Normal pov

The ninth sister picked Jack up and took him to the meb bay when she put me down she noticed something glowing and her hand was covered in blue liquid "what's this." When she turned me over and Jack had two long gashes on his back.

The med bot took a scan and started working better than new and got to work fixing jack gashes.

Jack pov

I woke up an hour later and she was looking at the computer with a puzzled look on her face and said, "My blood is called energon, being the son of primus has its advantages." I said speaking to her "Sorry about blacking out."

"What did you do to the ship?" She asked

"It's a power only I can use, it makes whatever I touch become indestructible but there is a downside. I can only hold it for an hour or two and any damage the ship takes transfers to me." I felt the destroyer pass the of planets a little bit later the grand Admiral walked in "your little test could have got someone killed you know."

"But it proved some reports true." The grand admiral simply replied

I deadpan "what if your test failed admiral hmm how many lives would that have cost you, What does the emperor really want with me?" I ask

"How do you know the emperor wants you?" Grand admiral asked

"Come out don't treat me like im stupid." I said "you wouldn't have come all the way to earth in the middle of nowhere for no reason, so what is it?"

"You weren't just a warrior on the battlefield were you." The grand admiral said "you were an engineer designer and a locksmith."

I realized where he was going with this "the empire will never get their hands on alpha." I said with fire in my eyes "it was only a design I made in my free time and what's in my room is for me to know and no one else."

"Yes, as we found out." The sister said rubbing her arm "we couldn't even get past the door on any side."

"I made sure that what's in my room stays in my room." I replied "If the emperor after Solaris maximus he can forget I'll never give him up."

"We'll see" the grand admiral said then walked out

After I healed I was taken back to the cell "the Empire after the original alpha plans."

"What's the alpha?" Raf asked

"The Alpha Republic Destroyer." I said "it's a ship I designed, it's faster and has more firepower than a normal destroyer but when I made a copy it's sealed with my blood, force signature and a special lock that only i know plus some more stuff on it."

"Why so many protections?" Vince asked

"Oh that's only the tip of the ice barge." I replied "and I wouldn't allow it to fall in the wrong hands, namely everyone."

"Wow." Vince said "you really don't trust people."

"I trust you all." I replied

"This is madness." Sherri said

"You're on a ship full of aliens going to a whole new world with a transforming warrior from another planet."I replied "madness was never this good, when you're an outsider raised on mandalore you learn to protect yourself, quickly."

"Tell us about mandalore." miko said softly

"The Mandalore planet in one word, rough." i said leaning back "it's people most so, we have a long history of fighting, the planet was beautiful at one time but countless years of war turned the planet bearn, the planet never had a chance to grow back, my people have to live bio-domes expect on the moon life is starting to come back."

"It sounds harsh." miko said

"It is never dall, one thing I love to do is fly, " I replied with a small smile thinking about the good old days "when I was in the air it felt like nothing could hold me back."

"What changed?" sierra asked

My eyes had a sad look in them but I didn't have a chance to answer "the clone war." raf said

"Yeah, I made a lot of friends, " I replied with a smile that reached my eye" and a whole lot of enemies but one thing never changed."

The ship jumped into hyperspace to a city that covered the planet.

"A mandalorian never gives up and neither do I ."

beware boys and girls of all ages the son of order and the nephew of chaos…




Has returned




next stop everywhere.

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