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Hadrian Sirius Potter sighed as he settled in his rocking chair. He could feel all his fifty-five years catching up with him faster than should be possible. He poured himself a glass of firewhiskey, Ogden's finest, though apparently it wasn't as finest as it used to be, at least according to his great-grandfather. Then again, it was better to take anything the man said with a pinch of salt, or rather a full sack of it.

Glancing at the clock that tracked the positions of all the Potter's, he saw that the man in question was still 'out of this world'. His father, Fleamont Potter was at Potter Manor with James who also happened to be Hadrian's grandfather. The son of the great Harry Potter had become too old and would be passing anytime now if Harry didn't come back soon enough.

As if summoned by his thoughts, a familiar ring of amber light appeared a few feet from his chair and started growing until it was wide enough for a person to walk though. A second later, Hadrian's great-grandfather strolled through the portal looking no older than the last time he had seen him, twenty years ago to be exact. His raven-black hair was as messy as ever though it had grown a lot a great deal and some of it was tied into a knot. His green eyes were as brilliant as ever though the eyebrows were very bushy.

"Hey there kid, how are you." Harry greeted as he conjured himself a very comfortable chair. "Oh, it's so good to be back."

"I can't exactly say it is a pleasure to see you again grandpa." Hadrian drawled as he looked at his great-grandfather. "You have barely changed since I last saw you."

"Ah, finally learned some flattery have you?" Harry Potter smirked at him. "Though, I can't say the same about you, you have aged like thirty years."

"You have been gone for Twenty years, grandpa." Hadrian replied dryly.

"Really?" Harry Potter frowned but then shook his head. "So, what has got you growing grey hairs at such an early age, I don't remember having them when I was thirty."

"I am fifty-five thank you very much." Hadrian retorted. "And you had no grey hair because you look like an eighteen-year old even now."

"Oh, really? I hadn't even noticed." Harry laughed and Hadrian would have pouted if it didn't mean he would be teased for days.

The fact that Harry Potter was immortal and stopped aging at Twenty when he absorbed the Deathly Hallows always bothered Hadrian. The fact that he, Hadrian was this generation's Croaker, an identity taken by the Head Unspeakable probably had something to do with it. Harry's immortality or even the knowledge that he was still alive wasn't exactly public. When He and his two best friends found out, they had come up with a plan to fake Harry's death immediately.

None of them wanted to risk the lives of those close to him due to selfish individuals hoping to usurp his place as Master of Death. Since it was believed that when one defeats the owner of the Elder Wand becomes its master, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if one put it in their heads that defeating Harry would make them Master of Death.

"So how are things in the Department?"

"Exhausting." Hadrian sighed. "I have half a mind to retire though they would just try to hunt me down."

Harry frowned at that.

"I could pay your sister a visit."

"It is not the Ministers fault." Hadrian answered. "It is the people in the department themselves though I have a plan to handle them soon enough."

"Well, looks like you have everything in hand, so why the long face."

"I was beginning to miss you I guess."

"Oh, don't start getting wimpy on me old man." Harry said with a grin and Hadrian rolled his eyes.

"Says the man who is two centuries old." He retorted. "And speaking of old, you should probably go and check on James, he wasn't looking so well the last time I saw him."

Harry shook his head with a sad smile.

"No, we agreed that I will not be administering anymore Elixir, it is time for him to join his siblings."

Hadrian gave his great-grandfather and mentor a sympathetic smile. James had been the last living of Harry's seven children and was only eighteen-years younger than Harry himself. These were some of the times when Hadrian didn't envy Harry's immortality where he has to watch as all his loved ones died of one by one while he still remained as young as he was three years after defeating Tom Riddle.

"Where is my gift?" Hadrian asked pulling the man away from his son's impending death.

"Ohh, right here." Harry answered as he wandlessy summoned his bag of holding from here he had dropped it. "I know you barely know how to wield a table knife but you are absolutely going to love this. I stole it from Julius Caesar himself."

With that the older but teenage looking wizard pulled out a long sword from his bag and handed it to Hadrian.

From what his mentor had told him, after about a century of Harry travelling around the word learning all sorts of magic and generally spending the life of a teenager that he had been denied while at Hogwarts, Harry had been approached by the entity who called itself Death.

It had recognized Harry as not Master of Death but as Master of the Hallows. It had explained to him what it meant and whatever it entailed to be considered as one. He was basically required to run errands for Death in different universes each different from the other. In exchange he would ask the powerful entity for any favor. Initially, it was supposed to be that once he travelled to one Universe, he would never be able to go back to it, starting with his original universe.

