Roy walked up the staircase; his head held high with Oliver's words fresh in his mind. The only sign that Felicity had heard his silent message to follow him was the rhythm of her heels clicking, repeatedly, on the metal staircase. He relished in the normalcy of the sound.

His time in the lair had started typically enough. Oliver, Sarah and Diggle were already there when he arrived, so he just sat his bag down and leaned against Felicity's desk making small talk with Diggle as he watched the two lovers Spar. Watching them was like watching a dance, a dance of two assassins. Each move they made was dangerous and calculated, and yet it was so elegant and bewitching to the mind.

When Felicity entered the lair, she had looked happier and lighter than she had been in a while. It made him smile. She had told him that her day had been 'interesting'. And just as he was about to ask what she meant, a loud bang echoed around the room, interrupting him, they had both looked up to see that Oliver had flipped Sarah onto the ground, and yet, Sarah still, by some miracle, managed to take him done with a move Roy had never seen before. In the corner of his eye he saw Felicity smile at the fact that Sarah had beaten Oliver again.

The day had taken its turn when Oliver had held him back so that he could work on his archery skills, he hated being told to stay back, sure Oliver allowed him onto the field every now and then, but it wasn't enough. He wanted to help, protect the people that couldn't defend themselves, and yet Oliver wasn't letting him. The thoughts kept stewing in his mind as her shot at the target that Oliver had given him until he missed the target altogether. He fired again. And again. And again. Missing each time. He clenched and unclenched his fist. His anger was getting the better of him. But he kept firing out of rage, just wanting to hit something, anything.

Roy didn't even hear Felicity until she was behind him telling him to not lock his knees, he looked at her in confusion but did as she said. She made little adjustments to his position and told him that "archery isn't about calculating where the arrow will land, it's about estimating where it's going to end up, and for that to happen you need to stop guessing and let your mind and body take over." that had to be the wisest thing anybody had ever said to him about archery. But it did make him wonder where she had learned all those tricks; it can't have been from Oliver, his motto is 'shoot until you hit the target', which doesn't typically help. When the door upstairs opened, she went back to her computer and the look she gave him was enough to tell him not to share her secrets with the others.

After thirty seconds of the group arriving, Roy had already begun thinking of ways to escape. Oliver was radiating waves of anger, he had seemed annoyed earlier on, but Roy had just brushed it off as a bad day. Now, however, Oliver looked like he wanted to punch someone, possibly even kill. Diggle had tried talking to Oliver to try and get him to calm down but it seemed his efforts had just made things worse. But Roy agreed with Sarah and Diggle. They made good points, wouldn't it be wiser to look into the stardust drug instead of waiting like sitting ducks for a scrap of news about Slade?

And then Oliver's anger became directed to Felicity, and honestly? Roy wasn't even sure how it happened. One minute they were arguing about lack of leads and then, suddenly, about withholding secrets. Roy reflected back to Felicity giving him advice, did that have anything to do with what Oliver was referring too? Roy wanted to but in and defend Felicity, but knew she would want to stand up for herself, anyway, it seemed that she was doing just fine, so he listened.

Oliver and Felicity both brought up good points, but Felicity was right in saying that if Oliver didn't want them to have secrets, then he should share his. And then she brought up their regrets. She mentioned how he "grew up in the Glades" and Roy couldn't help but think about the days where he would steal or get into fights just to survive as a teenager. The days he wished he had more money to look after his mother. He looked at Sarah and Diggle; each of them were thinking back to their own regrets.

Olive slammed his fists onto the table, bringing Roy back from his thoughts as Oliver landed another verbal strike "We are not talking about them! We are talking about you, and your failure at doing the one thing you're meant to be good at!", Roy couldn't stand being on the sidelines anymore. Not after that. Felicity's face held a sadness that couldn't be described with words. He needed to do something. So he started shouting at Oliver, defending her. When it was clear that Oliver wasn't going to be seeing reason, he turned back to her and motioned that she follow him as he walked out of the foundry.

Felicity followed Roy up the narrow metal staircase, feeling as if she were on auto-piolet. Her mind was empty and numb, and yet, at the same time, her thoughts were racing so fast that she could barely register when one started and one ended. Did Oliver really think that lowly of her? She had felt that she was helping people in Star City, but maybe she wasn't good enough. Perhaps team arrow didn't really need her after all.

