Chapter 8: First Date

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In the morning...

Cocotte had just fully prepared herself for her training as she was fully clad in her Pride Trooper uniform. She had just finished breakfast and was ready to head out the door. Yesterday's events were still playing in her mind, and it was like she was having butterflies in her stomach. The female Pride Trooper had called her friend Cassandra yesterday evening and told her the news. She had to cover her ears as her friend sure did have a loud voice.


Cocotte had just dialed her friend Cassandra's number and waited for her to pick up. As soon as she did, she heard her voice being called. "Cocotte?"

"Yes, Cassandra. It's me. I thought I might call you and give you the news of what happened."

"Well? What happened? Don't keep me in suspense."

A smile crept upon Cocotte's face as she knew that the news she was about to tell her friend was going to have her jumping for joy.

"It worked out! We're finally together!" Cocotte exclaimed in a happy voice. "I didn't need those stupid tips you gave me yesterday! It took a lot of courage, but I was finally able to tell Jiren how I felt."

The pink-haired Pride Trooper had to cover her ears as Cassandra sure did have a shrill voice.

"See? What was so hard about it!?"

Cocotte was pretty sure that if she was with her friend right now, she would have been seeing her jump for joy.

"I was worried about nothing. I guess I have you to thank. You pushed me in the right direction. Your other tips were useless." Cassandra thought she sensed a bit of pride in Cocotte's voice.

"Hey! Don't you dare call my tips useless! They've worked for almost everyone!"

"I'm sure they did!" Cocotte teased. She sometimes thought it was funny to get on her friend's nerves.

"What's that supposed to mean!? Are you trying to tell me-"

"Never mind. But I owe you one, Cassandra. I'll pay you back someday. I don't know how yet, but I promise you. I will."

"I know you will. Enjoy your relationship to the fullest. Anyway, I've got to get to sleep right now!"

"Me too. It's kinda late, isn't it? Anyway, bye!"

After Cocotte bid her friend goodbye, she hung up her phone and drifted off to sleep. There was nothing else on her mind except where her relationship with Jiren was going to lead them.

End of flashback...

After recalling the events that occurred yesterday, Cocotte felt very satisfied with herself. Satisfied with the fact that she had gone from being friends with Jiren to being in an actual relationship with him.

The daydreaming Pride Trooper was distracted from her thoughts when she heard the beeping of her wristwatch. She took a quick look at it and knew that it was time to go and meet Jiren for their training.

After making sure that everything was in order, she left her house.

At the main headquarters on Planet Netfiss...

As Jiren was waiting for Cocotte, his mind was reflecting on the exchange of events that happened yesterday. Cocotte. Not only was she his trainee but she was also his... girlfriend. All of this was like a jigsaw puzzle to him. He had to scramble to find all the missing pieces before time ran out.

But now he realized Cocotte was the missing piece in his life. She brought a sense of joy that he had never felt throughout his childhood. Their universe wasn't under attack right now. He could live life right now in peace and harmony.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a female voice call his name. "Jiren!"

"Cocotte? You're here?"

Jiren turned to fully face her. She looked determined... ready to face what lied ahead in their training.

Both Pride Troopers began to get closer to each other. Instead of their usual good morning greetings, they shared a hot, passionate kiss which lasted for a few minutes.

Jiren's hand was on Cocotte's face as he stroked it gently. And one of Cocotte's hands was draped around Jiren's neck.

"Are you ready for training today?" Jiren asked while giving her a gentle smile.

"Of course. Whatever you dish out, I'll throw it right back at you!" she responded with a cocky tone in her voice.

They released themselves from the intimate position they were in and the two Pride Troopers looked like they were ready for business.

"Take my hand and let's go!" Jiren commanded.

Cocotte did as she was told and the couple were gone in a flash, off to the training grounds.

Several hours later...

Cocotte was panting and she was almost out of breath. But she could tell that learning these techniques today was having less of an impact on her body as it did before. She was brought to her knees by the sheer force of the Counter Impact.

Jiren stood back while watching the trainee in the process. He was clearly impressed as she was now beginning to master these techniques. The muscular Pride Trooper was beginning to see that Cocotte didn't look as exhausted as when she tried them the first time. At first, he was almost skeptical about teaching her but now he didn't regret it. Cocotte could wield these techniques to their full potential when she was in an actual fight.

