Elliott's test the next day was stupidly easy, but then again, everything for her was stupidly easy. Her teachers had campaigned for her to skip a grade or two when she had first started there a couple years back, but after a lot of thought Cordelia had decided against it. Elliott was already almost a full year younger than her classmates due to her late birthday, not to mention she already had a hard time adjusting to the school in the first place. When she first arrived at the school she was terrified of everyone and everything, and Cordelia didn't want to risk hurting her socially by sticking her with a bunch of much older classmates. The teachers weren't too fond of her reasoning, saying she was prioritizing her child's social life over her education, but that really wasn't the case, in fact it was the opposite. When Elliott first started at the new school her grades dropped significantly, to the point she was flunking. After a significant amount of prying from Cordelia, Elliott revealed that it was actually her anxiety that was causing the poor grades, simply because she was afraid of having the right answers and being singled out by her teachers and classmates. If Elliott had skipped a few grades, she would be a freshman in high school, and Cordelia didn't want to risk her college chances because of the adjustment, since those were the grades that actually counted.

Elliott walked home from school, walking in the front door and dropping her backpack to the side, confused by the silence in the house. Normally, Nan and Queenie would be screaming at each other by now, and she walked into the kitchen to see Cordelia standing at the counter with her fingers to her temples, obviously stressed as Queenie argued with her. "Cordelia, I'm not kidding. Do not make me room with her unless you want to find a dead bitch."

"Queenie, I don't have a choice. I can't put her with Nan and I have the utmost faith that you can control yourself." Cordelia said, obviously trying to flatter the girl to make her agree.

"What's going on?" Elliott asked, the two women glancing up at her.

"Hey short stack." Queenie said, "The new girl is a total bitch, and your mother thinks it's a great idea to stick her with me." Cordelia moved to say something, but Queenie cut her off, "I'm not doing it."

"I have to stick her with someone, at least for the time being. Half our rooms are closed for renovation right now. We just don't have the space." Cordelia argued.

"So stick her with me." Elliott said with a shrug.

"No." Cordelia said, "She's… she's a lot and you already have enough going on." The witch didn't want to air their newest student's dirty laundry, but she had a history of heavy drug and alcohol use and the headmistress really didn't want to stick her in a room with her very young, very impressionable daughter.

"Cordelia please, if anyone can handle her it's Elle. Do you know how hard it is to piss her off? The girl deals with Fiona on the reg, she can handle a Hollywood brat." Queenie argued.

Cordelia still looked doubtful, so Elliott threw her a look, "Mama, you really think sticking her with Queenie is a wise choice? Queenie almost killed Nan the other day for eating the last bagel. I, the girl with no magical ability whatsoever, had to break it up and get Queenie to take the knife away from her throat."

"She's right." Queenie said, snickering about the incident.

"Just stick her with me until the rooms are done, then you can revisit the issue." Elliott said, Cordelia finally giving in and nodding.

"Fine, but this is temporary, got it? And when I make the final room assignments I don't want to hear a single complaint." Cordelia said sternly, Elliott shrugging as Queenie nodded.

Elliott walked upstairs to start reorganizing her space in order to accommodate the extra person, Cordelia appearing in the doorway. "Are you sure you are ok with this?" She asked, Elliott glancing up and nodding.

"Yea, I mean it makes sense. I wasn't expecting to have a room to myself forever." Elliott said, watching as her mother bit her lip, "Why are you so against this?"

"She's a lot older than you." Cordelia said, trying to think of a halfway decent excuse, "And you aren't used to sharing your room. It's an adjustment."

"I'm sure I'll be fine." Elliott said, "I mean, it's only temporary, and I need to get used to sharing things anyways."

Cordelia's eyebrows creased, "Why would you need to get used to sharing things?"

Because you are trying to have another kid, Elliott thought, but she knew saying that out loud would just cause a conversation she really didn't want to have, so she tried to cover herself. "I mean, when I go to college I'll probably have roommates. Might as well prepare for that sooner rather than later." She said, Cordelia smirking at her.

"Yea, I guess so." The older woman said, "I should warn you though, Madison isn't exactly pleasant."

"So I've heard." Elliott joked as they heard the front door slam shut, Cordelia immediately moving towards downstairs. "Hey," Elliott said, causing the woman to look back at her, "I'm still mad at you." Cordelia threw her a smirk and nodded before disappearing down the stairs.

Elliott stayed busy with homework until dinner, walking down to see the rest of the group already eating. Hank wasn't there, but really Elliott didn't expect him to be, whenever he was home he was always out with his friends doing something. She spotted the new girl, Madison, immediately, and the girl also saw her, rolling her eyes. "I said I wasn't doing fucking autographs." She whined, Elliott throwing a questioning glance at her mother, who just rolled her eyes.

