A letter carried by a brown owl was flying to a Cafe named Nascita, a simple 2 story building with a sign with the name on it. The owl then threw the letter into the cafe and left. Inside the cafe Draco Malfoy ran up to the letter and grabbed it.

"Oi, Draco, what's that" Sento asked the blond as he walked up to him.

"I'm free…"


"I'm innocent, I'm a free man" Draco then exclaimed surprising Owner and Sento.

Sento smiled along sides with owner and took the letter from Draco. Skimming over the letter his smile increased. He opened his mouth to congratulate him but the sudden ding stopped him. Sento immediately rushed to the fridge, opening it and sprinted down the stairs, Draco and Owner following suit. He then ran over to a chamber with a microwave in the wall and opened said microwave. Sento then grabbed a grey Fullbottle and starting to observe it.

"A troll!" Draco exclaimed as the Fullbottle looked like it had a troll on it.

"A magical creature, my invention truly is amazing if it can purify magical Smash Essence!" Sento then started to stroke the machine only to back off as Misora walked out.

"Only because I purified it!" Misora was then at the bed in the room and collapsed.

"Does that happen often?"

"Far too often unfortunately…" Sento replied.

Then two letters flew down the stairs and landed next to Draco's feets. One was from Hogwarts and the other from an unknown sender. Draco picked them both up and opened the unknown sender first. As soon as he finished reading it started to distort and Sento instantly grabbed it. They were now in Malfoy Manor facing a man in a bat like costume with pipes coming out of the shoulder armor and Narcissa Malfoy bound to a chair tears streaming down her face.

"The Batman!"

"It's Night Rouge"

"It doesn't matter what you call yourself!" Sento then took out the Tesla Coil bottle and a white bottle with a Hedgehog on it in one hand while slamming the Build Driver/belt onto his waist. Then slamming the bottles in and turned the crank as the armor formed, though one half was now a white with spikes and a hedgehog shaped eyepiece which slammed down onto his body. Night Rouge only snapped his fingers and Narcissa Malfoy turned into a smash with a lighter motif. The Aurors smashing down the door with far to perfect timing.

"Hazard Level One" Night Rouge announced. The Aurors paused and James Potter the head Auror just shouted at Night Rouge.

"What does that mean?!"

"She's unable to take the stress of the transformation and died upon being transformed" Draco, the Aurors and Sento froze in shock. With that Night Rouge shot some steam out his gun and he was gone.

James then got over the shock and simply took out his wand.

"Someone get the Malfoy brat out of here, he was declared innocent" He seemed extremely reluctant at saying the last word. He then turned to Build/Sento and announced. "We are here to take you in for use of magic in the Muggle world and for kidnapping Draco Malfoy".

Build blocked another blast of flame from Draco's mother turned smash with the Hedgehog side. "But it isn't magic!"

"As if that excuse will work!" The Aurors started to shoot stunners and varies other hexes and curses.

Dodging all of the spells Sento only groaned and took out a bottle with a whirlwind on it. Quickly shaking and replacing Tesla Coil with it.



"Best Match!"

Build turned the handle and a green half with a tornado as the eyepiece, which quickly replaced Tesla. "Build Up".

"The Spiky Cyclone!"

"Hedgehog! Hurricane!"

He then stuck out the hand representing the hurricane side, A small hurricane soon started attracting all projectiles to it.

"The Magical World sure is ignorant.." The Aurors looked insulted at this but Draco's face showed shame as he was ignorant as well. "This is the ability of science, to defend the public with no regards of who or what they are!". Sento then turned the Build Drivers Crank.

"Ready?" Build touched the hurricane turning all the spells caught in it to spikes.

"Go! Voletch Attack!"

He then threw the hurricane at the Smash pulling it up and a glowing Narcissa Malfoy falling down and Sento running to hold the Tornado up.

"Draco!" the blond ran towards his mother at her call tears in her as well as his face.

"Mother!" Draco crouched down to Narssica.

"I failed you!"

"Don't say that, don't say anything please!"

"Draco I'm so sorry, I should have listened to your.." Narcissa only dissolved to dust.

