Hi, Roxy Goth here! This idea came to me last night in a flash of inspiration and I thought 'I must remember to actually write about this instead of letting it be one of the many, many ideas that slip through my fingers' and so here we are.

I will admit the idea for the title DID come from the fanfiction 'Huey Duck's Non-Comprehensive, Ever Growing List of Reasons Why Being A Triplet Is Awesome' by FanGirlAndProudOfIt – but that is all.

I've never written Della at all, let alone like this. I also haven't been watching Ducktales for a little while – though I have looked her up on TV tropes, so hopefully she's not to OOC.

I do not own Ducktales in any way shape or form.


Hello and welcome to Della Duck's Totally Awesome Guide to Bonding With Your Family! My eldest son, Hubert, gave me this diary earlier on and clearly felt it needed explaining. The conversation went like this:

I'm in the kitchen trying to work the kettle [What? You try being stuck on the moon for ten years, oh wait, you have…] when Hubert [AKA Huey] walked in holding a small object in his hand.


"Yes?" I said, brightly flashing him my 'what-can-I-do-for-you-angel-of-my-life' smile.

"Can I give you this?" He asked, shoving a small rectangler object in my face.

I lent back a little and took it and quickly realised it was a diary. "Oh…thank you, Huey." I said, probably somewhat doubtfully. The name my dear brother picked out for them are going to take me some getting used to. Although to be fair I can't really see Huey carrying off the name 'Turbo', 'Jet' or 'Rebel' so maybe it's for the best…

Anyway, as I said I must have looked like I didn't have a clue what I was looking at because he said, helpfully. "It's a diary."

"Yes, I can see that." I said, trying not to sound annoyed – I haven't earned the right to be annoyed with them yet after all. "Why are you giving it to me?"

A flash of hurt splattered over his face – the same one Donald used to give me when I wouldn't look at his emo poems - and I briefly wondered if I'd accidently upset him. However I don't think I did because he was soon smiling again as he said.

"Well, I was thinking after, you know, being stuck on the moon for so long it might help you get your thoughts in order and be more adjusted to civilian life! After all the JWG says-"

Ah, the JWG. I thought I'd got past that when Fethry was finally kicked out for accidently setting fire to a couple of his campmates tents one camping trip, but apparently not. Anyway

"The JWG says that diaries can help someone who has been through a lot of trauma – which you undoubtedly have, let's face it – get their thoughts together and help them be organised. So I managed to find one! Well, actually it's Dewey's from about three Christmases ago. But seeing as he's never looked at it, I thought I'd give it to you!" He finally finished and looked up at me with a beaming smile that briefly [and alarmingly] reminded me of Fethry.

I think I remember smiling back at him as I said. "Oh, well…thank you, Huey. That's…really lovely. Very thoughtful. Thank you very much." Gee, when had I gotten so 'thank-you-ish? Anyway, it seemed to do the trick, as they say, as Huey [must get used to that name!] gave me another beaming smile and all but leapt out the kitchen.

By which point off course the water had stopped boiling and was approaching lukewarm, so I had to boil it again.

After I'd managed to remember how to make a coffee [Thankfully Donald was a massive coffee-lover from about 16, otherwise I'd be screwed] I set about digging out a pen, then I sat down and – here we are! I have my very own actual diary! Yay! One step towards normal!