Chapter 1

Felicity was annoyed, very annoyed. With everything, but mostly Oliver. It was "do this Felicity, do that, Felicity, Hack into the government, Felicity, Find out this villains identity that I just so happened to have pissed off, Felicity", honestly, he was driving Felicity mad.

Oliver didn't even appreciate how much Felicity helped him and the others, he was just shouting orders like she was one of his soldiers. Felicity hadn't had a proper sleep in weeks and he has the audacity to accuse her of not doing her best? And if that's not bad enough Felicity has to deal with Isabel Rochev every-single-working-day, all because he was too lazy to come down a couple of floors to "talk to her about how they spend their nights".

But Felicity doesn't complain, she keeps going because she wants to help the city, save it. From whatever it needs saving from. It used to be gangs and drug dealers, but now it seemed that Oliver had lost sight of what was important and was just going after his personal vendetta, Slade Wilson.

"Are you even listening to me?" interrupted Felicity's thoughts, she cast her gaze upwards and met eyes with Isabel Rochev was standing over her with her arms crossed and her eyes narrowed, a look that made many run for miles. She had been ranting about the staff meeting that Oliver was supposed to show up for, and unfortunately he was nowhere to be seen, meaning that Felicity had to stand up and take over Oliver's job while looking like a fool, and while Oliver was MIA Isabel was in the background smirking for the whole of the meeting, and as soon as it was over she followed Felicity to her desk and started to say everything that she thought Felicity did wrong and how she was totally unprepared, and it seemed that after ten minutes of listing her faults she had finally realized that Felicity was no longer listening.

"Of course I'm listening to you Isabel" Isabel scowled at the name, she hated it when people used her first name instead of the mandatory Mrs Rochev, well that is everyone except for Oliver, in fact, she insisted that Oliver call her Isabel outside a meeting.

"And while I love talking to you, I have to call Oliver and find out where he is, he has a meeting with Wayne industries in four hours that he cannot miss. I also have many things that I need to take care of, so if that's all?" Felicity paused, waiting when it was clear Isabel wasn't going to say anything she carried on "I do believe I have a call to make."

Twisting her chair so that she was facing the computer Felicity typed her password in, in her peripheral vision she could still she Isabel standing at her desk visibly steaming, her face turning red like a tomato Felicity had to fight to keep her face straight after that thought.

After Isabel walked off, Felicity picked up the phone on her desk and typed in Oliver's number. When his voicemail answered instead of him himself Felicity frowned. She couldn't think of any reason why he wouldn't be answering, trying the phone in the compound brought the same results, and after trying all of the phones Oliver might be near she pushed the buttons for Diggle's phone number in, fingers crossed she waited with bated breath.

"Hello" came over the phone,

"Diggle, Where are you and Oli-"

A pleasant voice of a woman came on "You have reached the voicemail of," Diggle's voice came onto the phone "John Diggle" the lady's voice came on again "Please leave a message after the tone and I will get back to you shortly." Beep.

Felicity groaned, she really hated that voice at times, "Hey Digg, umm," she paused gathering her thoughts "Where are you guys? I have Isabel breathing down my back asking for Oliver, and he has a meeting for 12.30 with Wayne industries, he can't miss this one, their already mad that he missed the last one. Did something happen?" She really wished he had answered, "Just call me back on your whereabouts, okay, bye." After putting the phone away she let her head fall onto the desk.



A while later there was a ping at the elevator, Felicity didn't even bother turning her head to check to see who it was, she had long since given up hoping it was Oliver half an hour ago, she had work to do and if Oliver wasn't there than it was his fault, not hers. She carried on looking at her computer until she heard a cough. Glancing up from her work she saw Oliver, Felicity raised an eyebrow, she was still slightly mad that he didn't return any of her calls.

"What?" she said when Oliver had started to look impatient,

"Why didn't you call me?" he said annoyed, annoyed at what though?

"Call you for what?" Felicity asked confused,

"For work Felicity, why didn't you call me for work,"

Felicity's eyebrow raised, "Why didn't I call you? Because you didn't answer Oliver! I called both you and Digg multiple times, and when I didn't get an answer I gave up, you wanna know why, Oliver? Because not all of us can miss a day off of work without being fired, you, on the other hand, can strut in here, late, and do whatever the hell you please, because you own this place, not all of us are that fortunate Oliver."

As Felicity spoke her voice went from a mere whisper to nearly outright shouting, as she turned her head, she saw that a few of the staff had stopped to watch her little 'speech', most of them were shocked, this wasn't the Felicity that smiled at them and said hi as they passed by her desk to their destination, this was a new Felicity they had never seen before, but quite frankly most of them felt like Oliver had deserved this telling off. He had been seen going at her for small little things but nobody spoke up in fear of getting that anger turned on them. It was widely known that Felicity had one of the kindest hearts in the building, everybody cared for her. Needless to say, everybody would know about this by the end of the day, and almost everyone would be on her side.

