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It was the end of the Tournament of Power. Universe 11's strongest fighter Jiren the Gray had been knocked out with the help of Goku, Freiza and Android 17. Goku, Jiren and Frieza now appeared on the stands exhausted and bruised.

Goku turned to Frieza and said, "F-Frieza..."

"Stop! Don't you start thanking me. I'll be satisfied so long as you keep your promise."

"With the dropout of Jiren..." The Grand Priest began to announce. ...Universe 11 shall be erased!"

A bright, white light shone around the Universe 11 members as their universe was about to be erased from existence

"Jiren..." Toppo called out his friends name.

The Gray opened his eyes and he noticed his comrades, Belmod and Khai looking at him in sadness as the fate of their universe was decided.

"Thank you."

"Why? I treated you all with contempt during the fight."

"Jiren." Everyone turned to the source of the voice. It was Son Goku speaking. "I know we just finished fighting but I still haven't had enough. I know you'll probably hate this, but I think we both got stronger together by fighting. I wanna see you again!"

At first Jiren remained perplexed as he looked at Goku until his face morphed into a smile.

And then Universe 11 was erased.

The present day...

Jiren was on Planet Dorakyia in Universe 11 meditating. There was a lot of vegetation around and it was calm and serene. Plants were beginning to bear fruit, making the atmosphere more attractive and it was the reason why he liked meditating here. The Pride Trooper could feel the air breeze against his skin as he meditated. He knew there were inhabitants in this planet but he chose a secluded area to meditate in peace.

He opened his eyes deciding to take a break. Jiren thought of everything that had happened since the Tournament of Power. Before he thought that putting your trust in anyone was useless and strength was everything. Ever since the death of his friends, family and master he refused to put his faith in anyone and even treated his comrades with hostility. He hardly ever interacted with them and was a loner for pretty much his entire life.

That was until he met Son Goku at the Tournament of Power. Goku had proven him wrong on his beliefs that strength was everything and that you could still get stronger with allies.

Jiren closed his eyes again as he began to recollect the things he said during the Tournament of Power.

"So he sacrificed himself to save you two? Ridiculous." He recalled Android 17 sacrificing himself to save Goku and Vegeta.

"I still don't understand. Why put all of their faith in you. Trust begets nothing." He recalled saying this when Son Goku was standing before him after Vegeta had given him the rest of his energy.

"Who cares about friendship, who cares about trust? To be defeated would mean to lose everything. I won't believe in such power." His eyes widened in shock as he remembered exactly when he said this. That was before he...

No. He refused to think about this. The Gray had fired a ki blast that headed directly for the Universe 7 bystanders. Goku had managed to save his friends in time.

"The power you believe in can easily be erased. Just like that!"

Goku began shaking violently in anger. "I'm not a hero of justice or anything, but those who hurt my friends...I DON'T FORGIVE!"

Jiren was lying on the ground after Goku defeated him.

"Well, why won't you finish me?"

"A man like you should understand what I'm talking about."

"Is that all you have to say? Just hurry up and knock me off."

Goku formed a ki blast in his hands and just as he was about to finish Jiren off, he lost his Ultra Instinct form.

"Oh? What happened to your usual poker face?"


"Once shattered strength is so fragile." Frieza continued to mock Jiren. "I can almost hear your heart shrieking. Afraid to become the weakling you once were."

Jiren reacted out of fury. He began to punch Frieza repeatedly.

"You said my strength was shattered. Why don't you see for yourself if it really has been!"

Android 17 had attacked him out of nowhere. The next thing he knew, he was on his knees, trembling.

Belmod and Khai looked on in shock. "J-Jiren is..."

The other Pride Troopers looked on in fear.

Frieza approached Jiren and pointed his finger at him, ready to use his death beam on the Pride Trooper.

"You've lost the spirit to even look at me? What a shame...I can't see your pathetic face in the end."

"What are you doing Jiren?" Toppo shouted from the stands. "You would kneel before an enemy? Is this pathetic image how you end?! Get up Jiren!"

Frieza turned back to Jiren and said, "Your friend is quite obnoxious."

"I have no friends!" Jiren responded while still looking down on the ground.

"What did you build your strength while trusting no one all this time for?!" Toppo continued to speak. "Fight for your pride until the end! You may not believe in your own strength, but I do. Until the end! Jiren. You are strong! You are...stronger than anyone!"

Jiren's hand slowly formed into a fist.

"Honestly, I feel like vomiting."


The Pride Trooper began to stand up as he slowly began to power up.

Jiren sighed at that memory. He lost faith in his own abilities but Toppo had been the one to motivate him to get back up on his feet. Even though he lost in the end, at least he fought for his pride and acknowledged his faults.

Toppo's words...Toppo's words after their universe was resurrected really touched him.

Jiren was looking up at the sky after Universe 11 was resurrected.

"So Jiren..."

"In the end, Son Goku said he wanted to see me again. But, because I've lived my life bound by my past, I can't form connections with anyone."

"Jiren...have you always been such a coward? In that final battle, you tried to answer all of our hopes. When you stood up again, don't you think a connection formed between us for the first time?"


