"Obliviateā€¦", a boy who seems to be no older than 6 fell to the floor, and a man in blood red suit with armor with wire like designs and a red helmet with a blue visor lowered his gun, before picking up the boy.

"Who am I?" The boy was now in an ally sitting down and rain pouring down on him.

A Man wearing sunglasses and a hat looked at the boy holding an umbrella, before extending his hand out which the boy takes.

" Sento get up, there's a letter for you!" A boy with black hair and emerald green eyes instantly shot up and jumped out of bed and quickly changing his clothes into a grey long sleeved shirt and blue slacks. He then started to go up the stairs while putting on a brown coat.

"Yeah, Owner?" The now named Owner was a man in his 40's with black hair dark brown eyes smiled and threw a letter at sento which he promptly catches.

As Sento observes it and seeing the stamp. 'Only one way to find out what it is'.

Dear Mr. Isurugi,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva Mcgonagall.

Sento read over it again not believing at what he was reading, he then started to laugh.

"Good one, Owner" Sento then looked at the man and saw his fully serious face.

"Sento, I knew I would have to tell you eventually.."

"Tell me what?" Owner sat down in one of the cafe's chairs and motioned him to follow.

As Sento sat down the older man pulled out a stick and waved it around before the fridge door which Sento came out of closed.

"How did you do that"

"Magic Sento"

Sento scoffed "Magic isn't real"

"It is Sento and I proved it" Owner then sighed. "Sento I'm not lying".

"I know your not"

The sunglasses wearing man looked at the boy with a face of shock and glee on his face. "So you are willing to go to Hogwarts?"

"Sure, it is obviously going to prove that it's just science we don't know about,'' Owner deadpanned before smiling once more.

"Well, I'll wake up Misora, and we can go off to buy the school supplies"

"Misora's going as well?!" Sento almost screamed.

"Well Hogwarts is the safest place on Earth so it would be smart for her to be there. Besides Kamen Rider is there" the man replied winking at the last part.

Sento only groaned.

Sento and Misora watched in awe as the wall started to open up. As Misora looked at Sento with a look daring him to explain. Misora was a petite girl with black hair a ponytail tied that started from the top of her head, with dark brown eyes.

"It's just motors and pistons that-" Owner then cut him off before he could start rambling. "We won't need to go to gringotts to convert our money I did it ahead of time. Now Books!" He exclaimed before heading off.

At Flourish and Blotts, Sento had attempted to buy almost all the books he could, but Owner had stopped him and Sento was left with l extra Potion books and the basic books. Getting their robes took slightly longer as Misora took some back up robes, why the robes are needed. Sento and Misora were horrified at the fact they had to use parchment and quills. As the started to enter Oliwander's to be greeted with an old man.


"The one and only" Owner instantly replied.

"Ahh Misora and your a new face' he said as he looked at both Misora and Sento.

"Now Mrs. Isurugi, please provide your wand hand" he then started to observe Misora's right hand and measure it.

As he finishes the measuring, he goes into the back and get a wand. When he handed it to Misora something would be destroyed in the shop, before handing her a Willow and Unicorn hair 9'4 inch wand, which surrounded her in a glow. Then Sento's turn and the same process until Ollivander muttered "What if" before retrieving a wand.

"Hawkthorn 11 inches, Phoenix feather core" As soon as Sento grabbed it he was surrounded by a glow.


A boy with red hair and emerald green eyes, a boy with red hair as well but brown eyes, and a girl with bushy brown hair with brown eyes were walking Diagon alley before noticing a boy with blond hair that seems it hasn't been cut in years and wearing a prisoner's uniform.

"Potter, Weasly, Granger, you have to help me" the boy feel to his knees and put his hands together as if he was begging.

"As if we help you Malfoy, after what you did" Weasly shot back. And at those words a man with black hair, hazel eyes and glasses wearing a brown suit with a tie ran up to them wand out, multiple people behind him.

Malfoy only got back up and ran away.

Sento was walking around by himself enjoying the scenery. Malfoy then ran towards him and as soon as he saw the look of fear on the boy's face, he started to run after him.

"Stay away from me"

"I just want to help" Sento then seeing the man wouldn't stop, took out the Rabbit FulBottle and started to shake it. He was then ahead of the blond and stuck his foot out tripping the runner.

"I won't go back, they won't get me again" Malfoy stuttered out and this gained Sento's attention.