Turning her head back around Felicity looked at Oliver, his face was expressionless, but his eyes held a hint of anger in them. Felicity stared at him, eyes not backing down. "Now if you don't mind I have work to do and you," She paused, trying to remember what was next on Oliver schedule, "and you" she gave him a pointed look "have a meeting with Wayne enterprises, so I would recommend you grab your notes that just so happen to be written by me. And go to the meeting room where you will spend the next two hours trying to get Wayne enterprises to agree to make that deal." She grabbed the notes and held them out.

Oliver's eyes flickered from her face to the notes, his face set, he grabbed them and walked away, presumably to the meeting room with Dig towing behind him lost for words.

Felicity sat back in her chair, not realising that she had stood up and sighed, she turned her head upwards so she was looking at the computer instead of her palms, the page was open at some important investments that needed to be done by today. Groaning she put her fingers on the keyboard and began to type.



Felicity heard some hushed voices a few hours later and looked up to see Diggle and Oliver arriving. She paused in her typing and tried to catch some of the words as they entered Oliver office, "I think the Arrow needs to visit-", She didn't hear the rest as the door had been closed behind them but from that little snippet of a conversation that she heard she knew they were talking about Oliver's next night out wearing the hood.

She breathed in than out, they were excluding her, she had become in executive assistant so she could be part of the conversations, and yet they didn't bother to include her in the last few ones. She was getting really fed up with Oliver.

Trying to distract herself she grabbed a hard drive from her bag, it was a royal blue one with TS written on it with an elegant scrawl. The hard drive was given to her by Tony the last time she was in New York and it held a lot of different files from just about everywhere including SHIELDS old files.

Opening it up she pulled up some information on Wanda Maximoff, she had seen her on TV the other day with the avengers, and needless to say, she was intrigued. The file stated that she was an experiment on Hydra and had lost her brother in the battle of Ultron as the public had dubbed it. She joined the avengers soon after and was in training.

Scrolling down Felicity read her powers, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Mental and Emotional Manipulation, and at the bottom, it said Code Name: Scarlet Witch.

Just as she was about to read the next file when Felicity heard someone coming and she quickly pulled up some bills that she had finished a few hours ago to make it look like she was doing some EA work.

Looking up Felicity saw Diggle standing over her, a slight smile on his lips,

"Hey, Felicity"

"Hey Dig, can I help you?"

"No, I just wanted to let you know that Oliver and I are leaving now and that we will meet you in the base, okay?"

Felicity looked at the clock on her computer, 19.32 was staring back at her.

"Yeah okay, I'll just lock up, and then I will go home and get changed, see you later"

"See you later Felicity."

Felicity nodded, watching as he walked into the elevator with the soft ding of the door closing.

As she started gathering things up she let her mind wander, what would happen if she told them about her brother? If she told them that her past was more gruesome than Olivers?

That she knew the avengers?

She knew Roy would be jumping up and down at the chance of meeting them, wondering if her brother could give him tips. Oh and Dig would get that weird look he sometimes gets butt he would be happy that I told him, Sara would smile and tell me that I was a cute sister, and Oliver, well, Oliver was Oliver, so there is no telling what he would do. Maybe be mad that I hid something from him, maybe be annoyed he didn't figure it out? All Felicity knows is that whatever happens, he won't be happy about it.

Climbing into my car my phone buzzed, checking it I saw it was my brother asking if I was going to see him any time soon as Natasha was getting lonely with all the boys, especially with Bruce gone. I told him that I wasn't sure but I will try for a visit soon.



"Take the next right, go down two blocks and take a left and it should be right in front of you" Felicity was in the lair, her fingers scurrying over the keyboard finding as much intell that she could. She was searching for Slade Wilson but it seems that after he had said Hi to Oliver that he had just vanished off the face of the planet like it was just Oliver's imagination. But Felicity and the others knew he was real as the security cameras recorded him leaving the Queens mansion shortly after their talk.

Felicity kept thinking that maybe if she had better tech she might be able to find him better but she knew it would be impossible to get new equipment down in the lair for her as Oliver only liked the computers from before he had been on the island even though they weren't even on the same level as the one they had now. Hell Felicity wouldn't even mind a two-year-old computer at this rate but she knew that Oliver was way too stubborn to even think about updating the software let alone actually getting it.

"Alright everyone, lets head back to the lair, this mission was a bust," Oliver said through the comms, Felicity heard the noises of people moving about, presumably leaving the warehouse that they had thought that Slade might be hiding in.

Half an hour later had seen that everyone had arrived back fine and gotten changed into their civilian clothes. Oliver and Sara had already left to go back to their houses while Roy and Dig were talking about his new training schedule while Felicity was still looking for any sign of Slade, so far she had found little to nothing, except that there were more people with eye patches than she had originally thought was possible.