"Next time we meet them, we won't lose again!"

Jiren looked at Toppo and smiled. "Right!"

"Next time I'll win! I'll be seeing you Son Goku!"

Jiren himself thought he had no friends. But he now realized that he formed a strong bond with Toppo. Even after what he did, Son Goku wanted to see him again and settle the score with him.

A smile formed on Jiren's face as he now realized the postive effects of friendship. He was determined to let go of his past and get stronger because the next time he sees Son Goku again...

He wasn't going to lose.

Deciding he was done here, he decided to go back to the Pride Troopers headquarters.


Cocotte was in a training room, huffing and puffing. She was battered, bruised and her Pride Trooper uniform was in tatters. The robots she was fighting were definitely strong, all right.

"I know I can do better than this!" The female Pride Trooper thought. Thinking about her pathetic elimination in the Tournament of Power pissed her off to no end. She didn't expect to get knocked out by an android. What was her name again?

She couldn't remember her name and cursed herself for her carelessness.

Cocotte was still able to get back up on her feet despite having a bruised body. Nothing could describe the excruciating pain she was in right now. She was able to see her reflexion through the glass and was even shocked to see her state.

Deciding to get herself cleaned up, Cocotte left the main base of operations in Planet Netfiss. The Pride Troopers had several headquarters in different planets.

She was soon in her house, taking a shower. When she was done, she put on clean clothes and took care of her injuries from her intense training workout.

Even though Cocotte had her own house, there were times when she would occupy a spare room in headquarters when she would go on long missions and not know when she was returning.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard the beeping sound of a watch. She picked it up and noticed that it was Commander Kahseral calling. The female Pride Trooper picked up the call immediately. This meant that there was some sort of trouble on one of the planets.

"Hey Kahseral." Cocotte answered with enthusiasm in her voice. "What's up?"

"Good evening Cocotte." The male Pride Trooper responded. "Do you have anything planned for this evening?"

"No I don't." She answered. "Is something up?"

"Well I was just wondering if you have time for a little get together at the Netfiss restaurant. We're all going to be there. It's been a while since we've done this since we've had to take care of missions and protecting the citizens from harm."

"Of course." Cocotte replied. The thought of doing something different for once excited her. "I'll be there. Have you gotten in touch with Jiren?"

"...No I haven't." Kahseral answered. "I mean I tried to, but I haven't been able to reach him so I assume he must be meditating right now."

"Oh ok. I'll see you guys later then." Cocotte said.

After Kahseral gave her the time for the get together, the two said their goodbyes and hung up.

After hanging up on Kahseral, the female Pride Trooper was left to ponder her thoughts for a little while. Why did she ask about Jiren's whereabouts? Did something about him concern her? At the moment she didn't have the answer to that question but she'll admit she felt terrible for him especially after learning about the death of his family and master. She remembered hearing about it at the Tournament of Power. Jiren just didn't trust anyone, believing that friendship was useless and that strength was justice, strength is everything.

Cocotte wished there was a way she could help Jiren but she didn't know how.

Cocotte freshened up a bit and left her house to go to the Netfiss Restaurant. Luckily she knew where it was so she got there in no time.

When she arrived, she assumed that her comrades would be on the higher floor. Even though she had been here several times, this restaurant's fancy environment never ceases to amaze her.

The female Pride Trooper took an elevator to the higher floor and looked around for her friends. She could see a bartender serving drinks to customers and could so see other customers served their order but there was no sign of her friends.

"Hey Cocotte! We're over here!"

Cocotte turned around to notice Dyspo waving her hand towards her. She noticed that everyone was wearing casual clothing.

She took the only empty seat next to Zoiray, the smallest of the Pride Troopers.

"So what have you been up to Cocotte?" Tupper asked.

"Just the usual." Cocotte shrugged. "I've been spending mosr of my time training."

"Oh ok." Toppo answered with concern. "Just don't push yourself too hard, ok?"

"Yeah, Yeah I know."

"So, are we going to order or not?" Kettol asked. "We wanted to wait for you first Cocotte."

"Of course. Let's see what they have on the menu." She grabbed a large booklet which she assumed was the menu.

"I don't think I've tried some of these recipes before." Cocotte mused as she read through the menu.

Eventually the Pride Troopers decided on what to order and signalled the waitress that they were ready to order.

As soon as they recieved their orders, they began to eat making the atmosphere very quiet with the exception of waiters and waitresses bustling about doing their jobs.

"So Toppo, how's your training as a God of canditate going?" Tupper asked.

"It's going great. It's a little tough but I'll pull through. Marcarita's a great teacher."

"What plans do you guys have tommorow?" Dyspo asked out of curiosity.

Cocotte shrugged. "I haven't planned anything yet."

The others pretty much said the same thing.

"So Dyspo," Kunshi had a teasing smirk on his face. "Do you have a girlfriend yet?"

The super speed warrior spit out his drink and unfortunately for Zoiray, Dyspo spit his drink on him.

The small Pride Trooper was fuming. "What the fuck Dyspo?"