A wide smile made its way on his face, unbeknownst to the Pride Trooper in front of him.

"Jiren, I'm going to try my hands on the Power Impact again!" the pink-haired Pride Trooper called to him.

"Go ahead!" he shouted back.

Jiren could see that Cocotte was going to cycle through every one of these techniques and master them to their full potential, even if she was almost out of breath. That was one of the things he loved about Cocotte; once her heart was set on doing something, there was almost no stopping her. She wanted to be at her very best in their training.

Jiren was brought back to reality when he heard the sound of an intense explosion. He focused his eyes towards the source of the noise and saw that Cocotte had just fired off a Power Impact at a giant boulder, which had exploded until there was nothing left of it.

The male Pride Trooper looked on in approval. "I can see that you're starting to get a hang of these techniques. You should try not to use so much energy in order not to tire yourself out too quickly in a fight. But your performance today is definitely much better than the last time. Well done, Cocotte. I'm impressed."

Cocotte felt a surge of pride flow through her when Jiren just complimented her. She was going to keep going. And once again, a tinge of red could be seen on her cheeks. Cocotte almost thought of turning away from Jiren in order to hide the blush on her face. But then she realized that there was no point in doing so anymore since she and Jiren were together now. She most definitely wasn't going to be hiding things from him anymore. She was going to tell him everything on her mind as she knew that he was going to be there for her through every step in their relationship.

The trainee smiled back. "Thanks. Your words of encouragement keep me going."

Jiren simply smiled and watched as Cocotte put her attention back on the training. She began to gather energy in both of her hands and put them together. An indication that she was about to use the Colossal Slash.

Once Cocotte fired off the technique, a powerful breeze was quickly felt by the two of them. Almost immediately, a massive explosion could be heard.

Cocotte used her arms to cover her eyes while Jiren just stood there as he knew that this wasn't even going to hurt him.

After the explosion died down, both Jiren and Cocotte could see burns in the ground. A random smirk appeared on Jiren's face for no apparent reason. His student definitely knew how to do a lot of damage.

When Cocotte saw the bits of damage she did, she scratched her head while turning to face Jiren. "I guess I overdid it back there, didn't I?"

Jiren responded. "Don't let it stop you from trying the rest. But I have to say, you definitely know how to do a lot of damage."

Cocotte gave Jiren a weird look as she didn't really understand what he meant by that last bit.

The pink-haired Pride Trooper could simply give a nod in response. She began to prepare herself for the next technique she was going to use.

'Here goes.'

All Jiren could do was watch in silence as Cocotte began to cycle through every one of the techniques that he taught her, one explosion after the other.

Half an hour later...

Jiren looked at Cocotte's battered form. Not as battered as he thought she would be. He placed a hand gently on Cocotte's shoulder.

"See? Today's training wasn't so bad." Cocotte was trying to shrug this off as it wasn't a big deal, but Jiren wasn't going to allow himself to be fooled.

"True, but you're definitely battered up. Go take a shower and then we can go do something together if you're feeling up to it," Jiren said. He wasn't going to allow Cocotte to go anywhere in that state.

He moved closer to Cocotte, placed a hand behind her head, and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"I'll see you later, then," Cocotte said, shocked by the display of affection Jiren just showed. She didn't realize that her hand was in his.

"Take it easy, okay?"

Cocotte gave Jiren a soft smile. "I won't."

After talking about their plans for later in the day and saying their goodbyes, Jiren and Cocotte went off in separate directions.

In Cocotte's bedroom...

Cocotte was ready to step in the shower after removing her tattered Pride Trooper uniform. She thought of all the places she and Jiren were going to go. Being alone... with him.

As the water coursed through her body, she began to feel less stressed. A few minutes later, she stepped out feeling refreshed. She had a towel around her dripping wet hair and another one around her exposed body.

Cocotte sat on her bed while still having the towel covering her body. She was still thinking about the way Jiren kissed her after their training, and how he prompted her to get her rest. He really did care about her and she didn't want anything else to change that.

Cocotte proceeded to pick out clothes to wear for the time being. She may have showered but her body still felt sore in some areas. After she was fully clothed, she lay down on the bed.

