Minnie took charge. "Clarabelle, it's okay." She said. "We'll ask the manager to have a look at the CCTV and call the police. C'mon. You guys stay here." She said as she and Daisy led Clarabelle off towards a passing member of staff.

Mickey was pacing up and down, arms folded, worry radiating off him. "This isn't like him." He mumbled. "Horace doesn't just GO OFF. What of someone's kidnapped him?"

Me and Donald looked at each other. "Mickey." Donald said, with blunt honesty. "Horace is an actor. And not a very successful one at that. I seriously doubt anyone's kidnapped him. I mean, let's face it, if they wanted money it'd be better to kidnap nearly ANYONE else here, except Daisy and Clarabelle. What with myself and Della being relatives of Scrooge McDuck and you and Minnie being loaded and everything..." Then he trailed off and a look came over his face that I recognised easily. It was Donald's 'I-am-putting-dots-together' face. Then - just to confirm it - he let out his I-Am-An-Idiot squawk and, grabbing Mickey's arm, ran off up the stairs, pushing strangers out the way as he did so.

I shot after him demanding he tell me what the hell he was doing. He yelled back an explanation, but I was to far away to hear him.

"Just to clarify I didn't understand a WORD you said." I told him as I threw myself into the back of the car.

He flapped a hand in my direction and shushed me, then we sped off.

"Don, will you tell us where we're going!?" I demanded after about five minutes of us speeding down a random road. [Donald would later tell me he was trying to take a way that didn't involve the highway.]

"Not now!" He said, as he swerved a corner. "Just phone Cabrera!"

Now, funnily enough, I don't actually have Officer Cabrera on speed-diel, so I did the next best thing and phoned Fenton.

"This isn't the best time, Della." Was the first thing he said. He sounded breathless.

"Look, it's not actually YOU I want, it's your mother."

"Mama? Why?"

"Erm..." My mind went blank. "Hold on." I leaned forward in my seat and hissed. "Donald, what the hell am I telling him?"

"TELL HIM that if his mother sees Horace to NOT arrest him but follow him instead. From a distance."

I told Fenton that. He immediately said. "Is she on a case? I can't just give her instructions if she's on a case. And I don't really want to phone her in case she's apprehending a suspect-"

"Yeah, well, that's kinda the point-" Then I had a lightbulb moment. "Actually, are you in the suit?"

"Yes, I'm just doing my patrols-"

I fist-punched the air. "I don't suppose you could stop by Clarabelle's and Horace's house and tell your mother not to arrest Horace?"

A pause and then. "Yeah, I suppose I could-"

"There's his car!" Mickey shouted, nearly causing Donald to go into a nearby hedge while swearing colourfully.

"We need to follow him!" I said.

There was a bit of a commotion while my twin did his best to do a three-point turn in a ridiculously narrow road while Fenton demanded our exact location. I gave him Clarabelle's and Horace's address and told him to go from there, then hung up.

"Just don't get to close." Mickey warned as we stalked Horace down the lane. "We don't want him to see us-"

"-Yes, thanks Mickey." Donald snapped.

"Shut up!" I hissed. "Park here." So there we were parked about 300 yards away - lights turned off so we couldn't be seen - and waited. Issue was, we had no idea what we were waiting for. And then Minnie called cos she'd realised we had also gone missing, so in one ear we had Mickey trying to convince his wife she didn't need to send out a search party for us and in the other ear I had Donald going. "Do you think this is working?" While holding his phone up trying to film whatever was happening.

I was about to tell him that I highly doubted he'd be able to see anything in the light we had. [8:30 pm on narrow country lane with no lampposts] when another car pulled up next to Horace's and what can only be described as a 'shadowy figure' got out.

The three of us leaned forward in our seats trying to see and went quiet.

"Mickey-" Minnie's voice squawked out, nearly giving us all a heart attack. He hung up on her and shrugged sheepishly at me and Donald.

We saw Horace get out the car with a briefcase. He then handed the briefcase to 'shadowy figure', who took it and went to go.

Just as we were debating who would go out the car and intervene there was a blinding light from above and lasers hit the rode. I would like to say myself, Donald and Mickey were completely calm about it, but that would be a lie. We screamed. Quite loudly.

Anyway, 'Gizmoduck' swooped towards the 'Shadowy Figure' who legged it down the lane. Obviously though Gizmoduck clearly has rocket-shoes or something cause he just swooped on them and grabbed them, picked them up and held them up in the air. They were FURIOUS and were trying to get free, kicking legs and everything. She was also screaming, which is when I found it it was definitely a girl. Or a guy who had inhaled helium. [No, it was a girl.]

As a matter of fact the light from Gizmoduck's outfit illuminated her and I could see that it was...drum roll please...Phantom Blot Junior!

"I should've known it!" Me and Donald said at the exact same time.

"You know this women?" Gizmoduck asked.

"It's a long story." I said.

It was at this point that Mickey, who was jumping up and down waving his hands in front of Horace's face, turned round and demanded. "What have you done to Horace!?"

P.B.J rolled her eyes and said. "Relax, it's just simple mind-control-"

"Release the citizen now!" Gizmoduck said, grandly.

I didn't even see what she did but she did SOMETHING and the result was Horace fell to the ground. Mickey gave a shout and slapped him round the face a bit while saying his name.

P.B.J shook her head as if to say 'Oh, brother.' "He'll come to if you just give him some air." She said, in a highly-sarcastic manner.

Anyway, I'm going to have to wrap this thing up cos I'm running out of pages now. Cabrera arrived just as Horace was coming to. She took one look at the scene, then up at Gizmoduck and said. "Okay, thank you Mr Gizmoduck, I'll take over now. Can you bring the prisoner down?" Gizmo put P.B.J down and Cabrera wasted no time in slapping cuffs on her and throwing her into the police car. "Where's the portrait?" She asked, brusquely.

Erm...no one knew. Cue P.B.J from the inside of the car. "Oh for crying out loud! It's IN the suitcase! Do I have to spell EVERYTHING out for you?"

So the portrait was returned to Horace and we were drove back to the house while Cabrera and Gizmoduck 'escorted' the P.B.J to jail. When we got there we were greeted with an un-impressed Minnie, Daisy and Clarabelle who [understandably] were annoyed that we'd ditched them. We told them what had happened though and they calmed down. Clarabelle was [again, understandably] very worried about Horace and whisked him off to bed for a rest. And we were all pretty exhausted so we decided to do the same.

Okay, last page, so. P.B.J WILL go to jail, I'm fairly sure. Cause not only did Cabrera and Gizmoduck literally catch her in the act, but thanks to Minnie nagging the Theatre manager we now know there's CCTV evidence of the fact that not only did Horace NOT have a suitcase when he entered the theatre but it clearly shows P.B.J managing to hypnotise him [she blended in with the crowd, bumped into him, 'fell' over, Horace leant down to help her and she looked into his eyes and hypnotised him] Then it shows Horace leaving the theatre. So I'm fairly certain that with that evidence - and the fact she's kinda renown for this kind of thing - she'll spend at least a couple of years in jail. Or months, more likely, before she breaks out again if she's anything like her father.

She winked at me as well, how weird is that? As Cabrera was wrestling her into the car she effing winked at me. Thankfully Donald didn't notice because he was to busy helping Mickey help Horace stand up.

So yeah. What a night. Quite a good night to come to the end of my diary on though. You know, when I first got this thing I wasn't sure about it. I thought it was a bit daft. I mainly wrote in it so I could tell Huey I'd used it, but it's actually been quite helpful. It's our birthday coming up in a few months, I may ask for another one. Who knows?

So, for the final time...see you next time, diary!


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