"Who are you?" Elliott asked, making the rest of the girls almost spit out their food from laughing.

"You don't know who I am?" Madison sneered, looking Elliott up and down with disgust, "I'm Madison Montgomery, movie star. Who the fuck are you?"

"Elliott Foxx, unemployed." Elliott shot back, causing another round of giggles.

"Elliott is my daughter and your new roommate." Cordelia said pointedly, Madison letting out a laugh.

"You want me to room with this little bitch? You're out of your god damn mind. I don't have roommates." Madison sneered.

"Well you do now princess." Elliott laughed as she sat down at the table.

"Please," Madison said, "You can't handle me. I'll have you packing your tiny bags by midnight."

"As it turns out I'm the only one who can handle you, so you'll just have to deal." Elliott shot back, Madison smirking back at her.

"Ah, I see. You're playing suck up to your mom. What, you trying to convince her to let you go fuck your boyfriend?" Madison sneered as Cordelia almost choked on her food.

"Oh absolutely." Elliott said, smirking as she watched the color drain from Cordelia's face. Normally she wouldn't tease her mother in that way, she knew it drove her absolutely insane, but she still was bitter that Cordelia told her no, so anything was fair game.

Madison glanced between Elliott and Cordelia before she let out a small laugh and smirked, "Well at least one of you isn't lame as shit. Looks like you're my new best friend, twerp."

"That sounds like a punishment." Elliott said seriously, Nan nodding furiously.

"Oh it is." She said, turning to Madison, "Would you be quiet? I'm trying to eat."

"I didn't say jack shit." Madison sneered, Elliott laughing.

"Nan is clairvoyant. We all drive her crazy." Elliott explained.

"The bitch can read minds?" Madison said.

Nan let out a groan, "Yes. Now could you stop thinking about that dude you fucked at the airport? It's gross."

Later, Elliott sat cross legged on her bed, diligently working on her homework as the movie star sauntered into their shared room, immediately lighting up a cigarette. "You don't mind, right?" Madison said as the teenager looked up, "Not that I really care. I just need an excuse for when your mother gets her panties in a twist."

Elliott rolled her eyes, "Her mother has been chain smoking around me for years, it's not like I'm not used to it."

"So what's your deal, do you hate her or something?" Madison asked, eyeing the girl, "You seem to get off on making her lose her shit."

Elliott let out a laugh, "No I don't hate her. She told me I couldn't go to my friend's birthday party, no supervision or whatever, so I'm in a payback kind of mood."

"She wouldn't let you go?" Madison asked, Elliott nodding, "And you're going to listen to her? Fucking sneak out."

"I'm not going to sneak out. It's not that big of a deal." Elliott fired back, shaking her head.

"Why not? It's a fucking party. Sure beats sitting here all night." Madison said, looking the girl over before she smirked, "Oh I see. You're a goody two shoes."

"No, I'm not. Just actually listen to my mother." Elliott sighed, focusing back on her homework.

"Same fucking thing. God she's made you her clone with this whole listening thing. Newsflash, you don't need to be exactly like her, you should make your own choices." Madison sneered.

"My choice is to not risk getting caught and possibly murdered by my mother, but thank you for your concern." Elliott said unenthusiastically.

"So you're scared of her." Madison shot back.

Elliott let out a sigh, glancing up from her work, "I'm not scared of her. I would just prefer her saying yes when I ask to do things, at least for the most part."

"Yea but she never says yes to any of the fun stuff anyways. This shit is a part of growing up, just like sneaking out is. She's just trying to brainwash you." Madison fired back, obviously not letting the whole thing go, "Do you ever do anything fun? Or are you always doing what she wants?" Elliott sat silent, knowing her life definitely wasn't exciting, "That's what I thought. Your mom is babying you, and she always will. She doesn't want you to grow up so she's stunting you. You just have to show her you can handle it, and she definitely isn't going to say yes anytime soon. There's a reason why the kids who cause trouble can actually handle shit as an adult. The goody two shoes are always the ones who live with their parents til they are 30."

Elliott let out a frustrated groan, wanting to end the conversation. Madison wasn't going to stop and she knew that, so she settled on a very well timed bathroom break, walking out of the room just as she spotted Hank walking out the front door, which just made her roll her eyes. Cordelia was persistent about the three of them spending time together, or at least she seemed to be, but there he was leaving again. Elliott knew enough to know that Cordelia hadn't even mentioned the idea to him, she was just looking for an excuse to not let Elliott go, and the thought made Elliott's insides spark like a match.

"Hey loser!" Madison yelled as Elliott walked back into their room, "I'm bored as shit, let's go see a movie."

"I can't. My mom really wanted me to spend time with them tonight." Elliott said, not really wanting to spend more time with the bitchy witch than she had to.