Draco only stayed quiet as he sobbed. Build threw the hurricane and the Smash fell to the floor. A man with blond hair and multiple scars visible a slight mustache and beard with blue eyes walked up to James.

"Found Anything Moony?"

"He wasn't lying…"


"Their no signs of Magic on his armor or anything he has"

"So that pursuit was for nothing.."

Build took out a Fullbottle and absorbed the Smash Essence.

"Draco lets go.."

"He's not going anywhere with you" The man seeming known as Moony interjected.

Draco's Father Lucius Malfoy walked in at that exact time and simply stated.

"He very much is"

"Malfoy, you can't he's your son!"

"And my wife is dead because of him. So if he knows what's best for him he will go with this.."

"Build, Kamen Rider Build" Sento spoke in an extremely quiet tone.

"As long as he's gone I do not care.."

"He still isn't going with Build" James now entering their conversation though he sounded conflicted.

"I'm only taking him back to the people I left him with, they will gladly take care of him"

"How do we know their trustful!" James shot back. The Aurors with him had a look of confusion and uncertainty at the situation.

"Their surname is Isurugi"

The Aurors recoiled and James shot a look at Malfoy who stood up weakly with Build supporting him. He shook his head confirming Sento's statement.

'Soichi is to kind for his own good' All the Aurors thought at the same time.

"What are you all still doing in my home!" Lucius screamed losing his patients. The Aurors instantly left to the fireplace using their own Floo Powder to leave. Sento then walked over to the fireplace still supporting Draco. Then taking a bit of Floo powder from the box near it and entered the fireplace with Draco.

"Cafe Nascita" It came out so quiet, almost no one heard it.

They were now coming out of Cafe Nascita's fireplace and soon after Owner with a groggy but awake Misora behind him. Sento finally transforms back and set Draco into a chair.

"What happened?" Owner asked and Sento quickly caught them up.

"Misora?" Misora perked up and just looked at him. "Could you please purify this bottle?"

"Fine but I expect my paycheck after this.." She replied back seemingly still not fully awake.

They went into the lab, Draco tagging along though his face lacked emotion.


A few hours later…

Misora walked out of the chamber and Owner caught her as she collapsed. Sento opened the Microwave and grabbed a purple and red bottle with a Dragon in a wizard hat on it. Draco chose then to walk up to him and Sento turned to the blonde.

"Thank you… you let me see Mother one last time" Sento threw the Magical Dragon bottle at him which he caught.

"It was made from from her essence, thought you should keep it"

Draco smiled only slightly and grabbed the letter from Hogwarts that was on the table and read it. Owner read it over Draco's shoulder and just smiled.

"We'll get your supplies tomorrow"

"I-I can't you already done too much"

"Draco, it's fine"

"Your willing to" Draco started in a nonbeliving tone.

"Of course!"

Draco finally smiled fully and just thanked him. Sento just walked over to his computer and sat down.

'Sirius Black's killer and Draco's Framer are still out there…' Sento pulled up information on Sirius Black. 'Black was the Godfather to Harry James Potter' He then pulled up information on Harry. 'Went missing 2 years ago, he would be in Draco's year which means they interacted. They served a few detentions together… Still have to finish digitizing the rest of the student info. Thank god Misora is popular in the Wizarding world'. Sento then pulled up another page. Scrolling through it and then stopping, eyes glued to the screen. On it was a comment.

"Harry Potter was friends with Hermionie Granger until she started to hang out with his brother after Halloween. He never got along with his Mum and the DADA professor for some reason. Or that Malfoy kid Merlin they would have killed each other if Harry didn't go missing. Good Riddance, he was just some brat trying to steal his brothers work!"

Sento looked at Blacks profile and it confirmed he was the professor. 'Could Harry be the one who? No that doesn't make sense, his grades are average. Wait too average.' Sento thought. And with that a lead was found.

Okay so the reason why Draco was declared Innocent will be explained later on. Now most of you are confused at Rabbit and Tesla Coil, As it is suppose to be Rabbit Tank, it will be so I just needed to Introduce the Tesla Coil bottle as it will play a semi important part later. Oops said to much.