Hiya, ASOUE people. Seems like I'm back! At least a little, I don't know how frequently I will update. Anyway, this is a new story that I've just started in the genres Romance and Drama. Curious to find out what it is? Well then, just read it.

This is a Living Parents AU (meaning none of the unfortunate things happened. All went well that day they went to Briny Beach), and here are some important little things:

The time period is after season 3. Not after The End though. So Violet's 15, the triplets are 14, Klaus is 13, and Sunny is 3.

Both the Quagmires and Baudelaires have told their children about the V.F.D., and all the secrets and stuff.

At the start, the Quagmire and Baudelaire children don't know each other.

Now let's get into it!


On either side of Coastal Park town stood two mansions. One on Couture Avenue, and one on Fergman avenue. In the Couture mansion lived the Baudelaires, consisting of Bertrand and Beatrice, and their three children Violet, Klaus and Sunny. The Quagmires lived in the mansion on Fergman Avenue. They were a family of five as well, only that Quentin and Karen's three children were the triplets Isadora, Quigley and Duncan.

The parents in the respective families had known each other for decades. Bertrand, Beatrice, Quentin and Karen met at their boarding school Prufrock Prep, where they were all star-students. Pretty much everyone there liked them, the principal too to say the least.

When they left Prufrock after graduating, each of the by then young adults chose their career paths, while still remaining in touch with one another.
Bertrand got into researching, and made millions from his discoveries.
Beatrice picked up a career in hairdressing, while also pursuing free time hobbies of bat training and opera singing, which she soon chose over the hairdressing.
Quentin and Karen (who got engaged a week after graduating) started exploring uninhabited land, making discoveries such as a giant sapphire cave, with sapphires now named "The Quagmire sapphires".

Not even two years after their graduation, the Prufrock principal found them, along with some other star-students (including the Snickets, Esmé Squalor, and Count Olaf). He started a secret organisation, whose purpose was to put out the literal and figurative fires of the world. The Volunteer Fire Department.

All was well, until the schism that divided the organisation into two sides; the fire-fighting and the fire-starting. Along the process, Ishmael disappeared, and .

Soon after, Quentin and Karen got married, while Bertrand and Beatrice got engaged. Not long after that, the newly wedded Baudelaires got pregnant, and left the V.F.D., and by doing that, losing contact with the Quagmires. Their daughter Violet was born seven months later.

It only took a little over a year after Violet's birth for Quentin and Karen to get pregnant. By the time they knew they were having triplets, Beatrice and Bertrand knew they were pregnant again.

Then there was of course the little afterthought Sunny ten years after Klaus was born, and three years after that is when this story starts...

Beatrice Baudelaire walked out of the kitchen in her family mansion. A tray of lemon muffins rested on her hands, and little Sunny (who helped her bake the muffins) happily skipped close behind her.

Together the two of them walked to the dining room, where Beatrice put the tray on the table.

"Violet! Klaus! We baked muffins!" she happily shouted for her older children.

The sound of sneakers against a wooden staircase and a door opening and closing were heard only seconds after she announced that there were muffins. Not long after that, the two older Baudelaire children entered the dining room.

Violet Baudelaire, dressed in a light blue shirt dress with whales printed on it, and a pair of goggles hanging around her wrist, and Klaus Baudelaire, wearing a button up shirt and khakis. Spotting the muffins on the table, they lit up. Beatrice and Sunny made the best treats together.

"Enjoy," Beatrice smiled at them, and gestured for them to take a muffin.

Violet and Klaus gladly grabbed a muffin each, while Beatrice helped Sunny get onto her chair, so she could also enjoy the dessert.

"Thank you, mother," Violet said while she carefully took the wrapper off her muffin.

"Thank you," Klaus thanked his mother as well, and Beatrice gave them both a look to say "You're welcome."

"Not just her," Sunny commented, frowning at her siblings while she struggled to get her muffin free from the wrapper.

"Thank you too, Sunny," Violet and Klaus added.

Sunny smiled proudly before returning to trying to figure out how to remove the wrapper.

"You're not eating all the muffins without me, are you?"

All the eyes fell on Bertrand as he entered the room with the question.

"Of course not," Beatrice answered, while seating herself down in a chair.

A second later she turned to her children, and winked at them. They grinned, giggling under their breaths. Despite Beatrice's signal that they were gonna eat all the muffins without Mr. Baudelaire, he grabbed a muffin while passing by the table. The remaining family members watched as he walked out of the dining room, and away into the grand living room.

"Seems like your plan failed," Violet whispered when Bertrand was gone.

Beatrice answered with a nod, but was then interrupted by the kitchen phone ringing.

"I'll be right back," she quickly told the children while she got up.

Hearing the ring tone getting louder and louder, she sprinted into the kitchen and grabbed it. A number that she didn't recognize were written on the screen. Usually, Beatrice wouldn't answer unknown numbers, but she had a weird feeling she should really take this call. So she did.