"Who's them?" Madison asked.

"My mom and her husband." Elliott said offhandedly, not thinking to choose her words more carefully.

"Oh, so not your daddy?" Madison laughed, Elliott quickly realizing her mistake and trying to backtrack.

"Oh no! It's uh, it's complicated." She said, Madison throwing her a questioning glance, "Never mind, forget I said anything. Let's go ask her."

Elliott quickly went in search for her mother, easily locating her in her office with Madison trailing behind. "Hey, uh… Madison wanted to go see a movie, is that ok?" Elliott asked, thinking her mother would shoot her down immediately, which was exactly the response she was hoping for.

Cordelia looked hesitant so Madison was quick to jump in, "You know, roommate bonding or whatever. Beats sitting here staring at each other all night."

Cordelia quickly wiped the confusion off her face, smiling and nodding, "Yea, that's fine. Just nothing inappropriate, ok?" Honestly, she was just grateful Madison seemed to be putting in effort, she thought the girl was going to be a pain in the ass.

"Don't worry, I won't let her see any dicks." Madison sneered, Cordelia throwing her a look, "Jesus, relax. We'll keep it PG-13, or is that still too much for your baby girl?"

"PG-13 is fine." Cordelia said, turning towards her daughter, "Be back by midnight, ok? You still have to be up early tomorrow."

"Uh, yea. Ok." Elliott said, confused by the woman's response. Didn't she want them to have "family bonding time"? Suddenly Elliott felt her residual anger rise up in her chest once again, catching in her throat. So it really wasn't about Hank, or spending time with him. Cordelia just really didn't trust her.

The two girls jumped into Madison's car and Elliott took an immediate interest in her phone, ignoring the rap music Madison had chosen to blare through the speakers. Madison talked throughout the entire ride, Elliott only half listening, just enough to give an "uh huh" when necessary. The ride to the movies took longer than Elliott expected, and when she finally looked up to see where the hell they were, she noticed a string of familiar houses. "Where are we going?" She asked, Madison rolling her eyes.

"We're just taking a shortcut. Relax." Madison groaned, but a few seconds later they were turning onto Kasey's street, pulling up next to her house.

"How the fuck did you figure out where it was?" Elliott exclaimed, angry at herself for being tricked so easily. She should have seen this coming.

"I jacked your phone when you went to the bathroom and got the address." Madison said with a smirk, "Now come on, we're on a time limit."

"Madison, no. No fucking way. My mother will kill us." Elliott said forcefully.

"She's never going to know. We go in, hang out for a bit, and we're back before your curfew. Jesus, even when you're given the golden ticket you still complain." Madison sneered, getting out of the car.

Madison rounded the car and opened Elliott's door. "No, I'm calling my mom." Elliott said, whipping out her phone and quickly dialing the woman's number.

Madison was quick to grab her phone and end the call. "Jesus, you need this more than I thought. That bitch has you wound up. She's never going to know, genius. Have some fun for once." Elliott didn't look convinced, "Look. I won't go crazy and get shitfaced, which is a favor I'm doing only for you. You can either go in with me or wait in the car the entire time. I'm not taking you to see some lame ass movie." Elliott threw the older witch a glare, but stepped out of the car, making sure to voice her displeasure with a grunt. "Thought so." Madison said with a snicker, "Now come on."

Elliott followed the older girl inside, her friends quickly spotting her and running up to her with a squeal, obviously already intoxicated. "Holy shit, you brought Madison Montgomery?" Kasey exclaimed, Elliott rolling her eyes but nodding.

"Yea, what the fuck do I have to do to get a drink around here?" Madison sneered, Kasey quickly running off in search of booze as Elliott threw the witch a glare, "Jesus Sabrina, relax. It's one drink. I'll meet up with you at 11:30, ok?"

Elliott rolled her eyes but nodded as the movie star disappeared into the crowd, Elliott's friends quickly tugging her over to their social circle. As she laughed with her friends, Elliott quickly felt her guilt slipping away. Cordelia was wrong, she could handle this, she knew she could. Madison was right, she was just babying her. She knew her mother was just trying to protect her, shield her away from a world that was so inherently evil, but Elliott didn't need protecting, she was more mature than her mother realized. Fiona knew that, so why didn't Cordelia?