What was also on Cocotte's mind was how they were going to tell the others about her relationship with Jiren. She wasn't sure if they would share any perverted thoughts or if they'd just bombard them with questions. How would the deities react? She knew that Khai was more reserved and quiet so he would act more mature. Marcarita would probably be the same way. And Belmod...

She felt a little bit of growing anger and embarrassment at the thought of Belmod's reaction. While Cocotte was aware that she shouldn't be angry at the God of Destruction for too long, the thought of what he'd say at the discovery of their relationship was what put her on the edge.

But right now she wasn't going to be concerned about it. Both she and Jiren were getting accustomed to being boyfriend and girlfriend. The time would come for them to tell everybody. But now wasn't that time.

A smile found its way onto Cocotte's face. She and Jiren were an item now, but she somehow couldn't help but wonder how things would be if they got mar-

'WHY AM I THINKING LIKE THIS!? I should be resting, not daydreaming!'

Cocotte set her alarm clock to a specific time so she could wake up early and meet with Jiren later. She closed her eyes as an attempt to shake these thoughts out of her head.

As the Pride Trooper closed her eyes, sleepiness overcame her.

Elsewhere, early in the morning...

Jiren was staring up at the sky. He wasn't meditating, but rather, he was laying on the grass with his arms behind his head and one of his knees propped up in relaxation. Not with one of his usual expressions, but a happy and contented smile. And it was because of Cocotte. The female Pride Trooper was the only person who could make him feel this way. With her now being his girlfriend, he only knew that this was just the beginning for him.

Since the Tournament of Power, things had really turned around for Jiren. His views on friendship had changed entirely. And then he started training with Cocotte and in a short span of time, they had gone from being friends to something more. The strongest Pride Trooper knew that this was what was making him happy and content right now. He had no other motives other than making sure that the two of them were happy in their relationship.

Jiren had to thank Toppo for his words or he wouldn't be entirely sure that he'd have entered this new relationship with Cocotte. He didn't have any idea until he spoke to his friend. He thought he was the only one who was having these feelings towards his female comrade.

And thinking about yesterday and the display of affection he showed towards Cocotte... it just made him realize just how much he cared about Cocotte. It still surprised him that she had this effect on him.

And they were going to go on a date today. Just the two of them.

He stared at his watch for a split second. He still had enough time before he was to meet again with Cocotte. He couldn't wait to see her again.

Jiren knew there was no need to rush. He still had plenty of time to himself and plenty of time to see where his relationship with Cocotte was going to lead him in the future.

Later on, at Cocotte's house...

Cocotte groaned after she heard the sound of her alarm clock. She wanted to sleep in but she remembered that she was going on a date with Jiren. Now her body didn't feel sore anymore.

The pink-haired Pride Trooper moved towards the dresser drawer to rummage through what she was going to wear.

'What should I wear? What should I wear?'

After looking through her set of clothes, Cocotte finally decided on a attractive blue shirt and and jeans shorts. When she wore it, the blue shirt was barely above her belly button and the shorts stopped a little bit above her knees.

After spending a few minutes in front of her mirror admiring herself, Cocotte was convinced she was all done. 'I definitely dressed well today.' But was Jiren ready?

She still had a little time left before she had to go and meet Jiren. But what should she do to pass the time?

Cocotte's eyes lit up as she had just come up with something to do before then. With a smile on her face, her feet trotted towards the kitchen with a perfect plan in her head.

At Jiren's house...

The Gray had just showered and put on casual clothing. He smiled as he thought of the things he would be doing with his girlfriend Cocotte. They were going to be spending time together. Alone.

Jiren had just gotten something as a present for Cocotte. But he wanted that to wait until their date was almost over. The Pride Trooper stared at what he had gotten for Cocotte shortly after he had ended their training session from yesterday. He smiled as he had faith that all of this would end well.

He assumed that Cocotte would be waiting for him, so he decided to message her and let her know where they would meet.

Jiren was about to do so when he sensed her energy approaching his location. Well, there goes that.

The female Pride Trooper had seen that the door was slightly ajar and peeked in. "Jiren?" She moved back when the silhouette of Jiren came into view. He seemed happy to see her and she felt the same way too.

Jiren's voice broke the brief silence. "You're here already. I was just about to message you so we can meet up somewhere," he said.

"Well, I'm already here."

