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Chapter 1

He hissed and snarled, fighting tooth and claw to get away but there were too many of them. He was going to die, and no one knew where he was. He'd been so stupid! He could feel the blood running from multiple wounds, he was feeling light-headed, limbs becoming heavy as he struggled.

"Hurry up! Get the collar on him!" A voice snapped and his hissed, baring his fangs, only to hear them laugh. His vision was beginning to fade, the fight draining out of his battered and weakened body.

"Hey!" A new voice reached his dimming hearing. "Get away from him!" he heard the sharp report of gunfire, shouts and pained noises. "Hang on, stay with me," the voice was close now, soft and gentle and he struggled to open his eyes, wanting to warn whoever it was to get away. "It's alright, you're safe now," the voice whispered, and he dimly felt hands on him as darkness claimed him.


Prompto knelt beside the unconscious form, gently rolling him onto his back, wincing as he saw the multitude of wounds. He saw his face and paled, what on Eos was he doing out alone and so far from Insomnia? He pulled the tattered clothing aside, looking for any more severe wounds but it looked like it was cumulative blood loss from many small wounds that was the problem. He pulled a knife from his belt and carefully cut into his arm, letting the blood well up before holding his arm over the slack mouth, letting his blood drip in. He was relieved when he saw his throat begin to move, swallowing what he was given. Once the wound stopped bleeding he got up to check the attackers, but they were all dead, so he scooped the now healing body up into his arms and headed off.


He woke slowly, body aching, hunger clawing at him as he smelt possible sustenance close by, heard a steady heartbeat. He forced it back before struggling to open his eyes, blinking sluggishly up at a ceiling, one he didn't recognise. He slowly turned his head as his vision cleared further to see a human slumped in a chair, head on his chin, asleep? He groaned as he tried to move, feeling a lumpy mattress beneath him as he became more aware of his body. He tried to sit up only for his head to spin and he slumped back.

"Take it easy," a sleep roughened voice called, and then warm, gentle hands were helping him back onto the pillow properly. "You lost a lot of blood; you shouldn't try to move too much yet." The young man told him.

"Who…." He slurred.

"My name's Prompto," was the answer. A warm hand brushed his hair back from his face and then a glass was pressed to his lips as his head was gently supported. "Drink, you need to regain your strength.

He tried not too, unsure what it would be, but then the taste exploded across his tongue and he drank hungrily. It was even still warm, rich, and strong and he could feel it beginning to work on his wounds already. "Why?"

"Why what?" Prompto asked gently as he put the now empty glass aside and pulled the blankets back over him.

"Sa…ve…" he blinked slowly, sleep pulling him under as was normal when seriously wounded.

"Just rest, we can talk when you wake up," Prompto promised, gently brushing a hand through his hair. It felt really nice…


Prompto watched as the Prince of Insomnia fell back into the coma-like sleep of a badly wounded vampire. He'd nearly died earlier but Prompto was pretty sure he was out of danger now since he'd woken and been coherent. He wasn't entirely sure what to do, he had no way to contact the city to let them know where the Prince was or his condition. He couldn't keep him here long either, he may not be one to kill anything not-human, but a lot of the others in Meldacio were. Then again, if they ever learnt the truth about him, they'd likely kill him too. He had no more blood to give him either, even with how quickly he healed, he couldn't risk donating more for a while and it wasn't like they kept a supply around here. He could wait maybe another day but then he'd have to risk moving him. Ezma barely tolerated him, one of the few with an idea of where he might be from, if she got a whiff of him sheltering a vampire, even the Prince of Lucis himself, well, it wouldn't end well.


Noctis blinked up at the water-stained ceiling, recognising it from the last time he'd woken, though it was very vague. There'd been a young human male…blood…he groaned and then heard noise from the floor. He managed to lever himself up enough to look down only to find the blonde sleeping on the floor although he was stirring. Bright blue eyes blinked up at him sleepily and then the human was sitting up.

"Hey, you're awake!" he scrambled up. "Feeling better?"

"Much," Noctis answered, watching him warily as he sat on the edge of the bed and then the human reached out and he stiffened slightly but all he did was touch the bandages that covered his bare chest.