As the time ticked by Elliott joked with her friends about the drunk boys near the pool who almost fell in, she laughed at the girls who were dressed in clothes so skimpy they might as well have been bathing suits. She cheered her friends on as they made the move to go talk to their crush or a particularly cute senior boy. She was even ecstatic for Elenor when that stupid boy finally got enough brains to ask her out. She couldn't believe she almost missed this, and she was thankful that Madison had tricked her into doing something she actually wanted to do, for once at least. She would never admit it to anyone, but sometimes living at the coven was incredibly suffocating. She loved Cordelia, god knows she did, but her mother tended to be on the overbearing side. Elliott knew it was Fiona's doing, that her absence made Cordelia feel like she had to push harder, love harder, and just do more. But all of Elliott's choices came down to her mother, who always played it safe. So in turn, Elliott always played it safe, and sometimes she hated it. She never experimented with anything, because she knew her mother wouldn't approve. She didn't sneak out or get in trouble or do half the things the other kids her age did. The worst thing she had ever done was hang out with some drunk kids at a park after dusk, which wasn't too terrible if you thought about it. They offered to share their alcohol with her, but Elliott respectfully declined, being called a party pooper, but the only reason she did was because of Cordelia, because she didn't want to disappoint her.

But in that moment, she really didn't care about her mother's concern. Fiona was right, Cordelia didn't really know that much about her, at least not anymore. The two were extremely close, that was until Hank came back into their lives like a damn wrecking ball. Elliott never liked him, but Cordelia could never see it. The young girl hadn't been so careful about voicing her displeasure with him when she was younger, but Cordelia didn't seem to notice, too wrapped up in him. He blinded her, he always had, and Elliott hated it. She hated how her mother would go above and beyond whenever he came home, how her voice would change octaves and how she would instantly give into his every stupid whim. She hated how he would treat Cordelia like shit and she would still treat him like he was a gift from god. She hated how since he came back they would talk less, joke less, and fight more. She knew her mother deserved better, she knew she was settling for that trash bag of a human, and she knew that Hank really didn't love Cordelia, at least not in the way he should. Elliott felt like she was screaming, and had been for six years, but Cordelia never heard her, and she definitely wasn't going to be the reason her mother was miserable, not after all she did for her.

Around 11:15 Elliott went in search of Madison, wanting to get the hell out of there in case there was some freak accident or weird traffic. She went room by room searching, walking in on more than a few couples getting it on, including Elenor, gross. Madison was nowhere to be found, and as Elliott searched she got more and more angry. It was almost 11:30, they needed to go. Madison was supposed to meet her, but it seemed she had totally disappeared. She sighed and headed toward the bathroom, desperately needing to pee, shoving past a group of laughing boys before she spotted the movie star passed out on the tile floor. Shit. She quickly shooed the boys and their camera phones away before kneeling down, shaking the girl. "Madison? Madison?" She practically yelled as she viciously shook the actress, "Can you hear me?" Madison only gave a grunt, her eyelids fluttering, and Elliott instantly knew she was absolutely trashed. The issue was, she didn't know what to do. Well, she knew what to do, she just didn't want to do it. She knew she had to though, she didn't know if Madison was just passed out or if she had alcohol poisoning, and she didn't know what to do if it was the latter. She quickly searched the movie star's pockets for her phone, pulling it out and dialing her mother's number. Sure, she was going to get in some form of trouble, but she trusted her mother, she knew it would all be ok.

"Hello?" Elliott heard her mother say from the other side.

"Mama?" Elliott said, Cordelia immediately picking up on the panic in her voice.

"Elliott? What's wrong?" The woman asked, and Elliott could already hear the woman shuffling around, probably looking for her keys.

"Madison lied to me and ended up taking me to that party you said I couldn't go to but in my defense there was technically adult supervision and yes I know it was a very dumb move but Madison got trashed and passed out in the bathroom and she's not talking and something is very wrong and I don't know what to do." Elliott rambled, coming dangerously close to bursting into tears.

"Oh my god." Cordelia groaned, but she didn't sound angry like Elliott expected, she just sounded worried. "Is she breathing?" She asked.

"Yes, I tried to get her to talk to me but she was just mumbling." Elliott answered, "She said she wasn't going to drink. She said…"

"Ok, baby, it's ok. Just calm down. You need to call an ambulance." Cordelia said, listening as her daughter hesitated, "I know you don't want to ruin anything but you have to, ok? I'll meet you at the hospital."

Elliott swallowed thickly, knowing her friends weren't going to be happy with her for ruining their party, "Ok."

"Ok. You did the right thing calling me baby, I'm proud of you. Call them then call me back, alright? I'll meet you there." Cordelia said, knowing her daughter was in an absolute panic.

"Ok." Elliott said again, her mind practically spinning.

"I love you." Cordelia said.

"I love you too. I'll call you back." Elliott said, hanging up the phone.

"Holy shit. Is she ok?" Kasey asked, wandering over to see what the commotion was about.

"No. I have to call an ambulance. You need to get everyone out of here." Elliott said forcefully, Kasey just looking at her, dazed as she nodded.