Jiren decided to move outside to get a full view of Cocotte. When he did so, he was stunned. The sight of her was... breathtaking. She looked really beautiful with her attire and her long, flowing pink hair.

He also took notice of the fact that Cocotte was holding something in a white plastic bag. Not only that, but there was the scent of... food?

Cocotte hugged Jiren with him returning the gesture. When they broke apart, she raised the hand which was holding the plastic bag.

"I got this for you. I hope you like it."

Jiren took the bag from her hands. "Whatever is inside definitely smells appetizing. But I think I'll wait until later."

Cocotte wrapped an arm around Jiren's waist. "Whatever suits you." She then whispered in his ear, "But you better like it."

Jiren turned to give her a smirk. "What's there not to like?"

Cocotte slightly blushed at Jiren's words. Jiren seemed to take notice of the effect his words had on Cocotte.

"I know of some nice scenery here on Planet Netfiss. We should take a nice walk around and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere," Jiren suggested. He turned to Cocotte, expecting her to give an answer.

"That's a lovely idea. It's an opportunity for me to see some of the areas here. I know you've probably seen almost everything since you move around place to place to find a spot for meditation," Cocotte responded with an enthusiastic voice.

Jiren gave her a smile as he answered. "You're right about that one."

Cocotte intertwined her hands with Jiren's. "Let's get moving, shall we?"

On Planet Daldon...

The two Pride Troopers had just arrived on another planet. It was more familiar to Jiren than it was to Cocotte. Jiren looked on in recognition though he hadn't been on this planet in a very long time. Cocotte simply looked in awe at the sight before her.

It appeared that they were in a forest of some kind, filled with abundant vegetation and flowers. The sounds of different wildlife could be heard. What really caught Cocotte's attention was the sound of rushing water. She turned her eyes towards the source and when she did, she was struck by the beauty of it all. There was the sight of a large waterfall.

How had Cocotte not seen this before? The sight before her was just... amazing.

Jiren turned to look at his companion and said, "Cocotte... this is Planet Daldon."

"It's... It's beautiful," Cocotte responded, her eyes still struck by the magnificent beauty. "I can't believe I haven't seen this before."

It wasn't that Cocotte hadn't heard of Planet Daldon before. It was just that she hadn't seen some of the places before and seeing it for the first time had her eyes drool all over. She vaguely remembered Dyspo telling her about the time that he, Toppo, and Kahseral had stopped an invasion by a Dorakyian here a while back.

Jiren smiled at her. "You're seeing it now. I remember stumbling upon it some time ago. But so much has changed, so it's different now than it was before."

"Let's take a walk. I've got to see the rest of this planet," Cocotte said. Then out of nowhere, she planted a kiss on Jiren's cheek. He responded by bringing Cocotte closer to him, allowing her head to rest on his chest and giving her a kiss on the head.

There was no need for words here. They both knew how they felt at this moment.

They continued to explore the planet, hand in hand. And at some point, a bird flew over to the duo. Neither of them noticed it until it perched itself on Cocotte's shoulder.

"...Huh?" Cocotte turned around to notice the bird resting on her shoulder. She looked confused at first and then she smiled.

Raising a hand, the female Pride Trooper touched the bird softly.

"It seems the bird has gotten attached to you." Jiren commented as he watched the interaction. And then unexpectedly, the bird made its way towards Jiren.

Jiren wasted no time in petting the small animal.

"Doesn't it look cute?" Cocotte asked in adoration.

"Of course it does," Jiren answered.

The two of them watched as the bird flew away and back to it's nest. They continued on their walk, with Cocotte occasionally pointing out something to Jiren from mountains to building, him agreeing with his girlfriend and the two of them displaying affection.

The two of them soon found themselves on a large boulder, looking up at the sky. This has become one of Cocotte's favorite things to do ever since she started dating Jiren. She was relaxing her head on Jiren's shoulder, and the male Pride Trooper didn't mind one bit.

"Are you enjoying yourself so far?" Jiren asked his girlfriend who was resting in his embrace.

"Of course I am! Nothing beats... being with you," she answered in a dreamy voice.

Jiren placed a hand on Cocotte's. "I'm glad you think so." And then something had just occurred to him. "Planet Daldon also has a city here. Do you want to check it out?"

Cocotte looked up at Jiren. "Of course I do! Let's go!"

