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Playing kingdom hearts for the first time and it's so frustrating, you cast cure, but it decides that no, it needs a few extra seconds to actually cast it on your character so oops, your dead. The rest of the time it's practically instant, except when you've almost beat the boss and are dangerously low in health.

Chapter 17

Prompto woke up and smiled when he felt the arm over his waist, opening his eyes to find himself face to face with the still sleeping Noctis. They'd been in Noct's suite for almost a week now and he still hadn't made his decision on what he wanted to do. The announcement of Noctis' survival was going to made soon too which really did mean he needed to choose. He didn't want to leave, he loved Noctis and he thought maybe he could love the other two too. He liked them, they didn't care what he was, and he was enjoying getting to know them.

They didn't spend every night with the four of them sharing a bed, but they did spend most nights together. They'd kissed him a few times which he enjoyed, Noctis was a bit of a brat about trying to push for more but while he was willing with his Prince, he wasn't ready for that with the others. And…if he did leave, was it fair to be so close?

He shivered when lips pressed to the back of his neck, lifting his hand to tangle his fingers with the ones resting against his stomach. "Mornin'," he whispered.

"Morning," Gladio answered. "Okay?" he asked and Prompto hesitated but then rolled over to face him.

He shifted closer and felt Gladio's arm tighten around his waist. He leant in and the vampire realised what he was doing so lowered his head to be even with his, letting Prompto kiss him, responding but not pushing for more than he was comfortable with. Prompto lifted his own arm, slipping his hand under the shirt Gladio had worn to bed. They all went to bed fully clothed because of him, for his comfort in more than one way. They did it so their cooler bodies wouldn't give him a chill in the night and so he wouldn't feel pressured. Noct and Gladio also tended to be even cooler before feeding and Prompto broke the kiss to breath and tip his head to the side, baring his throat.

"Prompto…you sure?" he asked, kissing the skin, and Prompto nodded.

"I want to do this for you," he promised.

He felt Gladio drag his fangs over his skin gently, giving him the chance to change his mind but he just tightened his grip on Gladio, so he bit down carefully. It was a different sensation to when Noctis had done it, then again Noct had been amnesiac and childlike at the time.


He woke to the scent of blood, finding Prompto's back to him and Gladio latched onto his throat. He didn't feel at all jealous to see them like that, no, it made him happy. Surely letting Gladio feed form him was a good sign?

Noctis felt Ignis nuzzle at his throat, a hand stroking his side, and he pressed back into him. He lifted a hand back to press against Ignis stomach, hoping he'd understand what he meant.

"Was going to ask you that," Ignis answered and Noctis rolled over.

He grinned and leant in, licking his throat, and Ignis tipped his head to the side.


Ignis set up the table with breakfast for two, smiling as Prompto emerged from the bedroom, freshly showered and dressed. The bite mark had healed over, but he looked a little pale so Ignis was glad he had ordered an iron rich meal. "How do you feel?"

"Fine," Prompto told him as he took his seat. "Where are Noct and Gladio?"

"Training, Noctis has been cleared to begin light work so long as they are careful to monitor him," Ignis explained as he took his own seat. They ate quietly and then Prompto cleaned up while Ignis dressed for the day. "You'll be okay on your own?"

Prompto grinned at him. "I've got school work to do," he assured him. That was one offer Prompto had taken the King up on so far and they were all happy to help him, even Noctis, and Prompto learnt incredibly quickly.

"Alright, have fun," Ignis leant in and kissed his cheek and Prompto turned his head changing it into a proper kiss. Ignis smiled when they parted and gently caressed his cheek with a gloved hand before leaving the suite. Until the announcement was made, they had to keep up the charade that Noctis was dead.

As he walked down the hall, Ignis found hope blooming at how responsive Prompto was becoming to them. Surely he wouldn't, unless he planned to remain with them? After the time spent in isolation and now in Noctis' suite, it was becoming hard to imagine their lives without the blond in them.


Prompto fought the urge to pace as he waited for Noct to return. He had to talk to him before he told anyone else because if Noct didn't want him to stay or wanted to hide their connection, then that was what he'd do.