"Copy that." Kasey said, running around and telling everyone to scram as Elliott dialed 911. She quickly relayed all the information to the responders, then hung up and went to redial her mother, Kasey reappearing, looking hesitant. "I, uh, I gotta go too. Since, ya know, I'm drunk. My grandma thinks I went to bed early. You ok with sticking it out?" She asked, Elliott barely even registering the words as she nodded. She honestly didn't care what Kasey did at that point. "Ok, lock the front door behind you, alright?" Kasey said as she moved toward the door, "Love ya!"

Elliott immediately called Cordelia, the woman picking up on only the third ring, "Are they on their way?"

"Yea." Elliott said, "They told me to roll her over on her side in case she pukes."

"How much did she drink?" Cordelia asked.

"I don't know. She left me and said she would meet me later." Elliott said, mentally kicking herself. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

"Ok, Elle. I need you to try and get her to throw up. Can you do that for me?" Cordelia asked carefully, like talking to a small child.

"How? Like sticking my fingers down her throat?" Elliott asked, her brain only half processing what her mother was asking her to do.

"Yes, exactly that. Can you do it?" Cordelia asked again.

Elliott was quiet for a moment, judging the distance between where the girl laid and the toilet. Madison was tiny, but she still was much bigger than Elliott. "I can try." She said, obviously unsure of herself. This was a lot to ask of her, more than a lot, and she finally got exactly why Cordelia didn't want her to go to one of these things. She stood and grabbed the witch's arms, using all her leverage to lift her into a somewhat upright position, then dragged her over to the toilet. It was a slow process, and Cordelia could hear her struggling, but she managed to do it, quickly dropping to her knees once the movie star started to fall over, hitting the tile full force. Cordelia winced as she drove and heard her daughter whimper, desperately wishing she was there to help. Elliott trucked on, however, positioning herself behind the girl and holding her head up as she jammed her fingers down her throat, feeling the girl gag unconsciously for a few moments until she felt a warm liquid soak her fingers, then pulling them back out as the girl beneath her threw up a bit. It still didn't seem like enough, and she was about to go for a second round when she heard the sirens.

"Is that them?" Cordelia asked, Elliott nodding before realizing it wasn't a visual conversation.

"Uh, yea. I think so." Elliott said, letting out a deep breath in an attempt to fight off tears.

"Alright, go help them and I'll be at the hospital as soon as I can, ok? I love you." Cordelia said before hanging up, Elliott setting Madison back down on her side before running to meet the paramedics.

They got Madison loaded in the ambulance and learned what information they could from the girl before they were on their trek to the hospital, passing by Cordelia's car as they went. Elliott took a seat and waited for her mother to arrive, wanting nothing more than for the woman to hold her. She screwed up, and she knew she did, but she still knew her mother would make everything better, she always did.

Elliott immediately stood as soon as she spotted her mother, quickly walking towards her before she saw an incredibly pissed off Hank follow behind the woman, freezing up as her face dropped. She didn't want him here; he wasn't supposed to be here. He was supposed to be out with his friends. Cordelia spotted her and opened her arms, wanting nothing more than to comfort her obviously distressed daughter, but stopped once Hank started screaming.

"What the fuck were you thinking?" He yelled, "Don't lie to us, Elliott. Don't even try to say that girl forced you. You knew exactly what you were doing, you knew you weren't allowed to go."

"Hank…" Cordelia said, obviously shocked.

"No, Delia, I'm not going to calm down. She disobeyed us, disobeyed you, and she's trying to cover it up. She's a liar. I know you aren't stupid, Elliott." Hank continued to scream as Elliott tensed up, "Not only did you get that girl sent to the hospital, you ruined our evening."

"Hank, stop." Cordelia said forcefully, "That's not our biggest concern right now. We can deal with that later."

Hank let out a frustrated grunt before he angrily flopped on a waiting chair, crossing his arms. Cordelia stared at him, but only for a moment before she refocused on Elliott, who by this point was on the verge of tears. "Are you ok, baby?" Cordelia asked gently, Elliott shaking her head before practically falling into her mother's open arms and crying. "Shh, it's ok. You did everything right, ok?"

"Not everything." Hank said vehemently, reminding Elliott of a moody teenage brat.

"Hank." Cordelia scolded briefly, before her tone softened again as she refocused on her upset daughter. "Hey, look at me." She said gently as she pulled Elliott away from her, looking into her red rimmed eyes, "You did everything right. I'm proud of you, ok? It's going to be alright." Elliott nodded slightly before beginning to cry again, Cordelia pulling her back into her arms and cradling her head as she pressed a gentle kiss into her hair.