Removing herself from her current position, she looked down at Jiren, who couldn't help but chuckle at Cocotte before standing up.

"They have really nice tourist attractions here." Jiren commented.

"After what I've just seen, I believe you."

They were gone in a flash.

In the city on Planet Daldon...

The duo arrived in what looked like a high-class city. The neon lights illuminated everything in sight. From shops, to houses, to tourist attractions. The first thing the two of them could see was many inhabitants bustling about, minding their own business and going about their day without a care in the world.

"Wow..." Cocotte said in awe. "T-This is beautiful. I wish I could have seen all of this before."

Jiren smiled at his girlfriend; he knew that she would really like it here on Planet Daldon. He began to speak, "Where would you like to start?"

"Let's take a walk and see what's around here first."

Putting arms around each other's waists, the duo began their tour of Planet Daldon.

Several hours later...

The two Pride Troopers were walking hand in hand. At some point during their walk, Cocotte had disengaged herself from Jiren and began taking pictures with her camera of the tourist attraction places. There was definitely a lot to see here.

"I have to hand it to you, Jiren. Planet Daldon is nicer than most of the places I've been to," Cocotte stated in a dreamy voice. Jiren just chuckled at her expression.

"I knew you'd like it here. You must have taken a million pictures already."

They could smell the whiff of the food from the plastic bag Jiren was holding in his hand.

Cocotte pointed at the bag. "You know, you should eat that."

"You're wrong."

Cocotte looked at Jiren in confusion.

"We should eat it... together."

Cocotte could hardly form her sentences properly. But nonetheless she gave Jiren a heartwarming smile. "Y-You w-want t-to..."

"Yes. I'm not doing it without you. What do you say to that?" Jiren gave her a soft smile, knowing what her response was going to be.

"I couldn't have it any other way." She said while once again bringing herself closer to Jiren. It was a position Jiren really liked, because having her by his side made him relax.

At a zoo...

At some point during their date, something had caught Cocotte's eye. She turned to look at Jiren, who realized she was staring at him and he returned her gaze and asked, "Something caught your eye?"

"What do you say we check out that zoo?" Cocotte asked, pointing to where she just saw the zoo and Jiren looking to where she pointed.

"I'm up for it."

Hand in hand, the two of them made their way to the zoo.

What they had just seen at the entrance was intriguing. Though it was mainly looked like a forest, the duo could see cages with animals of different species. There were people who the couple assumed were the employees who worked there, were feeding the animals while at the same time being careful not to get too close in order not to get bitten. Other individuals could also be seen.

Cocotte was snapping pictures of the animals. She was glad that she was seeing all of this.

A strange noise could be heard. Both Jiren and Cocotte -turned around and could see a large giraffe. They approached it and much to Cocotte's surprise, Jiren moved his hand towards the large animal and petted it.

The Pride Trooper couldn't help but give a smile at the exchange between Jiren and the giraffe. Jiren... not only did he show such care for the people in Universe 11, but other living beings. Cocotte knew in this instance, she was lucky to have someone like Jiren who showed such great care.

Shaking herself out of her thoughts, she stood next to Jiren and took her turn.

There was nothing else besides laughter as Jiren and Cocotte moved from animal to animal, enjoying the atmosphere around them.

Later that evening...

"That was fun..." Cocotte sighed dreamily as she and Jiren walked side by side. "I'm never going to forget this."

Jiren was holding pictures that he and Cocotte had taken during the day and it warmed his heart just looking at them. He unconsciously moved his arm and placed it around Cocotte. She responded by moving herself closer to Jiren.

"Thanks," Cocotte murmured.

Jiren looked at her with a confused expression. "For what?"

"For bringing me to Planet Daldon. I really had a great time."

"Cocotte, there's nothing to thank me for. Spending time with you..." Jiren paused for a moment to think of his next words. " what really makes me happy."

Cocotte looked up at Jiren. She loved the fact that he cared so much about her. Positionng herself properly, she gave Jiren a hug. He wrapped his arms around Cocotte's petite form in response.

Cocotte released Jiren and asked, "Are you ready to go back home?"

Jiren opened his mouth as he was about to answer Cocotte's question but then he remembered that he had gotten a gift for her which was at his house. So...

"Not yet. Before we end things for today, why don't we watch a movie at my house?"