"Well, you haven't bled through this lot of bandages which is a good sign. Do you remember waking up before?" his saviour asked.

"Vaguely," he watched as steady hands gently unwound bandages with bloodstains on the inner layer to reveal healed skin beneath, although not without some scars which was to be expected considering what his attackers had been.

"Well, my name's Prompto and you're Prince Noctis," the blonde, Prompto, smiled at him as he finished removing the bandages. "Looks like that last dose of blood finished the healing. Good thing since there's no more. How do you feel? Any weakness? Pain?"

"Why?" Noctis asked, no human helped one of his kind without some sort of agenda.

"Same question as last time, why save you?" Prompto asked and Noctis nodded, not remembering have asked before. "I'd been tracking those wolves for a week. Attacking you meant I caught up and could finish the hunt. Did you hear what they were saying at the end there?"

Noctis frowned, trying to remember. "It's all a blur."

"They were trying to collar you," Prompto told him and Noctis went as white as a vampire could.

"Collar…" he choked out, shaking.

"Hey, stay with me, just breath," Prompto gripped his shoulders firmly. "You're safe, they're dead and I destroyed the collar."

"They…they were going to…" he couldn't even think it. A collar! He leant into the firm grip of the human….the hunter who had saved him. He was shocked to feel himself being pulled into a hug, soaking up the warmth of Prompto's body. A collar...it was his worst nightmare, after what had nearly happened when he was little. If they'd gotten that thing on him his life would have been over. It would have destroyed his Dad…Iggy…Gladio…he'd been so foolish.

"Hey, it's okay, you're safe. I won't let anyone hurt you," Prompto whispered, holding him without cringing away from his cold body, seemingly unafraid to have a vampire so close.

Noctis couldn't help surrendering to the offered comfort as his imagination spun with scenario after scenario of what could have happened if Prompto hadn't caught up. "I want to go home," he whispered.

"You will, I can get you to Leide. You'll be safer there and you should be able to contact someone. It'll take some time and we'll have to figure out how to get you a blood supply. How did you even get out this far in the first place?"

"I…I don't know. Where are we? I was…I was at Cape Caem."

"Welcome to Meldacio," Prompto answered, shocking him. How had he gotten so far away? How long had it been, surely they realised he was missing? Meldacio was the Hunters home base, not a safe place for him at all. "That's why we need to leave tomorrow."

Noctis nodded, he wanted away from this place as soon as possible. Being the Prince wouldn't spare him, the fact he had never sunk his fangs into anyone wouldn't mean a thing to a Hunter and yet… this Hunter had saved him, tended his wounds, fed him! "Why would a Hunter save a vampire?"

"I don't kill without a reason. Just because you were born with the need to drink blood doesn't mean you deserve to die. If we'd met and you were ripping someone's throat out or draining them to death then things would have gone differently," he admitted.

"I would never!" he denied, horrified and sickened by the thought and Prompto nodded. even driven to full blood lust he had never been so far gone as to kill someone.

"I figured as much from everything I've ever seen or heard about you. Not that I knew who you were at the time. All I saw was a bunch of werewolves viciously attacking someone, so I intervened." Prompto sat back down on his sleeping bag. "Try and get some more sleep, might be your last night in a bed for a while, hope you like camping." With that, he lay down and closed his eyes

Noctis watched him before laying down, curling up on his side. While he felt healed he was tired, so it was better to sleep.


Prompto heard the Prince settling down, even as he kept his eyes closed. He wondered if Noctis even realised what was going on, how trusting he was being of a stranger, a Hunter. Prompto had literally been made to engender trust from anything supernatural. Surely Noctis had to have been warned about his kind, about the MT's created by Niflheim in order to eradicate the inhuman forces of Lucis? And yet here he was, sleeping in his presence as if Prompto was a normal human. Prompto had escaped before the final alterations but he was still one of them, still able to fight in a way no unaltered human could, to draw them in for an easier kill. Was Noctis unaware of what was going on? Maybe he shouldn't worry about it, he had no plans to use that draw to kill Noctis after all. He needed sleep if he was going to get Noctis safely away from HQ without anyone suspecting.