Elliott clung to her mother as they waited for an update, not that Cordelia minded. She knew her daughter was scared, that was the only time Elliott ever sought comfort from her mother. She was always independent; some would say too independent. When she was mad or upset she usually just wanted to be left alone, not wanting her mother's touch to send her into a crying fit. To this day, Elliott hated to cry. She only cried when her own emotions were too much for her to handle, when she couldn't condense them down into rational thought. But that night, the tears seemed to be freely flowing, which was all Cordelia needed to know that reprimanding the girl wasn't the best course of action, at least not at the moment.

Hank was still sulking when the doctors finally deigned to give an update, even though it was hours later. As it turned out, the superstar had lived up to her reputation, consuming enough alcohol to warrant getting her stomach pumped and giving her a bad case of alcohol poisoning. Cordelia let out a sigh, turning to Hank and Elliott. "I have to stay, but you two should head home." She said softly, the late hour working its way into her obviously tired voice.

Elliott's eyes widened as she quickly flicked her gaze over to Hank, she really didn't want to leave with him. "I want to stay with you." She said quietly as Hank threw her a death glare.

"Baby, you have practice tomorrow morning." Cordelia said, trying to reason with the girl.

"I'll go tired." Elliott said, Hank letting out a sinister laugh.

"No, you don't get a choice here. Your mother said go." Hank bit, startling both Elliott and Cordelia, "We're leaving, let's go."

Elliott threw Cordelia a pleading look, silently begging the woman to not make her go with him. Cordelia quickly flicked her gaze back and forth between her husband and her daughter. She knew Elliott wanted to stay with her, but with the look Hank was giving her, she knew if she defied him it would just lead to a fight she didn't want to have, so with a sigh she said, "Just go home, baby. You need to get some sleep. I'll be home as soon as I can."

Elliott's face hardened, once again, her mother was utterly blind. Cordelia threw her a slightly apologetic look and moved to hug her, but Elliott shifted away, quickly standing and turning her back to her. Sure, it was a bratty thing to do, but she really didn't care. Cordelia chose Hank, again, when she knew damn well he was just going to scream at Elliott on the way home. There was no way she couldn't know. But Cordelia hated to fight, and it was a lot easier to fight with Elliott than it was to fight with Hank, he knew exactly what to say to Cordelia to absolutely wreck her, and he used it to his advantage. Elliott stalked toward the door as Hank and Cordelia whispered back and forth briefly before Hank pressed a kiss to her cheek, turning to his daughter and throwing her yet another glare.

Elliott tried to tune out Hank's screams on the way home. He wasn't exactly the type who wanted a response from her, he just wanted to yell. She wasn't even sure he paused to take a breath, he just kept screaming, and Elliott vaguely registered the word stupid leaving his lips about a dozen times before they were even halfway home. She tried to just ignore it, knowing whatever she said would only blow back on her mother. Hank knew his words had no effect on Elliott, she was immune to his "put you in your place" bullshit, but Cordelia wasn't.

She managed to refocus on his never ending rant as they pulled in the driveway, which proved to be her downfall. "Not everything is about you all the time and you need to realize that. I get that your mother absolutely babies you and thinks you're a perfect little angel, but I know better. You're a fucking brat." Hank spewed with as much venom as he could muster, "Me and your mother were finally getting to spend some quality time and you had to fucking ruin it like you always do."

Elliott let out a laugh as she threw the car door open, "Oh so I get it. You aren't mad that I went to the party, you're mad that I called and you didn't get laid. Good to know."

As Elliott went to step out of the car Hank lurched toward her and grabbed her wrist so hard she could feel her joints straining against the pressure, letting out a surprised yelp. "You, little bitch, need to learn your place." Hank said lowly as Elliott tried to twist her wrist free, "You're just like your grandmother. All bark and no bite."

"Get the fuck off of me!" She practically yelled, Hank finally letting her go with a smug grin on his face. Elliott stormed upstairs to her room, throwing herself dramatically on the bed as she rubbed at her wrist, trying her best to get the remnants of his fingers to leave her nerve endings. She hated him, loathed him with every fiber of her being. This wasn't the first time Hank had gotten slightly physical with her, he had done it once before when she was a child. He called it "spanking", but the welts on her back begged to differ, and Cordelia was furious when she saw them. It was the only time Elliott had truly seen her mother lose her shit, and it was almost enough to break up her parent's brand new marriage. But when Hank wandered back a few weeks later with his tail between his legs, Cordelia gave him a second chance, or maybe a third chance, Elliott wasn't really counting, and it was never spoken of again.

The next morning, Elliott woke up to the sound of Cordelia and Hank faintly arguing in their room, right next to hers. It was obvious Cordelia was trying to keep her voice down, but Hank wasn't really having it. "If you didn't go so fucking easy on her this never would have happened. She doesn't respect you and she knows you'll let her get away with anything." Hank spit as Elliott rolled her eyes.

"Hank, come on. She does respect me. This was wildly out of character for her. I don't even think she had a say in the matter. Madison has a history; one she wasn't aware of." Cordelia said, trying to calm the man down.