The door opened and he stood up, clasping his hands to keep from fidgeting. Noctis walked in and grinned at him before he stopped, head tipped slightly to the side, concerned and curious. Gladio walked in, looked at them, and then left for which he was grateful. Noctis moved closer, letting out an inquisitive whine, obviously frustrated he couldn't just ask, reaching for his hand.

Prompto took his hand, squeezing it, before moving closer to hug him and Noctis hugged him back. "Can we talk?" he asked, pulling back to look at him. "It's not bad," he promised, seeing the worry, and then Noct nodded, picking up his tablet. When sneaking around the Citadel he used his phone, but the tablet was better. They sat down on the couch and Noctis curled into his side, tablet in his lap and ready to go.

'Are you okay?' Noctis typed quickly.

"Yeah," he pressed a kiss to Noctis' head and Noctis turned his head to kiss him gently.

'What's wrong?'

"Nothing's wrong," Prompto promised. "I just…you know your Dad gave me a few options?" he asked and Noctis nodded. "What do you want Noct?" he asked nervously and Noctis twisted to face him, staring at him, before typing again.

'I can't choose for you.'

"I know, but…" he chewed at his lip, looking away. No, he could do this. "I can't stay…unless you want me to."


Noctis froze, feeling his heart race, had Prompto just said… 'You'll stay?' he typed out as quickly as he could. He couldn't help hoping, that Prom would say yes, that he'd stay.

"Do you want me to? Noct…it's going to be messy…if I stay then eventually someone who won't keep quiet's going to find out about what I am. And then the footage cause you know the Empire has some from the labs…" Prompto wasn't looking at him.

Noctis put the tablet down and reached out to lift Prompto's head, making eye contact, he wished more than ever that the words would just come but nothing did. He leant in and kissed him and then smiled at him. He grabbed the tablet again; he was really starting to hate the thing. 'STAY!'

Prompto laughed. "Guess you want me to stay."

Noctis nodded. 'Only if that's what you want too. Secret or known?' he wanted Prompto at his side, but he would understand if he wanted to stay in the background. Being a public member of his retinue would be very different to anything Prompto knew.

"I…I wanna say secret, cause then when people find out what I am, it won't hurt you as much. But…"

'But?' he asked. He knew Prompto was right, when it came out that Prompto was an MT or at least a partial one, his being a member of Noctis' Retinue would cause an uproar, they'd say he was being influenced, despite Prompto voluntarily wearing the dampener. 'I don't care what anyone says as long you're okay with it.'

"What about the others? It'll impact them too."

'They know. We talked; we know there could be backlash but we can deal with it.' The thought of having to treat Prompto like a stranger wasn't something any of them liked. They wanted him with them properly, acknowledged as a member of the Retinue.

Prompto stared at him, torn, and Noctis reached up to cup his cheek with a hand, Prompto leaning into his touch. Noctis licked his lips and then carefully formed the words he wanted, even if they were silent.


It took him a second to read the words his lips were forming, and he swallowed hard. "You…you love me?" No one had ever loved him before. Sure Dave had saved him, looked out for him, but that hadn't been love, it had been obligation and protection, that was all. "I…"

'It's okay, you don't have to say it back. I just wanted you to know,' Noctis quickly typed out after picking the tablet back up.

It wasn't the first time he'd said it, he'd said he loved him back when he'd first remembered back in the isolation room. It hadn't felt as real though because Noct had been confused and still partially running on instinct. But now… did he love Noctis? He honestly didn't know. Noctis just smiled softly at him so he kissed him.

"I don't know…what love feels like," he admitted and Noctis nodded sadly. "I know it's crazy to stay but leaving you…I can't do it. Whatever it takes, I want to stay with you. Ignis and Gladio…I'd miss them a lot now too but you're different."

Noctis grinned and nodded, hugging him so he hugged back.


