Now I know I already have a game based fanfic for My Hero Academia, but until I catch up Naruto the Gamer(since that fanfic and the other gamer fanfic with a gamer quick Deku are crossovering stories) I figured, why not make another one, one that isn't connected to that series!

I don't own My Hero or Minecraft!

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"Where the fuck are we!?" Someone shouted.

"Calm down Bakubro." Another tried to calm the first voice.

Groaning, SmallMight123 opened his eyes to see his irl friends, Bakugou and Kirishima, he also found that instead of their dorm rooms, they were in a blocky forest.

"Deku!" The explosive hero in training roared as he grabbed SmallMight123, "why do you have a name floating above your head like a RPG?!"

The green haired teen blinked, not understanding the question until he remembered...


Izuku charged forward with Bakugou to attack a villain who has a GameCube console shaped head that was daring enough to attack their dorms, said villain already knocked out Uraraka, Iida, Todoroki, Tsu, and Mineta and was currently strangling Kirishima.

"Let Shitty Hair go you bastard!" Bakugou roared before the villain smirked and tossed the hardening hero in training to the dorm's brick wall.

"Is this the best the next era of heroes have to offer?" The villain pressed a button on his head with a smirk, "I think it's time to get rid of you, it's a shame that your classmates aren't here, it would've made this trip easy, but oh well, getting rid of you all will at least show the League that they were wrong to tell me to leave!"

The villain's body turned to stone while his head glowed brightly, sending pulses to the knocked out heroes in training and the three who are still awake, even tho Kirishima looked ready to pass out.

The next thing the three knew, they, along with their classmates began to glow and turn to dust.

"Let's have some fun in Minecraft, Heroes... I hope you know how to survive in a modded world, because if you don't, you're as good as dead."

Izuku soon passed out after the Villain's last words were said.

Flashback end

"Deku stop your damn muttering, you nerd."

Izuku stopped muttering and looked at his friends.

Above Bakugou was the gamertag King3xposionMurd3r and Kirishima had the gamertag ManlyRockHard97.

Izuku looked around at the blocky world. Other than him and his friends, the world was a lot like a game he used to play...


The green haired One for All wielder widen his eyes in shock.

"Let's have some fun in Minecraft, Heroes..."

The villain's words made sense now. Somehow, the villain sent them into a video game...

"Guys... I think we're in Minecraft..."

Images of the heroes in training that were sent to Minecraft were shown, Todoroki next to a blocky volcano holding a blocky Apple, Tsu and Mineta in a Ice village, Mineta watching the frog girl sleep in a blocky bed with worry, Iida running as fast as he can away from a blocky Killer Bunny, Uraraka holding onto a block of stone for dear life miles above the ground, and Kirishima holding back Bakugou from exploding Izuku.

"HEROES IN TRAINING," the villain's voice boomed around the server, "I'll be waiting somewhere in the End for you, if you beat me, you'll be freed, this is no longer a friendly game of Minecraft, this is me using my power to kill you! Survive as long as you can, but you will never escape without knocking me out!"

The heroes in training, minus Tsu who was knocked out, shared a look despite not being together...

'We need to survive...!'

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If anyone wants this to be a series, tell me! And if anyone who is a fellow author wants to try writing my plot in their own way, they are free to do it!

Ja Ne!