"No, Delia, she doesn't respect you. She knows you won't actually punish her. She's not afraid of you." Hank bit harshly.

"I don't want her to be afraid of me. The only reason she called was because she isn't afraid of me." Cordelia said, trying to hold firm on her position.

"She wouldn't have had to call you if she was afraid of you because this never would have happened, she never would have gone in the first place." Hank argued.

"Like I said Hank, I don't think it was really up to her. Elliott doesn't lie." Cordelia said with a sigh.

"She's not the little angel you think she is, Delia. She needs actual discipline." Hank bit.

"You don't know her." Cordelia bit back, which surprised Elliott, normally she just said what she needed to end the argument.

Hank let out a scoff, "You've always done this, even when she was a baby. You always knew her better than I did."

"Hank, don't even go there." Cordelia fumed, "That wasn't the case and you know it."

"No, it's true. You've always pitted her against me. I was always the bad guy on the outside." Hank argued, now just looking to do damage, "I mean, what kid cries around her father for no reason? You stuck it in her head that I was the enemy because you didn't want me to have a say. You wanted to run the show, and you're still doing it. You know you're just like Fiona, and so is she."

That was a low blow, the epitome of a verbal gut punch, and it was all Elliott could do to not run in there and scream at him. He knew just what to say, how to twist the knife just right. God forbid Elliott not like him because he was a shitty dad and a shitty human in general. No, it had to be Cordelia pulling the strings, just like Fiona. Elliott's mother was the complete opposite of her grandmother, the girl wasn't even sure they actually shared a bloodline. She knew her mother was choking back tears, mumbling something to effectively end the argument, and Elliott quickly tried to busy herself with getting dressed, if anything to stop her from going in there and beating the shit out of him. She wasn't much of a fighter, at least not that anyone knew about, but she certainly could hold her ground. She quickly changed into an outfit for soccer practice, before she glanced down at her exposed wrist and saw the finger shaped bruises forming there. It really was a shitty place to have something to hide, especially in New Orleans. She really didn't want to be running around in the crazy heat in a hoodie, so she settled for a light long sleeve t-shirt, at least that she could excuse with the early hour, and it wouldn't give her heatstroke.

Practice sucked, and by the time Elliott's friend dropped her back off at the coven she was coated in sweat. She quickly ran to the shower, then changed into a pair of leggings and a hoodie, crawling back into bed in hopes of getting even a little more sleep. That Idea was quickly disregarded as Elliott heard a light knock on her door, her mother swinging it open and stepping into the room. The girl let out a slight grunt as she felt her mother's weight press down on the mattress, her hands quickly moving to run through Elliott's hair. "Can we talk?" Cordelia asked softly, grazing her fingertips across Elliott's cheekbone, and the girl nodded slightly as she flung the covers off and pulled herself into a sitting position. Elliott took one quick glance at her mother's puffy eyes before setting her gaze on the sheets below her, not wanting to see the damage she had caused, all because she couldn't hold her tongue. Cordelia brushed a wet lock of hair behind Elliott's ear before grabbing the girls chin and forcing eye contact, feeling the girl squirm, "What the hell happened, Elle?"

Elliott knew that no matter what she said it wouldn't undo previous events, and she really didn't want to waste her breath explaining something that had already been deemed by her asshole father as a lie. "Doesn't really matter." She said quietly, defeated, "What's my punishment?"

"Of course it matters. This wasn't like you." Cordelia said gently before a confused look crossed her features, "Who said anything about a punishment?"

"He did." Elliott said, her face hardening, "This morning."

Cordelia's gaze dropped, "You heard that?" Elliott gave a slight nod, "How much?"

"Well it started at how I didn't respect you and I should be afraid of you." Elliott said honestly, knowing she could recount the entire argument word for word, it was burned into her brain, "I heard the rest from there."

Cordelia ducked her head, she shouldn't have been surprised, she put Elliott's room right next to hers, and the walls weren't exactly soundproof. Still, it wasn't something she wanted her daughter to hear, she knew it would just upset her. "He was just upset…" Cordelia said softly, reaching for Elliott's hand.

"When does he leave?" Elliott asked, trying to keep her words from biting.

"He already did." Cordelia said, noticing how Elliott visibly relaxed, "What happened?"

Elliott let out a sigh, "I told Madison about the party, and she tried to convince me to sneak out and just go, but I said no. I went to the bathroom and I guess she took my phone and got the address. She told me we were going to a movie, but then she drove there instead."

"Why didn't you call me when you got there?" Cordelia asked, knowing Elliott had enough sense to do it.

"I tried to, but she took my phone and kept it all night." Elliott explained.

