Chapter 1: Chaos of The Past

(1,000 years ago in an unknown fortress)

A white hedgehog with a light blue scarf wrapped around his neck and a face that looked like Sonic's rushed into this strange fortress. Following behind this hedgehog that looked like Sonic was a fox who looked like Tails and two men that looked like Mario and Luigi. A bolt fell from the ceiling and the man who looked like Luigi jumped in panic after the bolt hit the floor.

Fox who looked like Tails- Will you keep your voice down, Loewy!

White hedgehog who looked like Sonic- Kyuubi's right, Loewy! Balrock might not know we're here yet and we don't want…

Before he could finish that sentence, he was cut off when he heard a voice coming from above him speak out.

Mysterious voice- Ahh, here at last! Good thing too. I've been getting impatient!

Then a large dragon god swooped down from above and landed directly in front of them.

Hedgehog who looked like Sonic- Balrock…!

Dragon god- What's the matter, Chaos? Aren't you happy to see an old friend again?

Hedgehog who looked like Sonic- Stop ****ing around, Balrock! What have you done with Rainbow?! Tell me where she is!

Dragon god- Hehehehaha! You want the brat? Well, she's right here.

The dragon god pointed upward. When the hedgehog who looked like Sonic looked up, he saw a cyan blue female hedgehog incased in a ball of energy, but her body was placed in a crucified position. She also appeared to have passed out, but there were several cuts and bruises around her body, mostly her face. The white hedgehog that looked like Sonic clenched his fist at the sight of this.

Dragon god- She's still alive…for now that is. Now then, did you bring those seven stones you and that fox twat dug up in the Mobius jungle?

Hedgehog who looked like Sonic- Here, choke on it, you bastard!

The white hedgehog that looked like Sonic tossed a colorless emerald at the dragon god. The dragon god caught it and inspected it.

Dragon god- Nice glass forgery…

Then he crushed the thing in his claw.

Dragon god- You should know that I wouldn't be fooled by a cheap imitation like that.

Then the dragon god noticed something odd.

Dragon god- Wait…I see you and Kyrin's two lapdogs, but where did that fox runt go?

The dragon god looked up and saw the fox who looked like Tails using his two tails like a helicopter propeller to get airborne and fly up to the energy sphere the female hedgehog was trapped in.

Dragon god- The fox runt can fly?! So that was your plan!

Then the dragon god rushed for the fox who looked like Tails with speed that could rival even Super Sonic's speed.

Hedgehog who looked like Sonic- Oh no! KYUUBI!

Just as the fox who looked like was about to reach the energy sphere the female cyan hedgehog was trapped in, a dragon's claw grabbed his arm before he could pull her out of there.

Dragon god- Naughty, naughty, little fox. I'm afraid you'll have to be punished for trying to act when I wasn't looking.

Then the dragon god punched the fox who looked like Tails in the chest. The fox who looked like Tails' ribs got fractured a bit and he coughed up a patch of blood. Then the dragon god smacked the fox who looked like Tails with his tail (no pun intended) and knocked the poor fox back to the ground. The hedgehog who looked like Sonic rushed over to the fox that looked like as Sonic's speed to see if the fox boy was ok.

Hedgehog who looked like Sonic- Kyuubi! Speak to me, pal!

Fox who looked like Tails- Don't worry, Chaos…I'm…(coughs)…I'm alright…

Hedgehog who looked like Sonic- Balrock, you bastard!

Dragon god- What you gonna do about it, Chaos?

Then the white hedgehog that looked like Sonic curled himself into a ball and charged for a spin dash, just like how Sonic does it. However, the dragon god used his tail to block and catch the white hedgehog's spin dash. The white hedgehog that looked like Sonic was still in ball form, but he was tangled in the dragon god's tail.

Dragon god- Pathetic, Chaos. You've become nothing more than a shell of a hedgehog god you once were! But I shouldn't be saying god, since you're not a god anymore. Without your full power, you are no match for me!

Then the dragon god through the white hedgehog that looked like Sonic against the wall. Then the dragon god saw the men who looked like Mario and Luigi each eat a fire flower to make their clothes change white and gain power of fire.

