Here's the second gift I bring you today.

I had to write about these two. Alec is such an important part in this story that not giving him an outtake seemed unfair.


The Butterfly Effect.

Outtake 2: Alec & Bree.

Alec had been a man with a mission since his talk with Bella. She had a point in regards to Bree. Their encounter had been rather dramatic, and might still be afraid. And she didn't know anyone in this hostile environment. So he just lingered wherever she was, faking to be interested in something else. Tinkering with any electronic device that Aro (in a strake if paranoia which he called prevention) had installed. In reality, Alec wasn't very good with technology; Jane was the brainiac in that department. His job was to train the vampires whose tasks were inside the Castle (as opposed to the guard -Felix, Bella, Demetri, etc.).

He watched her when she wasn't watching. She was always in the company of someone else. Most of the time, she was with a girl named Lily. He still wasn't sure what she did, because she was relatively new at the Castle. Nevertheless, she seemed comfortable in her company, and that's all he wanted for her.

However, the guard members charged with the protection of the queens and everything that pertained to them were beginning to notice a pattern on his appearances. The technology installed didn't need daily revision, and there was nothing of interest for him in that part of the Castle. Lily was the first, or more accurately, the only one to approach him.

"You should talk to her." It surprised him to be so transparent. "I know she would like that. She is just very shy and nervous." He nodded, still surprised.

"Last time I got near her she basically ran away."

"She had just arrived at the castle, she had seen all her friends die in front of her, and you guys can be very intimidating when you want to." He raised an eyebrow. "She told me everything. We've become close friends in the past few months."

"Do you think she's ready? I don't want to scare her more."

Lilly smirked a knowing smile. "Trust me. She's ready" She directed him towards Bree's room, and he immediately departed, feeling nervous for the first time ever.

"Hi" she greeted sweetly and quietly.

"Hi" he answered back. "May I come in?"

"Sure." She stepped aside from the door, letting him in.

He took notice of her room. She had hanged a Mandala in purple tones. Other than that the decoration was minimal. A few landscape pictures and one selfie of her and Lily. He noticed that it also had a landscape as a background. "Did you take those pictures?" He asked, genuinely curious.

She nodded. "Lily told me that if I had something to focus on, I could get out of my head and control myself and my emotions better. I remembered that I've always liked photography, so Lily went to the mall with me and helped me pick a good camera and some other technologies to go with it. I have more than those pictures, but they were my favourite."

"That was good advice. And your pictures are amazing. Could you show me the rest?" It was a way of getting in her head and getting to know her better.

She walked towards her bed and sat on it. She motioned for him to sit with her while she opened her laptop and turned it on. That way, they spent the entire afternoon getting to know the other. She was smart and funny. She saw the world in a whole different way. He became more enthraled, the more they talked.

At some point, they forgot about the computer and the photographs. They laughed and teased the other. They felt secure in being themselves with the other. Bree had never felt safer. She had talked so much about him with Lily that she couldn't believe she was talking with him. He had been a quiet presence on the plane ride. She was too afraid to care about what was happening with Bella and the others. At least she had Edward to protect her. If anything were to happen, she didn't stand a chance.

But there had been something about Alec, he had sat close to her, and even though he didn't attempt to make conversation, he occupied himself with a computer, a kindle and some cards. He was not a steady person. He liked to move, to do things. She found that fascinating. And she became hypnotised by his movements. She was getting calmer with the hours. At the end of the flight, she was bewitched. She wanted to speak with him, to kiss him, but then reality happened, and she was facing the feared Volturi.

When they assigned her to the queens, she could tell by the body language of her companion that it was a good thing. There, she met Lily, a talkative petite vampire with black hair and stunning red eyes. She made it her mission to show a Bree everything she could in one day. Bree found that funny, and instead of being intimidated, she discovered that it actually made her feel more comfortable. From that moment on, Lily became her best friend. One she could tell everything about the black-haired vampire that had leaked through her mind ever since she met him.

The first time he appeared, she ran away. It was so stupid of her to run away. But she had seen all her friends die in front of her. There was still a part of her that was uneasy and nervous in this new environment. She didn't feel like it was home yet. Maybe soon.

Coming back down to reality and deciding to go for girl power, she leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips. It took him a few seconds to respond, but once he did, everything was forgotten. He wanted her so much, but he didn't want to have sex right at that moment. And she didn't either. They broke the kiss smiling to each other so big that they laughed like silly people. They both were on cloud nine.

"Would you like to go on a date with me?" He asked, hopefully.

"Yes," she agreed almost at the same time. He chuckled and kissed her again.