"What happened to you?"

"They experimented on me, people in gasmask and- and I don't want to I won't go back, I can't"

"Did you see a Batman!?" Sent screamed due to the match Malfoy's story held to his memories.

Before the Boy could respond, they were attacked by a monster that looked mechanical with a Blue Upper body with gold accents and constantly closed fist.

"A Smash?" Sento was surprised a Smash was here since their activities have been almost nonexistent.


"It's a human who's been exposed to nebula gas, why you aren't one is a mystery. One I like to solve. But first.." Malfoy had a very present look of confusion on his face which grew as Sento took out a blue bottle and revealed the red one in his right. He then took a belt buckle with a large gap to the right, a silver circle to the right and a crank.

"So shall we begin the experiment?" Sento then began to shake the bottles and math equations started to appear and Malfoy looked at this with wonder. Sento then twisted the caps which released a hiss. Finally plunging the bottles into the belt.


"Tesla Coil"

"Best Match"

Sento then grabbed the handle and Malfoystarted to back away. As Sento turned the crank, multiple pipes shot out before forming two halves of a suit.

"Transform!" The Armor then slammed down on his body, revealing Sento in a red and blue armor with a diagonal pattern half of the stripes on the chest plate a blue and the other red. His left arm was covered in red armor with a spring gauntlet and his right, blue armor with a gauntlet shaped like a gauntlet. His left was covered in a blue armor and red for his right. The helmet had two eyes pieces resembling rabbit ears. The left eye piece was shaped like a tesla with its diagonal half being blue and the other side being shaped like a rabbit head with it's side being red. Under all of this was a black bodysuit.

"The Electrified MoonSault, Rabbit, Telsa Coil!"

Sento took his hand and dragged it along his left eye piece, before closing it and opening it again. Then rushing towards the smash, with a sword materializing from his belt. He then started to slash at the monster, parrying the monsters attack.

"I've got the winning formula!" Sento then backed up before jumping into the ground. He then shot up and a grid like slope trapped the monster allowing him to slide down.

"Ready, Go!"

"Voltech Attack"

As soon as Sento's foot made contact with the monster it was suddenly electrocuted and Sento went passed tit landing while the Smash fell to the floor. Sento then took out a bottle and absorbed, reverting them back to human.

"I know you" Malfoy ran up to the man and started to ask questions only for the man to respond with.

"What are you talking about?" Malfoy had a look of horror which got worse as the Aurors arrived.

"Draco Malfoy, you are under arrest for the murder of Sirius Black and for escaping Azkaban" The auror captain James Potter spoke with pure anger behind his voice.

"I didn't do it though, yes I'm an idiot for following the Dark Lord but I promise you. I didn't kill Black, I didn't kill anyone!"

Sento only watched this display, before taking out a phone and inserting a bottle into it.

"I'm gonna regret this laterā€¦" He then threw it and it turned into a bike.

"Get on" He yelled at Draco as he mounted it, who does it with no hesitation. They then started to drive away, the Aurors calling brooms to chase them. As they drove they passed by the trio from before and the Granger girl had a look of recognition at Sento, who was still suited up. The chase continued, with Sento, and Draco dodging spells and swiftly approaching the exit.

"We can't let them get out"

Sento only speed up and they were then in the muggle world. The Wizards casted illusionment and notice me not charms and continues to chase. They then approached the SkyWall. The wizards in slight shock at it. Sento just drove up it and took out a gun made from the sword and started to shoot down the wizards, thanks to the HUD in his helmet.

They were now driving up a road with Sento back in his civilian clothes and Draco in a white shirt and grey slacks.

"What now?"

"Simple Draco, we prove your innocent"

"Why do you think I'm innocent?"

"An idiot doesn't call himself an idiot, and it was a feeling I just had telling me trust you."

Draco's eyes were now watery. "Not even my own parents believed me, they disowned me because of something that wasn't my fault".

"Then come stay with us, Owner wouldn't mind having you. Also your fly is open"

Drcao's tears have now ceased and he quickly zipped up his pants.

"For how long?"

"Since we got those clothes"

"What why didn't you tell me!" Draco was shaking Sento at this point.

"Idiot, stop shaking me"

"Don't call me an Idiot" The shaking increased.

"Then stop being an Idiot, Idiot!"

A/N: Thank you Legionnaire Blaze for suggesting to change the name to Tesla Coil!