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Chapter 5- Day 2

On the second day of the meeting, both women knew that they desperately need a babysitter to help separate their children not to fight, so at least the future will still be untouched. Then just like that, they found the perfect one.

Nie Mingjue is a teen, but he wasn't arrogant like the other teenage disciples. He willingly took responsibilities in taking care of 3 children on top of his own younger sibling, only wanting companions for the said younger sibling. Both of them cooed at the rough but sweet boy, and even then, he didn't back out from embarrassment as most teenage boys tend to do.

Yu Ziyuan and Jin Ruoyue went back to the room to discuss the plot once more so that Meng Yao wouldn't have to dirty his hands. Nie Huaisang wouldn't have a need to scheme, and none would die a useless death.

"Grandbabies! A-Rong, we should be thinking about our future grandbabies, A-Ling and A-Yuan!" Jin Ruoyue squealed when she thought about the future babies that their children would have. Yu Ziyuan made a face.

"You're talking about grandchildren already when ours are still but a child? What's wrong with you? Were you an old lady before you came?" She berated to the yellow-robed woman who gasped indignantly.

"Excuse you, but if our children didn't get together, A-Ling wouldn't happen, and everything would be doomed! Canon wouldn't be able to go with the timeline, and who knows if we're going to be doomed to be controlled by Fate or some similar deity! Do you know how bad that would be? If we failed, cannon wouldn't be able to continue, and we can't see what's in front of us later on!" Jin Ruoyue ranted, her arms waving around violently as her chest heaved with exertion.

Yu Ziyuan rested her cheek on her hand, drumming her fingers on the table before pointing at Jin Ruoyue with grace. "In the first place, wouldn't Meng Yao be blackened because of you?" It made Jin Ruoyue gape at her.

"You're right! Everything would be laid at my feet! Everything started out because of Jin-Furen and her jealousy!" She wailed into her hands, banging her head on the table in frustration. "Hm?" All of a sudden, the lunatic paused in her woes. "But it is all with Jin Guangshan, then after that, it is Jin Zixun." Jin Ruoyue made a face. "It's not only Jin-Furen, but it is all of LanlingJin Sect! " Jin Ruoyue once more paused. "Oh, but there's that Su She as well..."

Yu Ziyuan sipped on her tea. If it were anyone else, they would get whiplash with fast Jin Ruoyue's mood changes. But as she often saw something like that -both in real life and drama-, she could ignore it like it never happened at all.

"Anyways, did you find out why Yu Ziyuan was called the Violet Spider? I know that it's not because of the whip because she looks more like a scorpion that way." Jin Ruoyue asked as she nibbled on a melon seed. Yu Ziyuan pursed her lips before nodding. She had read almost everything Yu Ziyuan has on her and was surprised that she kept a dia-, no, it was a log. There were no emotions in it, so it was more like a mission report instead.

"Yu Ziyuan was known for her talent in speed. She was incredibly fast enough to the point where it seems like she had extra pairs of hands, or as the rumors said." Yu Ziyuan made a face.

"How is that a spider? I would have thought that with that nickname, she was able to fight 'exorcist' style." Both immediately imagined Yu Ziyuan crawling while bent backward at a 'call a priest' speed, carrying a sword as she crawled her way towards her opponent.

That mental image made Yu Ziyuan smack Jin Ruoyue on her shoulders. Jin Ruoyue whined like she had been wronged, but thought about it before conceding that it was in fact her fault.

"A-Hua, don't...just...don't." Yu Ziyuan sighed as she palmed her head from the headache that was Jin Ruoyue.

"Anyways, I found out that Jin Guangshan may have the authority, but that's it. Everything is Jin-Furen's." Jin Ruoyue clapped her hands together, giggling with a tinge of evil.

"Oh, isn't that dangerous." Yu Ziyuan's eyes glinted.

"Dangerous, it is." Jin Ruoyue nodded before continuing. "I could easily usurp him from the position. But as I am not from the Jin Sect originally, I would hand it all over to my son after plucking out the horrible influence from stupid brats." She spoke, sneering at the mention of said brats as they're spoiled beyond relief due to the money Jin-Furen earned.

Yu Ziyuan came across a paper that contained their conversation the other day and read it.

"What? Where will you get the money for this without being called out for embezzlement?" Yu Ziyuan placed the paper on the table to point out with a manicured finger.

"Urgh, you're right. But these are rightfully mine!" Jin Ruoyue whined, head slamming harshly on the table.

Jin Guangshan and Jiang Fengmian shouldn't have decided to enter Jin-Furen's sealed room after getting no response. They should have learned their lesson the last time they opened it.

"Why can't we use our period blood? It's healthy, filled with things that were supposed to have supplied to a growing fetus! Haven't you read a post about it where this girl just poured it on the plant for fun when it's dying, and then boom! It grew healthy! "

"That's gross! Where are we going to get a diva cup in this time and age!?"

"Just carve it out from something, I don't know!"

"Excuse me? I'm not going to risk getting splinters down there solely to pour period blood all over the lands, just to get a healthier soil! Nobody wants that! And where will you be getting the blood from? There will be only one female there, and I don't think she's willing to risk anything!"

"Well, I'm not asking you nor her to do that! "

The crudeness of the conversation made the men gape at them. Jin Guangshan's grip loosened around his fan, making it drop to the floor, alerting the women.

"Oh, it's you. What do you want? It's still early, isn't it? We're checking the time properly, this time." Jin Ruoyue scoffed, sleeves covering her mouth.

"Wife...what?" Jin Guangshan couldn't form any sentence at all, mind still stuck in that... argument.

"Oh, so if the husband is the one who does it, then it doesn't matter. But if the wife is the one who says it, 'Wow! They're so crude!'" Jin Ruoyue mimicked in a high tone, making Yu Ziyuan snort into her tea.

"They're men. Because they act on it, they don't ever think that a woman could." She said, placing down her cup just in case Jin Ruoyue would do anything else.

"Urgh! I should have just married A-Rong instead of you. At least I know that I'll be treated right!" Jin Ruoyue threw her cup of tea against the wall, which was thankfully empty. Jiang Fengmian twitched, his smile getting a bit rigid.

"Please don't" He spoke, which went ignored by Jin Ruoyue, who hugged his wife. "Wife, are you drunk?" Jin Guangshan asked, only to get a middle finger raised at him by said wife.

"No, the only thing that we're drinking is tea. This time, barley tea to be specific." Yu Ziyuan only patted Jin Ruoyue on the head once before doing her best to try and dislodge the sticky woman off of her.

"Yeah, with how much I'm handling you, I would have long been alcoholic had I like the taste of such things." Jin Ruoyue wrinkled her nose in disgust. No matter in both lives, for her, alcohol tastes gross and nasty. It'll be hell on Earth the day she drinks it.

"Drinking would be preferable if I had to tolerate you." Yu Ziyuan scoffed, making Jin Ruoyue gasp in mock-shock.

Jiang Fengmian politely ignored Jin Ruoyue and led his wife out, bowing towards Jin Guangshan with respect.

Jin Ruoyue and Yu Ziyuan met their eyes and nodded to each other, promising to talk to each other again as they still had to handle their children.


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