"Sorry Zoiray." Cocotte could see that Dyspo had some sort of a smirk on his face.

"Dyspo's never going to get a girlfriend." Vuon teased. "He's too fast for the ladies to see and he's so clueless."

Dyspo gave Vuon the middle finger. "Fuck you Vuon."

Vuon just shrugged. "Sorry." The fellow Pride Trooper didn't look apologetic at all. In fact, it looked like he wanted to laugh even harder.

Zoiray wiped the spit from his face and said, "I'm sure ladies would want a guy who's very careful and not a guy who spits drinks in other people's faces."

Dyspo simply smirked.

Kahseral noticed a fight was about to ensue and decided to play the peacemaker.

"Guys please let's not fight here. We're in a public environment."

Zoiray glared at Dyspo.

As soon as the Pride Troopers were done eating, Toppo paid for everyone's meals.

Everyone was soon outside the restaurant and they all said their goodbyes.

As Cocotte was heading to her place of residence, she couldn't help but think about Jiren. What was he doing now? Was he done meditating?

When she got to her house, she tried to sleep but she couldn't. She couldn't bring herself to even close her eyes.

The female Pride Trooper decided to take a walk around Netfiss and clear some of the unusual thoughts from her head. Especially the ones about Jiren. Why did she start thinking about him all of a sudden?

She continued her walk, enjoying the cool, fresh air. As she got closer to a particular area, she could see a bunch of bright lights, making it easier for her to see. Not only that, but she could make out the outline of a figure.

Cocotte squinted her eyes and she finally realized who it was. "It's Jiren! But what's he doing here of all places?"

Jiren simply just looked up at the dark sky. He had a clearer mind now that he was done meditating.

The Pride Trooper averted his gaze from the sky when he noticed someone approaching him. It was Cocotte.

"... Cocotte? What are you doing here?" Jiren asked. "Shouldn't you be resting by now?"

"I couldn't sleep so I decided to take a walk around Netfiss. I didn't expect to find you here though." Cocotte replied.

"I just finished meditating." Jiren answered.

Cocotte for some reason was a bit concerned about Jiren. Was it because of the events of the Tournament of Power? She decided to press the issue a little and see how he'd respond.

"Jiren? Are you okay?"

Jiren gave her a strange look. "...Yes. Why do you ask?"

"Well, I know that the Tournament of Power events rattled you up a little. But you should know you have comrades who care about you."

The Pride Trooper looked down at the ground. Cocotte could tell that thinking about his past made him sad.

"I'm sorry for bringing up a sensitive topic. Let's just forget about it okay?"

"No. I was an only child and the only family I had were my parents. When my parents died, I was devastated. My master found me and he decided to train me so I'd be able to take on the evil doer who killed my parents. As you heard from Belmod at the tournament, my master and I gathered more allies with hope that we would finally defeat this evil being. But even with the training and the greater numbers we had, we still couldn't beat him. A majority of my allies were killed and my master died to protect me. I tried to convince the surviving students that there was still hope." Jiren paused for a bit before continuing and Cocotte didn't interrupt but rather decided to listen to the whole story.

"But they all turned their backs on me. That's when I decided that friendship and trust was meaningless and that strength was justice, strength was everything. I refused to form any bonds with anyone during that time and only focused on harnessing my strength. That was until the Tournament of Power when I met Son Goku. He didn't get so strong all by himself. He had allies to help him along the way. When he challenged me on my beliefs as you saw in the Tournament of Power, I became erratic and that's when I..." Jiren was having a hard time saying that part. ...tried to kill his friends."

It was Cocotte's turn to speak up. "But Jiren, Son Goku said he wanted to see you again. I think that shows that he truly didn't hold no grudges against you. No matter what your beliefs are, you still got stronger by fighting."

Jiren looked at Cocotte and smiled. "I intend to get stronger because I won't lose the next time I see him again."

"We both made mistakes and we need to learn from them. The way I was eliminated in the Tournament was humiliating and I want to do everything I can to ensure that won't happen again." Cocotte said in a determined voice, once again thinking about how she was eliminated and it only served to fuel her determination to get stronger too.

"Looks like we both have the same goal too." Jiren commented with a smile still on his face.

Out of the blue, Cocotte gave Jiren a hug. Jiren at first was shocked, but the male Pride Trooper returned the gesture by placing his arms around Cocotte.

They released each other shortly.

"Why don't we train together?" Cocotte asked.

That question put Jiren off guard. "You...want to train with me?"

"Yeah. I think there's a lot we could both learn. Of course if you don't want to, I understand."

"I...think it's a great idea. I'll train with you Cocotte."

"Great! So when do we start?"

"Tommorow, if it's okay with you. I've been watching you fight robots, and that's not exactly helpful. We'll meet at the main headquarters and we'll go to one of the planets."

Cocotte smiled at Jiren. "I like that. Let's meet tommorow then."

After saying their goodbyes, the two of them went their separate ways.

Little did the Pride Troopers know, their lives were going to change in a way they didn't expect. But how will it change?

End of first chapter...

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