Regis looked at the message his son had sent him and smiled. Yes, there would be trouble eventually, but he was glad the boy had chosen to remain at Noctis' side. They had work to do before the announcement then. Prompto would need identity paperwork since all he had was Hunter's tags. There would be paperwork to get him into the Crownsguard, but the boys could help him with that, he'd need a uniform…there was a lot to get done.

He sent a message to Cor so he could begin getting things together.


Gladio walked into the suite and paused, something was different…had changed, but what. The two boys were curled together on the couch, watching a movie, Noct occasionally making a comment on his tablet. Noctis looked up and grinned at him so Gladio walked over to collapse in the arm chair.

"Having fun?" he asked and Prompto smiled slightly.

"I like movies."

"Something we all have in common then," Gladio smirked at him. "Do anything interesting today?"

Noctis was almost bouncing on the couch! And then he held his tablet up. 'HE'S STAYING!'

Gladio stared at the words and then looked to Prompto. "You're staying?" he asked and Prompto shifted.

"If you all want me to. I know it'll cause trouble…"

"We can handle trouble blondie," Gladio promised, reaching across to grip his hand and Prompto held on tightly. Noctis looked so pleased with himself at seeing that and his choosing to stay obviously. "I'm glad."

"Really?" Prompto asked nervously and Gladio yanked him forward off the couch, Prompto yelping but he landed in Gladio's lap, cheeks going red.

"You need to ask?" and then he kissed him, feeling Prompto freeze but then he was kissing back.

Every day Prompto became more sure of himself around them, letting them show him affection, letting them get to know him, and Gladio was glad. If Prompto only ever wanted Noctis then they would have gone with it, but they were both hoping for more. Letting him feed from him, accepting their presence in the bed even if only to sleep, kissing…well it definitely gave him hope.


Ignis glanced over at the laugh from the couch, seeing the two younger males bent over the massive catalogues that Monica had delivered, Noctis pointing and gesturing at something on the page that was obviously amusing. It was times like that, that Noctis' lack of voice was very obvious. He missed it, missed talking over Council notes or movies or anything with him.

They were trying to work out a better method than the tablet and phone for Noct to communicate with, even with him typing fast it was slow and cumbersome. Damaged hearing was far easier to correct with something like a hearing aide but not only would a vampires' body reject such an implant but there was also no equivalent for the voice.

"Noct!" Prompto complained, actually giggling.

"What on earth can be so funny about choosing a uniform?" Ignis gave up on his paperwork and went to look at what they were doing. He chuckled as he saw the pieces Noctis had been combining together. "Well…hardly practical," he offered and Noctis grinned at him. "Try to actually make some proper choices," he told them, running his fingers through Noct's hair.

Noctis pouted but sighed and nodded. He tipped his head back and nuzzled at Ignis' wrist. Ignis smiled, feeling a flash of hunger, but he pushed it down. He'd been feeding from Gladio on the few nights they had spent alone since the move to the suite, but it had been a while. Noctis obviously picked up on the hunger, licking the skin, and Ignis shivered.


"I can look these over, go," Prompto told them.

Noctis looked from Ignis to Prompto and Ignis frowned before shaking his head.

"No Noctis," he murmured, softer than human hearing. "I won't ask him that."

"Ask me what?" Prompto asked, looking between them, and Ignis mentally winced, he'd forgotten that Prompto's senses were better than a baseline humans.

Noctis picked up his tablet before Ignis could stop him, typing out a message before handing it over.

Prompto read it, eyes widening slightly. "Oh." He looked up. "Noct… I… that's Ignis' choice."


Prompto was a little bit shocked by Noctis' suggestion that he feed Ignis. Why?

"It is not just my choice," Ignis said, confusing him.


Ignis looked at him. "I would never feed from someone unwilling," he answered.

Oh, right. He nodded, of course Ignis wouldn't just feed off anyone and he hadn't meant to make it sound like he would. He was surprised when Ignis moved closer and reached out to brush a gloved hand against his cheek, smiling softly. He leant down and kissed him and Prompto happily kissed back. He definitely liked kissing a lot. No wonder other hunters were always slipping away to kiss and have sex.