"Hello, you're speaking to Beatrice Baudelaire"

"And you are speaking to Karen Quagmire," the voice on the other end replied.

Beatrice's jaw immediately dropped.


"Yes," Karen ingeniously replied.

"Oh my gosh, Karen!"

All three Baudelaire children gave each other a confused look at their mother sounding like a teenage girl.

"I can't believe it!" Beatrice continued, before turning serious for a moment. "How are you calling me? We're not supposed to be in contact with each other"

"Quentin and I retired from the V.F.D.!"

"You did? Karen! Congratulations!"

Any other kid would probably get closer to the kitchen door to eavesdrop at this point, but the Baudelaire's were more respectful than that. Even though they were curious, and wanted to hear more, they kept themselves to their conversation and the muffins.

"It was a hard decision, but after we told the kids, it was just such a burden," Karen explained, sounding pretty exhausted just by the thought of all of it.

"I know the feeling," Beatrice sighed. She thought back to when she first found out she was having a baby. "Well, you and Quentin were stronger than us."

"Are you kidding me, Beatrice?" Karen asked in disbelief. "You at least had the guts to leave when you got pregnant. I raised three children keeping a huge secret from them!"

"I did too, Karen," Beatrice reminded her.

"Not while still working for the organisation."

"That might have been a little harder," Beatrice said laughing, and soon Karen was giggling too.

They laughed together for a few seconds. It was like nothing had changed. This phone call was similar to the conversations they had with each other fifteen years ago. It even took Beatrice a few seconds of laughing to remember that it wasn't yesterday they saw each other last.

"So how are things going for you? You're holding up? How are the triplets?" she babbled out questions, not knowing which one to start with.

"Well, things are great. We still have the sapphires, we're looking for new; less dangerous, jobs, and the triplets are great!" Karen responded. "Isadora's gotten really into poetry, Quigley's drawing maps of everything, and Duncan is practically the youngest journalist in town," she paused for a second to smile at her kids in the library behind her. "So how are yours? I heard you had another one just a few years ago!"

"I did," Beatrice smiled at her kids in the dining room. "Her name's Sunny, and you already know about Violet and Klaus. My inventor, researcher... and...," she paused to increase Karen's excitement. "-chef!"

"She's cooking?!" Karen asked, amazed by the fact that a three-year-old was a chef.

"Like a real chef."

"That's incredible."

"I know. She helped me make muffins a few minutes ago, but I was practically just watching her do it on her own."

The two of them took a break to giggle at Sunny's cuteness.

"But Bea," Karen interrupted them after a couple of seconds. "I'm not calling just to tell you that we're not Volunteers anymore, but I've got a request."

"Go on," Beatrice nodded to herself.

"We've not seen each other in years, and our kids haven't even met," Karen started. "What do you say we do something about that?"

"That sounds wonderful."

"Quentin and I just bought a new minibus. What do you and Bertrand say about a little road trip with the children?"

"Again; wonderful."

"Then it's settled," Karen cheerfully said. "Time?"

"What about next week?" Beatrice suggested. "We meet at our place, Monday; 9am, and get back on Sunday."

"Perfect. We'll see you then."

"Bye Karen."

"Bye Bea."

Beatrice hung up the phone with a smile on her face. Her already sunny day had just gotten brighter. She turned and walked over to the wall calendar on the other side of the kitchen, and across the boxes representing the next week, she wrote;


"Children!" she called.

Violet and Klaus got up, and on the way Klaus picked up Sunny.

"What mother?" Violet asked whilst they entered the kitchen.

"Do you remember the Quagmires? Mine and Bertrand's friends from the Volunteer Fire Department."

The three children nodded.

"We're talking about the Quagmires now?" Bertrand came through the dining room door. "What about them?"

"Karen just called me!" Beatrice revealed.

"No way," Bertrand smiled and shook his head.

"She did?" Violet turned to her mother, now smiling too.

"Her and Quentin quit the V.F.D."

"That's great!" Bertrand commented.

"I know!" Beatrice excitedly exclaimed. "And we're going on a week-long road trip with them next week!"

"A road trip? That sounds great," Klaus smiled politely.

After Karen hung up the phone in the Quagmire mansion, she sprinted into the library, where the rest of her family were hanging out.

"Quentin, children, come here," she gestured to the couch Duncan and Isadora were sitting on.

The family quickly gathered on it, cozying up with each other.

"You know the minibus me and Quentin bought a couple of weeks ago?" Karen asked the triplets.

"Yeah," Isadora said while the boys nodded.

"We're finally taking it on a road trip!" Karen revealed.

The triplets immediately lit up, and had their own quick mini celebration on the couch, consisting of a few happy words, and some bouncing.

"But we're not taking it alone," Quentin interrupted their celebration. He also knew the plan. "We're taking it with the Baudelaires."

"Seriously?" Duncan asked, smiling at the statement.

"As serious as day"

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