"Why didn't you use your friends phone? You know my number by heart." Cordelia said, trying to get to the bottom of whatever it was.

"Because I was dumb." Elliott said.

"You aren't dumb, don't even say that." Cordelia said sternly.

Elliott let out a frustrated sigh, "I didn't want to be the lame kid who called their mom to pick them up. I knew I wasn't going to drink or do anything dumb, and I thought Madison had the common sense to do the same. She told me she was having one drink and that was it, and I figured I could just tell you when I got home. I wasn't going to hide it. I didn't know that Madison had a history."

Cordelia nodded, "You know this was the exact reason I didn't want you to go, right?"

"Yea I got that." Elliott said sarcastically, getting a look from her mother, "I thought I could handle it. The kids that were there were smarter, they knew if they drank that much that they would get caught, so they were careful. I didn't expect Madison to be the one I had to worry about."

Cordelia was quiet for a moment, "You did handle it."

Elliott furrowed her brow, "What?"

Cordelia stared at her daughter's perplexed face for a moment before letting out a laugh, "You did handle it. When you didn't know what to do you called me, knowing you disobeyed me and were risking getting caught. That shows real maturity on your part."

"Well, duh. I trusted you, I knew that even though I did something dumb you would help me." Elliott said, "He's right, I'm not afraid of you, but that's the only reason why Madison isn't dead right now. I knew you wouldn't rip me apart for a mistake."

"Because we're a team." Cordelia said with a soft smile, Elliott letting out a laugh.

"Yea, me and you, always." She said, catching Madison out of the corner of her eye, sauntering up to their shared room like she didn't almost die the previous night.

"Could you stop before I throw up?" Madison sneered, Cordelia's face hardening as she registered the girl's voice, whipping around to face her.

"Pack your stuff." Cordelia said harshly as she stood from the bed, "You aren't staying here anymore."

"You can't stick her with Queenie, they'll kill each other." Elliott said.

"Right now that wouldn't be a bad thing." Cordelia said sarcastically, throwing Elliott a slight smirk before returning her sights to Madison, "One of the rooms is finished being renovated, you'll stay there until I find you another girl to room with, and when I get done with this phone call I have to make, I want you in my office. Got it?"

"Aye aye captain, jesus." Madison sneered as Cordelia strolled past her, throwing the girl one last glare before heading to her office.

Madison smirked at Elliott for a moment before walking over to sit on her bed, "Aw, you mad at me? Poor baby, bet mommy ripped you a new one."

"What the fuck, Madison?" Elliott sneered, catching the girl by surprise, but it was only for a second.

"Listen, I'm not going to lie to you. I knew I wasn't staying sober last night. I kinda knew you would get in trouble, but I really didn't care, I wanted to get wasted." Madison said, giving the girl a smirk, "I didn't expect you and your mommy to be so vomit inducing after, I really thought I would fuck your shit up. I was looking forward to hearing her scream at you."

Elliott let out a snide laugh, "So you constructed this whole thing because you didn't like that me and my mom got along? What, do you have mommy issues?"

"Please, your relationship is fake as hell. It's only a matter of time until it implodes." Madison sneered, "Tell me, does your mommy know that you hate your daddy, Ellie?"

"Don't call me that." Elliott bit.

"Exactly. Don't worry, I didn't tell her. It's just fun for me to know that her life is fucked and she has no fucking idea." Madison said with a laugh, "Plus, Queenie said she would carve me up if I said anything and I'm too hot to be disfigured."

Elliott's voice got quiet, "Queenie knows?"

"Literally everyone knows but your mother. Bitch is fucking blind." Madison snickered, "Don't worry, your secrets safe with me."

"Doubt it." Elliott sneered as Cordelia reappeared in the doorway, arms crossed.

"Guess that's my cue. See ya loser." Madison said, sauntering into Cordelia's office and slouching in her seat, "What, you going to go all hardass on me? You're kind of a soft bitch, feel free to take offense."

Cordelia rolled her eyes as she sat in her chair, straightening her back to try and keep herself from ripping the blonde in two. "It is my job to watch over you and keep you out of trouble, but you are an adult and you make your own choices, I get that." Madison let out a snicker, feeling validated that the witch wouldn't do anything to her, before she heard Cordelia's words dripping with venom "I can't control everything you do. But so help me god, if you ever put my daughter in a situation like that again just so you can get your fix, I will personally call my mother to kill you. Believe me, Fiona Goode does have the heart for torture, especially when it comes to her granddaughter."

Madison was shocked, but she wasn't going to let Cordelia know that, choosing to instead act like she wasn't fazed, letting out a laugh, "Who's your mother?"

"The supreme." Cordelia said simply.

"And what's a supreme?" Madison snarked.

Cordelia's face broke out in a knowing smirk as Madison's dropped, "You'll find out."