Dragon god- The Super Mario Brothers I keep hearing Kyrin tell his father, the Lord of the Universe, about. But do you really think that power Kyrin gave you can dent me?

Man who looked like Fire Mario- How about this?!

The men who looked like Fire Mario and Fire Luigi combined their fireballs into a swirling red and green fireball that became more power once combined. However, the dragon god was completely unharmed when smoke cleared.

Dragon god- I'm not King Koopa. You'll have to try harder!

The dragon god swung his tail at the two men that looked like Fire Mario and Fire Luigi. Luckily, they both managed to dodge just in time.

Man who looked like Fire Luigi- This looks really bad!

Man who looked like Fire Mario- I know! Balrock is clearly stronger than any other foe we've gone up against so far! But we can't let him get away with everything he's done to both Mobius and to Chaos!

The white hedgehog that looked like Sonic and the young fox that looked like Tails got back up and moved towards the men that looked like Fire Mario and Fire Luigi.

Hedgehog that looked like Sonic- Good to know you're still on my side and willing to help me stop Balrock even after seeing how strong he is. And I thank you for that, Marco.

Man who looked like Fire Mario- No problem, my friend! Now let's defeat this asshole, rescue Rainbow, and prove your innocence to the gods!

(Sonic's room 1,000 years later)

Sonic quickly woken up and was screaming his head off. Tails eventually ran into Sonic's room after hearing Sonic screaming.

Tails- Sonic, are you ok?!

Sonic- I'm…I'm not sure…I think I was…having a bad dream…

Tails- Must've been really bad. I don't think I've heard you scream after a nightmare like that.

Sonic- Maybe I just need some more rest to clear my head. What time is it, anyway?

Tails- It's 4:30 a.m.

Sonic- Guess I still need more sleep. I'm going back to bed. Hopefully, I'll feel better in the morning. And you should be back to bed too, Tails.

(Underground tomb somewhere in Mobius)

A cell that was completely devoid of any light stood a creature that was locked in chains in this dark tomb. Based on his silhouette in the dark, this creature bore the appearances of a dragon.

Mysterious creature- …Cha…os…I know…you're still out there…I smell your blood…coming from the surface above…

Suddenly, this creature's eyes began to glow red that could be seen in the darkness.

Mysterious creature- And when I get out of this tomb…I'm gonna bite your head off, Chaos!

(In the Mobius jungle on the surface)

Infinite and Dimentio were standing in the jungle deep within the Mystic Ruins, but in an area that had remained completely unexplored.

Infinite- I can't believe Master Tabuu is making me work with you! I already said I wouldn't work with you again after you dragged me into your Luigi's Mansion rip-off!

Dimentio- Well, if it makes you feel any better, Master Tabuu did say you're in charge and I have to take orders from you.

Infinite- (Grunts) Whatever…now where is this tomb Tabuu told us about? This is the location the coordinates he gave us, but I see no tomb.

Dimentio- This is the place. But if the tomb isn't above the surface…

Dimentio swept some of the dirt away with his hand and revealed a stone structure buried underground.

Dimentio- …then clearly it must be below us.

Infinite- So this is Balrock's tomb?

Dimentio- Setting Balrock free is what Tabuu ordered us to do. But why does Tabuu want to free this guy? Master Tabuu can't want to recruit him. He's only an A Ranked God while Master Tabuu is S Ranked. Tabuu is clearly more powerful.

Infinite- Tabuu said Balrock holds something that belongs him. Tabuu believes he can get it back after releasing Balrock from his prison after Mario's ancestor and the former God of Chaos defeated him. But we can't be the ones to open this tomb.

Dimentio- Why not?

Infinite- Because of the security system the Lord of the Universe put around this place. If any god or lifeform holding onto a god's power does so much as touch that door, an alarm will go off, alerting the Lord of the Universe that Balrock's prison has been breached. Which is why Tabuu instructed us to get Doctor Eggman to do it. If a simple mortal opens the tomb, the alarm won't go off. And the last thing we want is the Lord of the Universe or Kyrin to know what Master Tabuu is up to. Now that we've found the tomb, how do we bring the good doctor here without him suspecting Tabuu's involvement?

Dimentio- Hmm…I think I might know. I just need you to use that Phantom Ruby to create a little something for Eggman to follow.