"Sure! I'm up for it." Cocotte said in an enthusiastic voice. The couple looked at each other for a few moments before Jiren slowly grabbed hold of his girlfriend's hand and pulled her closer to him. She was surprised by this action of his. Before she could question it, he caught her lips in a strong, passionate kiss.

The petite woman soon found herself melting into the kiss as she wrapped her arms around Jiren's neck. She could feel Jiren putting his hands on her waists as their moment was becoming more passionate.

The kiss lasted for a few more minutes before they pulled away. There was silence before Jiren gave his girlfriend a smile and said, "Let's get going."

"Let's do that. I can't wait to be at your house!" Cocotte squealed.

Jiren wrapped an arm around Cocotte which she accepted. She smiled at him. He most definitely knew how to surprise her in ways she wouldn't expect. That was what he loved most about him.

With their arms securely around each other, the couple disappeared in a flash.

At Jiren's place of residence...

The two Pride Troopers had just dropped down on their own two feet as they had just arrived at Jiren's house. Neither of them looked like they were tired and still had a lot of energy.

Jiren opened the door and motioned for Cocotte to enter. She stepped inside and when she did, she felt a coolness overcome her. The pink-haired woman waited for Jiren to step inside and close the door.

The aroma of food wafted through their noses.

"Jiren, why don't we eat and then we can pick a movie to watch afterwards?" Cocotte suggested to Jiren, who was looking through a shelf. "Where did you even get all of these CD's from, anyway?"

Jiren had just finished picking out a movie as he was holding the case in his hand. "I'm done. Toppo gave these to me a while back but I never had the chance to watch them."

"Wow..." Cocotte mused as she looked through the wooden shelf containing CD cases. "That's amazing..."

"Are you ready, Cocotte?"

Jiren's voice brought Cocotte's attention back. She noticed that Jiren was seated on the couch and immediately joined him.

Cocotte grabbed the food container from the plastic bag and opened it. There were two utensils inside. She took the first bite and said to Jiren, "Why don't you try it?"

Jiren did as he was told. Cocotte watched as he chewed the food. When he was done with the first bite, he turned to face Cocotte and said, "This is really great. When did you learn to cook like that?"

Cocotte shrugged. "I live by myself, so it's not hard to learn." She peered at the movie case Jiren was holding. "...we're watching a horror movie?"

"Yes. Do you have a problem with that?"

Cocotte rapidly shook her head in response. "No! No! I was just curious that's all!"

Jiren nodded his head and walked towards the DVD player and placed the CD inside. He then turned on the television. When it turned on, he went back to sit with Cocotte.

The two of them were eating as they were watching the movie. At some point during the movie, Cocotte shuddered and moved closer towards Jiren, who raised an eyebrow at her but didn't say anything in response. Not until Cocotte let out a high pitched shriek.

"EEEEEEKKKKKK!" she shrieked in response. Jiren turned his head to look at her. "Seriously, Cocotte?"

"I'm sorry," was her response. "I guess that scene freaked me out." She started to shudder.

Jiren placed a hand around Cocotte, who was beginning to feel relaxed from Jiren's touch.

When the movie was coming to an end, Cocotte could feel her eyelids fluttering. She was fighting hard to stay awake but she couldn't. Her eyes shut completely and her head unconsciously rested on Jiren's shoulder. When he looked at Cocotte's peaceful form, he didn't mind and decided to watch the rest of the movie by himself.

As soon as it was over, he took the CD out of the player, placed it back on the shelf and turned off the TV while being careful not to wake up Cocotte. For a minute, he looked at Cocotte's sleeping form. She looked so peaceful that he didn't want to wake her up. What should he do?

An idea popped up in his head. He carefully scooped the sleeping Cocotte in his arms and quietly made his way towards a spare bedroom. Once he was there, he carefully laid Cocotte on the bed. He grabbed a blanket and covered her with it.

Jiren looked at his girlfriend for a few minutes. He left the room afterwards as he decided to wait for her to wake up before deciding on his next course of action.

Later that evening...

Cocotte's eyes began to slowly open. Everywhere around her was dark except for the moonlight sifting through the window. She looked around her, trying to figure out where she was. This room didn't look familiar to her at all. When the fully awake Pride Trooper sat up, she noticed the blanket that was covering her and she began to frown. 'Where did this come from?'