"Were you to offer Prompto, I would not turn you down," Ignis told him softly and Prompto swallowed. Ignis brushed a kiss to his forehead and then stepped back.

Noctis moved across the couch to kiss him and then he stood up and took Ignis' hand but Ignis hesitated.

"Go on," Prompto smiled at them and then turned back to the folders of clothing options. He'd never seen so many options! "I know where the food is if I need something. Go."

Ignis nodded and went to the bedroom with Noctis. The rooms were well enough soundproofed that he couldn't hear anything, but he knew now what was happening behind closed doors.


Ignis left the bedroom a few hours later, freshly showered, Noctis asleep in bed. He found Prompto and Gladio sprawled on the floor looking at options. Gladio looked up and smirked at him, Ignis rolling his eyes. He sat on the chair and looked down at them, seeing a few things off to the side.

"We've been debating styles," Gladio told him.

"May I?" Ignis asked and Prompto nodded so he picked up the pile, looking through it.

He had no idea what kind of clothing Prompto usually preferred, although he was a hunter, so he assumed the clothing was rough and easy to clean. The pieces tended to be more on the casual side than his own preferences but that didn't matter since he would be given the formal uniform for when it was needed. The shirts tended to be short sleeved or sleeveless with a vest rather than a jacket.

He began putting items together into outfits and Prompto shifted onto his knees to see since he was putting them on the coffee table. Ignis saw Prompto rubbing at his arm where the port was, that explained the short sleeved options, although they obviously weren't his preferred choice.

"There are other ways to cover that if that is your concern," he offered quietly.

Prompto tensed but then nodded. He looked over the outfits Ignis had made and then pointed to one. "I like that."

Gladio leant in to look and smirked. "Very nice."


Cor looked over the paperwork that had been submitted, he recognised Ignis' work easily enough. It made sense, Prompto wasn't used to paperwork. Ignis had even marked, for his eyes only, what parts were fabricated or where Ignis was unsure what to put. They couldn't let it get out that Prompto was an MT, they wanted to keep that secret as long as possible.

His being a hunter they were going to swing as a good thing, that a hunter had saved the Prince, had put aside all prejudice and had saved a vampire. That he had sworn to protect Noctis, to serve him, well it would probably anger the organisation but there wasn't a lot they could do with the kid safely in the city.

There was going to be a lot of juggling of fact and fiction in the file and Cor had made a separate one that contained the full truth about the kid, but it was locked and sealed, accessible only to the King, Shield, and Marshal, so unless one of them was replaced, that file was secure.

For now, Gladio and Ignis were handling Prompto's training to keep it under wraps. Once the truth of Noctis and Prompto was announced, he would step in to test him personally. He had no doubts that the kid could easily pass the physical aspects, it was the rest that he would need to learn.


Regis smiled as Prompto left the bedroom, dressed in his brand-new Crownsguard gear. Noctis lit up at the sight, a reaction he would need to get under control when in public. His relationship with his Retinue was secret and they had managed to keep it one so hopefully Prompto's past could be kept just as secret.

It was the most casual of the boys, with Noctis himself as the next most casual, but it suited the blond. His arms were bare, except for a bandana covering where the port was, the dampener covering his barcode, and fingerless gloves. He looked a little self-conscious but otherwise comfortable in the outfit.

Normally, the ceremony would take place in public, in front of the Guard and Court, but for obvious reasons this one was private. The only ones attending outside of the main group were Monica, Dustin, the Glaives involved in the rescue, including no longer acting Captain Ulric and one of the nurses from the isolation ward. It was actually probably for the best since such a large crowd would be rather intimidating for someone unused to them.

Prompto recited the Oath he'd given out in the wilds to Noctis again who then gave him his official Crownsguard sword. Gladio was the one to give him a set of handguns that he and Ignis had had commissioned for him, surprising Prompto. Then Regis was up, accepting the more general Oath given by all Crownsguard to the ruling Royal and then he handed over Prompto's new official credentials.

Once it was done, the ceremony was over, and the party began.