Downstairs, Diggle and Sarah's eyes flickered between Oliver and themselves. Oliver was beating up his dummies like there was no tomorrow. They weren't quite sure what to do. This wasn't the first time that Oliver had fought with a member of the team, but they both couldn't help but feel that Oliver had overstepped a line this time.

Sarah stood by Felicity's desk, looking at her computer. The screen was filled with so many green lines full of commands that had yet to be finished. Felicity had obviously been in the middle of something when they had arrived.

Sarah couldn't help but feel slightly confused at the argument she had with Oliver. It felt like she was missing an essential piece of the puzzle—a bit of information that she hadn't been given. Years of working in the league had taught her not to go into a fight without all of the details. It was why she hadn't said anything. She knew that eventually, someone would tell her what was going on, and then, and only then would she decide what side of the argument she was on. Until then, this was Felicity's fight, unless, Felicity truly needed her help. The cute I.T girl had warmed her way into the heart of the assassin, and Sarah knew that if there were ever a time that called for it, Sarah would break her very own rules for her.

She had been about to too, when Oliver had said that she was 'failing the one good thing she was meant to be good at' she had been about to say something, but then Roy had stepped in—saving her from breaking her rules.

John Diggle, ever the peacemaker could see both sides of the argument. He knew that when Oliver said secrets could break a team that he was speaking the truth. Four years in Afghanistan had taught him that to be a team; you had to trust each other with not only your own lives but the lives of innocents. And to trust, you needed to know your teammates, know them better than a married couple would know their partner. A good team would not keep secrets from each other.

However, Felicity had brought up an excellent point; he was notorious for keeping his own secrets. And until Olver decided to open up about his past, the team would always have its secrets. No matter what Felicity shared.

Oliver threw punch after punch, hitting the dummy each time with a loud bang. He was fuming. How could Roy and Felicity not see that she was wrong? That keeping secrets was going to tear the team apart. He needed to purge the city of evil and to do that he needed to have a team. A group of people he could trust, whether they were fighting alongside him or on the computer. He needed to trust them. With that thought, he hit the dummy one more time with all his might. And turned around to look at Sarah and Diggle, "I'm calling it a night, go home and rest." He grabbed his shirt that he had thrown off and told Dig to bring the car around. While he was putting it on, he heard Dig leave.

Sarah kept her face to remain passive as she grabbed her stuff and left the foundry without a word or even a glance at Oliver. He started going around the foundry shutting things off, when he reached Felicity's computer he saved and closed each tab, leaving just her home screen showing; a picture of everyone in the team smiling in front of Verdant. Everyone looked so happy. He studied Felicity's face. He hadn't seen her that relaxed in months.

Once Roy and Felicity had reached Felicity's car, he turned to face her, her face was void of emotion, and yet he knew that she was close to breaking down to tears. He also knew that there was no way that she would be able to drive her car home safely, so he gently asked for the keys, she fumbled about for them showing him just how much Oliver's words had affected her.

The car ride out of the Glades was silent; each person was in deep thought.

Roy glanced at Felicity. She was staring out of the window watching the buildings fly by, her reflection in the window showed him that a few tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"Hey, Felicity?"

He returned his eyes to the rode, pretending not to notice her as she wiped her face.

She made a small sound to let him know she was listening.

"Do you want to go to Belly Burger? To, you know, get some food?" He knew that she had most likely not managed to eat yet, she was so good at reminding people to eat, and yet she often forgot about her own needs. Sides, food can solve anything.

"Yeah, sure." Her voice was so quiet that he barely heard her over the passing car.

The rest of the journey was quiet except for the pitter-patter of the rain hitting the car and the occasional driver still awake.

They made it to Belly Burger in good time, and it wasn't long before Roy had parked and they were both sitting in a booth. The place was empty except for a couple and the waitress.

The silence between them was only broken when the waitress asked tentatively "so… you guys ready to order?" they quickly told her their order before they lapsed back into silence. Dinner, if you could call it that at midnight, arrived quickly. Roy said a "thank you," to the waitress, but Felicity stayed silent, looking deep in thought.

To Roy, the silence was deafening. It was usually Felicity who was doing the talking, filling an empty void with her words, and yet, she was being quieter than a mouse. He didn't know what to do. A silent Felicity was an entirely new concept to him. Her silence made him uneasy. The person in front of him might of as well be a stranger.

Roy watched as Felicity fiddled with her fries, normally by now she would've stolen his ketchup by now. However, he was just glad that she was eating, even if it wasn't a lot.