After Dig left with a smile on his face she and Roy left together, Felicity dropping Roy at his house had become somewhat normal over the past month. She and Roy had also become closer as friends, they were practically like brother and sister, and many knew that Felicity would do anything to help her younger brother out.

After Felicity dropped Roy off she grabbed herself some Chinese thinking she had had too many belly burgers in this past week. And as soon as her head hit the pillow she was sound asleep.



The next day Felicity walked into Queen consolidated drenched but happy to get out of the rain. As Felicity walked up to her desk she saw Diggle with a paper bag leaning against her work desk. As he handed it to her she smiled happily, when Dig was sorry he normally did something small but nice and judging by the grease stain Felicity guessed it was a Baklava, he had introduced it to her while Oliver had run off to the island and she had instantly fallen in love with them but the company that does them isn't near where Felicity lives, so she either has to make a detour to get them to have Dig grab one on his way to work.

"I know Olivers been hard on you these last few weeks, do you want me to talk to him and try and get him to his senses." He looked at her questionably,

"No, it's okay, Oliver's just stressed at the moment, he'll come to his senses. And while I wait I am going to eat this Baklava that has my name written on it." Dig's smile was strained and she knew that he didn't think Oliver would come to his senses any time soon and Felicity agreed. She doubted he would come to his senses soon, but that was his fault, not hers.

Just then a ding came from the elevator and guessing from the sound of the footsteps if Felicity had to guess she would say it was Oliver, speak of the devil and he shall appear.

Oliver walked right past her, not saying a word or even acknowledging Digs presence, to which Dig gave her a look and rolled his eyes to. Felicity started chewing on her Baklava as she sat down at her desk and typed her password in. When she looked up she realised Diggle was still there, "Can I help you with anything Dig? No offence but I have to get these things done by today or Isabel will bite, my head off,".

"No," he hesitated "but are you sure your alright?"

"I'm sure Dig, but thanks for thinking about me and getting me the Baklava, I've been craving this," she said taking another bite out of her pastry.

"No problem" he got up and headed into Oliver's office.



Felicity heard a click of heels, and they were moving quickly, too quickly for a person to just be walking. She looked up to see Isabel practically running towards her which was an uncommon occurrence normally she would be walking the other way, angry, not running towards her looking panicked. Before Felicity could even wonder what got her panicked Isabel had already reached her desk.

Panting quickly Isabel asked "where… where's Oliver? We..we have that meeting."

"He's through there, why- "

But Isabel had carried on walking to Oliver's office "Oliver! We have a meeting in 5 minutes, we have to go!"

"What meeting" Oliver spoke slowly like he was talking to an injured animal,

"The 12.30 one" Oliver shook his head trying to convey that he didn't know about a meeting.

"Felicity?" her eyebrows raised, the first time he talks to her is because of a meeting? That was not what she expected.

Felicity turned her head to look at the calendar there was nothing there that was scheduled for today. "It's not in the calendar, meaning either I wasn't told or there's nothing scheduled."

Felicity chanced a look at Isabel already making guesses as to why she was never told about this meeting.

"We will just have to figure this out later," Oliver sighed

He pushed past her and headed towards the meeting room with Isabel at his side. After a few steps, Isabel paused and turned her face so half was facing Felicity and the other forwards. "Can you grab my notes, Felicity? Please?"

Felicity's eyebrows rose, did Isabel just say please? This must be important then. Felicity nodded and walked off to the stairs knowing the elevator would take a while as it wasn't a Stark industry one. Quickly grabbing Isabel's notes she made it back down to the meeting room with a good time.

As she neared the door she heard a familiar voice, but she just couldn't place it. Opening the door she kept her head down and gave a quick nod to Dig who was standing at the doorway with a glint of something in his eyes, of what she didn't know.

Felicity heard Isabel apologise again and the voice that answered surprised her making her look up, it was a female's voice, the one that held authority and a sense of calm, Felicity knew it well and knew that there were few people who could do that and instantly knew why she recognised the voice.

Pepper Potts stood in front of her, her smile inviting and warm while her posture was in full meeting mode, back straight, chin up and hand out ready to shake.

Oliver was the one who grabbed her hand first "Hello Miss Potts, I'm Oliver Queen the owner of this company and this is Isabel my second in command" Isabel reached out to shake Pepper's hand which Pepper shook gracefully "my bodyguard John Diggle" Digg gave a quick nod "and my EA, Felicity Smoak" he gestured to her, she smiled to Pepper whose eyes were wide.

"Felicity?" She heard a voice ask, turning her head she saw there was another person in the room, one that had been on his phone until her name had been called out.

Felicity's eyes widened with one thought going through her mind as she looked at him, Well shit!


Hey guys, this is a rewrite of my original curse and a blessing fanfiction. I decided to rewrite it as I didn't like a few of the aspects that I had written. Like how it was in first perspective, the timeline was wrong in some places, there were spelling mistakes and so on.

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