Noctis woke to the smell of fresh blood and sat up, watching as Prompto bled into a glass. It wasn't a lot, but it would help keep him from getting too hungry. Prompto had been feeding him his own blood! Then again, where else would he have been getting it? It smelt really good and he knew he needed a proper feed soon. He accepted the glass when it was offered and downed the contents, hungrily licking at it to get every last drop. "What now?"

"Think you can stand for a shower?" Prompto asked and Noctis nodded slowly, shifting to the edge of the bed and taking the offered hand up. He swayed and an arm wrapped around his waist to steady him. "Nice and easy," he warned and Noctis nodded. they made their way to the cramped bathroom and Prompto carefully began peeling away the remaining bandages. "We're close in size, so I'll lend you some clean clothes. Watch the hot water, plumbing around here can be tricky."

"Thanks," Noctis reached down to undo his pants, fingers fumbling, and he smelt hesitation coming from his rescuer. His scent was very pleasant for a human, especially since he hadn't caught even a whiff of fear from him.

"Need help?" Prompto asked awkwardly.

Noctis hesitated but nodded and Prompto shifted so Noctis could lean against him while he quickly worked to undo Noctis' pants, slipping them down for Noctis to step out of. His underwear was swiftly removed as well, and he was glad he couldn't blush as he was left totally naked with a stranger. While his strength was returning, Prompto was a hunter, he was very vulnerable and yet…he felt safe in a way he didn't with anyone but his closest companions and family. Prompto helped him into the tiny shower cubicle and reached around to turn the water on. Noctis leant against the wall as the water hit him, closing his eyes for a second before reaching for the soap to clean himself.

"Call if you need more help," Prompto offered before leaving the bathroom.

Noctis washed as quickly as he could, even his hair since he could smell dried blood in it. He shakily turned the tap off as the water went cold and pushed himself away from the wall and out of the cubicle to find a towel and clothes waiting for him. he dried off slowly and pulled on the clothing, it was very different to what he was used to, the material coarser and heavier. Then again, hunters led a very rough life, they wanted clothing to be protective, easy to clean and long-lasting. He left the bathroom to find Prompto in the tiny kitchen, cooking something that made him wrinkle his nose, and he spotted a half-packed bag on the bed.

Prompto glanced over and grinned. "Good, they fit. I'd offer you some but you're pureblood, right?"

"Yeah, thanks but human food is not good," Noctis agreed, sinking into a chair.

Prompto finished and ate quickly before going back to packing. "Your clothing wasn't salvageable. Your pants could probably be cleaned if you want to try," he offered.

"I'll find a way to pay you back for clothing," Noctis promised. If Prompto could get him even as far as any outpost or town in Leide he would be able to access funds to reimburse him.

"No problem. I've got an old truck nearby. We'll get you in the passenger side and you'll have to duck down to remain unseen. Anyone finds out that I've had you here and it won't be pretty," Prompto warned.

Noctis nodded. "I understand, I don't want to cause you any trouble."

Prompto finished cleaning up and packing, looking around to make sure he had everything. "Wait here, gotta make sure the coast is clear."


Prompto tossed the bag in the bed of the truck, subtly glancing around but no one was paying any attention to him. He was a well-known face after all, he'd been living at HQ since he was twelve and Dave had saved him from a pack of voretooth. He'd been on his own in the wilds of Lucis for four years before then and he could do it again if necessary. If anyone learnt he was helping the Prince he'd be out on his own, blacklisted with the Hunters if Ezma had her way. It was worth it though, who knew what sort of chaos would occur if anything happened to Noctis. And he liked what he'd seen so far of the young Prince, he didn't want him to die or worse. He ducked back inside the building and quickly tugged Noctis out and helped him up into the truck where he ducked down and Prompto dropped a blanket over him to help hide him further. He spotted Dave and waved before getting in.

"Where are ya heading?" Dave called out.

"Taelpar outpost, got a call and they could use a hand," he lied, and Dave nodded.

"Drive safe and good hunting."

"You too," Prompto grinned and then drove away, wondering if he'd ever be back.


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