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I got asked if I would consider doing a crossover of these two so here it is.


Ichigo walked into Shunsui's office and moved to lounge in the window, watching the man as he filled in paperwork. Ichigo was free to come and go as he pleased, wandering where he wished when he visited Soul Society. The new Soutaicho was a lot more laid back than his predecessor, not surprising considering what he'd been like when they first met, though he had changed a lot with the death of his best friend and mentor during the war. Then again, the war had changed everyone, even him.

The war had ended almost three years ago, not that you could tell by looking at Ichigo, he still appeared to be in his early twenties at most, despite the war lasting almost twenty years. He'd died during the war, killed by Yhwach himself in an assassination, in the Living World, something no one had even dreamed he would do. He hadn't had time to leave his body before the Reishi Sword had sunk into his chest, piercing his heart. The Quincy King had obviously been aiming to destroy him totally, not fully taking his hybrid nature into account. His own Quincy heritage had kicked in, absorbing power straight from the blade even as his Hollow side had surged, regenerating the damage. He had died and yet also lived, no longer able to leave his body but that didn't matter as he didn't need to anymore. He hadn't stepped foot in the Living World since the funerals for his sisters and Dad. When he stayed in Soul Society he lived with Kūkaku and Ganju, when in Hueco Mundo he stayed with Tier Harribel or Nelliel in Las Noches or wandered the never ending sands. He just couldn't settle down anywhere.


Kyōraku Shunsui observed the younger man even as he continued with his paperwork. Was he doing the right thing? Was there any other choice? The Central 46 had tried to argue against Zaraki being taught more, due to how powerful he could become, that attitude towards one of their own Captain's should have made him more aware of what they may try concerning the powerful young hybrid. He thought they were rather stupid, Ichigo had far too many allies, powerful allies. Should they move against him, they would find themselves facing Shinigami, Visored and Arrancar, for all he knew Hell itself may back the boy up with his habit of making friends and allies in the oddest places.

Ichigo was no longer the brash boy who invaded Soul Society to save someone he had known for only a few months, though some things never changed and his loyalty to those he called friend was one of those things. He had become more careful as the war progressed, thinking things through more. With the loss of his family and several friends, not to mention his own odd death, Ichigo was drifting. He wasn't part of any division and while he had been offered one of the vacant Captaincies he had turned it down. Harribel to had offered him her own position or any he wished, and he had declined. He needed a purpose, something to keep him occupied and this seemed like it could be just the thing to help him.

"There is something I would like you to do Ichigo," he finally set his paperwork aside and poured the tea.

"Who's invading this time?" The orange haired man asked, and he chuckled in response.

"No one," he assured him. He waited as Ichigo sat opposite him and picked up the other cup. "I received a call for help and am asking you to answer it. Let's face it, since the war ended you have been at a loose end. Time away could be good for you."

"Where on earth could I be that would count as 'time away'?" Ichigo asked in confusion and Shunsui smiled slightly.

"Nowhere on earth," he admitted.


Ichigo sat on a dune, staring out at the moon, ignoring the cold. He was mulling over everything Shunsui had told him and he had to admit, he was tempted to accept. He knew the Central 46 didn't like him, they never had, but the Royal Guard did, and it seemed that was what had kept them off his back for so long. He knew Shunsui was right, he hadn't found a place for himself since the war ended. Kisuke was back as Captain of the Twelfth and very busy going over everything psycho clown had done during his exile, they barely saw each other anymore, though he knew the ex-shopkeeper would answer should he call on him for help. That wouldn't be fair on him though, not after he finally got to come home and that was why he would not tell Shinji and the other Visored. He could probably remain in Hueco Mundo safely, there were many places to hide and the desert was massive, easy to get lost in. But did he want to spend forever in it? Hoping that one day he could go back to Soul Society? Or should he take the offer and leave it all behind to start again somewhere he was needed? A world where he could make a difference and save people from gods who were mostly uncaring. It could be a one way trip, there was no way to know in advance if he would be able to come back. It would hurt his friends if he did that, they didn't like his wandering but at least they always knew they could find him when they wanted to. And if he left, would things return to how they'd been, would his friends among the Arrancar be hunted by Soul Society, no longer allowed to visit or live in relative peace?

It was a massive decision and not one to be made lightly. The reckless teenager within screamed to stand and fight, the war weary man wanted it all to stop, and yet he couldn't just lay done and die, or face an eternity of imprisonment like Aizen. So what should he do?