She began to think. The last thing that she remembered was that she was watching a horror movie. 'I must have fallen asleep!' But this wasn't where they watched the movie. This was a bedroom. So how did she end up here?

Finally, the answer dawned on her. Jiren brought her here while she was asleep. But why didn't he just wake her up?

Removing the covers off of her, Cocotte moved from the bed but she found that her movement was a bit weird as she had just woken up. She made her way towards the exit door. Once she was out, she focused on locating Jiren's energy. She sensed it on the balcony.

Cocotte decided to mask her ki and give Jiren a surprise. Being as quiet as possible, she had soon reached the balcony where she saw Jiren sitting there, relaxing in peace as he was observing the sight before him.

"Hey, Jiren," Cocotte called out to him.

Jiren turned his head when he heard Cocotte call his name. "Cocotte? So you're awake already?" Getting up from his seat, he began to approach her. Out of nowhere he embraced her, allowing her head to rest on his chest.

Cocotte returned the embrace and asked, "Why didn't you wake me up?"

Jiren let her go and said with a smile, "You fell asleep towards the end of the movie. You looked so peaceful in your sleep and I didn't want to wake you up so I took you to a spare bedroom."

Cocotte recollected the events. She remembered freaking out so much by the movie that she clung onto Jiren's arm while Jiren looked annoyed by her actions. To her, he didn't seemto understand that. But he didn't question her.

She simply gave Jiren a smile. "Well, what can I say to that?"

The strongest Pride Trooper was about to respond when he remembered something. "Stay here. I have something for you."


Cocotte watched as Jiren disappeared from sight. A few minutes later, he reappeared. Once the female Pride Trooper caught sight of the items in Jiren's hands, she let out a gasp.

In Jiren's hand was a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates and several picture frames. He placed them on the nearby table with the exception of the bouquet of flowers.

Cocotte was almost speechless. "You got all this for... me?"

Jiren didn't answer. Instead, he slowly moved towards Cocotte and handed her the flowers.

"These are for you."

Cocotte took the flowers from Jiren. "Jiren... you're so sweet. Thank you."

"I also put these pictures in frames for you while you were asleep. I hope you like them. I'm giving them to you because I wanted you to remember this date... our first date."

Cocotte's eyes were brimming with unshed tears of joy. She placed them on the table Jiren left them and placed a hand on his arm.

She gave him a grateful smile. "I really am lucky to have a guy like you. Someone who cares that much about me."

Jiren smiled back at her. "And I couldn't dream about being with anybody else besides you,Cocotte."

Cocotte didn't even know what to say to that. She wrapped her arms around Jiren as she kissed him and he responded to the kiss with as much force, desire and passion.

When they broke apart, all the duo could do was look into each other's eyes.

Cocotte broke the silence by asking, "Are you done?"


That was all Jiren could say as he went back to kissing Cocotte, claiming her lips.


Jiren and Cocotte were back on the living room sofa, cuddling. The smaller Pride Trooper had her head on Jiren's chest while Jiren was embracing Cocotte in a somewhat protective manner, as if he didn't want to let her go.

Cocotte looked up at Jiren. "Thanks for everything. I had a lot of fun today." She placed a kiss on his cheek.

Jiren put his free hand on Cocotte's knee while the other one was keeping the petite woman in his embrace. "Cocotte. There's nothing to thank me for."

"But still..."

Jiren kissed her on the forehead. "Don't worry about it."

He noticed Cocotte was staring at the clock on the wall. He asked her, "Do you want to go home now?"

The smaller Pride Trooper gave Jiren an incredulous look. "Are you kidding me? Let me stay a little longer."

"Whatever you say. Besides, I didn't really want you to leave." Jiren admitted.

And those were the last words Jiren had said as he and Cocotte cuddled, whispering sweet words to each other. Right now, the two of them were enjoying nothing but each other's presence.

Neither of them had regrets about this. About their current relationship. They had both held back their feelings about each other. They had both thought that this relationship wouldn't be possible. But that was then. And this was now. Both of them were aware that nothing could stand between their relationship. And even if that did happen, they knew they would be there for each other.

They only knew that their relationship would get stronger and stronger as the days went by. Any doubts and any regrets about this were gone.

Right now, there was nothing of importance. There was nothing more important than...

This day between them. Their first date.

Chapter 7: END

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