55 / The Noid

Series: The Noid's commercials

Series Logo: The Noid's face

Weight: 67

Speed: 3.85 (The fastest character!)

Entrance: Falls face first on the stage, then picks himself back up

Up Taunt: Pulls his bunny ears down and laughs

Side Taunt: Laughs on the floor while pointing forward

Down Taunt: Gets out a slice of pizza, shows it to the screen and then puts it on the ground and stomps on it while laughing

Idle Animation: Starts jumping up and down ecstatically

Idle Animation 2: Looks around the stage

Can they Crawl?: Yes

Can they Wall Jump?: Yes

Normal Attacks

Jab: Two very fast punches and a very fast roundhouse kick (9%)

Rapid Jab: Slaps the opponent super fast (2%)

Up Tilt: Spinning uppercut (3%)

Side Tilt: Swipes his palm horizontally (5%)

Down Tilt: Quick leg sweep (6%)

Dash Attack: Rolls (8%)

Getup Attack: Spins around with his legs and arms extended (7%)

Edge Attack: Smacks the opponent with his fist (7%)

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Air: Spins around with his arms and legs out while looking at the screen (10%)

Up Air: Bicycle kick (6%)

Forward Air: Two straightforward kicks (4% for the first kick, 5% for the second)

Back Air: Does a dropkick behind him (7%)

Down Air: Does a corkscrew kick diagonally downwards, hits multiple times (11%)

Throw Attacks

Grab: Pulls a pizza box out, if an opponent is grabbed from him, they somehow get trapped in the pizza box

Pummel: Punches the pizza box

Up Throw: Tosses the pizza box in the air, moves out of the way to let it fall on the ground, making the opponent pop out of it (7%)

Forward Throw: Devours the entire box, chews on it a little and says "Bleh!" in disgust while spitting the box and opponent out (9%)

Back Throw: Throws the pizza box behind him into a furnace, a few seconds later, the opponent gets shot out of it (10%)

Down Throw: Puts the pizza box below him and stomps on it (9%)

Smash Attacks

Up Smash: Two straight punches upward (10% for the first punch, 9% for the second)

Side Smash: Holds a full pizza circle in front of him, then punches through the middle of it (25%)

Down Smash: Puts a full giant pizza below him and stomps on it with both feet, the toppings of the pizza fly over on both sides (10% for both sides, with flinch knockback)

Special Attacks

Neutral Special: Pizza Bomb (Lays down a pepperoni pizza on the ground, looks like an ordinary pizza, but being The Noid, of course it isn't, if an opponent steps on the pizza, it explodes, dealing 25% with okay knockback, if it's not stepped on, it'll disappear after 9 seconds)

Up Special: Are You Not AnNOID Enough? (Leaps upward and then falls straight down, if he's above the opponent, then he'll bounce off their head and get a higher boost, while the opponent deals 24% while getting meteor smashed)

Side Special: Pizza-rang (Throws a slice of pizza, is directional and will deal 13% with small knockback and very fast speed, but, it'll only come back to The Noid if it hits an opponent)

Down Special: Spinning Noid (Hops up and moves forward a little bit, then falls straight down while spinning his entire body around, will hit multiple times, dealing 30%, if you're on the ground, you'll be buried, will not meteor smash in the air)

Final Smash

Pizza Crusher (Uses a giant yellow pogo stick with the words 'PIZZA CRUSHER' on it, he uses it to crush opponents and bury them, it deals 29%, he is also extremely fast as well)

Victory Screen

Victory Animation 1: Laughs at the camera while quickly moving all over the place

Victory Animation 2: Jumps around on the Pizza Crusher before the camera zooms in on him as he laughs

Victory Animation 3: Walks up to a pizza box and opens it, before he sees a red glove in the box that punches him in the face

Defeat: Claps with a smile on his face

Victory Theme: Last 7 seconds from the ending theme of the 'Yo Noid!' video game

Alternate Costumes

1. What he normally looks like

2. His suit turns brown and his 'N' is replaced with a brown mushroom

3. His suit turns yellow and his 'N' is replaced with a block of cheese

4. His suit turns red and blue and his 'N' is replaced with the Dominos logo

5. He wears a poorly made pepperoni pizza Halloween costume, doesn't reference anything.

6. Now wearing a pizza costume with mushrooms on it

7. Now wearing a pizza costume with pineapple on it

8. Now wearing a pizza costume with sausage on it


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