He knew that the fight with Oliver had shaken her, but he also knew that she would bounce back to her usual self with time.

"Olivers wrong you know, you do a lot for the team. You put loads of your time, your personal time, into doing things for the team. You're always doing something or other to help him. I've seen you drop everything at the drop of a hat the second he needs your help. Does he even know how much you've done for him? For the team? And yet, he gets all the credit as the hood…"

Felicity's thoughts drifted, she was thinking about telling Roy, thinking about telling him about her past and everything she's ever held back from him. But the emotional part of her brain, the side that wanted to cry, was scared he would judge her, or maybe hate her for keeping secrets from him. She knew it was silly, this was Roy she was thinking about. Sweet, Caring Roy. But still, she couldn't help but think that he was going to hate her. There had been several times where she had managed to convince herself to tell Roy or Diggle, but every time she opened her mouth to tell them, she would freeze up, no words would come out, and then she would close it again—giving up. She wouldn't do that today. Today she would tell them.

"Hey, Roy?" he stopped talking and looked at her.


"We're friends, right?" Roy looked at her as if she had asked if the sky was blue, she knew that he probably thought it was a stupid question, but she just had to ask.

"Of course, who else am I going to complain about Oliver too? Or learn archery from a secret master from?" Felicity smiled at the reference to earlier that night. "Why?"

"Umm…. well, uhh, I haven't been completely honest with you…" she drifted off, wanting to see how he would react to the first truth of many to occur that night.

Roy's eyebrows scrunched together in thought. He had known that Felicity hadn't been completely honest, her knowing archery had been a big clue in. He knew that whatever she had kept from him had been a secret for a reason; he trusted her. "Okay... are you some sort of alien sent to earth to learn how to take control of humans?" he asked jokingly, hoping to ease her nerves a little bit. She cracked a nervous smile, so he counted it as a small win.

"No, not quite." She breathed in and then out, start small she told herself, she could do this. "My last name technically isn't Smoak, well it is, I'm not committing identity theft, honest. Me and my name are legal. It's on my passport." Roy smiled at her rambling but was confused. If her last name wasn't Smoak, then what was it? Why change it? Was she in some sort of witness protection? Was she in danger?

Felicity carried on, "but I wasn't born as Felicity Smoak. I was born as Felicity Megan Barton. After my dad left, my mum changed it to Smoak as that was her real surname, but my brother managed to keep his last name as Barton."

"Wait a moment, did you just say brother? Since when do you have a brother?" Out of all the secrets Roy had thought about, this was not what Roy was expecting. He didn't quite know what he was expecting but her having a secret brother definitely wasn't it.

"Yeah, I have a brother. But that's not the main part of the secret, well it is, me having a brother is important to understand for the next part, So maybe it is. Or maybe it's a secret but in different parts? Like part 1, part 2, part 3 etc. etc." Felicity rambled on, only stopping when she saw Roy's face. Roy was looking at her; confused. He had thought that that had been the secret, not that that was only the tip of the ice-berg.

"My brother's name is Clint Barton."

Roy stared at her, not blinking, "I'm sorry, did I hear you, right? Did you say, 'Clint Barton'? As in Hawkeye? The Archer Avenger?"

Felicity nodded her head up and down as she recalled the weird names the press gave her brother "Yep. That sounds about right."

Roy stared at her in disbelief, there was no way, If Hawkeye had a sister then surely the news would be all over her, but there was no way that Felicity would lie. He distinctly heard the entry bell chime, but he was too busy staring at Felicity in shock to care too much. He ignored the pair of footsteps until they had stopped right in front of their booth. He looked up.

John Diggle was standing with his arms crossed, looking at them both with raised eyebrows and a smirk, "how is it, that I knew you guys would both be here?"

"What can we say? They have good burgers." Roy defended as he smirked back at Diggle.

Dig tilted his head to look at Felicity, "how are you doing? What Oliver said, it's not true. You are amazing at your job. We would probably be in prison without you."

Felicity smiled at him "Thanks Dig, you wanna join us?"

Diggle ended up sitting next to Roy while enjoying a bag of greasy onion rings. "So, what did I miss?"

Roy looked at Felicity, not sure if she wanted to tell Dig about her brother. He hoped she would; he didn't want for her to close up and not talk to him.

"Oh nothing much," she told him, "we were just talking about my brother."

Diggle nodded his head while chewing, and then what she said hit him, he looked up suddenly, "wait, you have a brother?"


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