Harry had asked for three favors from the entity and he would continue to run whatever errands freely. The first being that he would be allowed to spend time in his original universe for ten years before being given another errand. The second was that he would be allowed to move with any items he acquires across universes which had initially been refused. The last was that he would be allowed to have his magic in whatever universe he visited.

So every after ten years, Harry would leave his home universe to visit other universes to run some errands for death, though what these 'errands' were, Hadrian was never informed about.

"This sword is the one Julius Cesar used in his conquest and rise to power as one of the greatest emperors the Roman Empire has ever seen, at least in the universe where I have been." The older wizard stated proudly and Hadrian found himself smiling as well.

His mentor always brought him something from his journeys and he cherished them more than even his own life no matter how little value they seemed to be.

"And how pray tell, did you come by this?" Hadrian asked as he swung the very sharp blade around and nearly cutting Harry.

"Ok, I will leave you for a moment to play with you latest toy." He said as he gracefully dodged the sword. "I am in desperate need of a shower."

And with that, Harry disappeared from the living room and left Hadrian to his toy. While he wasn't even half the swordsman his mentor was, Hadrian was pretty good with a blade with the sword in his hand, he felt like the weapon had been specifically created for him as he did a couple of swigs.

Not for the first time and probably not for the last, Hadrian appreciated the fact that he was born a Potter. And also the fact that it had been him that Harry chose as his protégé out of this generation of Potters. While Harry made sure that he was active in any Potter's life, there were individuals he picked in the three generations that had passed after him whom he considered his students. Hadrian had been lucky to be this generation's star Potter just like his grandfather James who was about to die.

Harry James Potter sunk onto the soft mattress and sighed in appreciation. He had spent the last twenty years in Ancient Greek and there weren't five-star hotels around there. the moment his head landed on the pillow, he was already asleep. However, he had barely slept for a minute before his sleep was disturbed by visions.

He seemed to be flying over a huge world, about three times bigger than his home world. The place looked like the ice age of his home universe. There seemed to be an entire continent covered in snow which went on thickening as he flew north. When it seemed the land covered by the snow wouldn't come to an end, he met a long and high majestic looking wall that seemed to vibrate due to the amount of magic within it. Surprisingly, beyond this wall of burning ice was more land and as he flew further, he could almost feel the cold within his bones.

His nose twitched at the smell of death and decay as he went further north, his magic senses screaming at him to flee and turn south. Not one to ignore his instincts, Harry immediately turned and started flying back where he came from but not before glimpsing cold blue eyes that were staring at his retreating form in a mixture of anger and fear. And then the cold started following him. The creatures with the cold blue eyes following his path at ridiculous speeds. they chased after him until he reached the wall of burning ice. The cold creatures didn't approach the wall, as if they were afraid of it.

Harry stopped for a moment as he stared at the movements of the creatures wondering what they were trying to do but then he ignored them as he turned his sight south where he had started his flight from.

He saw hundreds of wolves and then lions tearing at each other while a mocking bird was laughing and mocking at them not aware that it was getting itself entangled in a spider's web by its movements. While all this happened a large snake as big if not bigger than the Basilisk he had killed when he was twelve was darting in and out of the fight but every time it left with one of the bigger fighters dying in its jaws.

The fight itself was taking place on a field of spider webs though the spider was nowhere to be seen. That is until it screamed as it was burned by a dragon that appeared from nowhere and started burning everyone involved in the fight. Its rampage continued as it burned down the nearly finished lions before it turned to the surviving wolves, until one white wolf seemed to transform itself into an even bigger dragon and killed the first dragon ending the fight. The transformed wolf, now dragon then turned on itself and somehow managed to kill itself from the inside. By the time the cold dead creatures of winter passed the wall, there was nothing in its path and soon the whole world was covered in frost and death.

"Do me a favor Harry Potter." The voice of the entity Harry knew as Death whispered as the vision started fading. "You must prevent this. Also, find my champion and protector her with everything you have because only she can put a stop to this madness and I will grant you what you desire."

Harry didn't need to think about his answer. While it would cut of the ten years he was to spend with his family, the prize was most definitely worth it. His vision fading completely, Harry felt the shift of reality as he was transformed to the new world for his next task.

When the shift finished, Harry sat up realized that he was seated in the middle of a pond inside a somber looking hall. There were men and women dressed in tattered robes and dresses who were staring at him like he was a ghost.

"A man looks like a child." A voice said from behind him and Harry turned his face to look at an old man with a kindly face. "Though the man is not wearing another's face."

Harry's eyes narrowed as he looked at his reflection in the pond to see his thirteen-year-old face looking back at him.

"A man does not feel like any other." The man continued in confusion before his eyes widened slightly and he dropped on one knee startling Harry who jumped to his feet. "A man is no man at all." The kindly man declared. "How may the house of Black and White serve its God."


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