Chapter 90


Buffy went to speak with Tara in private.


Buffy: Quick question, when the president called you, did you happen to mention about Ethan and Giles dying?

Tara: Yes. He told me not to tell you anything. I'm sorry, he just seemed a little intimidating. It wasn't anything he said, or even the way he said it, but I just got scared.

Buffy: Yeah, he has a way of doing that. It's really not hard to see why he excells in politics.

Tara: You should know he contacted me, just before you arrived, asked for my help.

Buffy: Help with what?

Tara: He said that some religious fanatics were trying to murder a child, that I could help. I didn't want to see a child die, and I figured that he is the president. I kept the barrier up.

Buffy: How?

Tara: I'm a witch, and a lesbian, so I know what it's like to live in fear of religious fanatics.

Buffy: That explains why the barrier is still up.

Tara: Not for long. Honestly, I estimate that their clerics will have the barrier down in less than one hour.

Buffy: I'm working on a plan to escape when the barrier fails. Just be ready to run like hell.