Title: Night Consort

Rating: T/M

Pairings: Krolock/Alfred

Genre: Drama/General

Summary: So now Alfred is a vampire. Turns out it's more he could imagine.

A/N: Sequel to Night Reader. To be honest, I'm not entirely certain yet what the entirety of this story will be, but I have a good feeling about it, and I think it's the kind that will find its form along the way. I had a good respons at the end of the previous story, Night Reader, in regards to the question whether there was any interest to a sequel. And at that point, I did have certain ideas about what this sequel would be. Turns out, I really can't do without a Krolfred story at the side!

As always, all comments are most welcome! Let me know what you think.


Let me tell you a thing about vampire stories.

Mortals like to think they always begin with some kind of a bloody tragedy, and I suppose you will expect the same from this one, too. And yes, there is bloody tragedy in it, at least if you ask my father. He gets all dramatic that way, but I will allow that it's hard for him not to – he and I are undead minions of the Night, after all.

He's often the villain of the story, which I also understand. Mortals have no reason to love us, even if a few misguided ones have made valiant efforts to do so. But if we really get down to it, I think my father also sees us as victims of our own tales. We didn't choose to be this way – or, at least, he didn't. We aren't even the worst monsters out there, and we have our own code.

No, I'm not trying to sell myself or him as good people. We are what we are, drifting through time and sometimes surfacing to remind mankind that monsters are real. But every now and then, mankind will also remind us that every monster has its counterpart on the light side.

But now I'm rambling. I didn't mean to talk to you about monsters or mortals, or lecture you about vampire stories in general. I meant to tell you about a Transylvanian nobleman of German origin. He lived in his castle far in the wilderness, beyond mountains and the forest, and he loved his wife and son so much that he came back for them even after he had died.

So you see now what I mean. Some of our stories have pretty hopeful beginnings, no matter how badly things turn out in the end. For like you probably know already, that sweet lady did not long survive her undead husband, who killed her even though he loved her. His son grew up to be a handsome, charming young man if I may say so, but still deep down the nobleman felt like something essential had died with his wife. But he kept going, mostly because his only surviving child asked it of him.

And so it was. So it would be, until even forever ran out. But then one dark winter night there was a chance meeting in the woods near the castle.

There, half dead from the cold, the undead count found a young scientist from Königsberg... and on an impulse, he picked up the lad and brought him back to the castle.

And then, for the first time since his wife had died, the nobleman loved again. I could have told him from the start it would turn out ugly, but it was a waste of time to try and change his mind. My father always does as he will. But this is a vampire story, so of course it ended with the poor young man bleeding to death on the ground.

You know what, though? That lad loved his monster – so much, in fact, that he couldn't be held back by death, either.

And that, gentle reader, is about where our story begins.