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The butterfly effect.


In all actuality Bella didn't want to be a vampire, she didn't have anyone to be forever with, not anymore. Spending an eternity alone was dooming. Although, the idea of facing that doomed eternity in order to protect her family made her unstoppable. Edward didn't want to give her an eternity, even though he loved her, forever wasn't exactly in his plans. Edward's ways put not only her in danger, but the Cullens and her human family as well. She did what she had to do. She went straight on and sacrificed herself.

Becoming a vampire wasn't something exactly glamorous, Rosalie had hinted enough in her story, even Jasper had somehow said it. But becoming a vampire, being an equal to those who were a threat made the game even. She had something they wanted, in exchange she protected her family, it was a mutual silent understanding.

She could have actually asked anyone to change her and the results would have been pretty much the same, she would be a vampire, and the Vulturi weren't going to be a problem. But she had decided to go all the way to Italy because deep down, there was a whispering voice telling her that everything would be worth it, she would be happy with the choices she was making. That set her resolve. That made her decision almost set in stone. The rational part told her that being in the midst of the threat could help her mitigate or eliminate any plan, any future action against someone she loved -as long as they remained innocent-.

She was also desperately trying to think in shades of Gray. They couldn't be that bad. Not everyone is 100% good or evil. She had heard stories, but Carlisle was the only one who has ever said any good things about them.

After Bella's phone is connected to the Wi-Fi, all the messages from Alice came rushing in.

"Don't do it!"

"Please answer your phone"

"Bella, please!"

"You did it."

"Be happy Bella"

So, here it is. It doesn't reveal much, but everything will be cleared along the way if it does not on the first chapter.

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Btw, I seriously recommend "Evermore Experience" from DeJean Smith. It's a twilight fanfic and you won't regret it.