut. "But I didn't stray too far from his side." She opened her eyes and looked towards Zoisite. "I think you should do the blessing of your stone." She held it out.

"Let me know what to do," said Zoisite as he gently grabbed the stone. "The timing isn't best, but my parents will be in Kyoto this coming weekend."

"And they are wanting to visit with you?" Mercury asked.

"Yes," said Zoisite as he gazed at his stone, "but in Kyoto. They say they want to drop by Tokyo to see how you are doing."

"They don't have to come visit me," said Mercury.

"They feel like it, my nymph," said Zoisite before looking towards Mercury. "Let's bless this stone."

"Then raise and touched it lightly to the tower," said Mercury as Zoisite lifted the stone and touched its tip to the tower. "I will tell you the blessing through our bond. Speaking it out loud as I tell you it."

Zoisite nodded. /I'm ready,/ he said through their bond.

/Take these words and give this stone a blessing of protection,/ said Mercury through their bond.

"Take these words and give this stone a blessing of protection," said Zoisite before the stone glowed. His grip loosened before the stone clattered down to the ground, still glowing bright.

"What happened?" Mercury asked as she bend down to look at the still glowing stone.

"As soon as that last word was said, it glowed and became too warm for my hands," said Zoisite as he crouched down.

Mercury kept watching the stone as her brain began to ponder the possibilities. But that was halted when the stone stopped glowing and the rings on two separate chains appeared with a folded paper. Carefully, she picked up the paper and unfold it. "It's a note from dad," she said as Zoisite picked up the rings. "'I'm happy for you and hope you didn't mind me hiding your rings. It gave me the perfect opportunity for me to leave you my final gifts to you in this life. There is another stone that will have your gifts and it will show you them without a blessing.' And that was all he wrote."

"Interesting," said Zoisite as he held out one of the two chains. "It is only right that you carry what was once yours."

"Thank you." She took the chain and studied it before undoing the clasp. She put it around her neck before redoing the clasp.

"Can you keep my stone safe with you?" Zoisite asked before putting the other chain around his neck. "I fear that it needs to be kept safe and that there is some greater purpose for it."

"Yeah, I can keep it," said Mercury as she picked up the stone and placed it back in the sub-dimensional pocket. Glancing around, she saw another stone and went over to it. "I'm assuming this stone is the one he was referring to."

"You don't need to wait for me to touch it," said Zoisite as he lazily walk towards Mercury.

Mercury looked at Zoisite and turned before she touched the stone. At her touch the stone glowed, disappearing in the bright light. When the light dissipated, Mercury blinked a few times before her eyes readjusted and could see what had replaced the stone. A sword with an ornate handle laid on top of a black cape with a blue symbol emblazoned on it. "The royal crest," Mercury whispered. Her eyes looked at the blue symbol. The symbol was similar to the one that appeared on forehead when she would transform. This one was more elaborately designed and encircled with leaves. She picked up the blade and studied it. The blade was in a white sheathed. Her hand pulled the sheath off to show the cleam of the blade "And this is similar to the swords that the healers are given. Towards the end, Eir had received one."

"Why?" Zoisite asked as he stopped beside Mercury.

"Eir had been pulled into becoming a healer. The top healers on Moon thought it was best she was properly tutored in arts of a healer," said Mercury as she flipped the blade over in her hands. "Healers would carry this sword when attending to someone during a battle."

"It's a nice sword," said Zoisite as he gazed at the sword before looking towards the cape. "What is the deal with the cape?"

"I do not understand why he is giving these as my gifts," said Mercury. She sheathed the sword and handed it to Zoisite. Her hands picked up the cape, and a piece of paper floated down to the ground. "Now what is this?" She picked up the piece of paper and unfold it.

"It's written in Lunarian," said Zoisite as he looked over her shoulder. "It does mention both the cape and blade, if my memory of Lunarian is correct."

"Yes, it does mention both." Mercury smiled. "'I hope you appreciate having an extra healer's blade and the cape. You will never know when a healer's blade can help you out. The cape was made especially for you to use for stealth, and I hope you make use of the enchantment I place on it. The enchantment will allow for you to quickly stow it in your sub-dimensional pocket.'" Mercury handed the paper to Zakari and grabbed the cape by the collar.

With a quick shake, the cape was unfolded. She took the cape and placed it on her shoulders. She did the clapse on the cape. She moved her arms and shoulders. The cape didn't hinder any of those movements. "Nymph, be carefully with walking," said Zoisite softly as she glanced towards him. "That cape is longer than you are tall, but it is not by much."

With her mind whirling, she glanced down at the cape. Its extra length laying on the ground. Then she looked up to Zoisite and then her whirling mind provided an answer. "At the end," she said slightly above a whisper, "I'm sure I was older."

"And what made you think that was the case?" Zoisite asked softly.

"I realized you were taller than you are now," said Mercury before glancing down to the cape again. "I wonder why I didn't realize it earlier."

"You can't blame yourself, Nymph," said Zoisite as he approached Mercury and slowly wrapped his arms around her. "Our memories of our first life are bound not to be super sharp."

"Zoisite, you know exactly what to say," said Mercury as she leaned into him. "Let's go home."

"As you wish." And then there was crack of the sound of them teleporting leaving the moon palace behind.

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