I didn't mention it last chapter, but this story will be a bit confusing as the story plot will warp from the DekuBakuKiribros to anyone else trapped in this modded world of Minecraft. Also since this is a server, that means that maybe Minecraft players will appear as OCs, be it Youtubers like myself and Prestonplayz, or any of you guys, if you send in a review with your gamertags and how your character(Minecraft skin) looks and acts! Also vote on if the Villain, who also you guys can try to name, will be merciful and allow the heroes to respawn unless they were killed by either each other or said villain!

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Hours before the villain announcement, Mineta woke up with a groan.

The small pervert looked around to find blocky ice spikes piercing out of the ground around him, along with blockish polar bears, a giant blue blockish yeti like creature, and snow as far as he could see.


Mineta widen his eyes and saw a small patch of green sticking out of the snow, "Asui!" The pervert tossed away his pervertedness and began to dig out his froggy classmate.

The frog girl opened her eyes weakly and looked towards her perverted hero, "M-Mineta..."

The pervy hero shushed her, "save your strength, Asui." The midget struggled to pick Tsu up, managing to keep her out of the snow as much as he possibly could.

"C-call me Tsu... M-Mineta-kun..." the frog girl passed out on the midget's shoulder.

Mineta blushes as this is the farthest he ever got to first base, but he shook the perverted thoughts away in favor of trying to find shelter.

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Mineta felt weaker every second he walked through the blocky snow, Tsu on his shoulder for the past hour.

'Why me... this is to much for a high school student!' The perv thought as he walked, 'can we even find a somewhere to get out of this weather!?'

"K-kero..." Tsu moans in her hibernated sleep.

Hearing the frog girl, Mineta shook the bad thoughts out of his head, 'I need to think positive... what would Midoriya do?'


As Mineta was crying, Midoriya looked at him and Tsu, "I think I have a plan..."

The smile Midoriya had made the crying pervert calm down slightly, as if the smile was telling him everything will be alright.

Flashback end

Mineta forced a smile on his face, "just hold on Tsu-chan... I'll find a place for us to warm up as soon as I can..."


The sticky balls hero looked up to see someone with a green and blue jacket, a black undershirt, dark greenish blue jeans, and a 3D glasses but instead of the color red, it was green, his eyes also blue and green. The midget sized hero didn't get the chance to reply as his body couldn't handle pushing beyond his limits anymore, passing out.

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When Mineta woke up, he found himself in a warm purple covers bed. The room he was in was also purple, a white door with a lever next to it was across the room.

He found a book on the blocky table next to the bed, and inside it read, "your friend is the recovery room, she just needs more sleep, come find me when you get up, I want answers on why two overworlders are in my world and I feel that either you or your friend would know...

-Kato GS123

PS: if you're hungry, check the dresser block, I left some gapples, they should help fill your hunger."

At the mention of food, Mineta's stomach growled, "don't mind if I do..." he went to the dresser and opened the drawer to find a giant glowing apple made of gold, "How is this edible!?"

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After eating the Gapple, which surprisingly was tasty, Mineta left his room and went downstairs to look for Tsu to make sure she's ok and for Kato, who he assumes is the guy he saw before passing out, to thank him and ask him what he meant in his note.

"Look whose up, I was Afraid I was gonna have two people in comas!" Mineta turned to find the guy from earlier holding a bucket full of...


The man laughed, "yeah, how else I'm I gonna melt down obsidian? With a flint and steel? Don't wanna do to HFILs thank you very much," he walked over to a large smeltery and poured the lava into it, "anyways kid, I'm Kato GS123, but you can call me Kato, what your name, Ballhead? Your playertag is just to inappropriate for me to call ya."

"Playertag..?" The perv asked.

Sighing, the Minecrafteon shook his head, "forget I said that kid, I'm guessing your a victim of Game Over's quirk."

Deciding to change the subject, Kato pointed to the red and white doors, "your friend is resting there, she's stable but that's only because the fact that you risked your neck for her, I mean, taking your clothes off to use as extra protection for her, talk about caring, she important to you?"

He looked up to see that Mineta had left the second he said Tsu was in that room.

"Tsu!" The perv ran to the frog girl's bedside and hugged the comaed heroine, "it's my fault... if I hadn't been so perverted, I could've stopped this..."

The hero in training wiped his tears away, "I promise... I will protect you with my life if I must..."

"HEROES IN TRAINING," the villain's voice boomed loudly.

Kato ran into the room, "Game Over!" He growled out as he couldn't attack the villain.

"I'll be waiting somewhere in the End for you, if you beat me, you'll be freed, this is no longer a friendly game of Minecraft, this is me using my power to kill you! Survive as long as you can, but you will never escape without knocking me out!"

Mineta looks down at Tsu with a determined look, 'Tsu... I'll make sure that at least you can survive...'

'I'll protect you with my life!'

The short pervert looks at Kato, "tell me everything I need to know!"

Kato smiles and nods, "only if I can help you kill that villain once and for all."

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